Monday, May 14, 2007

Realitytrader TradeLog - May 14, 2007

Session Start: Mon May 14 00:00:00 2007

Session Time: Mon May 14 00:00:00 2007

[05:53] magoo morning Rt
[05:53] DaveG morning
[05:54] Threei hi guys
[05:54] magoo : )
[05:54] Threei magoo :)
[05:54] DaveG :)
[05:54] Threei DNDN is kicking
[05:54] Threei dave :)
[06:01] craigaudio gm guys
[06:01] DaveG crtx may
[06:01] Threei craig :)
[06:02] craigaudio hi vad, crtx nice gap
[06:07] dino gm all
[06:08] Threei dino :)
[06:08] magoo myl moving down
[06:11] magoo FWLT put on 20 points in last 2 days, cramer calling it over 100, up 1.80 now, probably magnet to 100 today
[06:11] DaveG careful on that thing, it can really move
[06:11] Threei I'll say
[06:12] dptl good morning all
[06:13] Threei dp :)
[06:13] _ted123 Good morning
[06:14] Threei ted :)
[06:15] Threei guys, I'll have to leave 1 hour earlier today and several more days this week and next
[06:15] Threei medical appointments that can be scheduled at certain time only
[06:15] Threei (and no, don't hold your hopes high, they didn't find reliabkle treatment to schizo)
[06:17] craigaudio hope everything goes ok
[06:18] dino gl 3i
[06:18] Threei ty
[06:19] cosmo uh oh
[06:19] cosmo don't go where nesi went. 3i
[06:19] Threei lol
[06:21] esemde gm everyone...
[06:22] cosmo GERN pre mkt high = 8.03 fwiw
[06:22] magoo rev shark pick of week SYNL, may drive it
[06:22] Threei esemde :)
[06:24] gabby hi RT's
[06:25] _davegroom morning all!
[06:25] Threei gabby, dave :)
[06:25] cosmo SMTX
[06:25] cosmo 3.45 hi
[06:26] Roman GERN +7.6% (positive article in,
[06:27] cosmo CRTX
[06:28] craigaudio F
[06:29] cosmo sorry to hear, craig
[06:29] craigaudio ?
[06:30] Threei lol
[06:30] cosmo bad grade?
[06:30] craigaudio lol
[06:31] Threei HHGP
[06:31] Threei small shares .50 long
[06:31] Threei .30 stop
[06:33] Threei AAPL .81 long half lot
[06:33] Threei .55 stop
[06:33] DaveG long aapl
[06:34] dino l rvbd .00
[06:35] _davegroom GROW showing signs of life
[06:35] Threei HHGP 1:1 and over
[06:35] craigaudio nice
[06:35] magoo beauty vad
[06:36] dino rvbd out .17
[06:36] craigaudio aapl stil valid
[06:36] Threei sure
[06:36] DaveG stop is .55
[06:36] Threei yup
[06:36] craigaudio cool. im in
[06:36] _davegroom HHGP wow
[06:37] craigaudio if aapl gets through 110 could rocket
[06:37] Threei HHGP 1:3... no excuse not to profit
[06:37] magoo rats
[06:38] esemde ALTI opinions?
[06:38] Threei no worky AAPL
[06:39] Threei tough call esemde... don't know
[06:39] craigaudio nope im stopped
[06:39] esemde will pas then
[06:39] magoo out HHGP .14, THANX vad
[06:39] Threei welcome :)
[06:40] magoo BEAUTY
[06:40] craigaudio crtx moving
[06:40] Threei ALTI is a serial disappointer
[06:40] craigaudio watch aapl rocket now
[06:40] Threei fails almost every time... every dog has its day of course
[06:40] esemde thanks Vad
[06:40] magoo u play AAPL alot graiger?
