Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jan 15 2009

Finally - after three days of boredom and lukewarm performance, today we got it right. Day started out pretty much in the same key - couple scalps, couple stops... then IDCC short brought 40 cents and AMZN long gave 50, so the day immediately become nice and bright.

Session Time: Thu Jan 15 00:00:00 2009

[04:04] {fernp} this is a link to a video (2 minutes) showing how to configure the old (and free) mIRC to connect to the new server
[04:04] {fernp}
[04:04] {fernp} hope will be helpful for those who have not been able to connect to the new server using mirc
[04:04] {fernp} good morning from Spain
[07:25] {Onix} Good morning
[07:25] {Threei}  hi onix
[07:25] {Threei}  you managed to switch to mirc yet?
[07:26] {Onix} not yet, thats why i am up so early :/
[07:27] {Onix} i need you or KS to assist me please
[07:27] {Threei}  [04:04] {fernp} this is a link to a video (2 minutes) showing how to configure the old (and free) mIRC to connect to the new server
[07:27] {Threei}  [04:04] {fernp}
[07:27] {Onix} thanks
[07:48] {Onix} what happened to that video link?
[07:49] {Threei}  what do you mean?
[07:49] {Threei}  it's there
[07:49] {larisa} good morning threei, onix :)
[07:50] {Threei}  larisa :)
[07:50] {Threei}  I am viewing it right now
[07:50] {Onix} i went out and did all as directed in the the little video
[07:50] {Onix} but am not so if i must be on the old or the new site
[07:51] {Onix} sure
[07:52] {Threei}  you lost me :)
[07:52] {Onix} i came back to this new site and the link you gave me earlier is not here?
[07:52] {Threei}
[07:52] {Threei}  it's here, it's just that there is no replay
[07:53] {Onix} thanks, thats OK
[07:53] {Onix} so, all i have to do is go into the old site and make all the changes while staying logged into this new site?
[07:54] {Threei}  you need to open old mirc if you still have it, and configure it as shown in video,
[07:55] {Threei}  in order to connect to this room you need to disconnect your mibbit, otherwise you will get a message that your username is already in use
[07:55] {larisa} lol! you had to do video for the new MIRC setup ?
[07:55] {Onix} thats what happened
[07:56] {Threei}  fernp did, to help those who have troubles following pdf file
[07:56] {Threei}  and KS is going to do the same for new mirc
[07:56] {larisa} nice :)
[07:56] {Onix} where can i find the pdf file please?
[07:57] {Threei}  you have old mirc or new mirc?
[07:57] {Onix} both?
[07:58] {Threei}  ok, if you want to use old - use video instructions
[07:58] {Threei}  if new - pdf,
[07:59] {Onix} thanks
[08:08] {_cujo} good morning
[08:13] {Threei}  cujo :)
[08:17] {i2romantis} morning all :)
[08:17] {Threei}  i2r :)
[08:17] {Threei}  - Reminder: On 01/14, AAPL Sent media advisory, Steve Jobs notes health issues more complex than thought, will take medical leave of absence until June
[08:20] {_cujo} story with Jobs seems to change daily...
[08:20] {Threei}  yeah, one of those neverending sagas
[08:20] {Threei}  like YHOO/MSFT
[08:21] {_cujo} yeah, you see there being knee jerk selling right at open?
[08:21] {Threei}  anyone's guess
[08:22] {Threei}  bearishness is in the air
[08:22] {_cujo} :)
[08:24] {Threei}  - Banks are actively out making loans, some banks continue to make loans to each other. TARP is helping this process.
[08:24] {Threei}  - We are trying to follow the intent and spirit of TARP
[08:25] {Threei}  {BEAR STERNS} somebody is still expecting something from us?
[08:26] {Threei}  my favorite part though is this:
[08:26] {Threei}  banks continue to make loans to each other
[08:26] {Threei}  aren't we glad they care about each other so deeply? isn't it touching?
[08:30] {Threei}  DEC PRODUCER PRICE INDEX M/M: -1.9% V -2.0%E; PPI EX FOOD&ENERGY M/M: % V 0.1%E
[08:30] {Threei}  NITIAL JOBLESS CLAIMS: 524K V 503KE;
[08:30] {Threei}  CONTINUING CLAIMS: 4.497M V 4.611ME
[08:31] {Threei}  JAN EMPIRE MANUFACTURING: -22.20 V -25.0E
[08:34] {Threei}  not sure what in those numbers caused such enthusiasm
[08:34] {Threei}  initial claims are up once again
[08:35] {Threei}  continuing are down a bit but is it because people find job or stop looking?
[08:38] {nemo} mornin'
[08:38] {Threei}  nemo :)
[08:38] {_cujo} morning nemo
[08:38] {nemo} actually :( sick as a dog
[08:39] {nemo} anyway to see stuff I missed cujo :) (funny greetig a rabid dog that way)
[08:39] {Threei}  [08:30] {Threei} DEC PRODUCER PRICE INDEX M/M: -1.9% V -2.0%E; PPI EX FOOD&ENERGY M/M: % V 0.1%E
[08:39] {Threei}  [08:30] {Threei} NITIAL JOBLESS CLAIMS: 524K V 503KE;
[08:39] {Threei}  [08:30] {Threei} CONTINUING CLAIMS: 4.497M V 4.611ME
[08:39] {Threei}  [08:31] {Threei} JAN EMPIRE MANUFACTURING: -22.20 V -25.0E
[08:40] {_cujo} ha ha ha
[08:40] {nemo} thanks, bark! bark!
[08:44] {Threei}  any luck Onix?
[08:50] {nemo} Tag Herrn Ksystems
[08:52] {KSystems} hey :)
[08:53] {peterg} morning all
[08:53] {peterg} Thanks for looking for me yesterday vad but I was off
[08:53] {peterg} Now, ks, lets take a look!
