Friday, November 7, 2008

Nov 07 2008

Another "barely in profit" day. Mostly scalps, not much moved for more than that. Day started with couple stops, one of them (on NVDA) especially rude - haven't seen this stock moving in such manner. Just look its intraday chart. SOLF and QQQQ later fixed the damage and took the day in green.

Session Time: Fri Nov 07 00:00:00 2008
[08:35] {_maga} good morning
[08:37] {Threei} Good morning RT
[08:40] {amarg} good morning all
[08:41] {Threei} amar :)
[08:42] {_maga} Vad, could you DCC me?
[08:43] {Threei} did
[08:43] {magoo} morn, no replay i see
[08:44] {Threei} you can too, by doubleclicking my name :)
[08:44] {Threei} hi mags
[08:44] {Threei} no... I forgot
[08:44] {Threei} lol
06[08:45] * magoo slaps Threei around a bit with a large trout
[08:45] {lisa_jay} Hi Vad, Magoo, Amar, Maga
[08:45] {_maga} hi Lisa
[08:46] {Threei} lisa :)
[08:46] {magoo} vad, what did we play afterhrs..can not remember SIGH
[08:46] {Threei} qcom
[08:46] {magoo} ty
[08:46] {Threei} yw
[08:46] {Threei} early onset of alzheimer
[08:47] {Threei} (I can relate, onviously)
[08:56] {magoo} vad, working theory here {i know we wait and see..but u have theory} say pop..drop..
[08:56] {magoo} obama speaks at 2pm..idiot timing for mkt..should speak at 4pm
[08:57] {magoo} now his speach gets jerk reactions
[08:57] {Threei} you know, if I would be a market player with really huge capital
[08:57] {Threei} staying on a sideline at the moment,
[08:58] {Threei} I would never commit a cent before hearing what he has to say
[08:58] {amarg} gm lisa
[08:58] {brian3579} gm all
[08:58] {Threei} If I had a little in the market, I would take it out and wait
[08:58] {Threei} brian :)
[08:58] {Threei} if I were fully commited,
[08:58] {Threei} I would close my eyes, put my hands around my head rock back and forth and pray
[08:59] {Onix} Good morning all
[08:59] {Threei} onix :)
[08:59] {Threei} I mean, this guy is a huge unknown to such a degree
[09:00] {Threei} what he does may amount to nothing but fizzle
[09:00] {Threei} or nothing short of revolution
[09:02] {Threei} I just looked at the chart of ALTH... if you remember what event I was hunting for on this one and totally missed, you'll join me in bitter crying and loud screams
[09:03] {Threei} be back in 5
[09:06] {dino} gm all
[09:07] {_maga} hi Dino
[09:07] {lisa_jay} Hey Dino
[09:08] {Threei} dino :)
[09:09] {cosmo} NVDA pre mkt high = 8.86 fwiw
[09:10] {Geo} gm all
[09:10] {lisa_jay} Hi Geo
[09:11] {dino} :)
[09:11] {ese} morning.......
[09:11] {ese} dino
[09:11] {lisa_jay} Hi Ese
[09:11] {ese} lisa....
[09:13] {Threei} geo, ese :)
[09:17] {ese} reasonable numbers from NVDA last night considering the circumstances and market
[09:17] {dptl} good morning all
[09:17] {Threei} dp :)
[09:18] {ese} dp....are you under water this morning
[09:18] {dptl} :) well not yet...but it's still raining like 3rd day
[09:18] {ese} it's raining like crazy here on the island.....
[09:19] {Threei} that's OK, Winnipeg got snow yesterday
[09:19] {dptl} there you not complaining
[09:19] {dptl} :)
[09:19] {ese} hmmmmmmm.....indeed lesser of 2 evils for sure
[09:20] {Threei} so... anyone remembers what that was on ALTH were waited for... or alzheimer strikes broadly?
[09:20] {Threei} we waited for
[09:21] {hawkfan4} 7 break
[09:21] {Threei} prize goes to hawk
[09:21] {hawkfan4} cash is preferred :)
[09:25] {magoo} solars could pop today off his speach vad, more likely to mmention 150 billion in clean energy over 10 yrs plan
[09:27] {Threei} sector to watch, yes
[09:31] {peterg} hello?
[09:31] {Threei} hi peter
[09:32] {Onix} hey peter
[09:32] {Threei} Long Setup: UAUA 15 if stays above .80 and NQ reverses to upside
[09:32] {Threei} risky and jumpy
[09:34] {Threei} why don't you employ them then
[09:35] {Onix} in uaua
[09:36] {lisa_jay} Thanks Vad UAUA 13c on 200 shares.
[09:36] {Threei} lisa likes to start the day with profit
[09:36] {Threei} (can't blame her really)
[09:36] {Threei} market weakens
[09:37] {dino} poru hl l .65
[09:38] {dino} pru
[09:40] {Onix} uaua stopped
[09:40] {magoo} qcom vad...made it all back
[09:40] {Threei} amazing really
[09:41] {magoo} hit 29.80
[09:41] {Threei} bodes well for the beginning of bull market
[09:41] {Threei} bad news get ignored
[09:41] {cosmo} nvda
[09:41] {Threei} Long Setup: NVDA .86
[09:41] {Threei} stop under .70
[09:41] {cosmo} testing .86
[09:41] {magoo} in
[09:44] {Threei} sheesh
[09:44] {dptl} stopped nvda
[09:44] {magoo} i want a free mointh vad
[09:44] {magoo} u killing me
[09:44] {Onix} stopped nvda
[09:45] {amarg} is O a short today?
