Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dec 31 2008

What was expected to be another boring day suddenly turned out a very nice profitable one. DRYS, EGLE and a few more helped to finish the year with a bang. Happy New Year to our readers!

Session Time: Wed Dec 31 00:00:01 2008

[08:21] {lisa_jay} morning
 [08:21] {Threei}  Good morning
[08:21] {lisa_jay} do you ever sleep Vad?
[08:21] {lisa_jay} It must be still dark outside.
 [08:22] {Threei}  it is
 [08:30] {Threei}  INITIAL JOBLESS CLAIMS: 492K V 575KE;
 [08:30] {Threei}  CONTINUING CLAIMS: 4.506M V 4.400ME
 [08:31] {Threei}  - No revisions to Prior jobless claims at 586K
 [08:31] {Threei}  - Prior continuing claims revised from 4.370M to 4.366M
[08:32] {i2romantis} morning to all :)
 [08:32] {Threei}  morning i2r, welcome to the room
[08:32] {i2romantis} thx
 [08:32] {Threei}  you don't mind abbreviation I hope
[08:33] {i2romantis} np, i2 is enough
 [08:33] {Threei}  we are lazy bunch, we shorten 4-letters nicks to 2, let alone such as yours :)
[08:33] {lisa_jay} Hello i2
[08:33] {i2romantis} np
[08:33] {i2romantis} hi
[08:50] {Onix} Good morning all
[08:50] {i2romantis} morning onix
 [08:51] {Threei}  onix :)
 [08:52] {Threei}  * TED SPREAD OPENS AT 133 BPS V 142 BPS PRIOR
 [08:52] {Threei}  wow
 [08:52] {Threei}  risk is all but removed from lending eh?
 [08:53] {Threei}  12/31/08 07:00am
 [08:53] {Threei}  [DDSS] Labopharm Announces FDA Approval of Once-Daily RYZOLT for Management of Moderate to Moderately Severe Chronic Pain
 [08:56] {Threei}  I am going for a smoke, don't let the market drop... I still have some CSIQ leftover from yesterday
[09:00] {KSystems} Good morning :)
[09:00] {Onix} hi KS
[09:01] {KSystems} hey Onix
 [09:02] {Threei}  ks :)
 [09:02] {Threei}  offering 6.80
 [09:02] {Threei}  is there kind soul to take it off my hands?
 [09:02] {Threei}  or kindness in a short supply this year?
 [09:05] {Threei}  335 shares taken, thank you unknown buyer
 [09:05] {Threei}  665 left
 [09:06] {Threei}  who is this indescrete idiot that joined me with fully shown offer...
 [09:06] {Threei}  learn the game sucker
[09:06] {lisa_jay} lol
 [09:06] {Threei}  100 more
 [09:07] {Threei}  {sucker} learn spelling!
 [09:07] {Threei}  great, now he is undercutting me
[09:17] {dino} gm
 [09:17] {Threei}  dino :)
[09:18] {magoo} morning
 [09:18] {Threei}  mags :)
[09:18] {patience} morning
 [09:18] {Threei}  patience :)
 [09:18] {Threei}  I feel like a doorman
[09:18] {dptl} good morning all
 [09:18] {Threei}  there
 [09:18] {Threei}  dp :)
[09:19] {dino} welcome to out jungle i2
[09:20] {i2romantis} thx :)
[09:20] {magoo} who u calling a sukker??
[09:20] {magoo} thats my offer lol
 [09:20] {Threei}  no way
 [09:20] {Threei}  you know better than to show full 2K instead of reserver in thin pre-market trading
[09:22] {dino} out=our
[09:22] {dino} psd, 
 [09:23] {Threei}  anyway, 6.80 is latest resistance from 12/18... with just 565 shares left and part of profit secured I'll cancel my sell and see if it can break it and pop
 [09:23] {Threei}  see mee disappearing from 6.80?
[09:24] {magoo} need cafe'
 [09:26] {Threei}  and spelling lesson
 [09:29] {Threei}  btw dino... your mention poushed me to re-visit Storm of the Century
 [09:29] {Threei}  pushed too
 [09:30] {Threei}  market weakens into open
[09:30] {magoo} give me what i want vad...and i will go away
[09:31] {dino} good flick, i should watch it again
 [09:32] {Threei}  DRYS
 [09:32] {Threei}  watching for pullback
 [09:32] {Threei}  9.70 - 9.80 area for entry
 [09:34] {Threei}  doesn't want to pull back, and I don't want to chase
 [09:35] {Threei}  good boy CSIQ
 [09:35] {Threei}  let's go for 7
 [09:38] {Threei}  out 200 more 6.90
 [09:41] {Threei} Long Setup:  DRYS  .50 break if stays above .40
[09:42] {dptl} in .50
[09:43] {magoo} in dammit lol
 [09:43] {Threei}  uh oh
 [09:43] {Threei}  magoo is kiss of death for DRYS
[09:43] {ese} morning L DRYS .54 3/4
 [09:43] {Threei}  ese :)
 [09:43] {Threei}  ok, over 1:1, half out
 [09:44] {Threei}  too bad it never gave us nice pullback for more juice in play but these holiday sessions I'll take whatever I can
 [09:45] {Threei}  stop is under b/e for the balance, scalpers get out and be happy
[09:45] {dino} asei, thin
[09:47] {magoo} Q read vad?