[08:54] {Threei}  hi peter
[08:54] {Threei}  try this:
[08:54] {Threei}  [04:04] {fernp} this is a link to a video (2 minutes) showing how to configure the old (and free) mIRC to connect to the new server
[08:54] {Threei}  [04:04] {fernp}
[08:56] {ese} morning.......ok get this .....while logging onto the reality trader web page i was trying to scrole down to the chat room log on.....I accidentally grabbed vads picture at the top of the page....realeased it.....and I was staring at a gigantic size Vad on my about big brother!!!!
[08:57] {Threei}  ese, that must be scary... and very traumatizing experience
[08:57] {ese} holy canoly..........your everywhere vad
[08:57] {peterg} ok jhave to download new adobe browser, shut off everything else back soon 
[08:57] {Threei}  I for one try not to look in the mirror for about couple hours before going to sleep
[08:58] {Threei}  adobe broswer?
[08:58] {hawkfan4} lol, morning all
[08:58] {Threei}  hawk :)
[08:59] {peterg} yes
[08:59] {Threei}  no such thing...
[09:00] {patience} good morning RT, how are pre-markets this morning?
[09:00] {Threei}  was down more... now down less
[09:00] {Threei}  but still down
[09:00] {nemo} vad, maybe you should wear the ski mask when you're at home...
[09:01] {Threei}  it's an open question what is scarier, nemo
[09:02] {nemo} It's not for me to judge.  trying to be helpful
[09:05] {cosmo} ASML
[09:06] {ese} saw that as well cas
[09:06] {ese} cos
[09:07] {Threei}  01/15/09 01:01am
[09:07] {Threei}  [ASML.NV] ASML Holdings Reports Q4 Net -88M v -35Me, R 494M v 477Me
[09:07] {Threei}  - Guides Q1 Net Sales 180-200M v 249Me (guidance on Q1 sales was 180-250M) Gross Margins "around" 8%
[09:07] {Threei}  - Q4 New Machine bookings 13 units, book value 127M
[09:07] {Threei}  - Q4 Backlog 755M
[09:07] {Threei}  - Took restructuring and impairment charges in the Q4 of 138M
[09:07] {ese} reports loss bigger than expected....what else is new these days
[09:07] {geo} gm all
[09:07] {Threei}  07:06am [ASML.NV] ASML Holdings CFO: Expects to be cash positive this year, 450M break-even point corresponds with 20-25 unit sales - conf call more.. 07:06am [ASML.NV] ASML Holdings CFO: Expects to be cash positive this year, 450M break-even point corresponds with 20-25 unit sales - conf call
[09:07] {Threei}  - Not mulling partial buy back of 2017 bond.
[09:07] {Threei}  - To cut R&D investments if clients indicate cuts in their R&D.
[09:07] {Threei}  geo :)
[09:08] {ese} this is a good sign though re ASML......when stocks start going up after reporting bad news
[09:09] {ese} geo
[09:09] {cosmo} :)
[09:11] {lisa_jay} Good morning 
[09:12] {KSystems} good morning!
[09:13] {dptl} gm all
[09:14] {dino} gm all
[09:14] {Threei}  lisa, dp, dino :)
[09:15] {dino} :)
[09:16] {fernp} hello everybody
[09:16] {Threei}  fern :)
[09:16] {Threei}  thank you for your help earlier
[09:17] {fernp} welcome :)
[09:17] {Threei}  I am overwhelmed by mutual support
[09:17] {Threei}  for those who are stuggling with mirc configuration:
[09:17] {Threei}  [04:04] {fernp} this is a link to a video (2 minutes) showing how to configure the old (and free) mIRC to connect to the new server
[09:17] {Threei}  [04:04] {fernp}
[09:17] {wishbone}  good morning there a way to turn these messages off?* peterg ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[09:18] {KSystems} yes
[09:18] {fernp} old version IT IS compatible with my router
[09:18] {KSystems} look on the top bar
[09:18] {KSystems} where the channel names are listed
[09:18] {KSystems} right-click them
[09:18] {KSystems} click events
[09:18] {KSystems} and select what you want to see
[09:20] {wishbone} ok ty ks
[09:22] {cosmo} ASML should hold 16.10
[09:23] {cosmo} 16.30 pre mkt high
[09:26] {elepet} good morning. i checked in earlier and then got lost in the depths of trying to make MIRC work, and when i came back here, all messages earlier than 6:11 have gone. anything important?
[09:27] {peterg} any luck mirc?
[09:27] {peterg} Dino, magoo, mirc?
[09:27] {Threei}  no elepet
[09:27] {Threei}  you tried that video peter?
[09:28] {peterg} yes
[09:28] {Threei}  and?
[09:28] {elepet} I tried video and it did not help.
[09:28] {peterg} its for the old model, i deleted it
[09:28] {Threei}  KS will prepare same video for new mirc
[09:28] {dino} peter, i'll try after close
[09:29] {peterg} went back in time and found old model, now looking for video
[09:29] {Threei}  or if you prefer I can upload old for you
[09:29] {peterg} so far over hour +++ spent having fun
[09:29] {Threei}
[09:29] {dino} magoo m.i.a. so far
[09:32] {Threei} Long Setup:  AMZN  .90 break half lot if stays above .70
[09:34] {Threei}  not holding
[09:36] {nemo} understatement
[09:37] {Threei}  DRYS is finally coming into that 14, with two days delay
[09:39] {peterg} coming along, can I use nick on both mbt and mirc simultaneously?
[09:39] {peterg} Says already in use on mirc
[09:39] {Threei}  no
[09:39] {Threei}  one connection with one nick
[09:39] {peterg} ok so bye for now here. hopefully see you later
[09:41] {dino} ndx breaking yesterday lod
[09:42] {dino} dji, s/p too
[09:43] {cosmo} ASML tests hod
[09:44] {cosmo} salmon   
[09:44] {Threei}  brutal selling DRYS
[09:44] {geo} vad is there a way to reach dave apart from mirc?
