Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mar 05 2008

Session Time: Wed Mar 05 00:00:00 2008

[08:39] (magoo} morn
[08:39] (Threei} good morning
[08:40] (Threei} watching CSIQ
[08:40] (magoo} solar news?
[08:40] (Threei} not bad earnings
[08:41] (magoo} hey, a new thing here..its avail short
[08:44] (Threei} determined bidder at .75, soaking in seling
[08:47] (magoo} i know we need to see what developes..but whats your thoughts for today boss?
[08:47] (Threei} hahahaha
[08:48] (Threei} good try
[08:48] (Threei} really... taking it one trade at a time
[08:49] (Threei} you saw yesterday's whipsaw
[08:52] (magoo} yeah
[08:56] (tomg} gm all
[08:56] (Threei} tom :)
[08:59] (tomg} vad, on Laser, which Route do you normally use?
[08:59] (Threei} I have default set to ISLD, and my Route On/Off box is UNchecked
[08:59] (dptl} good morning all
[09:00] (Threei} dp :)
[09:00] (tomg} ok, ty
[09:00] (Threei} I check it and switch route only if default route has troubles
[09:00] (Threei} which happend probably once in a year
[09:00] (tomg} and what is Short box? Do you need to have it checked?
[09:00] (Threei} nope
[09:02] (tomg} ok, ty, i watched a lot of the videos but didn't see it mentioned
[09:03] (magoo} vad, where is the Route On/OFF box?
[09:03] (Threei} right in the middle of order panel
[09:03] (Threei} between Cancel and Limit Buy
[09:04] (magoo} in trade settoings?
[09:04] (Threei} no, under level 2
[09:04] (tomg} i can't seem to find where you set the default route
[09:04] (Threei} in trade settings tom, right click on level 2
[09:04] (Threei} middle column
[09:04] (Threei} default method
[09:05] (Threei} mags... found it?
[09:06] (magoo} nope, is it under TRADE in top bar?
[09:06] (Threei} no
[09:06] (Threei} look at your level 2 window
[09:06] (Threei} order execution panel under it
[09:06] (Threei} with buy, sell, cancel buttons
[09:07] (tomg} Trade/Trade Settings, right?
[09:08] (magoo} all i have is Sell Cancel All and Buy buttons
[09:08] (tomg} magoo, do you have level II mouse style checked?
[09:08] (Threei} yes tom, that's another way to reach it
[09:09] (tomg} ok, so I have to type in Isld beside the NASDAQ field?
[09:10] (Threei} I have INCA typed in there
[09:10] (magoo} i have INET typed in there
[09:10] (Threei} my laser was set up long ago before some routes changed
[09:10] (Threei} maybe need INET now
[09:10] (tomg} it won't let me type anything in that box
[09:10] (Threei} try different ways
[09:11] (magoo} but, d u see my last post vad?o
[09:11] (Threei} click in that box, then hit backspace and hold it
[09:11] (Threei} until cursor moves far to the left
[09:11] (Threei} mags... go to:
[09:11] (tomg} it works! ty,vad
[09:11] (Threei} View, with Level 2 window active,
[09:12] (Threei} make sure you have checked:
[09:12] (Threei} level II mouse style and Level II button style
[09:14] (magoo} ok, i have lev 2 mouse style checked but NOT i need button also?
[09:14] (Threei} check it
[09:14] (Threei} look at your execution panel now
[09:15] (magoo} oh, so now what?
[09:16] (Threei} now you have those boxes you didn't
[09:16] (magoo} is that the buy/sell setup u use?i
[09:16] (Threei} yes
[09:17] (Threei} I like having separate buttons for limit and market
[09:17] (Threei} instead of using arrow-dropdown menu to change it
[09:18] (Threei} be careful not to click wrong one though
[09:18] (magoo} u not using that stop price button for stops are u?
[09:18] (Threei} what stop button?
[09:18] (Threei} oh
[09:18] (magoo} STOP PRICE near ROUTE
[09:18] (Threei} no,stops are set via OMS module
[09:18] (magoo} right
[09:18] (magoo} ojk
[09:19] (magoo} sorry for wasting your time
[09:19] (Threei} no problem
[09:19] (Threei} some routes seems to be cut off
[09:20] (Threei} on Interenet I mean
[09:20] (Threei} a lot of people can't connect
[09:20] (tomg} are hard stops available now, on nasdaq?