[06:40] Threei but to tell if this is that same day, tough one
[06:41] esemde how bout SCRX
[06:41] magoo cramer pushing ebay compaerable to amzn
[06:41] Threei .17 worth atry long iof not losing 25 anymore
[06:42] Threei AAPL volume dries up as approaches 110... more likely to fail again
[06:42] Roman CSIQ radar
[06:42] Roman reported today
[06:44] esemde SCRX 8:32AM Sciele Pharma announces "successful" completion of new sular formulation clinical trial program (SCRX) 24.07 : Co announces the successful completion of the clinical trial program for its new Sular formulation. The study results showed that the new Sular formulation is bioequivalent to Sciele's currently marketed Sular
[06:45] _davegroom HHGP digesting its moove? where to now?
[06:45] _davegroom move
[06:45] esemde lost 25 will just monitor
[06:46] Threei easy money is made on HHGP dave... let it be for now
[06:46] craigaudio trust me to get in appl and not hhgp
[06:46] magoo do NOT chase dave
[06:46] _davegroom thnx
[06:46] magoo we be out
[06:47] esemde EAGL up against highs
[06:47] magoo eagl soaring he he
[06:47] magoo FACT nuts
[06:48] magoo FACT vad
[06:48] Threei news?
[06:48] magoo dunno
[06:48] esemde JADE 1st pullback
[06:48] magoo going over 2
[06:49] Roman In connection with the investment, FACT also announced that Lee Fensterstock will be appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and that Peter McNierney, currently President and Chief Executive Officer of First Albany Companies, will become President and COO.
[06:49] Threei ty
[06:49] magoo thanx roman
[06:49] magoo not in, careful. not great news
[06:49] Threei sounds like fluff to me too
[06:49] magoo me too
[06:50] Roman First Albany to receive $50 mln investment (1.60 ) : Co announces that it has entered into an agreement to recapitalize and receive a $50 mln equity investment from an affiliate of MatlinPatterson Global Opportunities Partners. This capital investment will provide First Albany with the resources necessary to accelerate its growth, build on its investment product and services strengths, and better meet the needs of its clients. In connection with the
[06:50] Roman FACT also announced that Lee Fensterstock will be appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and that Peter McNierney, currently President and Chief Executive Officer of First Albany Companies, will become President and COO.
[06:50] Roman DSCO
[06:50] Roman high
[06:50] Roman PEIX looks good
[06:50] Roman reported earnings last week
[06:51] Threei AMAT
[06:51] Threei not eaxctly my favorite stock
[06:51] Threei but looks interestinbg for break
[06:51] Threei .15 long, 19.99 stop
[06:52] craigaudio long F @.81. stop at .71
[06:54] dino zolt
[06:55] esemde RFMD butting up against highs
[06:56] Threei CTIB
[06:56] Roman EGHT radar
[06:57] Roman CSIQ looking good
[06:58] Roman long 11.60 area, 1/3 size
[06:58] Threei AMAT stop to 20.05
[06:58] dino ibkr l .97
[06:59] craigaudio out F 1:1. indicators not saying higher for me now
[06:59] craigaudio (watch it break 9 now)
[07:00] Roman GCOM Globecomm Systems has significant leverage as it shifts to higher margin teleport business - CE Unterberg (12.66 -0.37)
[07:00] Threei 1:1 AMAT... you know the routine
[07:01] magoo what is this...........
[07:01] craigaudio im out amat.
[07:01] dino out amat +.17, ty vad
[07:02] Threei welcome
[07:02] craigaudio still in aapl vad?
[07:02] Threei ?
[07:02] gabby out AMAT 1:1 tks 3i
[07:02] Threei welcome gabby
[07:03] Threei wasn't AAPL stopped out like 5 years ago?