[09:45] {Threei}  phone
[09:45] {geo} ty
[09:45] {dino} dec lows dji broken
[09:45] {fernp} RIMM broke lod
[09:46] {Threei}  VRSN is almost indecently happy
[09:48] {Threei}  one more leg down on DRYS, then bounce hunting in order
[09:48] {Threei}  or half lot on .50 break
[09:48] {Threei}  if holding .30
[09:48] {Threei}  I'd prefer another drop
[09:49] {peterg} back
[09:49] {KSystems} theres your drop
[09:50] {KSystems} sort of
[09:50] {Threei}  yeah, more or less holding
[09:50] {KSystems} still valid .50 ?
[09:50] {Threei}  yes
[09:50] {KSystems} in
[09:51] {fernp} stop under .25?
[09:51] {Threei}  yup
[09:52] {Threei}  if takes this offer at .50 should be fine
[09:52] {dino} -11% dji, ndx; -12%s&p since 01/06
[09:52] {Threei}  market strengthened a bit
[09:53] {dino} getting a bit extreme
[09:53] {Threei}  come on DRYS, show how you can do it
[09:55] {Threei}  ASML new high
[09:55] {KSystems} i hope noone of you had a stop market order above .50 drys
[09:55] {Threei}  good boy DRYS, don't stop now
[09:56] {Threei}  that would be a suicidal tyope of order
[09:57] {Threei}  ok, half out DRYS
[09:57] {Threei}  scaloers know what to do
[10:03] {KSystems} stop to under .70?
[10:03] {Threei}  a bit too tight IMO
[10:03] {KSystems} hrmm ok
[10:03] {Threei}  under .60 is my preference
[10:03] {Threei}  but it's a kind of personal preference
[10:03] {KSystems} you were so right
[10:04] {KSystems} would have rinsed me
[10:04] {Threei}  still may...
[10:05] {Threei}  it's just that knowing DRYS personality I want to give it a chance to show the character
[10:05] {Threei}  it can go to 13 or to 14.5
[10:06] {Threei}  and with profit protected, I am comfortable with sacrificing second half
[10:06] {Threei}  if you aren't, just take profit
[10:06] {Threei}  market sharp drop again
[10:07] {Threei}  good test for DRYS
[10:07] {Threei}  either it can hold against it or who needs it
[10:13] {KSystems} out drys
[10:13] {Threei}  yup
[10:14] {KSystems} DRYS - in .53 - out 1/2 .74 - out rest .56
[10:15] {peterg} back; adress banned from mirc, whatever that means. Got in, got password, could see names, then rejected. Man there is only so much of this I can take
[10:15] {peterg} thanks for help fernp
[10:15] {fernp} :)
[10:15] {peterg} two hours of rejection plus trying to make a buck
[10:15] {peterg} yikes
[10:16] {Threei}  I would think it's an after-hours work
[10:16] {Threei}  KS stayd here to help
[10:16] {peterg} yes--the mibbit thing has a conflict with laser
[10:16] {KSystems} nobody needs me *wheep
[10:16] {peterg} whenever I click on laser, mibbit disappears.
[10:16] {peterg} talk about ridiculous
[10:16] {ese} peter.....your butt must be sore by now?
[10:17] {peterg} it is not my butt that is maximally sore............
[10:17] {peterg} but I will calm down
[10:17] {geo} too much detail
[10:17] {peterg} slowly
[10:17] {peterg} you mistake my meaning
[10:18] {peterg} my head is sore; I am a sore-head
[10:18] {wishbone} peter you can install small program that will keep mibitt on top of laser: keep on top.exe
[10:19] {wishbone} if you like can send website
[10:19] {peterg} pls!
[10:19] {peterg} I think you did this yesterday, too, wish, but I din't get it.
[10:20] {wishbone}
[10:20] {wishbone} d/l keep on top
[10:20] {wishbone} have laser and mibitt running
[10:21] {wishbone} run keep on top and select mibbit from scroll down and click keep on top, minimize keep on top
[10:24] {patience} ou est magoosky?
[10:25] {larisa} are we interested in PLD at 10 ?
[10:25] {Threei}  depends... certainly worth watching
[10:26] {Threei}  C goes to zero or what
[10:27] {Threei}  both C and BAC are shortable...
[10:27] {nemo} market kinda' like a black diamond piste
[10:27] {ese} either that or this turns out to be a double botom.... 
[10:27] {Threei}  let's see if we get some worthy bounce
[10:27] {dino}  gs bloody too
[10:28] {peterg} well thank g*d for that program, my sanity will hold out because the chat now does not disappear with every single gddmn keystroke!!Many thanks wishbone!!
[10:29] {peterg} Now I can seethe in some comfort and style
[10:29] {wishbone} thank jmb...he hooked me up. glad your suffering is over, I went thru the same thing:)
[10:30] {peterg} Thanks JMB
[10:30] {geo} free software is always more work
[10:30] {peterg} yes mother
[10:30] {wishbone} ya peter you'll have to do this everytime you set up laser and mibittt
[10:30] {geo} i would have raher used paltalk but vad did not want users to pay a monthly charge.... 
[10:31] {geo} and he is he bossman
[10:31] {peterg} I hope MIRC oneday
[10:31] {peterg} I like the simplicity of the program
[10:32] {Threei}  anyone wants to be nickeled and dimed on additional software monthly chagres??
[10:32] {geo} i get it vad :)
[10:32] {Threei}  you are practically set up peter, it must be some small error at the end
[10:32] {geo} i am just pointing out the reason why 
[10:32] {peterg} I almost got it
[10:32] {Threei}  mistype of password
[10:32] {KSystems} what instructions did you follow peter
[10:33] {wishbone} btw geo thnks for the mirc tutorial, never would have figured out the install without it....