 [09:47] {Threei}  COIN
[09:47] {magoo} out DRYS here .67
[09:47] {magoo} TY {i guess lol}
06[09:48] * Threei slaps magoo around a bit with a large sigh of relief expressing happiness about magoo finally making money on DRYS
[09:48] {ese} out DRYS .74 +.20
[09:48] {ese} tks Vad
 [09:49] {Threei}  welcome
 [09:49] {Threei}  hig
[09:49] {lisa_jay} Nice ese
 [09:50] {Threei}  watching HIG with short idea
 [09:50] {Threei}  either .20 break wityh stop above .30
 [09:51] {Threei}  or if bounces, anywhere where it looks like topping out with top above .40
 [09:51] {Threei}  with stop that was
 [09:55] {Threei}  if DRYS makes another jump:
 [09:55] {Threei} Long Setup:  EGLE  .15 break half lot with stop under 6
[09:55] {dino} beating up esrx again
[09:58] {dino} gj es
 [09:59] {Threei}  DRYS starts looking like one of those non-stop runners if takes 11.20
[09:59] {dino} cwst
[10:01] {magoo} if IF we could get in DRYS and make a point TODAY...i would concede vad
 [10:01] {Threei}  EGLE over 1:1
[10:01] {Onix} ty Vad, i took 9c in egle
[10:01] {magoo} out .35 TY
[10:01] {dptl} out egle +.15 ty
 [10:01] {Threei}  welcome
[10:01] {dptl} stopped hig
 [10:02] {Threei}  DRYS is tough to find entry, hard breather... but works as leading indicator for EGLE
 [10:02] {Threei}  didn't HIG hit 1:1?
[10:03] {dptl} it did brifly  no fill
 [10:03] {Threei}  ok... didn't watch it at the moment
 [10:04] {Threei}  dry shippers took all the focus
[10:06] {magoo} EGLE have the power like drys vad to go a point?..not familiar with way it trades
 [10:06] {Threei}  it can be very treacherous
[10:06] {dino} sm l esrx .36, stop .99
 [10:07] {Threei}  moves nicely when it moves but can drop like stone
 [10:07] {Threei}  don't play it on its own merits
 [10:07] {Threei}  DRYS leads it
[10:07] {magoo} gotcha
[10:07] {magoo} as in ok 
 [10:08] {Threei}  DRYS itself maybe worth a try on 11 re-break if holding above .85
 [10:08] {Threei}  or .90 for hardcore scalpers
[10:10] {magoo} aapl neg here./..
 [10:12] {Threei}  11.05 will decide DRYS's fate
 [10:12] {Threei}  and if takes it, EGLE is likely to take .45
 [10:14] {Threei}  EGLE's game has changed
 [10:14] {Threei}  not a break anymore, rather bounce IF DRYS resumes
[10:15] {dino} esrx stopped
[10:16] {dptl} are you taking 11 break?
 [10:16] {Threei}  already took last time
[10:17] {magoo} vad..u in drys
 [10:17] {Threei}  ummm... how else do you read the line above?
[10:17] {magoo} man..u gotta end the year with attitude huh??
[10:17] {magoo} :)
 [10:18] {Threei}  as if I ever lost it
 [10:18] {Threei}  (or you for that matter, lol)
[10:18] {magoo} if i went to bermuda...i throw things at u in class he he
 [10:18] {Threei}  come on DRYS, take that .05 finally
 [10:18] {Threei}  bermuda?
[10:18] {dptl} in 11 .90 stop
[10:18] {ese} L  AAUK .67 1/2 lot risky
 [10:19] {Threei}  that's bahams
 [10:19] {Threei}  but, just for me to be safe, let's do it this way
[10:19] {dino} pnra 5 day
[10:19] {magoo} wheres bahhAMS?
