Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Session Time: Jun 04 2008

4:33 PM 6/4/2008
Session Time: Wed Jun 04 00:00:00 2008
{Threei} UNIT LABOR COSTS: 2.2% V 2.0%E
{Threei} sold balance of OMNI at 6.95, ROYL's gapping down
{Threei} missed 7, so took next best thing
{peterg} gm--had to use numbers to get in
{Threei} good morning
{Threei} really?
{peterg} xxxx7044
{Threei} hmmm... shouldn't be that way
{peterg} got in yesterday
{peterg} without effort
{peterg} shall i try again?
{Threei} nah... let's wait what others report
{peterg} k
{Threei} if it's widespread, problem reappeared
{Threei} if they are fine, it could be that your particular ISP needs to update DNS records
{Threei} which means just wait
{magoo} k,fhxfnkvhnfksjxvhjkfhvkx
{Threei} good morning to you too mags
{Threei} how did you connect?
{magoo} easily connected
{magoo} LEH very active
{Threei} ok, ty
{Threei} yeah... in such cases bad news tend to pile up
{Threei} but I have to say, this case is not clear cut
{magoo} two thoughts...some people are thinking it can go to single digits like BEAR
{Threei} all the eery resemblances to BSC are there,
{magoo} and other thougfht is thats too easy...mkt never makes it easy
{Threei} but to say honestly, I have hard time to see similar outcome
{Threei} exactly
{Threei} obviously there are a lot of troubles
{Threei} but, unlike in BSC case,
{Threei} market is so eager to look for any positive
{magoo} shorts may get killed just to kill them
{Threei} that slightest hint that troubles are not that deep as Bear's can skyrocket the stock
{magoo} rarely get repeat scenario in market
{magoo} thats why its so hard
{Threei} I strongly disagree but not because I have any reasonable argument... I just like to disagree {G}
{peterg} The disagreement heightens the pleasure of the assertion
{Threei} that's deep
{Threei} I'd say I need a week to ponder this
{peterg} thats my problem
{Threei} see you all next Wed
{magoo} man..IDEV cut in half
{Threei} FDA troubles
{magoo} my entire watch list RED except QID{and i know why qid up before u go into 5 paragraphs explanation vasd lol}
{Threei} sigh
{Threei} OMNI is up, allow me to say
{Threei} and that was my chosen gapper
{magoo} not on my list lol
{Threei} you may want to watch another list {GGG}
{Threei} reminds me an old Soviet joke about a guy who tried to obtain permission to immigrate
{Threei} KGB agent tasked with convincing those who wanted to leave to reconsider
{Threei} started showing him a globe
{Threei} commenting how bad it was in this country, in that country
{Threei} guy listened, then asked
{Threei} sorry... may I have some other globe?
{Threei} - raises light and extra light prices to Asia in July
{Threei} why did I sell OMNI?
{pita} gm
{Threei} pita :)
{Threei} LIVE
{Threei} As a Google AdWords Authorized Reseller, LiveDeal's dedicated direct sales force will encourage local businesses to use AdWords online advertising as a cost effective, efficient way to find and target new customers.
{Threei} - Financial terms were not disclosed.
{Threei} lovely OMNI
{cosmo} TIBX might heal
{cosmo} 7.18 high so far
{Threei} 06/03/08 05:00pm [TIBX] Guides Q2 EPS $0.05-0.06 v $0.08e, R $147-149M v $153.6Me
{dptl} good morning all
{fernp} good morning
{Threei} dp, fern :)
{Chaeron} good morning everyone
{Threei} chaeron :)
{Chaeron} QTWW nice premarket...
{Threei} yes but as we saw yesterday it's not immune to market movement
{Threei} thinking of taking our that half I rebought yesterday
{Threei} kind of "trading around core position"
{Threei} also known to scalping course owners as umbrella concept
{Threei} OMNI is a bittersweet for me
{Threei} sweet part is, nice to know I can pick a gapper in this market
{Threei} bitter is of course selling too soon, lol
{magoo} i think u are getting alhiemers ed..u are fixating on a single stock all day..yesterday it was QTWW
{Threei} unless you totally tune out LEH
{magoo} i did yesterday{and it cost me}
{Threei} there... tune me out at your own peril
{Threei} luckily you decided to listen when I talked about ROYL :)
{Threei} which btw disproves completely your theory about me and single stock
{magoo} what are we debating again?i forget
{Threei} who are you?
