Monday, April 28, 2008

Apr 28 2008

Session Time: Mon Apr 28 00:00:00 2008

[08:14] {Threei} 04/28/08 00:02am
[08:14] {Threei} [SOHU] Inc Reports Q1 $0.64 v 0.37e, R $84.8M v 69.3Me
[08:14] {Threei} - Gross margins 76% v 61% y/y
[08:14] {Threei} - Guides Q2 EPS $0.72-0.75 v 0.44e, R $93-96M v 77.4Me
[08:14] {hawkfan4} nice 9 point bump on SOHU
[08:17] {Threei} [YHOO] Yahoo! Inc Microsoft's self-imposed deadline for YHOO expired at midnight
[08:17] {Threei} -Some analysts feel with the expiration passed, it may be an all-clear for MSFT to go hostile and begin a proxy fight.
[08:17] {Threei} -Yahoo's Board meeting is scheduled for 7/12/08. Microsoft is expected to launch an exchange offer - in which if offers YHOO holders the ability to exchange their stock for a combination of cash and MSFT sock - and simultaneosly campaign to replace Board members ahead of this meeting.
[09:02] {dino} gm all
[09:02] {Threei} dino :)
[09:03] {fernp} good morning
[09:03] {Threei} fernp :)
[09:08] {GeoArb} gm
[09:08] {Threei} geo :)
[09:10] {Onix} gm all
[09:10] {Threei} onix :)
[09:18] {Threei} not much happens aside of SOHU/SINA
[09:24] {esemde} good morning
[09:24] {Threei} ese :)
[09:26] {esemde} don't know if this is happening to any of the rest of but link to this trading room keeps disappearing of my desktop if I don't log onto to it everyday...?
[09:26] {Threei} wow
[09:26] {patience} morning ese, doens't happen to me
[09:26] {ThurstonHowellTheThird} gm all
[09:26] {Threei} thtt :)
[09:26] {esemde} morning patience....this is the 3rd time in 2 weeks for me
[09:26] {Threei} do you have some setting that cleans out icons not used on daily basis?
[09:27] {esemde} don't think so
[09:27] {esemde} where would i check that
[09:27] {Threei} my comp now and then suggests me to clean those that I didn't use for a while
[09:28] {markweb} good morning all
[09:28] {Threei} I'd imagine there is some setting that outs it on auto somewhere... not sure, will have to look
[09:28] {Threei} mark :)
[09:28] {markweb} :)
[09:28] {esemde} mark...THTT..
[09:28] {esemde} morning
[09:28] {markweb} ese:)
[09:29] {bruce} adsk worth watching as break high candidate vad
[09:29] {dino} not happening here es
[09:30] {dino} ilmn smacked
[09:30] {esemde} tks dino
[09:31] {Threei} ADSK high .50 from Fri
[09:31] {Threei} if holding above .30, worth a try
[09:31] {Threei} SEED
[09:31] {Threei} .60 meltdown, very risky
[09:32] {dino} v sm cme l 482
[09:35] {dino} watching sigi again ruce
[09:35] {dino} bruce
[09:36] {magoo} morning
[09:36] {Threei} magoo :)
[09:38] {dino} cme stopped
[09:42] {Threei} anyone got first SEED run?
[09:43] {Threei} watching if it forms new one
[09:43] {esemde} not i Vad
[09:43] {tomg} ty seed, vad
[09:43] {Threei} welcome
[09:43] {esemde} was watching BEAV for bstop at 42.01
[09:44] {esemde} and NTES of which i just missed
[09:45] {esemde} although NTES could bounce aroun 21.2
[09:46] {Threei} JNPR 27.01 long if stays above .85
[09:50] {esemde} NTES 1/2 lot long .25
[09:51] {dino} mco l .00, stop .69
[09:51] {esemde} we'll se if we get a bounce out of this
[09:51] {esemde} NDX bouncing up so we'll see
[09:54] {Threei} sigh
[09:55] {Threei} JNPR over 1:1
[09:55] {ThurstonHowellTheThird} +.15 jnpr ty
[09:56] {dino} gj
[09:56] {Threei} :)
[09:56] {esemde} out NTES .50
[09:56] {esemde} +.25
[09:56] {Threei} wtg
[09:57] {esemde} tks
[09:57] {Threei} SEED and COIN...