 [10:19] {Threei}  I give seminar in Bahamas while you are going to Bermuda {G}
[10:19] {ese} lookin for 12 AAUK
06[10:20] * Threei kicks DRYS and EGLE in the rear
[10:20] {magoo} in drys too
[10:21] {dptl} out .12 ty
 [10:21] {Threei}  welcome
 [10:21] {Threei}  halved it out
 [10:21] {Threei}  something about it today that makes me want to hold some
 [10:22] {Threei}  anyone caught EGLE?
[10:22] {KSystems} yes
[10:22] {KSystems} paperly, that is
 [10:22] {Threei}  where?
[10:22] {KSystems} 6.16
 [10:23] {Threei}  no, I mean on this pullback
[10:23] {KSystems} 1 exited 1/2 at .38
[10:23] {KSystems} is that what you mean?
 [10:23] {Threei}  no, I mean according to this comment:
 [10:23] {Threei}  [10:14] {Threei} EGLE's game has changed
 [10:23] {Threei}  [10:14] {Threei} not a break anymore, rather bounce IF DRYS resumes
[10:24] {KSystems} that was a call?
 [10:24] {Threei}  it pulled back under .30
[10:24] {KSystems} no, didnt trade that :)
 [10:24] {Threei}  not a call per se
[10:24] {KSystems} sry
 [10:24] {Threei}  too discretionary
 [10:24] {Threei}  rather attempts to describe possible strategy in advance so those who get a read can catch it if it sets up
[10:24] {magoo} its more like a hint K..a wink wink
  [10:28] {Threei}  grrr
 [10:28] {Threei}  server hiccup
 [10:28] {Threei}  out 1/4 more 11.22
 [10:29] {Threei}  stop under 11 for the last part
[10:29] {patience} goldcorp has been bucking the gold trend today, steady, slow up
 [10:29] {Threei}  mags
 [10:29] {Threei}  you partial any?
 [10:30] {Threei}  ugh, he is not here
[10:32] {magoo} just got back in room here
[10:32] {magoo} out drys
[10:32] {magoo} scalp
 [10:33] {Threei}  okay
[10:33] {magoo} may reload
[10:34] {i2romantis} so, as a newbie here, let me ask, to even scalp on drys @11 you'd have to invest quite a bit to even see a reasonable return?
 [10:34] {Threei}  what's reasonable return?
[10:34] {i2romantis} I play with those below 3 to be able to do these kinds of trades
[10:34] {i2romantis} well say at least a small $300
[10:34] {dino} asei vsm, s .16, wide risky
 [10:35] {Threei}  this kind of trades is usually for 1000 shares when yoou know what you are doing
[10:35] {i2romantis} and this is a straight buy and sell, right? no options or anything else involved?
 [10:35] {Threei}  if you want $300 from each trade, that's a bit hightened expectations when it comes to scalping
 [10:36] {Threei}  no
 [10:36] {Threei}  andf don't view it as ROI
 [10:36] {Threei}  this is completely different game
[10:36] {dptl} ROI??
 [10:37] {Threei}  return on investment
[10:37] {dptl} oh...ok
[10:37] {i2romantis} honestly speaking, one of my accounts has only $7500 USD, that doesn't allow me to even go for this price range, as I am risking a lot just to go for a .2 move
 [10:37] {Threei}  with "investment" time measured in minutes, rarely hours, math is different,
 [10:38] {Threei}  you do not risk your entire investment, only a part of it defined by stop size
[10:38] {i2romantis} true, if many trades are done , I agree
[10:38] {ese} am back...was disconnecteda again.....  out AAUK even   it ain't goin nowheres
[10:38] {i2romantis} that's true
 [10:38] {Threei}  and $7,500 with right broker is $75K buying power
 [10:38] {Threei}  allows you for this kind of trades easily
[10:39] {magoo} i2..if you scalp a dime on 1k...100 this 5 times+ 125,000 annual
[10:39] {i2romantis} I stopped trading on margin in 2003, getting back in now
[10:39] {i2romantis} ok so then it's ok to go just for 100
[10:39] {i2romantis} I thought I was doing small game when doing that
 [10:40] {Threei}  nothing's wrong with intraday trading on margin with strict stop discipline... now, investing on margin is a very different story
[10:40] {i2romantis} at times you get almost nothing, but not always knowledgeable of repeatable trades
[10:40] {i2romantis} ok
[10:40] {i2romantis} good point
 [10:40] {Threei}  you'll get much better idea of how this game is structured when go over scalping course
[10:41] {i2romantis} yes looking forward to that :)
[10:41] {magoo} heck..vads biggest win ever only 125 bux {as magoo runs for cover under nearest rock}
 [10:41] {Threei}  sigh
 [10:41] {Threei}  abuse I take
[10:41] {i2romantis} :)
[10:41] {dino} unfortunate but true (dino hides under desk)
[10:41] {KSystems} Lisa!