[07:03] magoo boy, if nes was here he'd be calling FACT 2.34 2.54 area today
[07:03] esemde futures not much help this morning
[07:03] craigaudio for me yes
[07:03] DaveG lol vad
[07:04] craigaudio thankfully called F right
[07:04] Threei you don't think I call different stops for you from what I apply myself? :)
[07:04] craigaudio well it ran down sharply when it stopped me and i know you have mental stops so might have still been in as it ran back up
[07:05] Threei it hit stop fair and square
[07:05] magoo boyz.boyz.behave
[07:05] Threei sometimes I refrain from stopping out when it's obvious shakeup
[07:05] Threei but this was not the case
[07:05] magoo do not make me do it
[07:05] * magoo slaps Threei around a bit with a large trout
[07:06] craigaudio CRYP look a good bounce on the daily chart
[07:06] craigaudio its on the 200ma. might shoot up off that as a swing trade
[07:07] dino ibkr stopped -.27
[07:07] esemde SPAR we have a bounce
[07:09] Roman NXXI prelim ($0.04) vs ($0.03) single est; revs $16.1 mln vs $5.10 mln single est (2.15 +0.01)
[07:09] Threei AMGN half lot short .85 if stays below 56
[07:10] Roman NXXI on radar
[07:10] Roman long off 2.20 small
[07:11] dino pets s .32
[07:11] Roman took some NXXI long 2.20
[07:12] craigaudio NQ below opening 5min range
[07:13] craigaudio AMGN doing me no frikin favours here
[07:13] esemde long apar 33.12 half stop 32.9
[07:14] Roman NQ going for new low
[07:14] Roman this may be big down day
[07:14] esemde thats SPAR sorry
[07:14] craigaudio yhoo collapse
[07:14] Threei wow, nice spike SPAR
[07:14] esemde will be out quick
[07:15] esemde out SPAR
[07:16] Threei good one
[07:16] Roman CSIQ trying again
[07:16] DaveG short aapl 109.40
[07:16] esemde Tks..
[07:17] Roman stopped NXXI -.07
[07:19] Roman CSIQ in for swing, looking for $17 on this one
[07:19] craigaudio nice headsup aapl daveG. im short at .49
[07:19] Roman got potential at least
[07:19] craigaudio looking for gap fill at least
[07:20] cosmo amat
[07:20] Threei you still in cosmo?
[07:20] dino mer s .96
[07:21] esemde Spar seems like the type of stock Vad that if the futures turn around it would
[07:21] cosmo .24 stop
[07:21] Threei I think it lives in its own world today, esemde
[07:22] esemde because it fighting the futures now..
[07:23] Threei there is no connection between their charts... not as a follower, not as a salmon
[07:23] Threei so far it's independent stock
[07:23] esemde cool analigy...salmon thing
[07:24] Threei one of three
[07:24] * magoo slaps esemde around a bit with a large trout
[07:24] Threei sheep = follower
[07:24] Threei salmon = one that goes against the current
[07:24] dino pets stopped -.12
[07:24] Threei black cat = independent
[07:25] magoo magoo= ????
[07:25] esemde Ok I give up whats the large trout thing? have seen this does one earn it?
[07:25] Threei AMGN trigger
[07:25] Threei 56.01 stop
[07:25] magoo sh amgn here
[07:25] cosmo trout enforce the house rules... right?
[07:25] Threei magoo gives them out as he sees fit
[07:26] esemde did I do good or not?
[07:26] magoo correctomumbo
[07:26] Threei you'll have to ask him... I can predict magoo no more than I can predict GOOG
[07:27] magoo hence maGOOG
[07:27] Threei rofl
[07:27] DaveG lol
[07:28] Threei there... who would expect sense of humor fvrom a man with trout
[07:28] DaveG lemme know when ya cover amgn mags
[07:28] magoo ok
[07:29] magoo something about a 1:1 or whatever, paging thru scalp any mkt bpook right now to learn concept quiick
[07:29] _davegroom vad u r with Genesis Securities?
[07:29] Threei yes
[07:29] Threei umm... with its arm that can serve canadians
[07:29] Threei but same software
[07:29] magoo bear capital
[07:30] _davegroom can you short GROW w out calling brkr
[07:30] Threei no GROW isn't in a short list
[07:30] _davegroom k
[07:30] magoo davegroom, may i ask personnal ?