[09:51] {lisa_jay} trading platform went nuts...looped orders so down for the day.
[09:51] {dino} gap fill coming
[09:52] {dino} pattern has been fill and up
[09:52] {cosmo} CSCO hod
[09:53] {Chaeron} good morning all
[09:53] {Geo} wow chaer
[09:59] {Geo} .
[09:59] {magoo} ..
[09:59] {hawkfan4} ...
[10:01] {magoo} monster spike
[10:02] {dino} out pru .65, +1.00 hl
[10:02] {magoo} c'mon vad..i was kidding
[10:02] {hawkfan4} nice dino
[10:02] {dino} ty
[10:02] {dino} too soon
[10:05] {hawkfan4} not sure why but COIN keeps catching my eye. trying some .55
[10:05] {Chaeron} missed HIG
[10:11] {_maga} looking at forming C&H on MTL
[10:12] {dino} deck?
[10:12] {_maga} to me dino?
[10:14] {lisa_jay} the COIN a swing play or daytrade...was looking at it a swing above 7. Thanks.
[10:14] {dino} no, just letting you know what caught my eye, missed it at .20, just went .80
[10:14] {_maga} ok
[10:15] {hawkfan4} more a swing lisa. looks like it might want to pop back up to between 8 and 9. If it does it today, then daytrade it is :)
[10:15] {dino} hawk the swinger
[10:16] {hawkfan4} swing baby, yeah
[10:18] {Threei} Long Setup: SOLF .36 break, stop under .20
[10:20] {dino} clf sm l .70
[10:22] {magoo} nice SOLF vad
[10:22] {Chaeron} nice one SOLF... missed tho.
[10:22] {dino} out clf .25, +.55
[10:24] {hawkfan4} nice dino, nice vad, nice morning
[10:25] {Geo} in .39 all out .65
[10:25] {Geo} Ty vad
[10:25] {Chaeron} Gasoline prices under $2.00 in TX... nice
[10:25] {Threei} welcome
[10:26] {dawg} still in from 7.40
[10:26] {lisa_jay} Nice one Vad.
[10:26] {dawg} taking 1/2 here
[10:32] {dptl} all out solf ty
[10:32] {Chaeron} Vad, just heard Volker is 82, fyi
[10:32] {dawg} stop to break even on last 1/2
[10:33] {Threei} yes Chaeron
[10:33] {Threei} can't imagine him stocking around for long
[10:34] {cosmo} vogons can live for 200 years ...
[10:35] {magoo} thats vulcans lol
[10:35] {Chaeron} Robert Riesch (sp?) up for nod too...
[10:36] {cosmo} mags.....Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
[10:39] {dawg} all out SOLF 7.70
[10:40] {dawg} thanks Vad great call
[10:40] {Threei} welcome
[10:43] {ese} long aaapl....
[10:44] {ese} .22
[10:44] {ese} 3/4
[10:45] {ese} out aapl .78
[10:46] {Threei} wtg
[10:46] {ese} +.56 on 3/4 lot
[10:46] {ese} nice way to finnish the week
[10:52] {ese} hmmmmm thought my aapl oreder was going to be rejected....just barely made that one on margin....
[10:52] {Geo} scanners dead here
[10:53] {ese} too much cash now in NVDA and ESLR and bought a couple of lots of CSIQ as well
[10:56] {ese} i think my scanners are dead as Geo.......
[10:57] {ese} oops something moved
[10:59] {ese} hear the one about a guy who put iodine on his paycheck because he got a cut in Pay????
[10:59] {lisa_jay} Lol.
[10:59] {peterg} :)
[10:59] {ese} took a roll of toilet paper to a CRAP GAME????
[11:00] {ese} thouhgt that manual labor was the president of Mexico???
[11:00] {ese} spent 4 days in SEARS looking for wheels for a miscarrage????
[11:01] {ese} had an inate ability to drown in a parking lot puddle????
[11:02] {Geo} lol@ese
[11:02] {ese} good one!!!
[11:02] {Geo} looks like your joke scanner is working :)
[11:04] {ese} ya...well.....some days your standing at the crossing gates....the lights are flashing....but the train just ain't comin???
[11:05] {Geo} I am net 4.87 for the day :)
[11:05] {Threei} GM
[11:05] {Threei} HALTED: NEWS PENDING
[11:05] {Chaeron} rare
[11:05] {lisa_jay} Did they earnings this morning?
[11:05] {ese} thats a right ON geo.....
[11:05] {lisa_jay} *have
[11:06] {Threei} 10:42am [GM] Delaying Q3 results, expects release shortly
[11:06] {ese} bankrupcy?
[11:06] {lisa_jay} Thanks Vad.
[11:07] {magoo} cant be good
[11:09] {magoo} vad, u see a qid trade setting up?
[11:09] {ese} can't be good is you out there hunting with a bow and arrow there mags in questionable conditions.....
[11:09] {ese} we need you the board.......
[11:09] {Threei} with GM unknown ahead, wouldn't take any position in QID
[11:10] {dino} back, kicked out again
[11:10] {dino} hit qcom s .76, cov .36
[11:10] {Threei} as SOLF pulled back into support, watching it for bounce if market reverses
[11:10] {dino} watching athn, deck, clf again
[11:10] {Threei} also APOL
[11:11] {dino} kbr too
[11:12] {lisa_jay} Vad, for supports - U look for an area (or range of 10c)?