[10:33] {peterg} Tried new and old MIRC; fernp movie, pluss per4wsonal help when she found me locke3de into the old room
[10:33] {peterg} can I try at night?
[10:33] {geo} fernp is a she?
[10:34] {KSystems} sure server will be up
[10:34] {peterg} I dont know; possibly false assumption
06[10:34] * geo will watch his language
[10:34] {fernp} no geo
[10:34] {geo} lol
[10:34] {larisa} you still have to watch it geo :)
[10:34] {Threei}  lol
[10:34] {Threei}  C...
[10:34] {geo} i had that coming
[10:34] {Threei}  3.40 breakdown for short.
[10:35] {KSystems} in
[10:35] {Threei}  with stop above .50
[10:35] {geo} lot?
[10:35] {Threei}  thing keeps getting hammered
[10:35] {wishbone} c approaching november low
[10:35] {Threei}  10 cents stop geo?
[10:35] {geo} sorry
[10:37] {Threei}  BAC is bouncing
[10:38] {Threei}  C not so much
[10:39] {Threei}  one of these breakdowns must become a final one
[10:39] {Threei}  nail in the coffin so to speak
[10:39] {Threei}  descending triangle
[10:40] {Threei}  ugh
[10:40] {KSystems} stopped
[10:40] {wishbone} stopped c
[10:40] {fernp} stopped
[10:42] {geo} dcc pls vad when time
[10:47] {lisa_jay} ESE DCC please if you have a minute.  Thanks.
[10:48] {nemo} jpm caught bis
[10:48] {nemo} bids  damn "d" key
[10:53] {hawkfan4} SQNM .05 break part II, stop under .90 if it triggers
[10:53] {dino} capitulation bounce maybe
[10:56] {Threei}  larisa, you took PLD off 10?
[10:56] {wishbone} ese checked out your website last nite.....
[11:00] {larisa} I did, but sold for +.15 . Did not like that bottom at 10
[11:05] {geo} hello back
[11:06] {geo} am i connected?
[11:06] {Threei}  yes
[11:10] {dptl} .
[11:11] {nemo} oops missed C&H on JPM
[11:12] {Threei}  it's right back into trigger
[11:12] {nemo} like New England weather, wait a minute, it'll change
[11:13] {wishbone} has anyone ever had laser error: executor connection lost, and have to log back in?
[11:13] {wishbone} happens when entering orders
[11:13] {Threei}  sign of your connection going down
[11:13] {Threei}  at some point earlier
[11:13] {wishbone} still have graphs and level 2 data
[11:14] {Threei}  yes
[11:14] {Threei}  they reconnect automatically
[11:14] {wishbone} don't know connection is lost until i try to enter order
[11:14] {Threei}  executor doesn't
[11:14] {wishbone} oh
[11:14] {wishbone} can i set alert my executor connection is lost?
[11:15] {Threei}  no idea, sorry... you'll have to ask dave
[11:15] {wishbone} ok thanks anyway
[11:15] {Threei}  JPM is trying to bounce off 26
[11:15] {nemo} And now, for a Mrs. Lincoln moment:
[11:15] {nemo} LONDON (Reuters) - Societe Generale said on Thursday that the United States' economy looks likely to enter a depression and China's could implode.
[11:15] {nemo} In a highly bearish note, veteran cross asset strategist Albert Edwards said investors should now cut equity exposure after a turn-of-the-year rally and prepare for a rout.
[11:15] {nemo} He predicted that the S&P 500 index of U.S. stocks could be set for a fall of around 40 percent from recent levels.
[11:16] {wishbone} vad do u run connection thru router or directly to modem
[11:16] {Threei}  router
[11:16] {Threei}  linksys
[11:17] {wishbone} me too
[11:17] {wishbone} r u wireless
[11:17] {_cujo} have to run an errand, c ya ina bit
[11:17] {Threei}  no wish, hardwired
[11:18] {wishbone} ya me too
[11:18] {dino}   vad, we need a few more "experts" saying sell now at -12%, that will get us to bounce. cramer complaining too
[11:18] {Threei}  I guess that's exactly what is going to happen... they all come out of the woods with grim predictions when we drop
[11:19] {Threei}  and babble like champagne when we are up 20%
[11:19] {dino} yes, remember last week dec. and first 3 dats jan. worst is over declared
[11:19] {dino} days
[11:20] {dino} happens every last week of month
[11:20] {nemo} so much for the JPM trigger.  not surprised FAZ turned up
[11:25] {lisa_jay} dltr
[11:26] {gen} hi everybody
[11:27] {Threei}  gen :)
[11:27] {gen} Vad :)
[11:28] {Threei}  RIMM
[11:28] {Threei}  starts looking like break coming
[11:28] {Threei}  if market helps of course
[11:28] {Threei}  closest support is .20
[11:37] {larisa} LLTC watching 22 break, but want market  to  bounce toomarket does not help for  
[11:37] {larisa} wow
[11:37] {larisa} wii try again :)
[11:38] {larisa} LLTC watching 22 break, but want market  to  bounce too
[11:38] {larisa} lol
[11:38] {Threei}  I dunno what the need was... I got it perfectly first time
[11:38] {larisa} ok
[11:39] {larisa} you are too nice to me
[11:39] {Threei}  I may have derived wrong meaning though
[11:39] {Threei}  there was something about steak, right?
[11:39] {lisa_jay} nuan
[11:39] {Threei}  medium raw
[11:40] {larisa} exactly
[11:40] {Threei}  anyone went for RIMM around .30, half out on this spike over .50
[11:42] {nemo} faz is looking like their might be a downleg in the financials coming
[11:42] {i2romantis} medium rare?