[09:57] {esemde} slowly pecking away these days...a little here a little there
[09:58] {Roman}
21 long SOLF
[09:58] {Roman}
21 small
[09:59] {Threei} SEED, momo play, very risky... another setup is .7.05
[10:01] {dino} fstr sm l .50
[10:01] {Threei} stop under 6.90 SEED
[10:02] {Threei} if you pared JNPR, stop for the balance is .99
[10:03] {esemde} STP bstop 45.01 1/2 lot
[10:04] {esemde} if it stays in the .80 to .00 range
[10:05] {Threei} SEED will probably be a play again later
[10:05] {Threei} but pullbacks on it can be brurtal
[10:05] {Threei} don't want to sit through those
[10:05] {esemde} STP bstop invalidated...
[10:07] {Threei} we have FOMC on Wed
[10:07] {Threei} going to be interesting junction
[10:08] {Threei} JNPR little champ eh
[10:09] {esemde} who knows anything about HNSN...i'm liking a bstop at 18.21
[10:09] {Threei} MATK
[10:09] {Threei} looks like nice spot for pullback entry
[10:09] {Threei} crossback over .50
[10:10] {Threei} smallish shares
[10:10] {Threei} stop will depend on where it bottoms out
[10:10] {Threei} OK, stop under .35
[10:11] {esemde} i'm game...vad long .48
[10:11] {Threei} JNPR over 1:2
[10:12] {Threei} wake up MATK
[10:12] {esemde} stop .35
[10:13] {Threei} what's with all the happiness
[10:13] {dino} you pessimist
[10:13] {Threei} lol
[10:14] {Threei} just want to know what the whole world is so happy about so I could join
[10:14] {dino} why not?
[10:17] {Threei} no worky MATK
[10:17] {esemde} stopped matk....quelle drag
[10:17] {dino} amed
[10:19] {Threei} ugh SEED
[10:19] {Threei} too tight stop
[10:23] {dino} fstr stopped -.40
[10:28] {Threei} ese, look dcc please
[10:29] {judijim} good morning all
[10:29] {Threei} jj :)
[10:32] {Threei} ELNK... blast from the past
[10:33] {dino} sigi l .72, stop .49
[10:35] {Chaeron} GM all
[10:35] {Threei} chaeron :)
[10:37] {Threei} no one stayed in JNPR?
[10:37] {Threei} just want to know if I can take it off the screen
[10:37] {magoo} i took .255
[10:37] {Threei} wow... that's a very precise exit
[10:38] {magoo} SOHU looks long here
[10:38] {bruce} brp dino - thin one
[10:38] {magoo} damm..was .60 whuile typing
[10:38] {Chaeron} nice spot tho magoo
[10:39] {magoo} really starting to appreciate
[10:39] {magoo} i wanted .60 ..typed its gone
[10:39] {magoo} pointer
[10:39] {magoo} u good vad
[10:40] {dino} bank of brazil huh?
[10:40] {Threei} lol mags
[10:40] {dino} last try fstr l /80, stop lod
[10:41] {dino} telecom, sorry bruce
[10:41] {bruce} k dino
[10:45] {Threei} OME
[10:45] {Threei} fertilizer industry
[10:47] {Chaeron} politics?
[10:47] {bruce} fisv looks like longcandidate dino
[10:49] {dino} w/mkt help y
[10:53] {Threei} SEED is officially disgusting
[10:55] {Threei} {SOHU} if I can return to 70 and break it, who is to say I can't go couple points more
[11:02] {Threei} RIMM
[11:02] {Threei} .70 support
[11:02] {Threei} feels like another market and RIMM run is coming
[11:06] {Threei} new highs RIMM, not even waiting for NQ
[11:09] {Threei} market sharp downtick
[11:14] {dino} sigi stop to .69
[11:17] {dino} fstr stop to .10
[11:18] {dino} make it .20
[11:20] {bruce} ltr long candiate dino - would prefer to see it drop a bit first
[11:22] {dino} hmm will watch it
[11:23] {dino} fstr to .40
[11:26] {Threei} RIMM .61 long
[11:26] {Threei} stop under .40
[11:27] {Chaeron} in .62
[11:27] {dino} sigi to b/e, can't get it to move
[11:28] {dino} fstr major slip, out aver .33, +.53
[11:29] {Chaeron} nice dino
[11:30] {dino} ty
[11:32] {esemde} OK am back off the phone...whats goin on?