{dino} gm all
{Threei} dino :)
{Chaeron} heya dino :)
{dino} :)
{Threei} MER
{Threei} are they getting ready to buy LEH? :)
{dino} indeed, sounds like the vultures are circling
{dino} no offense raven
{Threei} lol
{_osbo} HI
{Threei} big bird is on two-weeks vacation
{Threei} osbo :)
{dino} whew, was worried
{Chaeron} good luck to all...
{magoo} LEH lv 2 nuts
{Roman} 21 SQNM
{Roman} 21 watch, coulbe be aiming for 9.25
{Threei} had news
{Threei} 04:01am [SQNM] Announces positive results from screening studies using the Company's noninvasive circulating cell-free fetal nucleic acid SEQureDx(TM) Technology
{Threei} CSUN
{Threei} .90 long
{Threei} if stays above .75
{dino} amwd
{dino} darn can't borrow
{Threei} missed first SQNM spike
{Threei} will try .87, if that big offer gets taken at .86
{dino} funny i wanted s at .64
{dino} 9 that is
{dino} sm ipi l .70
{Roman} 21 WB
{Roman} 21 missed 22.15
{dptl} l csun ,92
{Threei} SQNM stop .79
{magoo} watching aapl for bounce
{magoo} depends on mkt obviously
{Threei} half out SQNM 9.05
{_rant} ppo ?
{Threei} nasty spread jumps
{dino} ptek
{Threei} SQNM stop to .84 for the balance
{Threei} CSUN stopped
{dptl} stopped
{Roman} 21 ASIA vad
{Threei} again?
{Threei} didn't it torment us enough yesterday only to be stopped? :)
{dino} kop, bobe
{magoo} l aapl .95
{_rant} ppo went flying
{magoo} out .40 +.45
{Threei} STKL
{Threei} half lot .20 break long
{Chaeron} nice hit magoo
{magoo} ty, anyone go?
{Threei} 6.95 stop
{magoo} straight up from entryu
{magoo} in stkl .19
{Threei} AKAM .31 long
{Threei} .19 stop
{Threei} let's disregard AKAM, too close to oil numbers
{Threei} don't want to get caught into knee-jerk reaction
{Chaeron} aarrrrrrrrgg... was waiting like a cheetah about to pounce
{Threei} if logic has any place, oil inventory numbers should be great
{magoo} yeah..was using vads finger trick..holding button already pressed
{Chaeron} logic?
{Threei} but since when logic has anything to do with market
{magoo} oh dammit, filled when took finger off to type he he
{Threei} lol
{dino} bobe s .74 sm
{Chaeron} what time #s?
{magoo} 10:30
{dino} ipi stop to .83
{Threei} thing went in anticipation
{Threei} last week numbers were very low because of some port delays
{Threei} providing delays were dealt with, build-up should be significant
{Threei} that's the logic I was referring to earlier
{dino} kop s sm .40
{Threei} frikin AKAM :)
{Chaeron} nice call AKAM
{Chaeron} good for you magoo
{magoo} i really filled vad...29 no shit
{Threei} cool, take profit
{magoo} oh ok..out .57 he he seriously
{magoo} TY
{magoo} i guess
{Threei} welcome
{magoo} gotta work on that finger trick more i guess
{Threei} lol
{Chaeron} yeah... keep practicing... become rich while you practice
{magoo} ok the plan chaer..i gonna go push buitton on rimm..then u ask m,e a questuion...ill let off to type and fill..then profit
{Roman} 21 WB
{Roman} 21 long
{Chaeron} lol
{Roman} 21 21.85 stop 21.69
{dino} bobe bstop is .02,
{dino} ipi to .98
{dino} out ipi .04 +.34
{dino} bobe stopped -.28
{Chaeron} .
{Threei} no numbers still
{kazaam} are crude numbers going to determind the break for S&P resistance?