[11:12] {lisa_jay} Thanks.
[11:12] {Threei} previous resistance, broken earlier and becoming new support
[11:17] {dino} sm l athn .98
[11:17] {dino} gappy one, careful
[11:17] {magoo} rimm fooled me today
[11:17] {Threei} you want to see ultimate definition of "fooled", look at NVDA chart
[11:18] {Threei} wtf was that?
[11:18] {dino} hey!!!!!!
[11:18] {magoo} and vad...NVDA usually does not move like that
[11:19] {Threei} no
[11:19] {dino} upgraded everywhere today
[11:19] {ese} i'm likin the way NVDA looks ........but thats just me
[11:19] {Threei} GM
[11:20] {Threei} REPORTS Q3 -$4.45 V -$3.70E, R $37.9B V $39.4BE
[11:20] {Threei} - Global market share 13% -0.7% y/y
[11:20] {Threei} - Q3 impairment charge
[11:20] {Threei} - GM reported charges of $652M relating to its commitments as part of Delphi's bankruptcy proceedings, $251M for impairment of investments in GMAC, and $641M in restructuring-related and other charges.
[11:20] {ese} hawk your long a couple NVDA too arn't you?
[11:20] {hawkfan4} i sold before earnings, 8 ish
[11:21] {ese} nice.......
[11:21] {dino} qcom sm s again, .10
[11:27] {Threei} - Even if GM implements the planned operating actions that are substantially within its control, GM's estimated liquidity during the remainder of 2008 will approach the minimum amount necessary to operate its business.
[11:27] {Threei} - Looking into the first two quarters of 2009,the company's estimated liquidity will fall significantly short of that amount unless economic and automotive industry conditions significantly improve, it receives substantial proceeds from asset sales, takes more aggressive working capital initiatives, gains access to capital markets and other private sources of funding, receives government funding under one or more current or future programs, or some combination of the foregoing.
[11:27] {Threei} - The success of GM's plans necessarily depends on other factors, including global economic conditions and the level of automotive sales, particularly in the United States and Western Europe.
[11:27] {Threei} - Expects adjusted operating cash flow in Q4 to be much improved q/q, and more consistent with the first half of the year
[11:27] {Threei} - Will announce further information on liquidity in 8-K later today
[11:29] {Onix} yes GM should do very well, the government is gong to "give" billions, just like AIG
[11:30] {Threei} GM open
[11:30] {Threei} *SEPT PENDING HOME SALES M/M: -4.6% V -3.4%E
[11:30] {Geo} comon vad
[11:30] {Geo} give us some good news.... its friday
[11:31] {Onix} we going for -500 today?
[11:31] {Threei} strangely enough, doesn't look this way fo now
[11:31] {Threei} with this endless carpet-bombing of bad news, market stays green
[11:32] {dino} qcom stopped -.22
[11:32] {Threei} we got job numbers worst ever, GM, housing sales
[11:32] {ese} oversold to my thinking vad.....
[11:32] {Threei} and still no selloff
[11:32] {patience} now who has a never ending supply of money to keep the markets green
[11:32] {Threei} this is price/information divergence
[11:33] {Threei} if not for the major policy speech ahead, I'd say we rally
[11:33] {dino} how bottoms form
[11:33] {Threei} we still may
[11:33] {Threei} exactly dino
[11:33] {Threei} bleakest news posible
[11:33] {dino} time will tell, imo 8100 must hold or all bets off
[11:33] {Threei} yet market refuses to go down
[11:33] {Threei} if this happens today, bottom is in
[11:34] {lisa_jay} Obama at 2 today. Hope he does not disappoint.
[11:34] {Threei} barring speech announcing taxing your breathing and giving proceeds to those who is too lazy to even breathe
[11:34] {dino} disappoint, we still haven't closed positive w/him pres. elect
[11:34] {dino} thats the problem
[11:34] {Threei} GM low from 10/10 is 4
[11:35] {lisa_jay} :-)
[11:35] {magoo} u see how low ford is?
[11:35] {Threei} yeah lisa... what is it he can say that inspires vs disappoints...
[11:35] {dino} athn broken, stopped again, done w/it
[11:35] {Threei} I mean, he talks well
[11:35] {Threei} but is it enough at this stage?
[11:36] {Threei} F is within 4 cents from that low
[11:37] {dino} tax and spend. thats what he will say. giving it to uaw now
[11:38] {Onix} it seems as if the market is teetering on broken crutches ... govenment bailouts propping it up
[11:38] {Threei} market shows some signs of life even with GM dropping
[11:38] {Threei} well Onix... that's a lot of money sitting on sideline
[11:38] {Threei} it needs to find outlet
[11:40] {Onix} true, but with so many people loosing jobs and retail spending going down so much, how can market go up?
[11:40] {Threei} it will when it feels like economy's bottom is in sight
[11:41] {Threei} market is future-discounting mechanism
[11:41] {Threei} it will go up much earlier than economy shows real signs of recovery'
[11:42] {Onix} ok i think i understand a little better now, thanks
[11:42] {Threei} practical outcome of it is,
[11:42] {Threei} smart money will position itself for the recovery in dvance,
[11:43] {Threei} crowd will join only when economy recovers,
[11:43] {Threei} paying much higher prices in the market
[11:43] {Threei} and smart money will be waiting for panic buying by those who feel they miss the train
[11:43] {Threei} and unload into their buying
[11:44] {Geo} in .1 out .3 GM
[11:44] {Onix} like Buffett going for GE @ $27 and it is now @ @19?