[09:20] (Threei} yes tom
[09:20] (Threei} Click Modules - OMS
[09:21] (tomg} ok, got it
[09:21] (Threei} that's the window where they are being set
[09:21] (Threei} gotta get used to it, it's somewhat unusual
[09:21] (Threei} but has some very powerful features
[09:21] (tomg} so, you have to type stops into OMS module?
[09:22] (Threei} click Add a new order button
[09:22] (Threei} set it there
[09:22] (tomg} ah, ok, i see it, ty
[09:22] (Threei} keep in mind that for it to go live you need to click green triangle
[09:23] (tomg} ok
[09:23] (Threei} until you do that, it's waiting for you to start it
[09:23] (Threei} you can stop it without deleting, then restart it
[09:23] (Threei} or modify
[09:23] (Threei} etc
[09:23] (tomg} red box to stop, green to resume
[09:23] (tomg} cool
[09:24] (tomg} is it reliable, i mean, no problems completely cancelling orders?
[09:25] (Threei} so far no complaints
[09:26] (tomg} ok, ty
[09:31] (magoo} and under a buck?
[09:35] (Threei} ESLR
[09:35] (Threei} .40 long if melting and if holding above .30
[09:36] (magoo} in
[09:37] (magoo} l CSIQ off .50
[09:39] (Threei} good one
[09:39] (Threei} don't oversit, too volatile
[09:40] (magoo} was wait .91
[09:40] (magoo} still in
[09:44] (esemde} good morning Vad....that worked....
[09:44] (Threei} ty ese
[09:44] (Threei} sending e-mail to all members
[09:45] (Threei} sorry, used you as a guinea pig :)
[09:46] (Threei} ESLR 1:1 half out, scalpers are scalpers and need my guidance not
[09:46] (esemde} well I never!!!!!!!!!! wink wink.......don't think I look good as bacon
[09:46] (Threei} lol
[09:48] (Threei} 1:2 ESLR
[09:49] (dptl} out eslr +.10.+.20
[09:49] (dptl} ty
[09:49] (Threei} high five?
[09:49] (Threei} or is it considered bad manners?
[09:49] (dptl} high Five
[09:49] (Threei} :)
[09:49] (tomg} out eslr 1:2, ty vad
[09:49] (Threei} welcome
[09:50] (Threei} mags??
[09:50] (magoo} out here .69 full
[09:50] (magoo} HIGH five
[09:50] (Threei} :)
[09:50] (Threei} let's go home
[09:51] (GeoArb} Hah I am in.... good morning
[09:52] (Threei} hi
[09:52] (Threei} you used reserve server?
[09:52] (GeoArb} yes
[09:52] (Threei} ok, ty
[09:52] (esemde} what were you in Magoo.....wanted to look at the chart
[09:52] (Threei} ESLR ese
[09:53] (esemde} ahhhhhh
[09:53] (Threei} we grabbed .50
[09:53] (esemde} nice...
[09:53] (Threei} ummm
[09:53] (Threei} .40, sorry
[09:56] (magoo} i was gonna say......but was still trying to calculate
[09:56] (Threei} lol
[09:56] (magoo} i am up 336, so that 87k a year..lets quit lol
[09:58] (GeoArb} nice magoo
[09:58] * Threei slaps magoo around a bit with a big broken calculator for improper extrapolations
[09:59] (ThurstonHowellTheThird} gm all
[09:59] (Threei} hi THTT
[10:00] (magoo} symbol??will not pull up THTT
[10:00] * ThurstonHowellTheThird slaps magoo around a bit with a large trout
[10:01] (ThurstonHowellTheThird} sorry. magoo; but you had it coming
[10:01] (Threei} hah
[10:01] (magoo} :)
[10:01] (Threei} he has it coming 24/7
[10:01] (magoo} l off .50 CSIQ RISKY
[10:02] (magoo} feels over 21 today, but scalpin this time
[10:02] (magoo} in
[10:05] (Threei} RIMM closest support .30, watching if it's holding it
[10:05] (Threei} if NQ jumps again, going to try long
[10:06] (magoo} out .60
[10:06] (magoo} dime
[10:06] (Threei} this is prudent
[10:07] (magoo} i don't remember it being so jumpy
[10:07] (magoo} like .62 ..oops .49
[10:08] (magoo} u still ,ooking for first sign strengh RIMM vad?