{kazaam} of
{Threei} who knows
{Threei} don't try to predict
{Threei} it's a suckers game
{magoo} hey kazaam..u lost your "_"
{Threei} market strives on taking money from those who think they can analyze and predict how it reacts
{Threei} yes... welcome aboard kazaam
{magoo} welcome bro
{kazaam} indeed, I am now a citizen of the reality trader chat room
{Threei} DOE CRUDE: -4.8M V +1ME;
{Threei} yikes
{magoo} to a profittable...yet speklling challenged existance
{Chaeron} great kazaam
{Roman} 21 :)
{Threei} where is that expected buildup
{Chaeron} "market strives on taking money from those who think they can analyze and predict how it reacts"
{Threei} GASOLINE: +2.9M V +1ME; DISTILLATES: +2.2M V +1.5ME; UTILIZATION: 89.7% V 88.4%E
{Threei} market confused badly
{magoo} theres buildup
{Threei} it's looking around and whistling sheepishly "do I come or do I go"
{magoo} i'm confused badly
{Threei} me too but I don't notice it since it's my usual state
{Threei} oil under 124
{Chaeron} $4.89/gal here for premium tho...
{Threei} oil goes up, price tag on gas station pops the same day
{Threei} oil drops, price tag somehow isn't in hurry
{Roman} 21 out 1/2 +.25
{Roman} 21 WB
{dino} bkop stopped
{dptl} stkl stop still the same .95?
{Threei} trail it now as it made nee high
{Threei} 7.05
{dptl} ok ty
{Threei} it's a bit abnormally volatile
{Threei} so I am careful not to overtighten it
{magoo} AKAM going over 39 imo
{Threei} look at LEH
{Threei} was I right to be hesitant on shorting it today or what
{Threei} OK STKL
{magoo} congrats
{Threei} ugh, retreated from spike before gave exit chance
{Threei} have to have offer laid out
{dptl} yeah...still in
{dptl} offering .40 now
{dino} amed l sm .95
{Threei} LEH lullback into support
{magoo} lost support right?
{Threei} .50 yes, next 31
{Threei} not sure it's going to go there
{Threei} crossback over .50 probably worth a first try
{Threei} stop under .30
{magoo} next support 31
{Threei} dp, out yet?
{Threei} .40 is getting hit
{dptl} out .40 stlk ty
{Threei} welcome
{magoo} im in stkl too boss
{magoo} wait .49
{Threei} may I suggest half out?
{Threei} OK
{magoo} out full TY
{Threei} welcome sir
{Threei} wasn't the easiest of trades but worked nicely
{Threei} jeez
{Threei} what happened on LEH?
{magoo} i know
{Threei} OMG
{magoo} thought leh was in trouble
{Threei} you are not going to believe this
{Chaeron} I so missed that one
{Threei} remember from a day ago
{Threei} LEH defended MER,
{Threei} I said now when MER defends LEH I'll have seen it all
{magoo} seems like conflict of interestthose two
{Threei} there you go, took just one day
{magoo} man that sux....nothing left to see anymore
{Threei} yes
{Threei} I am retreating to a cave
{dino} or maybe mer just bought aslot of leh at 28
{Threei} high up in mountains
{Threei} going to do intense navel-dazing
{Threei} gazing
{kazaam} hopefully that cave has wireless
{hawkfan4} 11:10 Hearing LEH upgraded 15 seconds after hawk sells it for a small loss
{Threei} no... I am going to order beer using smoke signals
{Threei} just one of those cases hawk... can just shrug
{hawkfan4} lol, i know, was unreal
{Roman} 21 out remaining WB +.52
{kazaam} wb
{Threei} there is even price target
{Threei} so, I take it MER is not buyng LEH out
{Threei} STKL takes .50
{Threei} anyone is still in, offer into spike
{dino} ccoi
{Threei} out in full .60
{dino} ccoi sm l .00
{_rant} looking weak
{_rant} not much buying
{_rant} ok some buyin no
{_rant} now
{_rant} good entry 14.15 ?
{dino} lol
{_rant} :)
{dino} remember rant .6666\
{_rant} ?
{dino} my hit ratio
{_rant} ah nice
{dino} not all will work, play the odds
{_rant} what is your search criteria
{dino} whre too .75?