[11:44] {Geo} 200 shares only
[11:45] {Threei} ask Buffet why he did it
[11:45] {dino} cls sm l .80
[11:45] {Threei} his time horizons and ability to wait it out are different,
[11:46] {Threei} so are the conditions under which he buys
[11:46] {Threei} as far as I remember, his GS and GE buys were not simply open market investements
[11:46] {ese} outta here for the long weekend all.....take care
[11:46] {Threei} take care ese
[11:46] {Threei} those were preferred shares
[11:46] {hawkfan4} cya es
[11:47] {Onix} true, he got 10% interest deals as well i think
[11:47] {Threei} you or I are not really privileged to buy like that, are we
[11:47] {Onix} no way!!!!
[11:47] {Onix} not me, maybe yo
[11:52] {Threei} Qs is a long off 31
[11:52] {Threei} first strength
[11:53] {Threei} stop under .95
[11:53] {Threei} half out .11
[11:53] {Threei} scalpers get out
[11:54] {dawg} half out .14
[11:54] {Threei} stop .99 for the balance
[11:58] {Threei} stop to .05
[11:59] {dawg} ok
[11:59] {Threei} out 1/4 more .22
[11:59] {Threei} stop to .09
[12:00] {dawg} ok
[12:00] {Threei} trying to milk this one
[12:00] {dawg} still holding 1/2
[12:03] {dawg} out 3/4
[12:04] {Threei} oput in full
[12:04] {Threei} .31
[12:04] {dawg} out inf full
[12:04] {Chaeron} great one Vad... missed that one too tho :(
[12:04] {dawg} .31
[12:04] {dawg} great call Vad thank you
[12:05] {Threei} welcome sir
[12:05] {dawg} .)
[12:07] {dino} gj dawg
[12:07] {lisa_jay} Hawk, COIN up above 7.
[12:07] {dawg} thanks dino Vad's calling em
[12:07] {Threei} with 7 cents stop, that was 1:4
[12:07] {lisa_jay} Vad, no trades for me...something is happening with my platform.
[12:07] {magoo} nice one vad..u are BACK!
[12:08] {Geo} lol
[12:08] {Threei} you took it mags?
[12:08] {Geo} cN YOU SAY FICKLE?
[12:08] {dino} you pulled the trigger tho
[12:08] {Geo} oops
[12:08] {hawkfan4} :) im liking it, thx lisa
[12:08] {Threei} lisa... what's happening?
[12:08] {dawg} you had some great ones today also dino
[12:08] {Geo} what platform?
[12:08] {dino} running about 50/50, but up
[12:09] {dawg} good dino!
[12:09] {lisa_jay} Looping of orders...they are fixing. Say I am up, and flat.
[12:09] {magoo} yes boss
[12:10] {Threei} I am yet to understand this... but whatever :)
[12:10] {Threei} I mean, 2 stops?
[12:10] {Threei} so what?
[12:10] {Threei} 15 cents and 20 cents
[12:11] {Threei} then SOLF comes around for about 30 cents
[12:11] {Threei} Qs for about the same
[12:12] {Threei} such emotional peaks and valleys... snow whites
[12:13] {Geo} snowwhites
[12:13] {Geo} lol
[12:13] {Geo} i am going to use that on someone today
[12:13] {Threei} I prefer trout- swinging unemotional badly shaven cowboys
[12:13] {Threei} (ladies excluded)
[12:13] {Geo} yeah that would be one sight
[12:13] {Geo} umm you prefer them vad?
[12:14] {Threei} as a trading comrades
06[12:14] * magoo slaps Threei around a bit with a large trout
[12:14] {Threei} and if you think of more comments in that direction, be careful
[12:14] {Threei} there you go
[12:14] {Geo} comrades seems to the word these days
[12:14] {Threei} magoo is back too
[12:14] {magoo} i only shave sunday nite..go all week
[12:14] {Threei} (thank goodness)
[12:14] {dino} i see and i prefer beer over wine
[12:14] {hawkfan4} i finally gave up and grew a beard
[12:14] {Geo} i treat my beer like wine
[12:14] {magoo} but by friday..must unless out huntin'
[12:15] {Geo} i swirl it in the bottle before drinking
[12:15] {dino} lol
[12:15] {magoo} i thought u were female hawk ROFLOL
[12:15] {Threei} I need chaeron's confirmation that you are not pouring champagne in your beer geo
06[12:16] * Chaeron slaps Geo around a bit with a large trout
[12:16] {hawkfan4} lol :)
[12:16] {Geo} you never heard of the bearded lady magoo?
06[12:16] * hawkfan4 slaps magoo around a bit with a large trout
06[12:16] * Geo slaps hawkfan4 around a bit with a large trout
[12:16] {Threei} - Company is significantly challenged by the economic environment.
[12:17] {dino} oh contrare. these auto companies have been challenged for 10+ year
[12:17] {Geo} can we just cancel all govt pensions
[12:18] {Geo} youdd see some serious shrinking :)
[12:18] {Geo} no one will apply
[12:19] {Threei} aside of general economy standing and people's desire and ability to buy their cars,
[12:20] {Threei} they face huge challenge on the path to financial health: all the social obligations
[12:20] {Threei} unions, health benefits, pensions
[12:20] {Threei} they would have to trim a lot of fat to becomne leaner and healthier
[12:20] {Threei} now,
[12:20] {Threei} does it go in line with new prez program?