[10:09] (magoo} in .39
[10:09] (magoo} out .64 TY
[10:09] (magoo} scalpers friday guuys
[10:10] (Threei} :)
[10:12] (dptl} altr?
[10:13] (Threei} not sure
[10:14] (dptl} ok
[10:18] (magoo} SHIT CSIQ
[10:18] (Threei} first symbol is not found
[10:19] * ThurstonHowellTheThird slaps Threei around a bit with a large trout
[10:19] (ThurstonHowellTheThird} its only fair :)
[10:20] (Threei} I guess
[10:23] (magoo} jesus..rimm bounce somewhere vad??
[10:24] (Threei} I wouldn't touch it for now
[10:24] (esemde} ya know.....i have never slapped anyone with the trout in one year of being on this waiting for the big one!!!! look out
[10:24] * Threei ducks
[10:25] (ThurstonHowellTheThird} AKAM?
[10:25] (Threei} AKAM qworth a try for a scalp at .25 if holding above .15
[10:27] (Threei} which it didn't
[10:29] (magoo} sigh..wish we shorted RIMM
[10:29] (Threei} did you see any readable setup?
[10:30] (Threei} DOE CRUDE: -3M V +2.2ME ; GASOLINE: +1.66M V +250KE ; DISTILLATES: -2.33M V -2ME ; UTILIZATION: % V 84.9%E
[10:30] (magoo} wheres the bounce setup}??
[10:31] (magoo} never seen that many red candles
[10:31] (magoo} news?
[10:31] (Threei} coming very soon
[10:31] (Threei} about here
[10:32] (Threei} no news
[10:33] (ThurstonHowellTheThird} magoo; overall how would you say your net record is with RIMM?...I'm just curious because you play it a lot and I'm thinking of looking at it more
[10:34] (Threei} in, stop under .50
[10:35] (magoo} problem withRIMM, yesterday it coperated in last hour and i made like 2500, today i missed 2 bounce dunno..not great
[10:36] (Threei} out
[10:36] (Threei} 101.69 - 102.05
[10:37] (ThurstonHowellTheThird} ok thx ((- ----not a symbol)
[10:37] (Threei} no, but TY is
[10:40] (Threei} XIDE long, stop under 11
[10:40] (Threei} .10 - .11 if buying comes in
[10:44] (dptl} nice...and what i did..........i went for smoke damn
[10:46] (Threei} :(
[10:46] (Threei} easy 1:1
[10:48] (Threei} maybe they are right dp... smoking IS harmfulll
[10:49] (ThurstonHowellTheThird} lol
[10:49] (Threei} AAPL long .71
[10:50] (Threei} stop under .50
[10:50] (magoo} in
[10:50] (magoo} look csiq
[10:50] (Threei} sheesh
[10:51] (magoo} 22
[10:51] (magoo} not easy but will
[10:54] (lumdus} good morning everybody. just got the email how to log on.
[10:54] (Threei} hi lum
[10:55] (Threei} just now?
[10:55] (Threei} sent it a while ago
[10:55] (lumdus} i didn't check my email untill now. I logged in to email you, and saw the email
[10:55] (Threei} ah
[10:55] (Chaeron} *phew*
[10:55] (Chaeron} GM all
[10:55] (Threei} chaeron :)
[10:56] (Chaeron} glad to be here... how's the day?
[10:56] (Threei} fairly nice so far
[10:56] (Chaeron} figures
[10:57] (lumdus} yeah, i am sure you gona say you had lots of trade + 1.50 .. no, i don't fall for that anymore. Show me the posts .. ha haaa haaaaaaaaaaa
[10:58] (Threei} well, since you asked...
[10:58] (Threei} [09:35] (Threei} ESLR
[10:58] (Threei} [09:35] (Threei} .40 long
[10:58] (Threei} reached over .70
[10:58] (lumdus} where is the exit post ?