[11:32] {Threei} not much
[11:33] {esemde} hmmm nothing that i can buy 2000 or shares of ...have it go up 30 budcks and call it a day.....
[11:33] {Threei} NQ is trying for spike... indecisive yet
[11:34] {esemde} ahhhhhh
[11:34] {Chaeron} help it make up its mind Vad... 2x4?
[11:35] {esemde} have heard thats effective in some situations
[11:35] {Threei} in most, I'd say
[11:35] {Chaeron} sometimes vad just needs to show it
[11:36] {Threei} no worky RIMM
[11:36] {Chaeron} stopped RIMM
[11:37] {esemde} well i'mm otta here until tomorrow...I have Afghanie
[11:37] {esemde} Firefighters
[11:37] {magoo} sohu long .15
[11:37] {esemde} visiting my class today
[11:37] {magoo} dam
[11:37] {magoo} fast
[11:37] {Threei} take care ese
[11:37] {esemde} see ya vad
[11:37] {Chaeron} bye ese!
[11:37] {dino} later es
[11:37] {esemde} see ya boys
[11:38] {Chaeron} dang it... now it spikes
[11:38] {Threei} NQ shakeout...
[11:50] {Threei} JNPR
[11:50] {Threei} .51 for a scalp
[11:51] {Threei} if stays above .45
[11:51] {bruce} l ltr 42.32 stop 10 c
[11:54] {Threei} great RIMM... you were supposed to do that 20 min ago
[11:59] {judijim} taking am break, be back
[12:02] {Threei} CRAY
- Signed a multi-year agreement to advance high-performance computing (HPC) on Intel microprocessors while delivering broad new Intel and Cray technologies in future Cray server systems
[12:02] {Threei} - The two companies plan to explore future supercomputer component designs such as multi-core processing and advanced interconnects. As a result of this collaboration, Cray and Intel plan to develop a range of HPC systems and technologies over the next s
[12:04] {Threei} what a yawny excuse for a day
[12:05] {Chaeron} JNPR doesn't work
[12:05] {Threei} nope... all it could move was 4 cents
[12:05] {Chaeron} yawn
[12:06] {Chaeron} market has a hangover
[12:06] {dino} big time
[12:06] {Threei} or can't decide what to make of Wed FOMC rate decision
[12:06] {dino} feels like friday morning all over
[12:08] {Threei} while market is looking for Akla Zeltser, read last blog post conclusding psychology mini-series
[12:11] {dino} sgr l .10, stop .79
[12:14] {bruce} half out ltr +.21
[12:18] {bruce} out balance ltr+.32c
[12:18] {Chaeron} cmon market... impress me.....
[12:20] {Threei} which way?
[12:20] {Chaeron} up would be nice
[12:21] {Threei} if reverses, AAPL is better follower with suport of .50
[12:21] {Threei} RIMM is not really a player with market today
[12:22] {dino} nice spot ltr bruce
[12:23] {bruce} thanx dino
[12:23] {bruce} think it will go to 43 but just wanted scalp since market is so soft
[12:23] {bruce} you get it?
[12:23] {dino} undrestood
[12:24] {dino} no wanted double bottom entry
[12:24] {bruce} k
[12:25] {bruce} we had it at .24
[12:25] {bruce} sigi may be ready to move now
[12:26] {dino} trades slow, but safe
[12:26] {dino} stop is .74
[12:26] {bruce} lol - yes - till it spikes
[12:29] {bruce} there ltr above 43 as expected - damn - wish I'd had guts to hold
[12:29] {dino} a scalp's a scalp bruce, you did well
[12:30] {bruce} thanx -better than 2 to 1 on risk - so satisfied overall -
[12:31] {bruce} tough day overall though - nothing really moving at all
[12:31] {Threei} anyone managed to catch AAPL?