[10:42] {i2romantis} I have a real issue with stops, hence some odd losses I take at times
[10:42] {i2romantis} so that's a lesson for me and why I'm trying to get more disciplined
[10:42] {dino} make stops you religion
 [10:42] {Threei}  make sure you go over blog articles devoted to stops
[10:42] {i2romantis} I know, I read everywhere about it and Vad's articles
[10:42] {magoo} and beer your beverage of choice
[10:42] {ese} STOPS   are GOD
 [10:42] {Threei}  partciluarly those that describe psychological side of it
[10:42] {dino} ask magoo, what doesit all come down to?
[10:42] {i2romantis} ok
[10:43] {magoo} GOD=get out dummy
 [10:43] {Threei}  lol
[10:43] {i2romantis} lol
[10:43] {i2romantis} so it's ok to ask stupid questions? :)
 [10:44] {Threei}  why not... magoo does it all the time
[10:44] {i2romantis} for example, the stop hits you like within minutes sometimes and then there's a reversal happening
[10:44] {i2romantis} how do you manage that? 
 [10:44] {Threei}  in fact that's all he does
[10:44] {dino} indeed, we a stupid people
[10:44] {i2romantis} just get out and keep looking for new entries?
 [10:44] {Threei}  get out when your stop is hit, period
[10:44] {dino} get out, re-evaluate
 [10:44] {Threei}  there are some discretions to that but at this point don't even go there
[10:45] {i2romantis} so that's a diff way of thinking I need to adjust to
[10:45] {i2romantis} k
[10:46] {dino} speach time: look at it this way; good trading is not about being right, it's about trading right.. expect to lose regularly
 [10:47] {Threei}  and learn not to give a flying sneeze about that
[10:47] {i2romantis} I agree, just need to get my psychology on track 
[10:50] {dino} bingo
[10:51] {dino} i will only hit about .666 of my trades on averave, so what, i expect to miss
[10:51] {magoo} i was just typing and ding dong {thats dino to newbies} average only 67 %
 [10:52] {Threei}  the rest of the beer they simply spill out on the carpet
[10:52] {dino} w/totally different styles. find your own edge
[10:52] {magoo} vads slightly higher he he
 [10:52] {Threei}  mine is 120%
 [10:53] {Threei}  I don't know how it could be but that's what I firmly believe in
[10:53] {i2romantis} k
 [10:53] {Threei}  I convinced myself about that by everyday's session of self-hypnosis
[10:53] {dino} vad=delusional   :)
 [10:53] {Threei}  and proud of it
[10:53] {i2romantis} lol
[10:53] {dino} ok, back to work
[10:54] {magoo} and drunk half the sessions
 [10:54] {Threei}  half??
 [10:54] {Threei}  and btw... look who is talking
 [10:54] {Threei}  born in sin - come on in
[10:55] {dino} nwpx at it again
[10:55] {dino} lol
 [10:55] {Threei}  - the peak on the VIX was 89.53 on Oct 24
[10:56] {dino} hell is repetition
 [10:56] {Threei}  yeah :)
[10:58] {ese} thinking EGLE at .45 break
[11:00] {dino} give me what i want and i'll go away (dino says to market)
[11:02] {ese} Vad....HOLX   looks like a diagram right out of your book...... 
 [11:04] {Threei}  probably worth a try if market helps ese
 [11:04] {Threei}  nice looking JBE
[11:07] {ese} indeed 
[11:14] {dptl} got holx at .96
[11:17] {ese} i'm in at .94 dp    got side tracked was looking at other things didn't realise i'd been filled
[11:17] {Onix} good for you, i got it .98
[11:17] {dptl} stop under .85
[11:18] {dino} last try esrx sm l .60
[11:19] {ese} yep     got mine at .85
[11:22] {i2romantis} cheers everyone and happy new year! I'm leaving for the day and will see you in the new year.
[11:22] {lisa_jay} By the way ESE HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
[11:22] {patience} happy new year i2
 [11:23] {Threei}  take care i2r, happy new year
[11:23] {KSystems} bye i2r! take care
[11:23] {dptl} oh ye Happy B-day Ese :)
[11:23] {KSystems} ese?
[11:23] {KSystems} Happy birthday :)
[11:24] {dino} asei stuck, bstop to b/e
[11:24] {dino} happy b-day es
[11:25] {ese} Long HBAN also .51 3/4........tks ksys
[11:26] {ese} got a target for HOLX........
[11:27] {dptl} offering .08
[11:27] {dino} tighten asei to .06, we'll cover commission
[11:28] {ese} have 1/2 lot was gonna hold out for .14
[11:30] {dptl} egle?