[10:59] (Threei} [09:48] (Threei} 1:2 ESLR
[10:59] (Threei} [09:49] (dptl} out eslr +.10.+.20
[10:59] (Threei} [09:50] (magoo} out here .69 full
[10:59] (Threei} want more? :)
[11:00] (Threei} [10:40] (Threei} XIDE long, stop under 11
[11:00] (Threei} [10:46] (Threei} easy 1:1
[11:00] (lumdus} ok, now i am angry :)
[11:00] (Threei} hehe
[11:03] (Threei} CSIQ possible trend reversal, lower high
[11:03] (Threei} carefuul short .20 breakdown
[11:04] (Threei} if stays under .40
[11:06] (ThurstonHowellTheThird} in .19
[11:08] (Threei} jumpy thing
[11:08] (ThurstonHowellTheThird} no kidding
[11:11] (magoo} mkt feels up imho..risky
[11:13] (Threei} die CSIQ
[11:15] (Threei} jeez COIN
[11:17] (esemde} ya...i was looking at too Vad but didn't act...
[11:17] (dptl} eslr again?
[11:17] (esemde} was thinking long 15.75 ish
[11:18] (Threei} desirably on pullback into .70
[11:18] (esemde} yup
[11:18] (Threei} stopped CSIQ
[11:21] (dptl} what's with elon?
[11:21] (Threei} no news
[11:21] (dptl} hmm...ok thnx
[11:29] (Threei} CSIQ non-stop
[11:30] (Threei} guys, please look at
[11:30] (Threei} scroll to the bottom
[11:30] (Threei} see red font instructions?
[11:31] (magoo} yes
[11:31] (hawkfan4} yep
[11:31] (Threei} they are always there... use them in case of outage
[11:32] (magoo} how can i use them if i have a powrr outage??
[11:32] (Threei} trout is being slowly unhosltered
[11:32] (dptl} lol Mags
[11:33] (Threei} hawk... you recieved two e-mails from me or just one?
[11:34] (hawkfan4} two, but i just got both of them about 10 mins apart
[11:34] (Threei} OK, and the one from admin never reached you?
[11:35] (hawkfan4} no
[11:36] (magoo} 10:50] (magoo} look csiq
[11:36] (magoo} [10:51] (Threei} sheesh
[11:36] (magoo} [10:51] (magoo} 22
[11:36] (magoo} [10:51] (magoo} not easy but
[11:37] (magoo} it was 21.30 area
[11:44] (Threei} if took ESLR on pullback to .70, you have 1:1
[11:54] (magoo} hows CSIQ look as short now vad?
[11:55] (Threei} tough one...
[11:55] (Threei} closer to ghigh maybe so stop is really tight
[11:59] (Threei} wow, XIDE is still climbing
[12:01] (Threei} ABK
[12:02] (Threei} this is what props market
[12:02] (Threei} bailout news probable reason
[12:03] (Threei} MBI is ABK sympathy
[12:04] (magoo} .
[12:07] (magoo} gotta be that..problem..mkt may sell the news
[12:08] (magoo} ojn CNBVC
[12:09] (Threei} bs
[12:18] (ThurstonHowellTheThird} .
[12:20] (Threei} CSIQ continues holding close to high
[12:23] (Threei} XIDE .50 long if holding above .40
[12:25] (esemde} am outta here....have a great rest of the day.
[12:25] (Threei} take care ese
[12:25] (esemde} see ya vad....
[12:27] (magoo} mkt sellinhg
[12:31] (Threei} qwhat a tricky animal CSIQ
[12:33] (Threei} lol, what was that
[12:37] (dptl} out xide +.10 ty
[12:37] (Threei} if you went for XIDE, over 1:1
[12:37] (Threei} :)
[12:38] (Threei} 1:2
[12:38] (magoo} i wish u would re alert thiose that take awhile
[12:38] (Chaeron} I thought it went under .40
[12:38] (magoo} i go looking elsewhere and miss,
[12:38] * dptl slaps magoo around a bit with a large trout
[12:39] (Threei} touched couple cents below .40 for a sec chaeron... makes it kind of discretinary
[12:39] (Threei} that's why I said if
[12:39] (magoo} yeah, but u gotta re alert us
[12:40] (magoo} i'd see a post in blue
[12:40] (Threei} sorry mags, no can do
[12:40] (Threei} at least not as a rule
[12:40] (magoo} why, if u are entering it..go ahead
[12:41] (magoo} say, "ok..entering"
[12:41] (Threei} because there is so many things I can do
[12:41] (Threei} "just so many"
[12:41] (Chaeron} clone yourself :)
[12:41] (Threei} if setup was clearly invalidated, then reappeared - reissuing it is valid exepectation
[12:42] (dptl} lol xide......i am not looking
[12:42] (Threei} kind of re-evaluation
[12:42] (Threei} sheesh, 1:4
[12:48] (ThurstonHowellTheThird} you need some sort of voice recognition software to make your job easier and faster for us
[12:49] (Threei} errors those kinds of software make are unacceptable for our purposes
[12:50] (magoo} i still think if u see it come back after along time from original call..AND u are entering u could post it quick..