[11:43] {i2romantis} and Vad, are you actually planning to get some sun when at Cara's?
[11:43] {i2romantis} seems that you are in almost every session
[11:43] {Threei}  hmm?
[11:48] {Threei}  wow
[11:48] {Threei}  power interruption
[11:48] {KSystems} no wish
[11:48] {Threei}  back now
[11:48] {Threei}  what did I miss?
[11:48] {KSystems} phew
[11:48] {KSystems} welcome back :)
[11:48] {wishbone} KS i can't respond to DCC
[11:49] {nemo} 3 years have passed Rip Vad Winkle
[11:49] {wishbone} KS get this message when trying to type in DCC: /msg: insufficient parameters
[11:50] {KSystems} wish: I sent you one...please try to reply
[11:50] {wishbone} i did this is what tab reads messages...not specific to nick
[11:52] {KSystems} what version are you using?
[11:52] {wishbone} Dawg did keep on top put an icon on your desktop?
[11:53] {wishbone} ks v6.35
[11:53] {KSystems} and you get that error message when JUST typing text into a private window?
[11:53] {wishbone} yes
[11:54] {Threei}  i2r... I will have a day or two around conference
[11:54] {wishbone} ks this is what i got:
[11:54] {wishbone} [11:49:17] *KSystems* test
[11:54] {wishbone} * /msg: insufficient parameters
[11:54] {wishbone} * Use /msg in this window
[11:54] {wishbone} * /msg: insufficient parameters
[11:55] {KSystems} i have never encountered that ever before
[11:55] {KSystems} is it a clean install? no previous versions?
[11:55] {wishbone} yes
[11:56] {wishbone} when i try to dcc tab on top reads persons nick
[11:56] {KSystems} did you tweak any options or scripts? :)
[11:57] {wishbone} and in text window: Chat with nick, waiting for acknowledgement
[11:57] {KSystems} ahhh
[11:57] {KSystems} that is a native DCC...a real one
[11:57] {KSystems} that wont work
[11:58] {KSystems} when we talk about DCC we usually dont mean the real DCC, sorry for the confusion
[11:58] {KSystems} initiate a "DCC" by double-clicking the nick in the channel's nick list
[11:58] {KSystems} OR by typing /query {nick}
[11:58] {KSystems} do NOT use mIRC's designated DCC feature
[12:08] {fernp} 1,2,3...
[12:09] {Threei} Short Setup: IDCC  .90 breakdown smaller shares
[12:09] {Threei}  stop above 26.10
[12:09] {KSystems} in .88
[12:20] {Threei}  downticking despite market strength... so far so good
[12:22] {Threei}  hit 1:1 for a second... not really enough to cover
[12:22] {Threei}  unless order was in
[12:22] {KSystems} you trying to cover in full?
[12:22] {Threei}  no, want to try and partial
[12:22] {Threei}  it's really weak
[12:22] {KSystems} ok
[12:23] {Threei}  ok, half covered
[12:23] {Threei}  stop to just above b/e
[12:23] {larisa} nice
[12:23] {KSystems} still waiting at .68
[12:24] {Threei}  it hit .67, you haven't got your fill??
[12:24] {KSystems} sent order shortly after
[12:24] {Threei}  oh
[12:24] {Threei}  ok, it's coming
[12:25] {KSystems} oh come on will ya
[12:25] {KSystems} out half .68
06[12:25] * Threei sends message to unknown seller to hurry and hit KS's bid
[12:25] {Threei}  see... nice request works sometimes
[12:25] {Threei}  although I still prfere violence
[12:25] {Threei}  even though Larisa won't approve
[12:25] {nemo} man after my own heart
06[12:26] * Threei hits IDCC over the head with 2x4
[12:27] {Threei}  see??
[12:27] {Threei}  more effective!
[12:27] {nemo} Conan the Destroyer:  "What is good? To crush your enemies.  See them driven before you, and here the lamentation of their women."
[12:27] {Threei}  lol
[12:27] {nemo} The guvernator himself
[12:28] {Threei}  your discretion guys, to try for more or cover
[12:28] {Threei}  hard to tell is it has more in it
[12:28] {Threei}  dive to .50 was quick
[12:30] {Threei}  if holding, probably worth moving stop to above .80
[12:30] {Threei}  to make sure it stays positive trade no mater what
[12:32] {jmb} thanks vad idcc
[12:32] {Threei}  jmb :)
[12:33] {peterg} The historian sez: the Conan quote was originally uttered by our hero, Ghengis Khan
[12:33] {Threei}  let's try again...
06[12:33] * Threei hits IDCC over the head with 2x4 with rusty nails all over
[12:37] {Threei}  oil new day low
[12:38] {Threei}  rememer my "out on a limb" about it going under 30?
[12:38] {nemo} have to be a strong limb?
[12:38] {Threei}  nah, just need good 2x4
[12:38] {nemo} oops!
[12:40] {Threei}  stop can be trailed to .75 IDCC
[12:41] {Threei}  OK... sorry larisa, but I am firmly in violence camp
[12:41] {Threei}  it's just more effective
[12:41] {nemo} Funny, I might be going to Ulan Bator this year.
[12:41] {larisa} one day some stock will hit back
[12:41] {Threei}  kind word and gun - much more effective that just kind word
[12:42] {nemo} To live in peace, prepare for war
[12:42] {Threei}  you have 40 cents on IDCC second portion guys
[12:42] {Threei}  (if my math is correct)
[12:43] {Threei}  if not covering yet, stop to above .60
[12:44] {Threei}  tighter trailing will guarantee profit maximizing and limiting the evaporation
[12:44] {Threei}  notice how it continues downticking even during market bounce
[12:44] {Threei}  this is what moved me to prtialing instead of taking scalp
[12:46] {Threei}  nice offers
[12:47] {Threei}  and larisa... I am not convinced... some will hit back, sure... but the % of those that just don't get it when asked nicely is still higher
[12:48] {larisa} all you need is love
[12:48] {Threei}  and strawberry fields?