 [11:30] {Threei}  disconnected from DRYS
[11:30] {dptl} yes
 [11:30] {Threei}  hard to tell
[11:30] {dptl} .50 may be
 [11:31] {Threei}  if it starts going on its own, just read the chart... and remember how jumpy it can be
 [11:33] {Threei}  over 1:1
[11:33] {dptl} didn,t take it
[11:34] {ese} ots of resistance at 13 dp....but when it gets throught that .........hmmmmmmm
[11:34] {dptl} we should ask Vad to kick it
[11:34] {ese} definately
[11:35] {ese} VAD????
 [11:35] {Threei}  you guys are playing it differently than I would
[11:35] {ese} how would you play it
[11:35] {magoo} just noticed PLD
[11:35] {dptl} ye?
 [11:35] {Threei}  it's very thick, moves slowly,
[11:35] {dino} asei stuck still toghten to .92
 [11:35] {Threei}  I'd do scalp type I on it
[11:35] {dino} just droped
[11:35] {dptl} oh i see....
[11:35] {ese} what is scalp type 1
 [11:36] {Threei}  .95 entry, big shares, .89 stop, take scalp around 1:1
 [11:36] {Threei}  big shares, small move on a thick stock
[11:36] {ese} how big shs?
 [11:36] {Threei}  on this one for me would be 3-5K
[11:36] {ese} wow......ok....that would take nerve for me
 [11:37] {Threei}  with 6 cents stop
 [11:37] {Threei}  within normal risk tolerancwe
[11:37] {ese} I'll get there though
[11:37] {dino} esrx stop to .99 stingy mode
[11:37] {lisa_jay} Ese how long did it take you get to this stage...something for me to look forward to.
[11:38] {dino} make iot .09
[11:38] {dino} out +.49 esrx
[11:38] {ese} Hi be honest......i'm not sure......working vads system has given me more confidence for sure.....thats because i use proper stops....
[11:39] {ese} know my losses are going to be small.....
[11:39] {magoo} what stock u guys talking about?soorry was on phone
[11:39] {ese} dp and I are in HOLX
[11:39] {lisa_jay} ok, thanks Ese.
 [11:40] {Threei}  ese's way was somewhat different lisa
 [11:41] {Threei}  he moved from invetsment mindset and reading 134 books to our "not thinking allowed" mindset
[11:41] {dptl} ese,you using 1 min chart?
 [11:41] {Threei}  not = no
[11:41] {ese} yes 1 min
[11:42] {dino} lol, reminds me of my change to less=more
[11:42] {lisa_jay} It is funny, the no thinking allowed, take setup, etc comes so naturally to you....where as the same setup that i take i lose money.
[11:42] {lisa_jay} I am sure there is that little thing i am missing.
[11:42] {ese} closer to 180 books.....gave 125 of them to Russels books downtown...still have 50 or so for reference
[11:43] {dptl} i noticed i see set ups more clearly on 3 min charts for some reason
[11:46] {ese} Holx you turd......the other way man!!!!!the other way!!!!!
[11:46] {ese} how much longer is the market open?
[11:47] {dptl} full day today
[11:47] {ese} full?   i thought it wasa short day
[11:47] {dino} acap, itri on watch
[11:47] {dptl} no full
[11:48] {patience} vad, it is snowing, make it go away
[11:49] {dino} 5" fell here so far patiencer, larisa getting her white new years' wish
[11:50] {patience} it's just that the snow completely washed away dino...checked in my garden, everything budding up and bulbs are coming along nicely
 [11:51] {Threei}  no snow here
[11:51] {ese} it's rain over here by the water patience.....
[11:51] {dino} hmmmmm, not sure what to say to that
[11:51] {dino} we've already had about 2 feet this winter, usually we only get 5-5 feet
[11:52] {dino} 4-5
[11:52] {magoo} rem of a stock trader only book i read before vads
[11:52] {magoo} so easy for me to go to mindless trade
[11:52] {ese} count yourself luckY mags
 [11:53] {Threei} Long Setup:  PLD  .90 break
 [11:53] {Threei}  if stays above .80
[11:53] {dino} 1st half of way of the turtle made sense to me
[11:53] {magoo} PLD the 1 that got away today
 [11:54] {Threei}  yeah, I kind of forgot about it
[11:54] {magoo} me too
[11:54] {dino} asei to .80
[11:59] {dino} cov asei .78, +.38
[11:59] {magoo} Q read vad??
 [11:59] {Threei}  rather up than down but...
[12:00] {magoo} in PLD
 [12:00] {Threei}  half out .99
[12:00] {magoo} is 30 BIG resistance
 [12:01] {Threei}  30?