[12:50] (Threei} stock symbols and numbers will be all over the place
[12:50] * magoo slaps Threei around a bit with a large trout
[12:51] (ThurstonHowellTheThird} I thought that they have made great improvments lately...they now can customize it to your certain speech patterns(accent) so there less errors
[12:52] (ThurstonHowellTheThird} or you could just have a direct line to magoo's house :)
[12:52] (dptl} lol
[12:56] (Chaeron} hmmm... we've got it better than all others I've come across... and I've come across a lot. When things don't work perfectly, I just try to remember that there will always be another opportunity...
[12:57] (Chaeron} besides - it's lunchtime
[13:06] (Threei} another crazy... FEED
[13:06] (Threei} looks like going to bust through 12
[13:06] (Threei} no call, risk is too high
[13:22] (Threei} this market belongs to mental institution
[13:25] (Threei} very prone to jump any direction on any kind of news or rumors
[13:26] (magoo} more news coming aBK CNBC
[13:27] (Threei} FILES PRELIMINARY MIXED SECURITIES OFFERING PROSPECTUS; NO TERMS SPECIFIED - FILING- ABK states we intend to contribute the net proceeds of this offering, as well as the net proceeds of the concurrent offering of Equity Units, to Ambac Assurance in order to increase its capital position, less approximately $100M, which we intend to retain at Ambac Financial Group, Inc. to provide incremental holding company liquidity to pay principal and interest on its indebtedness, to pay its operating
[13:27] (Threei} and other expenses and to pay dividends on its capital stock.
[13:27] (Threei} - ABK states it will also file to sell a separate prospectus supplement, offering an undisclosed amount of Equity Units.
[13:27] (Threei} - Will stop underwriting CDOs, mortgage backed securities, notes efforts are to keep Moody's, S&P ratings, do not expect to get stable outlook from S&P or Moodys(
[13:28] (Threei} none of it sounds very good
[13:28] (Threei} or any good for that matter
[13:29] (magoo} dow red
[13:31] (Threei} Oil prices continued to climb higher as traders pushed the April contract further away from the psychologically important $100 handle following the confirmation of a breakout. Since crude bulls remain in charge of the price action, further moves to the upside will most likely see prices heading higher with a close above $105/bbl most likely seeing a further gain in the upside momentum. As this trend gains in strength, traders should be aware of strong backwardation taking place as front months accelerate
[13:31] (Threei} further and the spread with back months continues to widen. A confirmation of a new trend has been given by a strong positioning of the spread traders in bull calendar spreads
[13:31] (Threei} backwardation?
[13:35] (magoo} ABK opening 10.50 range on CNBC in 10 minutes
[13:36] (Threei} there are a lot of noise about fund raisning through new offerings on wires
[13:36] (Threei} don't want to post all that bs
[13:36] (magoo} nah
[13:36] (Threei} long and short of it:
[13:37] (Threei} we are screwed, we are trying to get you rescue us, we don't hold much hope but who knows, there is a sucker born every minute
[13:37] (ThurstonHowellTheThird} lol
[13:38] (ThurstonHowellTheThird} I like the reality translations
[13:38] (Threei} lol
[13:38] (Threei} how else do you translate this:
[13:38] (Threei} In addition, Ambac announced that it has concurrently commenced a public offering of Equity Units, with a stated amount of $50/unit for a total stated amount of $500 million. Ambac has also granted the underwriters a 30-day option to purchase additional Equity Units to cover over-allotments, if any.