[12:34] {Threei} POZN
[12:37] {Threei} AAPL seems to be catching momentum
[12:41] {Threei} two headlines that probably explain RIMM/AAPL divergence
[12:41] {Threei} 04/24/08 05:58pm
[12:41] {Threei} [RIMM] Research in Motion Ltd The 3G version of the BlackBerry is facing delays - Fortune
[12:41] {Threei} - According to Fortune's Scott Moritz sources close to RIMM and AT&T say that the new 3G model has been delayed to as late as Aug from the originally expected June release.
[12:41] {Threei} APPLEINSIDER REPORTS APPLE HAS PLACED ORDERS FOR 24M-25M UNITS OF THE NEXT GENERATION 3G IPHONE- cites a Chinese language periodical, stating that a key component supplier has been given an order to procure component materials for the new iPhone.
[12:42] * Threei slaps Laserdave1 around a bit with a large trout
[12:42] * Chaeron slaps Laserdave1 around a bit with a large trout
[12:42] {Laserdave1} nice to see u guys as well
[12:53] {Threei} SEED is trying again
[13:04] {dino} mco stop to .31, all day-er
[13:04] {Threei} AAPL fels like rally candidate
[13:05] {Threei} hard to find exact entry, see if you can get a read
[13:06] {magoo} sohu too vad
[13:07] {dino} sigi stopped +.02
[13:10] {dino} out mco .40, +.40
[13:12] {Threei} anyone found AAPL entry?
[13:12] {hawkfan4} .78 small here
[13:13] {magoo} i took 172.58
[13:14] {Threei} one more spike it feels
[13:14] {Threei} don't oversit
[13:15] {hawkfan4} out .11
[13:15] {Threei} good out
[13:15] {magoo} out
[13:15] {magoo} TY]
[13:16] {Threei} market is jittery
- Treasury is focused on helping owners who want to stay in homes and have financial ability to do so
[13:16] {Threei} - Says the current market woes are not unusual, and sees continued market challenges in months ahead
[13:17] {dino} silc hl l .40
[13:18] {dino} chco spike
[13:29] {Threei} RIMM is fairly weaker than AAPL
[13:29] {magoo} SOHU
[13:29] {Threei} would be my short candidate
[13:29] {Threei} 123 resistance, if market turns down sharply
[13:30] {Threei} no shorting against NQ
[13:33] {Threei} 123.20 next closest resistance
[13:34] {Threei} still strength NQ
[13:34] {dino} hod
[13:42] {Threei} .99 short RIMM
[13:42] {Threei} if stays below .10
[13:43] {Chaeron} in .98
[13:44] {magoo} me to
[13:44] {Threei} stop either .15 or .30
[13:44] {Threei} depending on your objectives
[13:44] {Threei} both are valid
[13:44] {Threei} me personal preference is to keep it at .15 and retry if stopped
[13:45] {Threei} shouldn't though... looks like down is the way now
[13:45] {Chaeron} I want a buck :)
[13:46] {Threei} well... you remember friday
[13:46] {Threei} went 50 cents, retreated all the way back, then went dollar and half
[13:46] {Threei} hard to tell shakeout from valid change of direction
[13:47] {Threei} NQ at resistance
[13:47] {Threei} if turns down from here, action is right
[13:47] {Threei} if goes above 1940, no idea
[13:49] {dino} scor
[13:51] {magoo} stopped
[13:51] {Threei} no fresh news SCOR
[13:52] {Threei} SOHU
[13:53] {Threei} NQ strength again
[13:53] {dino} scor l .60
[13:54] {dino} didn't expect that bid to hit
[13:57] {Threei} second attmpet
[13:58] {Threei} got .16 on this last spike
[13:58] {Threei} stop is naturally above .30
[14:01] {Threei} OPEC says oil prices may soar as high as $200/barrel
[14:01] {Threei} sure, if you continue cutting down production
[14:01] {Threei} doesn't it sound like economic war?
[14:02] {Chaeron} I remember doubting when I heard rumors of $60/bbl
[14:04] {dino} t some point, it won't matter, as replacements fuels will kick in
[14:04] {Threei} I don't doubt anything anymore
[14:04] {dino} 2 years give or take
[14:04] {Threei} oil is going to 300, gold to 2500
[14:05] {Threei} NASDAQ back to 5000
[14:05] {Threei} QCOM to 700
[14:05] {dino} of course, when we stop lowering rates and dollar gets stronger, they all drop
[14:05] {Threei} BXMNF will rise from ashes and go to 100
[14:06] {Threei} oh, and KTEL...
