Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Realitytrader Trading Log, May 8, 2007

Session Start: Tue May 08 00:00:00 2007
Session Time: Tue May 08 00:00:00 2007
[05:19] DaveG morning
[05:20] gabby morning DaveG
[05:24] DaveG your up early gabs :)
[05:25] gabby mid afternoon here ~
[05:25] Threei dyou guys talk so loud... woke me up
[05:25] DaveG lol
[05:25] Threei good morning :)
[05:25] DaveG morning vad :)
[05:25] gabby thats why you dont see me afternoons
[05:25] gabby morning Vad
[05:26] Threei so dave, how's new place treating you so far?
[05:27] DaveG pretty dang good
[05:27] Threei good to hear
[05:27] DaveG i'm pretty much in heaven here
[05:28] Threei gabby... any comments on elections? I don't know much about France politics, interesting to hear first hand take
[05:31] gabby i dont get involved much. dont have vote except for european elections
[05:31] Threei just your take on ourcome... good, bad?
[05:31] gabby however I think hes really got his work cut out if he wants to make big changes
[05:31] Threei outcome
[05:32] gabby I wonder how much change he can make
[05:32] gabby you see the french have never forgoten
[05:32] gabby that they had a revolution
[05:33] Threei so there is resistance to too sharp changes?
[05:33] gabby they are on the streets the moment the government does anything they dont like
[05:33] Threei oh, I see what you mean
[05:33] gabby So very different to the UK
[05:34] gabby where the populace accept anything thats done to them whilst moaning all the time
[05:35] Threei well... I guess it's still much better than Russia that have never forgottten stalin times, so it hides in fear every time government shows the reslove to make population shut up
[05:35] gabby the french are the secong largest agriculural exporters in the world after the US
[05:36] gabby spelling!!
[05:36] Threei interesting... not much of french produce finds its way here
[05:36] gabby yes
[05:36] gabby we must be grateful for what we have and try to hold on to it
[05:37] gabby well the top french wine is still very good
[05:38] Threei wine is about the only thing I see in stores
[05:38] gabby maize is biggest crop but I dont know where it goes
[05:40] gabby was very lucky with WFMI yesterday was high of the day that gave me the profit
[05:41] Threei :)
[05:41] Threei wow... life near the ocean... 5 min ago it was bright sunrise, all of a sudden thick fog rolled in
[05:41] Threei so fast
[05:53] dieter good morning
[05:53] Threei dieter :)
[05:55] Threei DNDN the widowmaker
[05:55] DaveG sure is
[05:55] DaveG i've stayed out
[05:56] Threei of course
[05:56] esemde good morning everyone
[05:56] Threei esemde :)
[05:57] cosmo so.. is Nepoleon back ?
[05:57] Threei every single time, invariably... when such play appears, so many traders all of a sudden become specialists in the field
[05:57] cosmo sorry
[05:57] Threei discuss all the details of a drug, medical procedure, stats
[05:57] Threei as if they knew first thing about that, and as if it was possible to predict the outcome
[05:58] Threei even if they did
[05:58] Threei my favorite:
[05:58] Threei :I know a doctor, and he says it's huge"
[05:58] Threei in a bottle at least, cosmo
[05:59] Threei in Bre-X times everyone suddenly became a specialist on geology
[05:59] cosmo .. a huge bottle?