 [12:01] {Threei}  considering that it's at 14, I'd say huge
[12:01] {magoo} OY the Q
 [12:01] {Threei}  rofl
[12:01] {ese} at 13 again dp....
[12:01] {dptl} yep
 [12:02] {Threei}  can't really evaluate it mags
[12:06] {magoo} DRYS coiling
[12:07] {dino} air pocket phys
[12:07] {dino} psys
[12:08] {magoo} my revelation in the bear of 08...
[12:09] {magoo} easier to book 10 ..$100 dollar trades than 1 $1000 trade
[12:09] {dptl} out holx +.12 ty Ese
[12:09] {magoo} seriously
[12:10] {magoo} with that said..out 14.08 
[12:10] {magoo} TY boss..$100 bux
[12:10] {dino} acap sm s .75
[12:10] {dino} risky thin
 [12:10] {Threei}  out PLD in full
[12:10] {magoo} yes
[12:10] {ese} out HOLX  .09 +.15   i'll take it
 [12:11] {Threei}  HOLX worked beautifully, good spot ese
[12:11] {ese} tks
 [12:11] {Threei}  last day of this year turns out to be fairly decent
[12:11] {ese} onto HBAN......
[12:13] {Chaeron} Good afternoon all
[12:13] {dino} itri hmmm
 [12:13] {Threei}  chaeron :)
[12:13] {ese} CCCCCHHHHHHH BABY!!!!!
[12:14] {Chaeron} heheh... hey guys... stalking anything?
[12:14] {dptl} fridge.
[12:14] {dino} acap, itri
[12:14] {Chaeron} dino likes those easy ones.... fridges don't run that fast
[12:15] {dino} lol
[12:15] {dino} i need to avoid the fridge in the new year
[12:15] {dptl} lol
[12:17] {magoo} CHA CHA CHA CHIA CHAER:)
[12:17] {Chaeron} roflol... magoo hitting the champagne early
 [12:17] {Threei}  my avoidance of fridge somehow leads me right to it with amazing inevitability
 [12:18] {Threei}  and if it happens in the dark, my experience is - it's not a soft object
 [12:18] {Threei}  I have bruises to prove that
 [12:19] {Threei}  now I know where the term "fridge magnet" comes from
[12:19] {KSystems} sigh
[12:20] {dino} "go meat"
 [12:21] {Threei}  go? I never left
[12:21] {dino} hillshire farms commercial
 [12:21] {Threei}  me and meat are siblings
[12:23] {Onix} ty Vad, i got 15c in PLD
 [12:23] {Threei}  :)
[12:24] {dino} lphi
[12:25] {dino} odsy
[12:32] {dino} ac/dc just came over the internet radio
[12:36] {dino} .
 [12:43] {Threei}  guys
[12:43] {Chaeron} girls
[12:44] {lisa_jay} yes
06[12:44] * Threei slaps Chaeron around a bit with a large reminder that mama said not to interrupt speakers
06[12:44] * Chaeron slaps Threei around a bit with a large trout
[12:44] {Chaeron} just because I can
 [12:44] {Threei}  out of those who is in the room now (many vacation, slackers),
 [12:45] {Threei}  anyone's contemplating attedning Bahamas?
 [12:45] {Threei}  there are some changes according to survey results
 [12:45] {Threei}  official version will be posted soon
[12:45] {Onix} sorry, won't be able to make it
 [12:45] {Threei}  I can share details, as much as they are known at this p;oint, now if anyone's interested
 [12:46] {Threei}  onix, is particular dates are consideration, that's changing somewhat too
 [12:47] {Threei}  is = if
[12:47] {dino} not looking good for me 3i
 [12:47] {Threei}  so does venue to accomodate many who said Atlantis cost is too high
[12:49] {dino} timing not working for me 3i
[12:50] {Onix} busy time for me
 [12:50] {Threei}  if it moves to March 28-30, is it changing things?