[12:22] {dino} what should happen is bankruptcy, common worthless, union contracts voided, etc. bondholders get new common and string survive. whatever happened to capitalism?
[12:22] {dino} strong
[12:22] {dino} too much capacity
[12:23] {Threei} capitalism discredited itself dino... haven't you heard?
[12:23] {Threei} brotherly love is in
[12:23] {Threei} you are magoo's keeper
[12:24] {elpaso} dino, democracies are not historically long lived. when the majority start to vote themselves benefits at the expense of the state it is shortly finished.
[12:24] {dino} dino walks away from it all
[12:24] {Threei} I go with you
[12:24] {Threei} I bring beer
[12:24] {Threei} tell magoo to catch up as soon as he skins the deer
[12:25] {Threei} atlas is about to shrug elpaso, eh?
[12:26] {dino} ok to the cabin
[12:28] {magoo} just packing the backstraps vad...wait up and crack me a brew
[12:28] {Threei} I promise
[12:29] {Threei} COIN does look good hawk... beautiful find
[12:29] {magoo} i loikre rimm sh off 49..
[12:29] {hawkfan4} thanks, so far so good
[12:31] {Threei} what are they all doing today?
[12:31] {Chaeron} hey... were you guys going to leave without me?????/
[12:32] {dptl} is that a long weekend?
[12:32] {dino} don't tell him
[12:32] {Threei} we were going to spread bread crumbs, chaeron
[12:32] {Threei} lol
[12:32] {Threei} no dp
[12:33] {Chaeron} oh well, I'll just keep my Vodka
[12:33] {dino} ok, tell him
[12:33] {hawkfan4} lol
[12:33] {Chaeron} you guys forget I bartended for many years and am handy to have around.........
[12:37] {dino} handy to have around...hmm i gues he could wait on us
[12:38] {elpaso} I don't know about that Threei, one thing that amazes me about western democracies is that there are many generous wealthy people. More than Ms. Rand imagined.
[12:39] {Chaeron} Wait on you? Wait on this:
06[12:39] * Chaeron slaps dino around a bit with a large trout
[12:40] {Threei} well... we shall see in fullness of time...
[12:40] {Threei} I just have this nagging suspicion that it's one thing to give when you can
[12:40] {Threei} and completely another to be made to give, without asking your opinion
[12:41] {dino} ouch...not sure we want that attitude
[12:42] {Threei} I lived in society where distribution was as even as you can get
[12:42] {Threei} not oretty
[12:42] {Threei} motivation is zero
[12:43] {Threei} lazy bastards are kings
[12:43] {Threei} hard workers are slaves
[12:43] {dino} want proof, rent to a couple section 8 tenants, ugh!
[12:44] {dino} never again, nice homes wrecked in weeks, then they complain stuff is broken and brag that they are knocked up w/o marriage, because they get more govt checks
[12:44] {magoo} quit referring to me as lazy
[12:45] {Chaeron} magoo, you rent from dino?
[12:45] {Chaeron} :))
[12:45] {dino} lol
[12:46] {dino} not anymore he doesn't
[12:46] {Threei} rofl
[12:46] {Chaeron} not since he was knocked up..
[12:46] {dino} :)
[12:49] {peterg} you guys are on a Friday roll! :)
[12:54] {Threei} lol
[12:58] {dino} you should see magoos rolls, more than bakery
[12:59] {Threei} anyone did a few SOLF scalps on bounces?
[12:59] {Threei} or no one pays attention?
[12:59] {magoo} actually..i hit fslr twice
[12:59] {Threei} how did it take it?
[13:02] {lisa_jay} Solf Scalps Vad? How to play them?
[13:03] {Threei} look at 1 min
[13:03] {Threei} bounces from clear support levels
[13:03] {Threei} roughly coordinated with market moves
[13:03] {Threei} first time when it dropped into .40, I mentioned it
[13:03] {Threei} it went over .60
[13:04] {Threei} then did a few of the same kind of bounces from .30 and .20
[13:04] {dino} clf stop to .28
[13:06] {lisa_jay} Ok, thanks Vad.
[13:06] {dino} to .39
[13:07] {lisa_jay} Is this type of set up more likely to work on certain days vs others?
[13:08] {dino} out +.59
[13:10] {Threei} it's quite standard setup lisa
[13:11] {Threei} just gotta observe and make sure it's happening
[13:11] {Threei} stops are failry tight on this kind
[13:11] {Threei} you buy very close to support, so your stop in just under
[13:11] {lisa_jay} Do we wait for the strength to enter?
[13:11] {Threei} watch it right now:
[13:11] {lisa_jay} Ok
[13:11] {Threei} it retreated into .20 support,
[13:12] {Threei} NQ weakness took it there
[13:12] {Threei} now, NQ reverses, so should SOLF
[13:12] {Threei} watch NQ, keep your finger on a trigger with limit .25-.26
[13:13] {Threei} NQ upticking, big bid jumped in
[13:15] {lisa_jay} Paper trading this Vad, Stop where?
[13:15] {Threei} .20 if getting hit
[13:15] {Threei} if we had bids just under .20, then stop would there
[13:15] {lisa_jay} Thanks
[13:15] {Threei} but there are none at the moment
[13:15] {Threei} so have to exit if .20 getting sold
[13:17] {Threei} - Declines in housing prices are not over yet, home prices adjust downward very slowly.