[07:30] Threei rare case, usually genesis has shorts that not many do
[07:32] _davegroom guess i finally found one but still considering Gen
[07:32] magoo [10:30] magoo davegroom, may i ask personnal ?
[07:33] _davegroom need to get confortable w interface
[07:33] _davegroom yes
[07:33] magoo are u a newlyed or doggroomer?
[07:33] DaveG lol
[07:33] _davegroom lol
[07:33] magoo daver, i stoppping amgn flat .85
[07:33] DaveG he liked my nick
[07:34] _davegroom none of the above at this point
[07:34] magoo mkts losaing ground here
[07:37] cosmo they want AMAT tho
[07:37] Threei AMGN 1:1
[07:38] magoo dave, if IF amgn loses .50, lay out and cover .28 area
[07:38] DaveG k
[07:38] magoo do not let it go against u now...something wrong if reattacks our entry
[07:39] DaveG k
[07:39] craigaudio thanks magoo. im half out here and riding rest with you guys
[07:39] magoo vad, what page in scalp book u talk about 1:1??
[07:39] Threei you assume I can read
[07:39] craigaudio aapl not wanting to drop
[07:40] craigaudio thinking of scratching it here
[07:40] magoo i keep pushing vad for my morn slap...and he not cooperating
[07:40] DaveG covered amgn +.10
[07:41] esemde anyone stay with gern?
[07:41] Threei I am trying to restrain my violent instincts magoo
[07:42] cosmo good training
[07:42] esemde making a nice run here
[07:42] dino cov mer .80,.16
[07:44] dino amgn stopped flat
[07:45] cosmo was that an order?
[07:45] dino stunning
[07:46] craigaudio out half apple
[07:47] esemde VAD....GERN looks like a cup and hndle on my 2 min chart...from your book description
[07:48] Threei it's a toughie
[07:48] Threei overall, yes, but this is GERN
[07:48] esemde meaning?
[07:48] Threei it's a jumper that usually should be played as a momo stock, not a technical one
[07:48] Threei it's history is just that
[07:49] Threei moves on momentum, rarely obeys technicals
[07:49] cosmo squirly looking handle too
[07:49] esemde ok..
[07:49] dino ebay l .15, stop .98
[07:50] esemde took a nice run up
[07:53] cosmo GERN grins
[07:53] esemde holy ZOLT batman....tried entry at .50 didn't get in...
[07:53] esemde limit order should have been market
[07:54] dino mer l .85
[07:55] craigaudio not a big fan of market orders. its like a box of chocolates, u never know what price your gonna get
[07:55] Threei on thin stocks it's true
[07:55] esemde true.....and i had some bad ones for sure....
[07:56] dino supx
[07:56] Threei on liquidity monsters, ssuch as AMAT, you shouldn't get any significant difference if at all
[07:56] Roman CSIQ trying again
[07:56] craigaudio CRYP working out nice
[08:00] esemde are you in cryp craig?
[08:00] craigaudio yes +.81
[08:00] DaveG i came in 5th in the contest, making the Finals
[08:00] esemde nice...
[08:00] craigaudio small share size though. testing waters on approach
[08:01] esemde what were you looking for?
[08:01] cosmo Dave.. i need to see you on the podium sometime
[08:01] DaveG gonna try :)
[08:02] cosmo :)
[08:02] craigaudio strong stocks showing weakness. when the smart money starts accumulating
[08:04] Roman GOAM spike
[08:04] Threei GLBL interesting
[08:05] _davegroom saw that
[08:05] Threei 23 melting long trigger with .89 stop/invaliadting level
[08:06] dino xfml
[08:06] Roman PEIX working it
[08:08] esemde Vad would you go for breakout at 23 or wait to test of support at .95
[08:09] Threei I would as long as it holds above .90
[08:09] craigaudio out half CRYP a dollar
[08:09] magoo RIMM weak
[08:09] esemde ...get in at support?
[08:09] Threei well... personal decision, to get in aggressively close to support on regular way on a break
[08:10] magoo any news RIMM?