{_rant} sweet
{dino} i like 2 buck fast drops or pops
{_rant} .42 in no time
{magoo} your hit number is also the devils number..that concerns me
{dino} then go other way
{dptl} grabed+.27 ccoi ty dino
{magoo} see my hit number isn't a solid .67
{Roman} 21 watching JASO for short on 20.25 breakdown
{dino} gj dp
{dino} perhaps i expect too much at .75
{dptl}'ll know after ....:)
{dino} :)
{magoo} sh rimm small here .20
{dino} sm last try kop s .38 risky, jumpy
{dptl} tibx?
{Threei} tough one dp... don't know
{dptl} ok ty
{Roman} 21 FRPT long setup, slow one
{Roman} 21 4.18
{dino} kop bstop is .56
{Threei} what's with HIMX?
{Chaeron} I see no news
{dino} nothing
{judijim} hello everyone
{Threei} jj :)
{magoo} out rimm 136 +.20
{Threei} morning was nice... stalled somewhat now but feeling is, market is alive and kicking
{dptl} grabed +.10 tibx
{magoo} morn JJ:)
{Threei} LEH
{Threei} LEH PR machine is hard at work
{Threei} I can see a head of PR department running through cubicles with whip in his hand, yelling "go go go, come up with next headline NOW"
{_rant} see FFIV
{dino} y, for me to gradual
{magoo} vad, thats same work environment dino places on magoo
{Threei} qhat's his subject of demand?
{magoo} yelling"win,win.,win
{Threei} bring beer?
{Roman} 21 CROX
{Roman} 21 spike with vol
{Roman} 21 looks like news
{dino} ever feel unappreciated
{_tangrick} cnbc on crox
{Roman} 21 thank u, i turned off CNBC
{_rant} lol
{_rant} bunch of crooks
{peterg} bunch of crox
{Threei} each time I see those crocs in thes tore, I have hard time believing this stock trades higher than $1 {G}
{hawkfan4} 11:46 CROX Crocs jumps to session highs after analyst from Al Frank on CNBC highlights co's valuation of 6x earnings (10.15 +0.27) -Update-
{kazaam} $10 stock for clown shoes
{peterg} Skechers has come out with competition rubber shoes with holes.
{Roman} 21 SQNM trying
{Threei} but what do I know, I am the guy who who can spell word fashion without looking it up in 10 different ways except the right one
{dino} i hear you vad, but my kids and wife have like 3 pairs each. i don't get it
{Threei} SQNM, I'd try it again at 9.11
{Threei} dino, I'd very tenpted to threaten them with disowning them
{Threei} if I wasn't so sure they would jump on the offer happily {G}
{dino} thats the problem, lol
{magoo} ashamed to admit..but i asked for a pair for fathers day
{Threei} dino... disown magoo
{dino} wonders never cease
{dino} thats it, magoo is buying the first round
{dino} vlcm strange
{Threei} first?
{Threei} I strognly suggest he buys all rounds
{magoo} and if IF i get them..i'll be displaying themn in the office on my feet
{dino} doh!
{Threei} we know it happened when dino's first words upon connection are "my eyes" insteaad of morning
{Threei} what do you know, CROX is climbing... lol
{Roman} 21 it's loaded with shorts
{magoo} crox makes jockey shorts lol
{esemde} Good morning all...just wanted to pop in for a few minutes to say high...had an early morning show ....
{Threei} morning ese
06* magoo slaps esemde around a bit with a large trout
{esemde} morning vad....we were at the convention center singing O Canada
{Threei} magoo has his specific style of greeting
{esemde} felt OK
{Threei} so early?
{magoo} show my first morning one vad
{Threei} is there any event today?
{esemde} yes....we get these calls once in a while to open up conventions
{Threei} [08:39] {magoo} k,fhxfnkvhnfksjxvhjkfhvkx
{Threei} [08:40] {Threei} good morning to you too mags
{magoo} [08:40] {magoo} k,fhxfnkvhnfksjxvhjkfhvkx
{magoo} [08:41] {Threei} good morning to you too mags
{Threei} good to know world flocks to our cute town :)
{esemde} weirdly enough I think I understand that language Vadc
{Threei} that's very very disturbing ese
{esemde} whats the market look like
{Threei} strong and active
{esemde} hmmmmmm kinda up
{Threei} LEH is kicking rears and taking names
{esemde} 74 mil shs.....149 mil yesterday....