[13:17] {Threei} - Government intervention has unintended consequences, yet taxpayers are helped when failing banks are taken over
[13:17] {Threei} - Markets remain fragile despite intervention, although there have been signs of improvement since the implementation of TARP began. Compensation rules under TARP "have teeth.", prudent acquisitons by participating banks are reasonable
[13:17] {Threei} - Prudent banking mergers could be beneficial. Treasury does not want to micromanage banks. Treasury will not exercise voting rights in banks
[13:17] {Threei} - Remarks that National Debt remains in acceptable boundaries
[13:19] {Threei} how come this guy just won't go away
[13:19] {elpaso} threei, is there something about the way solf trades in spurts that you like? the level 2 is easy to read when its not moving much.
[13:20] {Threei} well, I like stocks that trade more smoothly as a rule
[13:20] {Threei} but it's personality is different
[13:22] {Threei} market is hesitant
[13:22] {Threei} need NQ to break 1270 for the trade to gain legs
[13:26] {hawkfan4} QLD .19, stop .07
[13:28] {magoo} barak got mkt on freeze here
[13:29] {Threei} here comes NQ
[13:29] {Threei} here comes SOLF
[13:29] {magoo} u in
[13:29] {Threei} .22
[13:29] {Threei} don't chase
[13:30] {Chaeron} I got .26 a bit ago... :(
[13:30] {Threei} that's fine
[13:30] {Threei} no buying now
[13:30] {Chaeron} oh ok... *whew*
[13:30] {Threei} next spike is exit, so now room for new buys
[13:31] {Threei} and if NQ gives up and .30 geting hit, get out
[13:31] {Chaeron} you mean NO room for new buys?
[13:31] {dawg} also in from .26 back aways
[13:31] {Threei} right
[13:34] {Threei} hmmm
[13:34] {Threei} ho.56 print was above the market, lol
[13:34] {Threei} someone's eager
[13:35] {Threei} .36 print
[13:35] {magoo} dammit..that was my entry
[13:36] {Threei} lol
[13:36] {Threei} NQ loses will to live
[13:38] {Threei} magoo... no need to buy all SOLF there is, really
[13:38] {Threei} what's with those huge positions
[13:39] {Threei} or was that your partial
[13:41] {Threei} - Remarks that the US is still creating 'toxic' assets, sees Q4 GDP down 'significantly'{
[13:41] {Chaeron} out... +.01
[13:41] {Chaeron} have to run out for a sec
[13:41] {Threei} didn't qwuite work out, but you see how safe it was?
[13:43] {hawkfan4} stopped qld -.13
[13:54] {lisa_jay} yes. Thanks for going over it Vad.
[13:57] {Chaeron} try SOLF again here?
[13:58] {Threei} looks fine chart wise, but the closer we are to the speech, the less meaningful are moves
[13:59] {Threei} imagine prez saying we go solar all in,
[13:59] {Threei} thing explodes to 8 or 9 or 15 or whatever
[13:59] {Threei} imagine him saying, well, money's tough, will have to put it on hold for now
[14:00] {Threei} thind drops to 2
[14:00] {Threei} lol
[14:01] {hawkfan4} i'd give it a try at 2
[14:01] {lisa_jay} :-)
[14:03] {magoo} sell the news reaction to speach is my bet
[14:08] {magoo} well..we are learning obama ios not punctual
[14:08] {hawkfan4} 2:30, cnbc has a countdown clock going
[14:10] {Threei} if solars get traction off the speech, ESLR .40 break
[14:11] {cosmo} what if he says energy should be free and then push Telsa technology
[14:11] {cosmo} ?
[14:12] {dino} obama getting cocky, making us wait
[14:12] {cosmo} the president is near...
[14:14] {Chaeron} you heard what he said he does after making a speech in front of large crowds, no? He "loves to watch them (crowd) watching me."
[14:15] {cosmo} does he give them stage fright?
[14:16] {Chaeron} lol
[14:16] {dino} why not wait until after close
[14:16] {Threei} isn't it a myth cosmo?
[14:16] {Threei} oh wait
[14:17] {Threei} since when it stopped us from implementation
[14:17] {cosmo} yes...first you do the myth, then the math...
[14:17] {Threei} enter sthanol
[14:17] {Chaeron} dino... I agree... I'd be mad even if my guys would have been elected
[14:17] {Threei} ethanol
[14:18] {cosmo} harness the ionasphere
[14:19] {cosmo} ...for all
[14:22] {Threei} Pickens appeared on TV yesterday, commenting on Obama's energy plan
[14:22] {Threei} if they find commmon ground, CLNE could be a beneficiary
[14:23] {Chaeron} California voters kicked Picken's plan right out the door
[14:23] {Threei} yeah
[14:23] {Threei} he sauid again we will pay 300/barrel soon
[14:23] {Threei} sigh
[14:24] {cosmo} for vodka
[14:29] {Threei} scalp off .20 would have worked again
[14:29] {Chaeron} on SOLF?
[14:29] {Threei} yeah
[14:29] {Chaeron} I'm in .23
[14:29] {Threei} cool :)
[14:29] {Chaeron} stalking ESLR
[14:29] {dawg} still in from .26
[14:30] {Threei} APOL is one more possible beneficiary
[14:30] {dino} you have to admit, he's killing the trading afternoon here
[14:31] {Threei} totally
[14:31] {Threei} ok, it's 2:30
[14:31] {dino} you know, regarding the vodka, $300/barrel isn't bad, whats a barrel, 55 gallons?