[08:10] esemde depends on market as well?
[08:10] craigaudio rimm could easily drop 3 dollar today. looking at 15min support area
[08:10] Threei right
[08:11] magoo mkt feels vulnerable here
[08:11] dino mer stopped -.25
[08:11] esemde thanks for answering my questions.....just trying to get into your way of thinking
[08:11] * magoo slaps esemde around a bit with a large trout
[08:12] esemde what.......whaaaaaaaa...... did I do?
[08:12] craigaudio was it dave who gave the aapl headsup earlier. you still in it? im looking at 108.77 target for second half
[08:12] DaveG im still short aapl
[08:13] Threei I am flattered by assumption I think
[08:13] dino vnda
[08:13] craigaudio wow vnda
[08:14] craigaudio i dont see news on it
[08:14] esemde after 7yrs of doing this....your way seems like only safe way to play the market...not in long enough to take big risks
[08:16] esemde am still swing trading...don't get me wrong....but am very very picky.
[08:17] esemde even then.........not the greatest results
[08:17] craigaudio possible short on GLBL if it breaks .84 Vad?
[08:18] Threei doesn't feel right somehow
[08:18] Threei not sure
[08:19] craigaudio k thanks
[08:20] magoo anyone still in amgn?
[08:20] craigaudio not me
[08:20] magoo i am, vad u?
[08:20] Threei no
[08:20] Threei 1:1 was it for me
[08:20] magoo ok
[08:21] magoo i was trying something different...trying toiget a little more
[08:22] craigaudio IIVI bounce if anyone dare
[08:24] Threei AMAT is 1: I lost count
[08:24] Threei rare move for this behemot
[08:25] Threei I'd start looking for short, this kind of stocks usually drops under its own weight
[08:25] Threei double top would be great
[08:27] craigaudio ttec taking a battering
[08:28] dino synl l .45
[08:34] DaveG covered aapl +.38
[08:36] esemde Vad...Zolt is back at that 36.50 am humming and hawing again...your opinion?
[08:37] craigaudio MA 60min head and shoulders?
[08:37] Threei it's so thin, hard to nail exact prices
[08:38] Threei lookms like resupmtion, or at leat bounce, yes
[08:38] Threei but to find right entry and stop is a challenge
[08:38] Threei AMAT back to high
[08:38] Threei if no new hagh, .54 is short trigger
[08:39] esemde opps have missed it agian .....I think this is a sign...
[08:42] craigaudio amat looks like triggering. not made new high for awhile
[08:42] Threei .63 stop
[08:42] DaveG caas
[08:43] magoo full ot
[08:44] Roman full lot what magoo?
[08:44] magoo amat vad
[08:44] dino onxx
[08:44] Threei with 7 cents stop... double for me
[08:46] dino rvbd l .17
[08:47] Threei decide already AMAT, are you coming or going
[08:48] magoo did it trigger?
[08:48] Threei no
[08:48] magoo thats what i thought
[08:48] Threei 1 cent from trigger, now 1 cent from invalidation
[08:48] Threei good, definbes the range better
[08:49] Threei invalidated
[08:53] craigaudio out quart aapl. broke the 109 area at last
[08:54] craigaudio thanks for the headsup earlier dave. ive found that aapl does like to fill the gap
[08:55] DaveG reshorted aapl
[08:55] craigaudio YM holding better than the NQ
[08:58] Threei LCAPA small shares short under .70 if holding below .80
[08:59] craigaudio strange one for you to pick vad
[09:00] Threei OK... PETM 33 short if stays under 33.20
[09:00] Threei less strange :)
[09:00] craigaudio :-)
[09:00] esemde CYPB thin but may go somewhere
[09:01] esemde up against highs
[09:01] dino out synl .94, +.49
[09:01] Threei half lot PETM
[09:01] _davegroom AMAT going off
[09:01] Threei a bit thin
[09:02] Threei let big bid at 33 melt befor you take position
[09:03] Threei LCAL invalidated
[09:03] Threei LCAPA
[09:06] _davegroom AMAT topping?