{Threei} 10.20 closest support CROX
{Threei} if looking to enter on pullback, here is the chance
{esemde} not I....too late to the feel just yet
{dino} wtg es
{esemde} what did I do?
{dino} waiting to get feel, good sign
{esemde} tks
{_rant} any read on WNR ?
{_rant} down 10%
{Threei} bounce candidate with .15 long trigger
{dino} energy issue thats all
{Threei} stop under 14
{Threei} half lot, a bit volatile
{Threei} most likely just a scalp
{_rant} 73% short interest...
{_rant} upward trend on CHL
{esemde} WNR up 11 days almost....will take a few days to consolidate before making another move
{_rant} thx
{esemde} might be a scalp of some kind though as vad says
{_rant} will let it pass
{_rant} huge short interest
{_rant} all airline stocks are flying
{_rant} RJET
{dino} and they will all be in bankruptcy at years end
{esemde} short interest is reported twice monthly.....after 11 days up some of that has probably been used
{dino} w/respect, not really an issue for me
{esemde} how so dino......not usually my play either
{dino} kop bstop to .22 mkt waking
{_rant} ccoi is sleepin
{_rant} flat
{dino} imo in daytrading, less info is better
{esemde} true...
{_rant} well then u r just pure gambling
{peterg} Agree: as learner, am swamped with information, reading all Vad's opus
{dino} no mistake its all prbabilities the way i trade
{Threei} not at all rant
{dino} kop cov , +.15
{Threei} there is relevant information and there is information that just distracts you from what's really happening
{dino} but rant, i have an edge, so i play the probabilities of it
{Threei} as far as day trading is concerned, a lot of inromation circulating in the market chatter is largely irrelevant
{esemde} when you do this enough can get a feel for momentum in certain stocks
{dino} you must find you're own edge
{esemde} and the level 2 help tip that in your favor
{Threei} there are setups based on recognizable situations
{Threei} stemming from the idea that people's behavior obeys certain patterns
{Threei} etups simply exploit this basic concept
{esemde} for me those situations indicate buying and selling power
{_rant} true, but to play airline stocks today is based on the information that oil is falling
{_rant} without tht information..u r just gambling
{Threei} right
{Threei} no...
{_rant} the key is to filter the information
{dino} potatoe potato, your edge willshow the recognizable situation
{_rant} :)
{Threei} look at it this way
{Threei} you have certain working assumption
{magoo} OY
{magoo} lol
{Threei} in this case it's:
{Threei} oil drops, airline should benefit
{dino} recognizable pattern
{Threei} if you trade off this assumption alone, you ARE gambling
{Threei} but
{Threei} if you use this assumption as a reason to watch
{Threei} form your list
{Threei} and start hunting for the signs confirming your assumption
{Threei} you have a list of candiodates.
{dino} amed stop to .35\
{Threei} All that is left is to time your entries
{Threei} and that's where setups come in
{_rant} true
{_rant} do u setup exit price and stop loss at the time of entry ?
{esemde} news does create momentum for sure.rant just use setups for right entry
{dino} 1:1 basic goal rant, but i usually look for 1:1.5+ because of spikes/capits
{esemde} most of the time I do....but sometimes if I know the issue and the way it trades I'll give it wiggle room
{_rant} hmm
{_rant} coz i always end up changin them..
{dino} only change a stop to your benefit, as in tighten
{_rant} and screw up the trade sometime
{esemde} I agree with dino on that
{fernp} SQNM interesting
{dino} magoo, tell him what happens when you change a stop the wrong way
{magoo} huh?
{dino} it will hurt you!
{_rant} still in ccoi dino ?
{magoo} oh, it will?
{Chaeron} SQNM
{esemde} big time.......
{dino} break the rules you will pay
{esemde} very true.....i payed big time last summer.....huge hit one day because of stupidity
{dino} we've all been there
{dino} amed to .48
{dino} listen to vads' rules, then find your edge
{dptl} grabbed +.10 sqnm ty
{dino} gj
{dptl} ty
{fernp} also out SQNM +.10 TY
{Threei} :)
{Threei} rant
{Threei} look what I found, directly about the topic discussed
{Threei} GENEVA (AFP) - It doesn't pay to be smart and ignorance really is bliss if you want a long life -- at least if you're a fly, according to new research by a Swiss university.