[13:39] (Threei} see, if you grant one day, they say no
[13:39] (Threei} but if you grant 30 days, you have a chance they get really drunk on one on those days
[13:42] (Threei} look at ABK
[13:44] (Threei} great... room not accepting connections is DNS propagation issue
[13:44] (Threei} I need translator
[13:52] (Threei} oh boy... we have beidge book today also
[13:52] (Threei} -d
[13:52] (dptl} what time?
[13:52] (Threei} 2 EST
[13:52] (dptl} ty
[14:00] (Chaeron} oil - 104.56/bbl
[14:01] (Threei} FED'S BEIGE BOOK: 2/3 OF DISTRICTS REPORT TIGHT CREDIT, ALL SAW ECONOMIC GROWTH SLOWING SINCE BEGINNING OF YEAR- Wage and salary pressures 'modest', labor markets 'loosened', job markets still relatively tight
[14:13] (magoo} wake up vad
[14:14] (Threei} why?
[14:16] (Threei} sky is not falling aymore?
[14:16] (Threei} let's buy something then
[14:19] (Threei} CPSAT nice break of 52 week high... just not sure there is a room to profit, narrow one
[14:19] (Threei} CPST
[14:20] (Threei} BRKR maybe
[14:20] (Threei} 15.05
[14:20] (Threei} 14.94 stop
[14:23] (magoo} watch RIMM AAPL if they are to recover
[14:33] (Threei} Crude closes at $104.44
[14:33] (patience} thank god for my electric bike
[14:40] (lumdus} short rimm 102.15
[14:40] (lumdus} stop .27 i think
[14:40] (Threei} yup
[14:40] (lumdus} i need it to break .77 then i dance
[14:44] (magoo} CSIQ may push into bell vad, keep[ eye on it
[14:44] (lumdus} go down rimm more and more, lumdus needs to go away tommorrow .
[14:46] (Threei} I don't know lum... anyrthing can happen of course but NQ looks bottomed and reversing
[14:48] (Threei} CSIQ may do whatever it wants, I can't read it either way
[14:50] (Threei} BRKR, are you blind or what?
[14:50] (magoo} l csiq .24, small all the way to 23
[14:54] (magoo} vads, how i get rid of stop in modul
[14:55] (Threei} click red square, then button that says:
[14:55] (Threei} delete stopped or finished order
[14:55] (Threei} CPSAT... hmmm
[14:56] (Threei} CPST
[14:56] (magoo} ok
[15:12] (Threei} still in CSIQ mags?
[15:13] (magoo} yes
[15:13] (Threei} what resolve
[15:16] (magoo} 'out .84
[15:19] (Threei} I took some CPST at .02
[15:19] (Threei} stop .84
[15:19] (Threei} ready to hold overnight to see what this all is about
[15:27] (Threei} another NQ spike seems to be coming
[15:30] (Threei} ABK rumors/news are played out... what next vehicle talking heads find to stage another rally?
[15:34] (magoo} cnbc just said ABK ging back ytpo 37
[15:34] (Threei} you serious?
[15:34] (magoo} yes
[15:36] (ThurstonHowellTheThird} go BRKR
[15:37] (Threei} no kidding
[15:37] (Threei} what a viscous position
[15:39] (dptl} yeah...i gave up 40 min ago with -.02
[15:39] (Threei} traitor
[15:39] (dptl} lol
[15:39] (ThurstonHowellTheThird} I have toadmit that the thought crossed my mind as well
[15:39] (Threei} that's because you guys are thinking
[15:39] (Threei} I gave up on that long ago
[15:40] (ThurstonHowellTheThird} We are working on it ;)
[15:40] (Threei} vodka kills those useless brain cells very effectively
[15:40] (ThurstonHowellTheThird} lol
[15:40] (dptl} roflol
[15:40] (ThurstonHowellTheThird} so thats your secret
[15:41] (Threei} as if I ever made a secret out of it (G}
[15:41] (Threei} .13 is 52 week high BRKR
[15:42] (Threei} it breaks it, it spikes
[15:42] (Threei} and out 1:1 is just behind
[15:43] (ThurstonHowellTheThird} out .11.....couldn't take the heat anymore :(
[15:44] (Threei} we are close to eod, can't blame you
[15:45] (Threei} but dp is still a traitor
[15:46] (dptl} :).....that was my only looser today ....-.02
[15:46] (Threei} really?