[12:48] {larisa} :)
[12:52] {dino}    education stocks moving up
[12:52] {nemo} ooh...didn't see rimm coming
[13:03] {KSystems} IDCC - in .88 - out 1/2 .68 - out rest .62
[13:03] {KSystems} thank you
[13:04] {larisa} good job KS
[13:04] {KSystems} thank you larisa
[13:04] {KSystems} small lot though
[13:04] {larisa} thats ok, day is tough
[13:05] {Threei}  it called for a smaller lot, a bit on a thin side
[13:05] {Threei}  one of those that if went against you, could be devastatingly explosive
[13:07] {larisa} now you tell us :)
[13:07] {dino} gj
[13:07] {Threei}  why, I said smaller shares from the get-go :)
[13:09] {Threei}  - no tsunami warning issued
[13:10] {KSystems} hey guys here is a message from mibbit concerning the disconnect yesterday
[13:10] {KSystems} Sorry for the recent downtime
[13:10] {KSystems} The latest updates to Mibbit, along with the growth, have meant that things are slightly less stable than they should be.
[13:10] {KSystems} There may be a couple more restarts in the next day or 2, to get things running smoothly.
[13:10] {KSystems} Thanks in advance for your patience 
[13:10] {Threei}  oh just install that mirc already and fortget it aall :)
[13:11] {KSystems} yes
[13:16] {Threei}  want AMZN long
[13:16] {Threei}  and struggle with choice
[13:16] {Threei}  between b reak and pullback
[13:17] {Threei}  break of .55 if holding .40
[13:17] {Threei}  not my favorite
[13:17] {Threei}  or pullback into .35 area
[13:17] {Threei}  with stop under .25
[13:17] {KSystems} break it is, then
[13:17] {KSystems} in .57
[13:20] {Threei}  wow PALM
[13:23] {Threei}  come on market, time to bounce and break
[13:24] {Threei}  bounce is good... now break
[13:25] {Threei}  - California has been incapacitated by budget crisis, calls on lawmakers to work the problem out together.
[13:25] {Threei}  wow... what obedience by market
[13:26] {Threei}  unfortunalely not for long, lol
06[13:29] * Threei kicks AMZN in the rear with heavy duty army boots
[13:29] {Threei}  1:1
[13:29] {peterg} connect mirc via (6667) is this correct?
[13:30] {peterg} of course cnctn rejctd
[13:30] {Threei}
[13:30] {Threei}  no
[13:30] {KSystems} nope peterg
[13:30] {KSystems} must be (6667)
[13:30] {Threei}  out AMZN .93
[13:30] {peterg} so why mirc no take jastech
[13:30] {KSystems} type /server
[13:30] {peterg} i have inserted it 50 times
[13:30] {peterg} no joy
[13:31] {_cujo} great call Vad
[13:31] {Threei}  yeah, I have my moments
[13:31] {Threei}  lol
[13:31] {Threei}  out yet ks?
[13:31] {_cujo} ;)  hopefully more moments to come
[13:31] {KSystems} nope
[13:31] {KSystems} half still in
[13:31] {Threei}  50 cents from your entry
[13:31] {jmb} thanks vad
[13:31] {Threei}  welcome :)
[13:32] {larisa} LLTC nice on 22 break
[13:33] {larisa} I took it on pullback to .80 though and sold at 22 :)
[13:33] {larisa} lol
[13:33] {Threei}  it spiked into 22 sharply larisa
[13:33] {Threei}  can't blame you
[13:33] {larisa} right
[13:33] {Threei}  maybe I'd partyial aggressive position into that,
[13:34] {Threei}  but no way I'd take that break
[13:34] {KSystems} AMZN - in .57 - out 1/2 .76 - out rest .10
[13:34] {KSystems} thank you vad
[13:34] {Threei}  beautiful trade ks
[13:34] {Threei}  welcome
[13:34] {KSystems} beautiful call 3i
[13:34] {KSystems} :)
[13:34] {Threei}  with these two, IDCC and AMZN, we sem to finally break this pattern of dull days with thousand of papercuts
[13:35] {KSystems} I begin to discover the delights of manual stops and exits instead of automatic ones
[13:35] {Threei}  haha
[13:35] {i2romantis} green is such a beautiful colour!
[13:36] {Threei}  not that it was a long standing pattern,
[13:36] {Threei}  started just this monday
[13:36] {Threei}  but annoying nonetheless
[13:37] {Threei}  watching how little DRYS did on this market move, I have to conclude that our momo mover is probably done for now
[13:37] {Threei}  gotta look for another
[13:37] {Threei}  they all work for a while, then become boring
[13:38] {Threei}  used to be UAUA
[13:38] {peterg} How exit and remove nick from mibbit list?
[13:38] {KSystems} peterg have you closed the mibbit window?
[13:38] {Threei}  now it can't wealk 5 steps without crotches
[13:38] {peterg} did but was stopped
[13:38] {peterg} nick in use
[13:38] {peterg} just close window?
[13:39] {KSystems} yep
[13:39] {peterg} k
[13:41] {KSystems} Peter :)
[13:41] {KSystems} congrats
[13:42] {Peterg} jss h krst!
[13:42] {Peterg} is this it?
[13:42] {KSystems} yeah
[13:42] {Peterg} No memory & funny type
[13:43] {Peterg} well that was a four hours (i exaggerate slightly) well spent
[13:43] {Peterg} would some one else talk so I believe I have arrived?
[13:43] {KSystems} what was the error?
[13:43] {Threei}  lol peter
[13:43] {Peterg} I think I never got jastech selected as server
[13:43] {Threei}  congratulations
[13:44] {Threei}  didn't ckicl Add as last step probaly?