{Threei} Scientists Tadeusz Kawecki and Joep Burger at the University of Lausanne said Wednesday they had discovered a "negative correlation between an improvement in a fly's mental capacity and its longevity".
{Threei} As part of their research project, the results of which are published in the journal Evolution, they divided into two a group of flies from the Basel region of northwestern Switzerland.
{Threei} One half was left in a natural state while the other had its intelligence boosted by Pavlovian methods, such as associating smell and taste with particular food or experiences.
{Threei} Over 30 to 40 generations, these methods led to flies which clearly learned better and remembered things for longer.
{Threei} The flipside was that the flies left in their natural state lived longer on average than their "cleverer" counterparts, with a lifespan of 80-85 days rather than the normal 50-60..
{Threei} "In other terms, the more the fly becomes intelligent, the shorter its lifespan," the scientists said.
{Threei} good boy SQNM
{_rant} swks short .92
{dptl} know less - live longer concept ?
{Threei} yup :)
{dptl} always work...even in fly's world
{dino} cme, nyx lod
{Threei} - Reflects credit profile may not be consistent with current rating given current business prospects
{Threei} - Notes that the IFS ratings for both ABK and MBI will likely fall within AA range, though its possible MBI will drop to single-A.
{Threei} sorry, late with this news
{dino} out amed .53, +.58
{dino} brb
{Threei} MBI shortable... maybe we get worthy bounce
{Threei} or .50 breakdown
{Threei} volume dries up as it nears 6
{Threei} IVAN
{dino} coi stopped -.34
{dino} greed got me, should've trailed
{Threei} it's G,Gekko's fault
{magoo} why is that good LEH?does not need capital
{Threei} that's the idea
{magoo} hey, not as confused as i look
{esemde} have a great everyone...see ya tomorow
{Threei} take care ese
{esemde} see ya Vad
{dino} cya es
{Threei} - The specific ratings affected are the Aaa insurance financial strength ratings of MBIA Insurance Corporation ("MBIA" or the "Insurance Company") and its insurance affiliates, the Aa2 ratings of MBIA's Surplus Notes, and the Aa3 ratings of the junior obligations of the Insurance Company and the senior debt of MBIA Inc., each with a negative outlook.
{Threei} - CEO: "We disagree with Moody's decision today, When Moody's affirmed our rating with a negative outlook in February, we believed that it would refrain for six to 12 months from taking additional ratings actions unless the environment or MBIA's position changed materially.
{Threei} Since then, there have been no material adverse changes in the environment, and we believe our capital position has improved. Thus, we are surprised by both the timing and direction of this action and can only conclude that the requirements for a Triple-A rating continue to change.
{Threei} - There is no question about our ability to cover all policyholder claims, from a regulatory or any other standpoint. "
{_rant} mbi and abk are doomed
{Threei} - "we do not foresee any major additions to loss reserves unless the housing market performs significantly worse than our expectations."
{dino} netl
{kazaam} what kinda play is open on NETL?
{dino} euphoria
{dino} thinking short
{dino} break of .25 area imo
{dino} sm s .30 risky
{Threei} SQNM non-stop
{Threei} feels not done yet
{magoo} u suggest entry?
{Threei} if holding above .40, break...
{Threei} if loses it, tougher to tell
{Threei} it doesn't have clean support levels under .40
{magoo} any read LEH?
{Threei} nah
{Threei} SQNM broke
{magoo} in
{dino} josb
{Threei} REPORTS Q1 $0.53 V $0.46E, R$145.4M V $142.3ME, SSS +6.4% Y/Y
{_rant} yge
06* Threei slaps laserdave1 around a bit with a large trout
06* Chaeron slaps laserdave1 around a bit with a large trout
{Threei} - Notes that the only way to preserve Yahoo is a combination with MSFT
{Threei} - Icahn asks the Board to take back the poison pill severance plan, noting that Yang went to great lengths to sabotage MSFT
{Chaeron} sqnm
{kazaam} to the moon
{magoo} out sQNM .74 nowTY vad
{magoo} +.25
{Threei} wtg
{Threei} noe, what does SQNm even do?