[05:59] Threei all sizes, for all incomes :)
[06:00] cosmo some became helecopter piolets
[06:00] magoo tr gninorm
[06:00] Threei ummm... yes... even with that spelling :)
[06:00] Threei magoo :)
[06:01] Threei sorry... oogam :)
[06:04] cosmo aqnt
[06:07] magoo never forget DNDN as a short scalp, i hit it yesterday,
[06:07] magoo panic more powerful than euphoria
[06:07] magoo as long as we keep focused and stop...and NO..we not holding it overnite
[06:08] Threei often, yes
[06:08] magoo could see 14 today ..IF...yes..the big IF
[06:10] lklarson morn all
[06:10] Threei lkl :)
[06:15] magoo watching AAPL, amzn. yhoo as short candidates...depends on mkt here
[06:19] dptl good morning everyone
[06:19] DaveG stay calm
[06:20] Threei dp :)
[06:20] Roman JRCC James River Coal beats by $0.18, light on revs (8.97 )
[06:20] Roman MVIS Microvision awarded $3.2 mln contract by U.S. Air Force to advance development of lightweight, see-through color eyewear display (4.12 )
[06:21] Roman Gapping up on strong earnings/guidance: ATRO +20.5%, ECGI +16.2%, LIOX +11.3%, MDR +10.5%, AQNT +9.9%, WRNC +7.8%, NILE +7.7%, HAYN +7.7%, WCG +6.9%, AFSI +6.0%, ADAM +5.6%, PKD +5.1% (also awarded contracts in Mexico and Turkmenistan), VOLC +5.1%, XRIT +4.9% (very light volume), GMXR +4.9% (very light volume), AMOT +4.4% (very light volume), WOLF +4.3% (very light volume), AOB +4.2%, SONS +3.4%, PLA +3.0%...
[06:21] Roman Other news: TRIS +24.3% (awarded $30 mln contract to provide security services in Washington state), ISPH +9.6% (announces positive results of Phase 2 trial of epinastine nasal spray for seasonal allergic rhinitis), MRGE +6.0% (initiated with a Buy at Jefferies), ASTM +7.6% (FDA approves Phase III IND for treatment of osteonecrosis of the femoral head; also reports... other stem cell stocks up in sympathy: STEM +4.2%, GERN +0.7%), RACK +3.0% (settles
[06:23] dino gm all
[06:23] Threei dino :)
[06:26] DaveG morning dino
[06:30] dino gm 3i, dave
[06:34] Threei quotes OK?
[06:34] magoo my are
[06:35] Threei my end then :(
[06:38] magoo DNDN good volume, may see 15 area...risky
[06:40] Threei COST .46 long
[06:41] Threei under .30 invalidated
[06:41] magoo quotes better?
[06:42] Threei yeah, had to reload
[06:43] Roman OVTI high
[06:43] Roman aiming for over $15
[06:44] dino hl s gtrc .50
[06:45] DaveG made 2 points short on MDR :))
[06:46] magoo SAMZN fall
[06:49] Threei DNDN half lot long .21, stop under 16.80
[06:50] Roman TRIS
[06:50] Roman major news yesterday
[06:50] Roman 30 mil contract
[06:51] Threei if DND breaks .40, trail stop to under 17
[06:51] Roman this one could hit $5 easy, TRIS
[06:52] dino bstop gtrc to .16
[06:52] dino cov .19, +.31
[06:52] esemde where would you enter roman
[06:53] Roman pullback to 3.55
[06:53] Roman i would be sitting there, especially if it sells off fast
[06:54] dino i will be sitting in pa
[06:54] esemde bounces around like a jelly bean
[06:57] Roman FTEK
[06:57] Roman breakout watch
[06:57] magoo loss of 17 DNDN short
[06:57] Threei HRVE?
[06:57] Threei sheesh, spread
[06:58] cosmo PWAV needs to hold 6.45
[06:59] magoo DNDN loses 16.80, we gonna get 15 area
[06:59] magoo in
[06:59] magoo sh
[06:59] dino risky, s hl hrve .78
[07:03] dino tris?
[07:03] Roman i am waiting for under 3.50
[07:04] esemde I'm waiting with ya!
[07:05] DaveG hmmmm
[07:05] DaveG i wonder who that nick is
[07:05] DaveG aint me
[07:06] gabby cost triggers
[07:06] lklarson in cost .47
[07:06] magoo stopped out DNDN sh]
[07:07] DaveG no shares to short here
[07:07] DaveG thank goodness
[07:08] magoo actually, still like it short off 16.80
[07:08] magoo thats where i'll short again
[07:08] DaveG k
[07:08] esemde liox breakout
[07:10] dino fwiw, hrve bstop is .83
[07:12] Threei Short Setup: BRNC 17.04 trigger if stays under 17.15
[07:14] Roman JSDA
[07:15] Threei BRNC stop 17.11
[07:15] Threei COST stop to .34
[07:16] dino csco l, swing
[07:16] dino .87
[07:17] magoo bullshit, no swings
[07:17] Threei lol
[07:17] DaveG lol
[07:17] lklarson out brcn 1:1
[07:17] magoo sh NILE .31
[07:18] Threei lkl takes no chances :)
[07:18] lklarson playing it safe as usual, eh
[07:18] dino ohhh mannnnn
[07:19] dino acmr
[07:19] Threei Attention: BRCN cover half, stop to just over 17 on the balance
[07:20] magoo keep eye on DNDN short off .80
[07:20] magoo brcN or brcM
[07:20] Threei BRNC
[07:20] Threei sorry
[07:20] Roman CTCH strong
[07:21] dino s acmr hl .76
[07:21] magoo no data on it
[07:21] Threei ?