[14:06] {Chaeron} lol
[14:07] {Chaeron} make announcement that US will tap ANWAR and Dakotas... oil loses $40
[14:07] {Threei} not much room left to cut them dino...
[14:07] {Chaeron} oh that and 6 refineries to be built in next 5 years
[14:08] {dino} my point. and eupose is tanking, so they drop, we sit, dollar up, oil down...time will tell
[14:08] {dino} europe
[14:19] {Threei} over 1:1 RIMM
[14:20] {Threei} covered half
[14:20] {Threei} .21 stop for the balance
[14:23] {dino} scor stopped -.40
[14:30] {dino} silc stopped .26 -.14
[14:32] {Chaeron} out of all your longs dino?
[14:34] {dino} y
[14:34] {Chaeron} in that case, Vad please knock the crap outta the market and RIMM
[14:34] {dino} lol & th
[14:34] {Threei} where you are in from?
[14:34] {dino} ty
[14:35] {Chaeron} .98
[14:35] {Chaeron} 1:1 here
[14:35] {Chaeron} but teetering... I'd like more... please sir
[14:37] {Chaeron} out .81.. thanks Vad
[14:38] {Threei} ah come on... I almost lost all feelings in my arm swatting RIMM
[14:38] {Threei} and you are out
[14:39] {Chaeron} want me to reenter?
[14:39] {Threei} lol
[14:40] {dino} sbr l .50 last try
[14:40] {dino} sgr
[14:57] {Threei} watching AAPL for long entry, closer to 173
[14:57] {Threei} in
[14:57] {Chaeron} me too... .03
[14:57] {Threei} stop under .90
[14:57] {Threei} can take several tries as they all do now
[14:58] {Threei} shake and return back
[15:01] {Threei} half out .25
[15:05] {Threei} come on
[15:05] {magoo} no kidding
[15:06] {magoo} l sohu .19
[15:10] {Threei} is it a reason for celebration really?
[15:11] {Threei} out AAPL balance
[15:12] {Threei} why do I bother wirty attempts to partial
[15:12] {Chaeron} made sense in diff mkt?
[15:15] {magoo} SOHU worx
[15:15] {magoo} .90 cents so far
[15:16] {Threei} good one
[15:16] {magoo} [15:06] {magoo} l sohu .19
[15:25] {dino} geoi
[15:26] {Threei} now what?
[15:28] {Threei} I don't see any news for this drop
[15:33] {Threei} what is 5 years fixed mortgage rate in US at this point?
[15:33] {dino} 30 yr. is 6.10
[15:34] {dino} would have it vad
[15:34] {Threei} can't compare that one... got 5 years by any chance?
[15:36] {Threei} yahoo shows only ARM for 5 years for some reason
[15:38] {dino} dk vad, commercial is prime +, depending on your credit status, usually 5.25 +.25 or .50
[15:41] {Threei} best one can get here right now is 5.44
[15:42] {judijim} signing off, have a good one everyone
[15:42] {Threei} take care jj
[15:42] {dino} check the, they have some low offers
[15:43] {magoo} bye j & j
[15:44] {Threei} the small ag stocks take turns
[15:44] {Threei} first was FEED
[15:44] {Threei} then SEED
[15:44] {Threei} now COIN
[15:45] {Threei} the = these
[15:46] {dino} sgr stopped -.28
[15:47] {Threei} one stock to keep and eye on guys
[15:48] {Threei} chinese construction,
[15:48] {Threei} while chinese market contracted by half, this one went from high about 25 to 5,
[15:48] {Threei} and with all the construction, Olympics etc, likely to get some attention
[15:48] {Threei} RCH
[15:52] {Chaeron} that on AMEX?
[15:53] {Threei} yes
[15:53] {Threei} what's with sudden panic
[15:53] {Threei} no single word on wires
[15:54] {Threei} paranoid market
[15:54] {Threei} let's already hike rates and get it over with
[15:58] {Threei} thank you all, have a good evening
[15:58] {Threei} try to get enough sleep till tomorrow, it's obcviously hard to keep eyelids open
[15:58] {Threei} see you tomorrow
[15:59] {Chaeron} thanks... bye Threei
[16:01] {dino} gn all