[09:07] _davegroom (not in it)
[09:07] Threei I am very tempted
[09:07] Threei no clear indications yet though
[09:08] craigaudio added to aapl short on the bounce
[09:10] craigaudio difficult to short AMAT esp when its been defying the NQ
[09:10] Threei either it gives readable setup or not
[09:12] craigaudio KEM daily pullback to support.
[09:13] dino ebay stop to b/e
[09:15] DaveG we need a naz drop for this craig
[09:15] craigaudio if i crouch down behind him you push
[09:16] DaveG lol
[09:16] Threei lol
[09:16] craigaudio well the add has worked for once. adding to a postion i find the most difficult proposition
[09:16] dino ebay out +.03
[09:16] DaveG me too
[09:17] DaveG pppuuuuuuuuuuuuuusssssssssshhhhhhhhhh
[09:17] Threei where do you add to position, craig?
[09:17] Threei when it moves in your favor, or against you?
[09:18] craigaudio 109.02. i was trying to hold out for .10 but didnt think it was going to reach and it didnt
[09:18] Threei no, I mean in general, as a strategy
[09:18] craigaudio id add on a pullback if long
[09:18] _davegroom Kind of hard to short AMAT since its been in an uptrend for the most part...
[09:18] craigaudio or on a bounce if shorting
[09:19] Threei this very rarely works for me
[09:19] Threei I don't do that
[09:19] craigaudio although i have sometimes added on a break. usually if its a whole number
[09:19] magoo i add going up
[09:19] _davegroom got ya
[09:19] craigaudio you know i like that hocus pocus
[09:19] Threei if I go for partial entry in order to add later, it would be when a stock moves in my favor and defines next setup
[09:20] Threei kind of:
[09:20] Threei if a stock moves against me, I am not proved right yet, and closer to being wrong,
[09:21] Threei why would I want to increase my exposure.
[09:21] Threei If it proves me right, I may want to increase it
[09:22] DaveG let me make room in my corner craig
[09:22] DaveG :)
[09:22] craigaudio :-)
[09:22] craigaudio yes i see your view Vad. the other is to try to buy value
[09:23] craigaudio for me yet to get used to adding.
[09:24] craigaudio when i see a profit i like to take it. i think adding is a trade that takes experience
[09:24] craigaudio and confidence
[09:25] craigaudio MEE
[09:30] Threei come on PETM, trigger
[09:31] Threei stop would be .11 if sets up from here
[09:31] craigaudio people pressing the ejct on MEE
[09:32] Threei parachutes won't open
[09:33] craigaudio lol
[09:34] _davegroom in AMAT @ .59 w close stop .54
[09:34] craigaudio stopped aapl b/e
[09:35] _davegroom it seemed to like that
[09:37] Threei triggered PETM
[09:37] magoo in
[09:37] dptl missed
[09:37] craigaudio im trying MEE long 29.18 stop 28.88
[09:39] Threei 1:1
[09:40] craigaudio MEE: perhaps not. stopped
[09:41] Threei covered half at .90
[09:48] esemde I'm off have a great day everyone
[09:49] craigaudio bye
[09:49] magoo nice read PETM vad
[09:49] magoo bye ES:)
[09:50] craigaudio could BUCY short setup today?
[09:56] Threei under the low... yeah... jumpy
[10:01] craigaudio SNDA bucking the trend
[10:06] DaveG what trend
[10:08] craigaudio the NQ weakness
[10:10] craigaudio back later
[10:12] Threei interested in JCOM 32 long trigger
[10:12] Threei stop under .80
[10:15] dino out rvbd .40, +.23
[10:34] Threei GLNG half lot .11
[10:34] Threei stop 16.94
[10:43] Roman CAAS prelim $0.07 vs $0.04 single est; revs $28.4 mln vs $27.67 mln single est (7.59 +0.36)
[10:43] Roman CAAS radar
[10:46] dino dspg s .79
[10:49] dptl Vad did you get glng?