[14:32] {elpaso} obama running 10-15 minute late bill clinton redux
[14:33] {Geo} .
[14:33] {Chaeron} What did you expect with Emmanuel? LOL
[14:33] {Threei} rofl
[14:33] {Threei} offering SOLF .42
[14:34] {Threei} maybe just time to take scalp and relax
06[14:34] * Chaeron stabbing steak knife in table over and over again saying "Die!", "Die!", "Die!".... pretty good imitation, eh Threei? :)
[14:34] {Threei} hmmm
[14:35] {Chaeron} not of you.......
[14:35] {Threei} sold
[14:35] {dawg} out all
[14:35] {Threei} wtg
[14:35] {Threei} you chaeron?
[14:35] {Chaeron} still in
[14:35] {dawg} Thanks Vad
[14:35] {Threei} welcome
[14:35] {Threei} aren't you greedy one chaeron
[14:35] {Geo} wow dawg youre the best newcomer in this room by far
[14:36] {dino} gj dawg, you da man
[14:36] {lisa_jay} :-)
06[14:36] * Geo reevaluates his impression of dawgs for vad's benefit
06[14:36] * Threei puts on his decoder ring
[14:38] {dawg} Thanks dino you are really the man though
[14:39] {dawg} Thanks Geo just hanging on to Vad's shirttailss
[14:40] {Geo} arent we all :)
[14:40] {dawg} .)
[14:40] {Threei} that's one disturbing image
[14:40] {Geo} you better have a strong shirt vad
[14:40] {Onix} is
[14:40] {Threei} and reliable dry cleaning service
[14:41] {Onix} Is ESLR still valid at .40 break?
[14:41] {Threei} it's pretty much Obama policy play
[14:42] {Threei} rather than on its own merits
[14:42] {Onix} ok ty
[14:42] {Threei} let' hear what he has to say
[14:42] {Threei} if he is going to say anything
[14:42] {Threei} 12 min late
[14:42] {Chaeron} get use to it
[14:43] {cosmo} hey...first date
[14:44] {Threei} if it was my date - flowers would already go to a litter basket and I would already be calling next in the list
[14:44] {lisa_jay} eslr borke
[14:45] {dino} ohhh mannn swiper, just lost hour of trades, hope not how he does every news alert
[14:45] {Geo} ? dino ?
[14:46] {Geo} lost due to news or stop loss?
[14:46] {Threei} well... we did make money on SOLF today, which is entirely his play
[14:46] {dino} lost because no new trades until he's done
[14:46] {Threei} new prez I mean
[14:46] {Geo} yeah :(
[14:46] {dino} killing my style
[14:46] {Geo} up 27.7... was hoping to get some last our...... :(
[14:46] {cosmo} he's still trying to get out of a position
[14:46] {dino} better not be a pattern or will lose afternoons
[14:46] {dino} lol cosmo
[14:47] {dino} just enter a hard stop tell him
[14:48] {Threei} lol
[14:48] {Threei} CNN says
[14:48] {Threei} he is taking "president is late" tardition to a hwole new level
[14:48] {cosmo} you wouldn't want a pres that does hard stops
[14:49] {Threei} Russian troops marched through Red Square in a diverse array of uniforms to commemorate the anniversary of Stalin's most famous wartime speech
[14:49] {Threei} Staalin's cult is being re-born
[14:50] {Geo} ok so where is the one?
[14:50] {Threei} that one you mean
[14:50] {Geo} lol
[14:50] {Threei} here they are
[14:50] {Geo} i have web stream.... so lag
[14:51] {cosmo} the whole staff?
[14:51] {Geo} 15 member economic advisory i guess
[14:52] {cosmo} volker looks good...
[14:52] {Geo} nothing like fresh power for the heart
[14:54] {magoo} he he short bidu 218.06 out 217.12
[14:54] {magoo} i second
[14:54] {magoo} one
[14:54] {Threei} lol
[14:54] {magoo} 300
[14:55] {Onix} wtg
[14:55] {magoo} sell the news
[14:55] {Onix} magoo & bidu
[14:55] {Threei} economic stimulus
[14:55] {magoo} scalpers regrett comith
[14:56] {Threei} - Notes need for a rescue package for middle class,
[14:56] {Threei} - Needs extension of unemployment benefits, fiscal stimulus plan
[14:56] {Threei} 20 cents scalp UAUA
[14:57] {dino} mkt falling
[14:57] {Threei} - Remarks that transition team is working on additional policies to assist auto industry
[14:58] {Chaeron} man... that was short...
[14:59] {dino} -100
[[14:59] {Geo} weight of chains
[15:00] {Threei} nice greeting by markets
[15:00] {dino} you know patience......
[15:00] {cosmo} looks more...presidential
[15:00] {Threei} feels like another red day in the making
[15:00] {Geo} yup
[15:00] {Geo} shorting shorts
[15:00] {dino} bets? red close
[15:00] {patience} red it is
[15:01] {Chaeron} qid
[15:02] {Threei} sheesh solf
[15:02] {Threei} chaeron, you took your profit??