[15:46] (Threei} you made my day then
[15:46] (dptl} yep
[15:46] (Threei} thank you
[15:46] (dptl} no ty
[15:46] (Chaeron} good last few days in crap mkt
[15:47] (Threei} I am not kidding dp... summary of calls is p;ositive 4 days out of each 5, yet I feel like not many benefit
[15:47] (Threei} good to hear some do
[15:48] (Threei} even Ford CEO is crying (G}
[15:54] (Chaeron} .
[15:54] (Threei} just making a point?
[15:54] (Chaeron} at least one.....
[15:55] (Threei} hey, don't feel bad, that's a very fine point
[15:55] (magoo} see CSIQ
[15:55] (Threei} in fact, I wish I had made it
[15:55] (Chaeron} thanks... but I gotta clean them all up when everyone leaves
[15:55] * Chaeron starts using white-out on his screen
[15:57] (Threei} out BRKR +.01
[15:57] (Threei} go ahead dp... pay me back for the "traitor" :)
[15:58] (Threei} want to make a new high before close CPST?
[15:59] (Threei} do me a favor, I promise not to sell you today
[15:59] (magoo} intc tonite
[15:59] (Threei} INTC was making positive noises if I remember correct
[15:59] (Threei} new high CPST, thank you
[16:00] (magoo} that was nice CPST
[16:00] (Threei} ok guys, thank you all
[16:00] (magoo} ty
[16:00] (magoo} give me intc news boss
[16:00] (Threei} have a good evening, hopefully DNS problems resolve overnight
[16:00] (Chaeron} bye everyone
[16:00] (Threei} watching mags
[16:00] (Threei} so we have full team back
[16:00] (lumdus} tx vad. wasn't to active today. i couldn't read anything.
[16:00] (dptl} have a good night all
[16:00] (Threei} can't blame you lum
[16:01] (Threei} this is one unusual market
[16:01] (Threei} TIVO REPORTS Q4 -$0.06 V -$0.11E, R$58.1M V $59.3ME
[16:03] (patience} no trades for me today, waiting for the 'sale' day
[16:04] (Threei} new high after hours CPST
[16:04] (dptl} you got .02? Vad
[16:04] (Threei} yes
[16:05] (Threei} on a pullback 15:17
[16:06] (ThurstonHowellTheThird} good night all
[16:06] (magoo} nite THTT
[16:07] (Threei} hmmm
[16:07] (Threei} mags
[16:07] (Threei} you sure INTC today?
[16:07] (Threei} I don't see it in cal;endar
[16:07] (magoo} hm,m
[16:07] (magoo} ZUMZ
[16:08] (Threei} UDRL REPORTS Q4 $0.18 V $0.38E, R $67.5 V $73.6ME
[16:09] (magoo} look at UDRL lev 2
[16:09] (Threei} yeah
[16:10] (Threei} no bids to sell into
[16:10] (magoo} SMSI
[16:12] (Threei} OK... CPST not going to 3 today I guess
[16:12] (Threei} leaving, see you tomorrow
[16:12] (Chaeron} thanks again Threei
[16:12] (Threei} :)
[16:12] (magoo} yes ty boss
[16:13] (Threei} btw
[16:13] (Threei} while I remember this thought
[16:13] (Threei} which is rare for me to even have, let alone to remember
[16:13] (Threei} ABK news came out bad, and ABK was an ginitor of rallies,
[16:14] (Threei} and yet market held and finished green
[16:14] (Threei} this maybe a forecaster of things to come nearest time
[16:14] (Chaeron} ignitor?
[16:14] (Threei} yes, spelled by duslexic
[16:15] (Threei} good
[16:16] (magoo} no stock reactiuon
[16:25] (bruce} anyone here?
[16:25] (dptl} me
[16:25] (bruce} hi dp
[16:26] (dptl} hey Bruce
[16:26] (bruce} couldn't get in today
[16:26] (bruce} hope you had a good day
[16:26] (dptl} did you get Vads email?
[16:27] (dptl} it was a prob. with server i think
[16:27] (bruce} yes- some kind of sever issue
[16:28] (bruce} see you tomorrow
[16:28] (dptl} ye see ya tomorrow