[10:52] Threei yes
[10:54] Threei but I really need something to keep me from falling asleep
[10:56] magoo any read CRTX vad
[10:56] dptl scotch?
[10:57] dino dspg stopped -/16
[11:00] Threei not really magoo
[11:01] Roman DRYS short
[11:02] Roman looking for small bunce to short
[11:05] magoo mkt DOWN 23
[11:13] magoo vad, amgn setting up short off .85??
[11:13] Threei .80 rather
[11:13] magoo u like it?
[11:14] Threei only if stays below 56
[11:14] magoo ty
[11:17] Roman DRYS probably under $39
[11:29] craigaudio what have i missed guys?
[11:30] Threei good nap
[11:30] craigaudio lol cross trainer and diner actually. its 7.30pm
[11:30] craigaudio unless you were on about you
[11:31] magoo mkt trying to go green
[11:33] dino l rvbd .08
[11:34] Threei GLNG stop to 16.99
[11:34] Threei if breaks .15, trail to 17.04
[11:35] _davegroom 2:30 pm reversal
[11:35] _davegroom red?
[11:36] _davegroom dont know...
[11:41] magoo PRST?? vad
[11:42] craigaudio wow MEE. should never have tried the bounce on that
[11:43] DaveG prst
[11:44] Threei risky .77 long if stays above .60
[11:44] Threei PRST that is
[11:44] Threei otherwise, pullback play near 6.40
[11:45] Threei falling knife, craig... don't catch those unless you like your fingers curt
[11:45] Threei cut
[11:46] craigaudio yes. with the market as it is. was a silly move
[11:46] Threei such drop is the same in ay market
[11:46] Threei it's news induced selloff
[11:46] DaveG looks halted
[11:46] Threei wouldn't be any different in a bad market
[11:47] Threei in a bull I mean
[11:48] Threei if PRST breaks .80, trail stop to .64
[11:59] craigaudio yes i read the news afterwards. lesson learned. bounces like that should always check the story
[12:01] Threei with such vicious selloffs, always check the newzs
[12:01] Threei it could be something leading to a halt
[12:02] _davegroom DLLR worth ging after?
[12:02] _davegroom going
[12:02] Threei nah
[12:02] _davegroom sitting on my hands being patient
[12:02] dino pkoh s .24cov pkoh .00, +.24
[12:04] Threei now or never PRST
[12:11] _davegroom good call on DLLR
[12:11] dino out rvbd +.44
[12:15] Threei move stop PRST
[12:16] dino clzr
[12:16] Threei next spike I'd be out
[12:17] dino hl s .64
[12:17] Threei OK guys, leaving for my appointment
[12:17] Threei be good
[12:17] _davegroom new PRST stop?
[12:17] magoo good luck
[12:17] Threei [14:49] Threei if PRST breaks .80, trail stop to .64
[12:18] _davegroom best wishes
[12:18] Threei ty, I'll see you tomorrow
[12:18] Threei (hopefully)
[12:18] Threei if I am nopt here, you know medicine is not as advanced as they thouight
[12:27] DaveG gl vad
[12:34] dino cov clzr .40, +.24
[12:36] dino hl l mee .25
[12:42] dino out mee .65, +.40
[12:43] DaveG wtg
[12:44] craigaudio good job dino
[12:46] craigaudio anyone still in PRST? dumping it just before the close?
[12:46] dino ty craig
[12:47] _davegroom trying to keep the faith w paper $ on PRST
[12:47] dino veco bstop to .62
[12:49] _davegroom if i win it may not be the best lesson though
[12:51] dino fele
[12:53] dino veco bstop to .52
[12:54] dino cov veco +.17\
[12:59] dino thx all calling it a day
[13:00] _davegroom PRST break even
[13:01] dptl bye all
[13:01] _davegroom thanx all good night
[13:07] craigaudio bre
[13:07] craigaudio bye