[07:21] magoo ok, now
[07:21] magoo big delay
[07:22] Roman CTCH aiming for $2
[07:24] Roman CLWT spike
[07:24] Roman CECO long setup
[07:24] Threei COST stop to .39
[07:25] Threei it's holding well under market conditions but I don't want to get stuck in it
[07:25] Roman long CECO 34.95 really small
[07:25] Threei 15 shares?
[07:25] Roman 400
[07:25] Threei OK :)
[07:25] Threei just wondered what REALLY small means :)
[07:26] dino hrve bstop to .50
[07:26] Roman it's a wild one so just trying to scare people
[07:26] Roman ECLG another strong one
[07:27] dino cov hrve .49, +.29
[07:27] Threei done with BRNC
[07:27] Threei come on already COST
[07:28] dino alxn
[07:28] dino nah
[07:30] dino hpq l .65, stop .39
[07:33] dptl TRIS entry?
[07:33] Roman in 3.41
[07:35] Roman RICK reports
[07:36] Roman PESI nice daily
[07:36] Roman GIGM another nice chart
[07:39] Threei good boy DNDN
[07:39] lklarson dndn back
[07:39] Threei stop to under 17
[07:39] Roman LEND interesting
[07:41] Roman out CECO flat
[07:42] Roman JSDA another leg
[07:42] Roman over $24
[07:46] Threei finally COST
[07:47] lklarson any target for cost
[07:47] Threei spike over .60
[07:47] lklarson ok, thx
[07:49] magoo stopped out nile sh
[07:54] Roman OVTI working that $15
[07:54] Roman ECLG broke out
[07:54] Roman GOAM making highs, no news yet
[07:54] esemde eclg
[07:55] esemde not fast enough for Roman
[07:58] Roman JSDA now wokring
[07:58] Roman wants more
[08:00] DaveG MDII
[08:00] Roman 1 killed, 2 wounded in shooting near California State-Fresno campus - FoxNews.com
[08:00] Roman this takes MDII higher
[08:00] Roman long MDII
[08:00] Roman 2.21
[08:00] Roman full size MDII
[08:06] Roman i am going to sell 1/2 MDII at small loss
[08:06] Roman out -04
[08:07] Threei dog with fleas
[08:07] Threei very familiar pattern of a small one trying to pose as news related stock
[08:07] Roman its not over yet for this one
[08:07] Threei cries wolf every time according news item appears
[08:07] Roman depends on the deal is with the shooting
[08:08] Roman GOAM still going with no news, thats good
[08:09] Roman YHOO spike
[08:09] Roman could be news on merger
[08:10] Roman YHOO Yahoo! catching a bid... hearing tier-1 broker out saying some kind of MSFT/YHOO deal could be announced soon (30.72 +0.32) -Update-
[08:14] dino hrve ahh man
[08:15] lklarson stpped dndn
[08:17] Roman The Columbus Dispatch is reporting a college student opened fire at an apartment near the campus of California State University, Fresno, killing one person and wounding two others, police said today. A SWAT team was communicating by phone with Jonquel Brooks, 19, of Hayward this morning, trying to get him out of the apartment where police suspect that he shot the three on Monday night. Residents of University Village Apartments were evacuated to the
[08:18] dino clwr
[08:21] Roman JBHT
[08:22] Roman MDII behaving so far
[08:22] dino changed mind on csco, hard stop to .99
[08:22] Threei hmmm... TVIN is available for short, believe it or not
[08:22] magoo whats upo with OVTI?