{Threei} lol
{dino} gj
{magoo} oil??
{Threei} to return to smart flies topic for a sec... with very vague idea of what field SQNM is in, did it prevent us from finding it and profiting from it?
{kazaam} that is kinda one aspect of such active trading that i have to adapt to because i am so familar with watching one e-mini or one currency
{dino} v sm l ma .23
{Threei} this is not much different kazaam, if you adopt this view:
{Threei} we do not trade companies,
{Threei} we trade people.
{Threei} Their reactions
{Threei} patterns they display
{Threei} With this angle, it's all the same
{Threei} if you look at SQNM, you will see a big gapper,
{Threei} that consolidated for a while, then continued its run against all odds
{Threei} Now, ask long time room members
{Threei} how many times we saw and utilized this pattern
{Threei} even magoo who has serious case of alzheimers will tell you
{Threei} that he manages to remember about it when he sees big gapper
{Threei} It's all about seeing recognizable situation and applying the algortythm you have for it
{kazaam} i think ones i learn the basic patterns this room follows I will be alittle more comfortable
{kazaam} so much information
{Threei} sure, and trust me, they are very easy to identify
{kazaam} i am used to 1 chart, 2 patterns, trade
{Threei} ABK
{Threei} scond round of self-applauding
{Threei} - disappointed by the Moody's announcement, particularly in light of the significant progress we have made to strengthen our capital position and refocus our business. Since March, we have raised $1.5 billion of capital bringing our claims paying resources, as calculated by Moody's, to approximately $15.3 billion; an amount which we believe satisfies Moody's target Aaa capital requirements as of March 31, 2008.
{Threei} - anticipating a $500 million capital cushion by the end of the second quarter
{Threei} - will continue to work aggressively to monitor and manage our portfolio and optimize capital allocation for the benefit of our shareholders and clients. The Board and management continue to explore all strategic alternatives and remain confident of the strong business value embedded within our enterprise.
{Threei} - CEO: Outside the mortgage-related exposures, the remainder of our portfolio is performing well, and in line with our expectations. We have presented Moody's with concrete near-term plans to deploy our people and expertise in the municipal market via our already-licensed, Connie Lee vehicle.
{Threei} in other words, two nice and fuzzy sheep are being harrassed by big bad moody
{magoo} so what does SQNM do?
{Threei} makes money for us
{Threei} good enough for an answer?
{Threei} oil 122.5?
{Chaeron} SQNM - Sequenom Inc., genetic analysis products
{Threei} hah
{Threei} I would haven been happy to say I contributed to genetic research today... but having sold I rpobably can't brag about it, can I?
{_rant} qid
{_rant} .93
{magoo} daily 2:30 smack down
{kazaam} did this room at one time only trade Nasdaq?
{Threei} yes
{Threei} we started adding listed stocks with ECN introduction on NYSE and AMEX
{Threei} that made executions as sure and lightening as on NASDAQ
{Chaeron} now we even trade porkbellies... Threei's favorite - bacon :)
{Threei} I have hard time trading it though
{Threei} I eat what I buy
{Threei} which is not very profitable
{kazaam} heh
{Threei} you should see some NYSE executions before ECN time
{Threei} instead of immediate fill once you click, time goes, nothing happens,
{Threei} then you either get your fill if stock moved against you
{Threei} or left out in the cold if it moved in your favor
{Threei} and when you click Cancel, they think for a while
{Threei} before granting you your wish
{Threei} Interestingly enough, when first talks surfaced about diluting specialist system with ECXNs and direct electornic executions
{Threei} specialists were up in arms
{Threei} I opined back then that in couple years they will be like dinosaurs
{kazaam} i didnt know execution was the reason for trading Nq only stocks, is NYSE mostly ECN execution now? or only a minority of issues?
{Threei} most of them
{Threei} everything I watch is infested with ECNs like Winnipeg with mosquitos
{Threei} that was major reason... electronic fill, garanteed if there are shares at your price on NASDAQ
{Threei} vs live specialist than gets your order
{Threei} and thinks whether he wants to give your shares to you or not
{Threei} TASR
{Threei} - The Supreme Court's action lets stand a Court of Appeals decision to uphold a Maricopa County Superior Court jury's verdict in favor of TASER International in a product liability lawsuit brought forth by the former Maricopa County Sheriff's deputy.