[12:50] {dino} not for me
[12:51] {dino} but do not change things for me
 [12:51] {Threei}  no, dates and venue will be changed accordingly to survey result, to accomodate as many as possible
[12:52] {Onix} sorry, no
 [13:01] {Threei}  slackers
 [13:02] {Threei}  I will enjoy Bahams without ya'll
 [13:02] {Threei}  and magoo meanwhile will go to Bermuda
[13:04] {dino} lol
[13:05] {dino} stel
06[13:11] * laserdave1 slaps Threei around a bit with a large trout
06[13:11] * laserdave1 slaps Threei around a bit with a large magoo
 [13:11] {Threei}  lordy... give this man something not that smelly to slap with
 [13:11] {Threei}  ummm... I meant trout, not magoo {G}
[13:11] {laserdave1} haha
[13:11] {laserdave1} what timing
 [13:12] {Threei}  lol
[13:12] {laserdave1} lmao
[13:12] {laserdave1} that was crazy timing
[13:12] {laserdave1} happy new year everyone
[13:12] {dino} rate drop
 [13:12] {Threei}  same to you daviouesky
[13:12] {laserdave1} looking forward to market picking up come Monday
[13:12] {laserdave1} :)
[13:13] {laserdave1} u never know though
[13:13] {laserdave1} year end
[13:13] {laserdave1} we could get a bit of action come end of day
[13:14] {laserdave1} books might need balancing
 [13:14] {Threei}  Fri is a bit of enigma too
[13:16] {dino} happy new year dave
06[13:16] * magoo slaps laserdave1 around a bit with a large hope and more hope that daves work ethic improves and he buys alarm clock
 [13:16] {Threei}  one trading day between holiday/weekend
 [13:16] {Threei}  natural expectation would be not much action
 [13:16] {Threei}  but who knows
[13:16] {dino} like last friday
 [13:16] {Threei}  could be a setting the stage
[13:17] {magoo} difference is dino.....this friday is a brasnd new year..last fri was forget 08
 [13:17] {Threei}  we will see, and act accordingly to our undoubtedly astute observations
[13:17] {dino} you just don't get it do ya magoo
[13:17] {dino} nothing matters
[13:18] {magoo} all that matters is the game..correct
[13:18] {dino} the game, nothing quite the same, all that matters is the game
[13:19] {dino} saia
[13:19] {dino} thinnies popping
 [13:22] {Threei} Long Setup:  TLT  small shares .30 break
 [13:22] {Threei}  stop under .20
[13:23] {magoo} expensive one
[13:23] {dino} sm s itri .00, stop hod
 [13:23] {Threei}  and invalidated
 [13:24] {Threei}  just how many shortcomings can come together in one stock
[13:25] {dino} several
 [13:26] {Threei}  btw, I just realized
 [13:26] {Threei}  magoo broke his morning promise
 [13:26] {Threei}  I gave him what he wanted in a form of a few nice trades... but he is still here
[13:26] {magoo} huh
[13:27] {dptl} lol
 [13:27] {Threei}  [09:30] {magoo} give me what i want vad...and i will go away
[13:27] {magoo} dino twisting my arm to drink already
[13:27] {magoo} he wants to call it a yr..hes up something like 2k already
[13:28] {dino} acap bstop to .18 expect slippage
[13:29] {magoo} whats price of crude anyone?
 [13:30] {Threei}  I show 40.50
[13:31] {KSystems} OK, I'm out of here
[13:31] {KSystems} need to get drunk
[13:31] {KSystems} Cya in 2009, take care and don't drink too much :D
 [13:31] {Threei}  you have to do what you have to do
 [13:32] {Threei}  take care ks, happy New Year
[13:32] {KSystems} Happy New Year :)
[13:32] {dino} happy new year ks
[13:32] {dino} acap to .12
[13:34] {dino} acap slp, cov stop .12 ave. +.63
[13:35] {Onix} wtg!
[13:36] {magoo} happy KS
06[13:37] * magoo slaps laserdave1 around a bit with a large basket of cheer for new years party
[13:37] {dino} sm l esrx .05
[13:37] {magoo} DRYS vad
[13:37] {magoo} looks ready
[13:37] {dino} ty onix
 [13:37] {Threei}  could take a few tries
 [13:37] {Threei}  if you really want it, first one would be .20 break
[13:39] {magoo} egle going
[13:49] {dino} ozrk
[13:54] {dino} sm s ozrk .26 stop .57
 [14:03] {Threei}  {AXL JCI BWA MGA GT NAV}
 [14:04] {Threei}  that was I guess
[14:05] {dino} that is one of the lines that services eupoean countries if i remember correctly
 [14:05] {Threei}  yup
 [14:05] {Threei}  annual balckmail by Russia
[14:06] {dino} yes, last i think they did the same
[14:06] {dino} last year
[14:07] {dino} iflo
[14:07] {patience} first time in a year i've been caught in a trade with the system down
[14:07] {patience} want to get out of goldcorp
[14:08] {patience} on hold...yeesh
[14:09] {dino} gl
[14:10] {patience} thanks dino, i've had pretty good luck this year technically, odds had to hold true though
[14:13] {patience} oh well, watching oil contract running up
[14:16] {dino} ozrk stopped -.34
[14:17] {ese} HBAN   " it's about time" "it's about space" "it's about a family ......lost in space" wasn't that the theme to that space show in the 60's Robinson Family....