[08:22] dino ompi s .51, hl
[08:23] Roman OVTI loaded with shorts, chart looks good
[08:23] Roman CIMT high
[08:25] dino hl s afam .55, jumpy
[08:39] Roman out remaining MDII -.03
[08:42] dino hpq stop tightened to .49, not working
[08:46] dino hpq stopped -.17
[08:55] Threei watching DCEL pullback
[08:55] magoo watching for DNDN to lose .80
[08:55] Threei if loses .20, looking for support around .10
[08:55] Threei if holding it, breakout at .30
[08:56] dino ompi bstop to .48
[09:00] Threei DCEL long on first sign of strength
[09:00] Threei with stop under 10
[09:00] Threei just a scalp
[09:02] Threei in
[09:07] Roman MECA Magna Entertainment announces the introduction of new gaming legislation in Florida (2.95 +0.07)
[09:09] DaveG NUAN reports after the close today, for those of you interested
[09:10] lklarson stopped cost
[09:10] Threei yeah... like pulling a tooth
[09:11] lklarson yep
[09:12] Threei stopped DCEL
[09:16] Threei LEND is trying
[09:17] dino cmtl hl s .99
[09:17] dino csco stopped +.12
[09:19] Threei MECA looks like nice accumulation
[09:19] Threei 3.11 worth a try
[09:30] Threei sheesh GOAM
[09:31] dptl inpc
[09:33] DaveG goam parabolic
[09:36] dino cmtl stopping out
[09:42] dino rail
[09:45] Threei FWLT lost its mind
[09:45] dino forr
[09:46] dino goam s .83 hl
[09:46] Threei you may be interested in JBHT dino
[09:46] Threei this thing rarely holds its gains
[09:47] DaveG fwlt looks toppy, but i dunno
[09:47] DaveG mdr might pop here shortly
[09:48] dino nah, but ty anyway
[09:51] DaveG here goes mdr
[09:55] dino acmr bstop to .70
[09:58] DaveG freaking fwlt
[09:58] DaveG sheesh
[10:03] dino ompi stopped -.05
[10:03] _davegroom thoughts on GOAM?
[10:03] dino acmr stopped +.06
[10:04] Threei to me feels largely done dave...
[10:04] DaveG fwlt?
[10:04] DaveG or mdr
[10:04] Threei no GOAM
[10:04] DaveG oh
[10:04] DaveG wait
[10:04] DaveG omg
[10:04] _davegroom thnks
[10:11] DaveG long MDR
[10:14] dino l gs .00
[10:25] dino goam stopped -.18
[10:29] dino cov afam, .84, +.71
[10:31] dino out gs .26, +.26
[10:32] dino taking break
[10:33] Threei CTCH, what's up with this crawler
[10:34] Threei sheesh... DNDN
[10:36] magoo feels higher vad
[10:37] Threei I feel it all day... but actually playing it is a whole different story
[10:38] Threei even with initial stp 30 cents it managed to shake us out
[10:38] magoo and got me short too
[10:44] magoo bounce play vad...DNDN?
[10:45] Threei I would feel safer with it if it pulls back into .40
[10:45] Threei it has nasty habit of weak bounces from first support, then proceeding lower
[10:47] magoo its just nasty in general he he
[10:47] Threei true
[10:47] Threei and wait till it's halted... that's when the mass murder starts
[10:48] Threei most likely it will find the way to destroy both, longs and shorts
[10:48] DaveG no thanks
[10:48] Threei what do you mean no? Where is your sense of comradiere?
[10:48] DaveG ummm
[10:49] Threei got in and get killed with people
[10:49] dino l mer .99
[10:51] DaveG out mdr +.10 too flatline
[11:04] dino uhco s .15, stop .43
[11:05] dino liox s .00, stop .11
[11:08] dino ugh uhco stopped -.27
[11:09] dino rinse a roni
[11:09] dino go mer
[11:11] dino talking to myself i see
[11:11] DaveG no, im listening
[11:11] Threei don't believe him dino
[11:11] Threei he is not
[11:11] DaveG :)
[11:11] dino amri
[11:11] dino :)
[11:12] Threei he starts every day by dccing me something to the effect "today is another day when I am not going to listed to dino"
[11:12] DaveG you just can't keep a secret can you
[11:12] DaveG ;-)
[11:13] Threei that was a secret? sorry, you just sounded so proud of that intention, I thought you would like people to know...