{dino} netl stopped -.24
{dino} nyx l .20, stop .88
{_rant} r u short or long
{Threei} l = long
{_rant} ah
{Threei} dino speaks in codes
{Threei} and says if you don't understand me you are not worthy
{dino} llol
{Threei} I tried his approach by telling my wife it was not her business (she asked what I wanted for dinner)
{Threei} didn't really work out very well
{Threei} - Sees some echoes of 1970s, but repeat of wage-price spiral is unlikely
{Threei} - Notes that US has 'serious' oil shock, rising food, subpar growth
{Threei} - Remarks that the Fed is responsible for stable prices over medium term, large decline in economy's energy intensity helps reduce shock of higher prices
{dino} back in 15
{Threei} let's translate this:
{Threei} large decline in economy's energy intensity helps reduce shock of higher prices
{Threei} losing manufacturing jobs to overseas is a good thing, we need less energy
{Threei} why not go all the way and says, grounding airlines and putting cars on driveways is even better
{kazaam} are there any other stocks like RIMM that are traded very actively with decent volitility?
{magoo} like aapl
{Threei} RIMM and AAPL are permanent residents
{Threei} sometimes others added when some event gives them a puish
{kazaam} so LEH would be an example of that?
{Threei} SNDK often moves nicely, although range is less
{Threei} yes, totally
{Threei} KLAC often moves nicely
{Threei} BRCM and NVDA used to, we played them often
{Threei} not so much these days
{kazaam} yeah, back when i was trading WIZETRADE, i was losing money on NVDA and BRCOM
{Threei} woohooo
{Threei} green light red light!
{Threei} what a ripoff
{kazaam} hah, yep, thats how i got started, lost 1000 bucks and said no more
{Threei} in a few days, when you get your package
{Threei} in MPP you will see detailed explanation why it could never work
{dino} nyx stopped -.33
{kazaam} will be interesting to read about that, i coded some systems in Tradestation (not profitable systems) and I started to see exactly why it can't work
{dino} onxx l .00
{Threei} mildly interested in ZIXI
{Threei} nice break of 3 and nice move after, don't want to chase
{Threei} but if pulls back closer to 3, will consider
{dino} .02 too close nyx
{Threei} try to guess what MBI CEO could say
{Threei} right:
{Threei} LEH
{Threei} why, if everything is so hunaky-dory?
{magoo} now is that to be interpretted "goood"
{Threei} I would classify it as worrisome
{Threei} but then again, I am a worry-wart: having less than 2 packages of bacon in the fridge is worrisome for me
{Chaeron} stock the freezer... it' keeps forever
{peterg} Hormel Microwaveable bacon!
{kazaam} i gotta jet early, see everybody tomorrow, adios!
{Chaeron} bye kaz
{Threei} take care kazaam
{magoo} bye kaz
{dino} later kazzer
{dino} kop s .92 stop .03
{dino} out onxx .08, +.08
{Threei} conflicted about ZIXI
{Threei} held 3.10
{Threei} tagged high again
{Threei} everything looks fine... I just am not sure I want to take it overnight
{Threei} probably let's just watch it tomorrow for another chance
{Threei} also, VVUS
{Chaeron} I like saying the name :) ZIXI.....
{Threei} hehe
{Threei} if finishes and opens about here, will be inetrested in 7.10 break
{Threei} trailing QTWW stop for the balance to .55
{dptl} have a good evening all....ty ..good day:)
{Threei} whew
{Threei} I was afraid I had to send dp a box of tissues
{Threei} and I hate waste money on tissues when there is a perfect solution in a form of sleeve
{dptl} lol...big boys never cry
{Threei} no??
{Threei} I gotta stop then
{dptl} :)
{dino} later dp
{Threei} Ok guys, thank you all
{Threei} have a good evening, see you tomorrow
{magoo} ty vad
{dino} cya
{Chaeron} 7.10 hitting on VVUS... wait for manana?
{dino} stop kop .99, -.07
{dino} thats all, thanks