[13:44] {Peterg} not sure dont care
[13:44] {Peterg} lets party
[13:44] {Peterg} can I change the font?
[13:44] {Threei}  break out the vodka
[13:44] {Threei}  yes... right click on button #discussions
[13:44] {Threei}  Font
[13:45] {Threei}  nice market rally
[13:45] {Threei}  there was more to be had, aside of AMZN... RIMM, DRYS etc
[13:46] {Threei}  but you'll understand my hesitation to overpush it after three lackluster days
[13:46] {Peterg} Also thanks to gentleman fernp, for assistance in wilderness
[13:46] {Threei}  thank you all guys for help
[13:46] {Threei}  KS, geo, jmb, fernp
[13:46] {Peterg} you tood vad 
[13:46] {Peterg} too
[13:46] {Threei}  group hug
[13:47] {Threei}  love is in the air
[13:47] {Peterg} way to go
[13:47] {Threei}  strawberry fields forever
[13:47] {Threei}  especially considering fire-dousing mode we found ourselves with old server crash
[13:48] {lisa_jay} CPKI
[13:48] {Threei}  great job with mutual support
[13:48] {Threei}  see, Lockhart is happy too
[13:49] {Threei}  Lockhart's plot... for Bolshevok revolution history buffs...
[13:49] {Threei}  - no comments from Israel yet on possible cease fire agreement
[13:49] {Threei}  even in that corner of the world there is some silver lining
[13:50] {Threei}  one party pooper:
[13:50] {Threei}  - commenting at his confirmation hearing today; Tarullo is slated to replace Kroszner on the Fed board
[13:52] {Threei}  NQ went green briefly
[13:52] {Peterg} two things: first name now capitalized
[13:52] {Peterg} how shrink margin on left of outer box
[13:53] {dino} pcln rocking
[13:54] {dino} mcd green
[13:54] {Threei}  pullback is coming but we are probably not done yet
[13:55] {Threei}  DRYS is worth consideration near 14
[13:55] {Threei}  APOL
[13:55] {Threei}  - Note cites details on funding for student loans in draft stimulus bill.
[13:55] {Peterg} no timestamp for remarks on mirc?
[13:56] {Threei}  right click on the same button
[13:56] {Threei}  Timestamps in menu
[13:56] {KSystems} dawg
[13:56] {KSystems} any luck yet?
[13:57] {Peterg} got it
[13:58] {Threei}  SQNM
[13:58] {Threei}  scary one
[13:59] {Threei}  25 break
[13:59] {Threei}  smallish shares, really dangerous
[13:59] {_cujo} where stop on that one if breaks 25?
[14:00] {Threei}  low of the pullback before break
[14:00] {Threei}  so far .80
[14:00] {Peterg} old mirc would dominate; new one disappears beneath laser; keystroke sensitivity issue any ideas?
[14:00] {Threei}  right click on blue bar on top of mirc
[14:00] {Threei}  check the line On Top
[14:01] {Peterg} tks
06[14:01] * KSystems proposes vad to create a mirc knowledge base
[14:02] {Threei}  probably some customization tips
[14:02] {Threei}  on the most FAQs
[14:03] {KSystems} yep
[14:07] {KSystems} in sqnm
[14:07] {Threei}  DRYS, I take my words back
[14:07] {Threei}  you are still capable one
[14:07] {KSystems} stop still .80 or .90 vad?
[14:08] {Threei}  .80
[14:08] {Threei}  market pulls back...
[14:08] {Threei}  I'd like to see more enrthusiasm on this kind of break
[14:08] {Threei}  really huge offer got taken
[14:09] {Threei}  no go
[14:09] {KSystems} stopped
[14:09] {Threei}  most likely just a shake
[14:09] {Threei}  but risk is too high
[14:12] {Peterg} awfully fat Left Hand margin; how shrink ?
[14:12] {Peterg} does anyone have a small mirc box?
[14:13] {Peterg} hah
[14:14] {wishbone} peter
[14:14] {Peterg} yah wish
[14:14] {wishbone} right click top blue bar
[14:15] {Peterg} k
[14:15] {wishbone} select view and uncheck treebar
[14:15] {dptl} or use compact mode
[14:15] {wishbone} no not compact mode
[14:17] {Peterg} treebar? Only got move size minimize maximize
[14:17] {dptl} why not
[14:17] {Threei}  peter, menu - view
[14:17] {wishbone} sorry dp thought that was peterg
[14:18] {Peterg} im getting it thanks to all. Further group hugs soon
[14:19] {dptl} that compact mode will save some space...nice feature,didn't have it in ald version
[14:19] {dptl} old
[14:22] {Peterg} The long night is finally ending; I have mirc, small, adhesive and timed.
[14:22] {Peterg} and vad......
[14:22] {Peterg} if you ever put me through this again..........
[14:22] {Threei}  lol
[14:23] {Threei}  how is it my fault... :)
[14:23] {Peterg} you da owner; everything is your fault
[14:23] {Peterg} My son knows whenever anyhthing goes wrong its his fault
[14:23] {Peterg} You will learn in time
[14:24] {Peterg} Goind for a celebratory chocolate bar & diet coke BRB
[14:29] {Threei}  C
[14:31] {dino} sounds familiar....denied no funds needed, etc
[14:31] {Threei}  very
[14:35] {Peterg} OK; Hershey's SKOR chocolate with crisp butter toffee;
[14:35] {Peterg} Diet Coke with Lime
[14:35] {dino} good bye common stock
[14:35] {Peterg} taste extravaganza
[14:35] {Peterg} Now taking recommendations for best font contest
[14:36] {KSystems} wingdings
[14:36] {KSystems} size 172
[14:36] {KSystems} bold
[14:36] {dino} mmmmmmm
[14:36] {KSystems} green on yellow, please
[14:37] {Peterg} wingdings wow!