[14:19] {ese} whatever......
 [14:19] {Threei}  lol
[14:20] {dino} danger/danger
[14:41] {magoo} vad EGLE
 [14:42] {Threei}  don't know what to say mags
 [14:43] {Threei}  climbs slowly... no indication whether it continues or dies sudden death
[14:50] {dino} up to the markets imo
[15:01] {magoo} vad..put down the spiked EGGNOG and fiund me $300 bux
 [15:02] {Threei}  why 300?
[15:03] {dino} asei hmmm
[15:04] {dino} fwiw fed day top 8958, hod for dec 9026
[15:04] {dino} sell the rips still imo
[15:05] {dino} 8118 low dec
[15:06] {magoo} need it
[15:12] {magoo} [15:01] {magoo} vad..put down the spiked EGGNOG and fiund me $300 bux
[15:12] {magoo} [15:02] {Threei}  why 300?
[15:12] {magoo} [15:03] {dino} asei hmmm
[15:14] {magoo} i like christiajn bros 80 proof VS in my nog
[15:14] {ese} have a happy new year's birthday celebration time.....see ya friday
[15:15] {patience} have fun ese  :)
[15:15] {ese} see ya patience
 [15:15] {Threei}  take care ese, happy birthday and happy new year
[15:19] {magoo} anyone trading afterhours tonite lol
[15:19] {patience} nope...just waiting to unload goldcorp still
[15:20] {dino} did you get thru
[15:21] {patience} was finally able to log on but they gave me a number in ottawa, i thought what the heck...if you end up holding it, so be it
[15:21] {patience} it's up $1.30 for me so i'll see how much i can get out of it before the close
[15:22] {dino} ok
[15:22] {dino} sounds like when i try to talk w/chuck
[15:23] {patience} chuck is still around?
[15:23] {dino} schw
[15:24] {patience} oh, silly me
[15:24] {dino} :)
[15:25] {dino} mnro
[15:25] {patience} i used to like it when chuck was in the room though
[15:25] {dino} me too
[15:26] {patience} hey vad, you going to the levee's tomorrow?
 [15:26] {Threei}  nah
 [15:29] {Threei}  **in the S&P500:
 [15:29] {Threei}  - FLIR replaces NCC
 [15:29] {Threei}  - OI replaces WB
 [15:29] {Threei}  - SCG replaces MER
 [15:29] {Threei}  **in the S&P400:
 [15:29] {Threei}  - OHI replaces SCG
 [15:29] {Threei}  - VLY replaces FLIR
 [15:29] {Threei}  **in the S&P600:
 [15:29] {Threei}  - ACAP replaces MNC
 [15:29] {Threei}  - AMSF replaces FED
 [15:29] {Threei}  - ATU replaces BLTI
 [15:29] {Threei}  - INDB replaces LBY
 [15:29] {Threei}  - FSP is added
 [15:33] {Threei}  DRYS fast drop
[15:33] {Onix} FLIR relaces NCC but then VLY replaces FLIR?
[15:33] {magoo} dino..make the 3:40 call...u got the BALL
[15:33] {dino} itri bstop to flat can't move
 [15:33] {Threei}  different indexes onix
[15:33] {dino} it's coming
[15:34] {dino} 60-80 pts
[15:34] {Onix} ok ty
 [15:34] {Threei}  flir moves from 400 to 500
[15:34] {dino} we go 200-220
[15:34] {dino} just about at peak of range, 8828 was end of nov.
[15:35] {dino} cov itri +.02
[15:36] {dino} oct top at end was about 9100
 [15:41] {Threei}  in case you wondered about their plans for new year eve
[15:44] {magoo} feel bad for them.....NOT
[15:47] {magoo} look at this sell off vad
 [15:48] {Threei}  looking
 [15:48] {Threei}  DRYS bounce cadnidate
[15:48] {magoo} from where?
[15:53] {magoo} .57 was the ticket
 [15:53] {Threei}  got .61
[15:53] {dino} huh, no big push
[15:57] {dptl} ok...Happy New Year all...and all the best.......see ya friday :)
[15:57] {patience} you too dp  :)
 [15:57] {Threei}  take care dp, happy new year'
 [15:57] {Threei}  thank you all, have a great New Year eve
 [15:57] {Threei}  see you all on Friday
[15:58] {dino} out esrx .10, +.05
[15:58] {patience} have fun tonight vad, thanks for the help this year
[15:59] {dino} happy new year all, be safe
[15:59] {dawg} thanks all
[15:59] {patience} i'm holding onto goldcorp.  want to see if i can start the new year off right
[16:00] {dino} cov mnro .45, +.05
[16:02] {magoo} ty vad, everyone..have a happy