[11:13] DaveG oy
[11:14] Threei OK, scratch that. Turns out dave was not proud of it, so I retrace... he is NOT starting every day with that sentence
[11:14] dino hmmm
[11:15] dino l csco .17 dl
[11:23] Threei .66 long DNDN
[11:23] Threei stop under .40
[11:23] Threei half lot of coursew
[11:23] Threei if it fails, I am not touching DNDN till after FDA anymore
[11:24] Threei I meant to say I am not touching no DNDN no more
[11:24] Threei is that emphasizes the point strongly enough?
[11:25] Threei emphasizing
[11:25] Threei whatever
[11:25] DaveG yes, we get it
[11:25] _davegroom DNDN=evil!
[11:25] Threei certainly
[11:25] Threei I know what will make me feel better
[11:25] * Threei slaps DaveG around a bit with a large trout
[11:25] Threei there
[11:25] DaveG :)
[11:26] dino out mer +.26
[11:29] DaveG wtg
[11:32] dino ty
[11:34] dino liox bstop to .04
[11:35] dino liox stopped .04, -.04
[11:36] dino atro s .44 partial
[11:38] dino wrnc s .17
[11:52] lklarson stopped dndn
[11:52] dptl out DNDN
[11:52] magoo me too
[11:52] dptl ouch
[11:52] _davegroom there it goes again
[11:52] Threei off my screen till after FDA
[11:53] _davegroom paper $ thank God!
[11:53] Threei look at that
[11:53] DaveG we have got to do something about these nicks
[11:54] dino cspi b;ood
[11:54] dino l
[11:57] dino are you sure thats not you dave
[11:58] DaveG positive
[12:00] magoo vad, yhoo short?
[12:01] Threei with .36 stop
[12:01] magoo u llike it?
[12:01] Threei I think so, if loses .25
[12:01] magoo amzn Short?
[12:01] Roman PTEN long
[12:02] Roman 25.77 small
[12:02] Threei no read AMZN
[12:02] magoo yt
[12:03] Roman FTEK on radar
[12:03] Roman may try to explode over $27 before the eod
[12:03] magoo AAPL vad, any read?
[12:03] Roman GSOl
[12:03] Roman GSOL
[12:03] Threei AAPL feels more like a break
[12:04] dino wrrnc cov +.17
[12:05] Roman GSOL may try for $20
[12:08] Roman FTEK took out $27
[12:15] Threei I think my Monday moved to Tuesday
[12:16] lklarson yes you switched days:)
[12:16] Threei lol... no matter what you do, gotta have one dubious day a week
[12:16] Threei might just as well leave it Monday
[12:21] Threei MEMY?
[12:25] dptl target YHOO?
[12:26] Threei just a scalp
[12:31] Threei something worked in the morning I think... it was so long since then I can't evn remember what it was
[12:32] cosmo Tuesday morning... i think
[12:33] dino out csco .32, +.15 dl
[12:36] _davegroom DNDN what a squirrl... must be MA's cousin... more on that later
[12:38] _davegroom cant get on the correct side of them
[12:39] lklarson stopped yhoo
[12:39] dptl ditto yhoo
[12:40] Threei in order to profit, I would have to go for 1:0.5 today
[12:40] lklarson :)
[12:47] dino busted terror plot in nj
[12:47] Threei morning news
[12:47] dino ok
[12:49] Threei Ok guys I am done with this day
[12:49] magoo thanx vad
[12:49] DaveG have a good one vad
[12:49] Threei thank you for bearing with this grind
[12:49] lklarson thx vad
[12:50] Threei tomorrow will be better
[12:50] Threei (or not)
[12:50] dptl thx vad see you tommorrow
[12:50] Threei have a good evening, see you tomorrow for what definitely will be better
[12:50] Threei (or not)
[12:50] dptl lol
[12:50] dieter good evening
[12:50] lklarson take care all
[12:55] dptl g'night all
[13:06] dino thx all