[15:05] {magoo} crashing mkts
[15:05] {Chaeron} yep... .15... small due to airpocket and stupidity
[15:05] {Onix} the crutches are slpping
[15:06] {Chaeron} and damn... missed QID on retracement... I suck today
[15:06] {magoo} just shorted rimm .50 to .12
[15:06] {Chaeron} nice mags
[15:06] {magoo} and U said i was no go
[15:07] {Chaeron} *I* did????? never... said you were lazy and pregnant, but never said "no go"
[15:07] {dino} idiots, "what kid of dog will you buy?"
[15:07] {Threei} what kind of dog are you going to buy for your kids
[15:07] {Threei} that's the question
[15:07] {Threei} way to go
[15:08] {Threei} world MUST know
[15:08] {Geo} which news service?
[15:08] {Chaeron} Freakin' media
[15:08] {Geo} i wanna know that
[15:08] {Threei} to unsubscribe?
[15:08] {dino} real important, they are celebrities not servants of the public
[15:08] {Geo} i only pay for WSJ and econo
[15:08] {dino} and he's talking about it
[15:08] {Threei} mama mia
[15:08] {dino} my god
[15:08] {Chaeron} for minutes now
[15:09] {Threei} he answers it in greater details than economic questions
[15:09] {Chaeron} not PUBLIC SCHOOL?????????????
[15:09] {Chaeron} what the heck????????
[15:09] {cosmo} hairless dog?
[15:09] {Chaeron} what did you call me cosmo??????
[15:09] {Threei} lol
[15:09] {Geo} better than what ya called magoo
[15:09] {Chaeron} heheh.... true
[15:09] {Geo} but it was good :)
[15:10] {Chaeron} so bad he didn't even trout me... he's in corner crying and licking wounds
[15:10] {magoo} magoo wypes away tears anbd....................
[15:10] {Geo} lke me yesterday
06[15:10] * magoo slaps Chaeron around a bit with a large trout
[15:10] {Chaeron} thanks you girly-man
[15:10] {Chaeron} teasing
[15:10] {Chaeron} I love ya bro
[15:11] {cosmo} i wanna hear stock symblos
[15:11] {Chaeron} market moved up on dog comments...
[15:12] {magoo} ROFLOL
[15:12] {Geo} petco?
[15:12] {magoo} [15:12] {Chaeron} market moved up on dog comments...
[15:12] {Threei} yup, PETS went up about 20 cents
[15:12] {Chaeron} we might close green because of it
[15:13] {Threei} I don't care what you say, I am impressed with depth of preparation and amassed knowledge for buying a dog
[15:14] {Geo} they are all dogs vad
[15:14] {dawg} scalped 10 cents out of UAUA
[15:14] {Threei} wtg dawg
[15:14] {dawg} Thank you sir!
[15:14] {cosmo} i would have guard dogs
[15:15] {Threei} so, aside of dog
[15:15] {Threei} stimulus package is certainty
[15:15] {Threei} auto industry help too, but that was kind of given
[15:16] {cosmo} works projects programs, i say
[15:16] {cosmo} infrastructure
[15:17] {cosmo} 1930's had it
[15:18] {cosmo} CAT
[15:18] {dino} yes, fwlt, sgr, mdr
[15:18] {dino} kbr
[15:19] {cosmo} but not hal
[15:19] {dino} no, i think hal will be snubbed
[15:20] {dino} they are mostly oil now
[15:20] {dino} and cheney will go back there
[15:30] {Threei} new lows are coming
[15:30] {Threei} QID on pullbacks if you can get a rid on fast moves
[15:32] {Threei} got .27
[15:33] {Threei} not ready yet
[15:34] {dawg} 10 cent scalp PETM petsmart in .80 out .91
[15:34] {lisa_jay} :-)
[15:34] {Threei} lol
[15:34] {dawg} arff.)
[15:35] {dino} lol
[15:36] {dawg} .)
[15:37] {Chaeron} guys... gotta go... have a good long weekend... oh and magoo?
06[15:37] * Chaeron slaps magoo around a bit with a large trout
[15:37] {Threei} take care chaeron
[15:37] {magoo} u too bud:0
[15:37] {magoo} oh WAIUTTTTTTTTTTTTT
06[15:37] * magoo slaps Chaeron around a bit with a large trout
[15:38] {Chaeron} :)
[15:38] {dino} cya chaer
[15:57] {magoo} vad..u here ? its important
[15:57] {peterg} I read yesterdays log and appreciate the mention of my humble self
[15:57] {Threei} what? your "have a good weekend" slap?
06[15:57] * magoo slaps Threei around a bit with a large trout
06[15:57] * magoo slaps Threei around a bit with a large trout
06[15:57] * magoo slaps Threei around a bit with a large trout
[15:57] {Threei} there... how did I know that
[15:58] {Threei} peter :)
[15:58] {peterg} Lucy sets up the football
[15:58] {hawkfan4} have a good weekend all
[15:59] {magoo} u been doing great peterg
[15:59] {Threei} thank you all
[15:59] {peterg} thks mags
[15:59] {Threei} have a good weekend, see you all on Monday
[15:59] {lisa_jay} Thanks Vad.
[15:59] {dino} later all
[15:59] {lisa_jay} Bye Dino.
[15:59] {dino} :)
[15:59] {magoo} bye all..have good weekend
[15:59] {lisa_jay} Bye Magoo
[16:00] {dawg} thanks all!
[16:00] {lisa_jay} See ya dawg
[16:06] {dptl} have a good weekend all