[14:38] {nemo} yodels
[14:39] {hawkfan4} 1/2 out SQNM +1.15
[14:39] {lisa_jay} wow
[14:39] {Threei}  that's indecent
06[14:39] * Threei slaps hawkfan4 around a bit with a large roll of cash
[14:39] {i2romantis} what a nice green day!
[14:39] {hawkfan4} :) 
[14:40] {dino} gj hawk
[14:40] {Peterg} wtg
[14:41] {hawkfan4} thanks
[14:42] {hawkfan4} keeping it tight on the rest, don't know if it can break the 25 strike this week
[14:42] {nemo} Yeah, see how Chavez is brownnosing the Oil companies again
[14:47] {dino} c'mon another 100 pts
[14:48] {dino} need 400 range
[14:48] {Threei}  and magoo misses this day
[14:48] {KSystems} dino: you dont trade below?
[14:48] {Threei}  this is his kind of range
[14:49] {dino} ks?
[14:49] {KSystems} j/k "[20:47] {dino} need 400 range", and you didnt post a trade today i think ;)
[14:49] {Threei}  ok... really time for pullback
[14:49] {patience} i miss magoosky dino, send him in tomorrow
[14:50] {patience} out slw (cdn) +.65   nice slow, steady ride up
[14:50] {dino} traded, but no posts, my entries have been off, working ot out
[14:50] {KSystems} oh i see
[14:50] {dino} got caught by the 8100 break
[14:51] {dino} magoo is showing a house he has for sale
[14:51] {patience} that's important...but he must be missing us terribly
[14:52] {Peterg} dawg, you m ade it onboard?
[14:52] {hawkfan4} out the rest +1.32
[14:52] {dino} yeah, he's complaining. he had to snow plow this morning, stopped in for lunch and split to house
[14:52] {dino} nice hawk
[14:52] {hawkfan4} thanks, getting back into the swing of things
[15:05] {i2romantis} wow halk, very well done!
[15:05] {i2romantis} hawk*
[15:05] {hawkfan4} thx I2
[15:06] {_cujo} test
[15:06] {_cujo} just got disconnected. 
[15:11] {dawg} no peter thought i would work on it after close
[15:11] {dawg} KS has been helping also 
[15:13] {Peterg} good luck
[15:14] {dawg} what a nightmare!
[15:14] {dawg} it is more frustrating then trading
[15:14] {Threei}  jeez
[15:15] {dawg} will not quite that bad Vad but not going to give up KS  has new video coming out
[15:16] {Peterg} what makes it worse is knowing everybody is together having fun making money and you are in prison in the doghouse in hell in purgatory no sound no voice no music money or joy
[15:17] {dawg} you got it in particular these last few days
[15:17] {Peterg} it quickly becomes personal, even though you know you are being paranoid
[15:19] {dawg} Yes so true
[15:19] {Threei}  why paranpid... it is personal
[15:19] {Threei}  we made a point not to make it easy for you two
[15:19] {Threei}  market spike
[15:19] {Threei}  in DRYS
[15:19] {Threei}  stop under .50
[15:22] {Threei}  come on, one more leg for rally
[15:23] {dptl} gn all
[15:23] {Threei}  take care dp
[15:24] {Threei}  nah... tired
[15:24] {Threei}  unless bounces from here, done
[15:28] {Peterg} ks, did you tell someone how to skip departure notes being printed on mirc? 
[15:29] {Peterg} remember how elegant and simple old mirc was?
[15:29] {Peterg} except for occ. dump problems.
[15:29] {Peterg} so we are here for.....stability?
[15:31] {dptl} right klick on channel----events,Peter
[15:32] {Peterg} channels list?
[15:32] {dptl} no,floor or discission 
[15:33] {dptl} r cklick on top of discission window
[15:34] {dptl} and then select events
[15:34] {Peterg} k
[15:35] {Peterg} and hide them
[15:35] {Peterg} ?
[15:35] {lisa_jay} Is monday a holiday for markets?  Thanks.
[15:35] {dptl} hide whatever you don; want to see
[15:35] {Peterg} got it thanks
[15:36] {dino} yes dp
[15:36] {dptl} ?
[15:37] {dino} opps lisa, yes holiday
[15:38] {lisa_jay} thanks Dino.
[15:38] {dino} c'mon 3:40 
[15:42] {Peterg} hey dawg, just wrote you
[15:43] {dino} amed
[15:43] {Peterg} gotta get that first server choice right
[15:43] {nemo} armchair quarterbacking, but people booking profits after such a swing makes sense
[15:43] {Peterg} also I think choice seven is incorrectly written; I think you choose options from beneath connect/servers, not through tools
[15:44] {Peterg} fire alalrm just went off in building.
[15:44] {Peterg} I think i'll stay put
[15:44] {Peterg} bet its false
[15:44] {Threei}  it's the same spot peter... just twoways to arrive there
[15:45] {Peterg} i had trouble with it it pulled up a previously selected screen
[15:45] {Peterg} the #6 screen
[15:48] {Threei}  PALM is pretty unbelieavble
[15:48] {Threei}  I was sure it was so done, you could put a fork in it
[15:49] {Peterg} What is the line between 1445 and 1448?
[15:49] {_cujo} repeating you wow about palm...
[15:50] {Peterg} pagination?
[15:53] {Threei}  quite amazing day
[15:53] {Threei}  good to see market regained stamina
[15:53] {patience} was very nice in the afternoon
[15:54] {Threei}  even if we are to see more of downside, the ability to stage such comebacks tells volumes about underlying impatience of the sideline money to jump into action
[15:55] {dino} 3i, forever the optimist
[15:55] {larisa} 7 down days.. i say they are too patient :)
[15:55] {Threei}  they waited for dino's support level
[15:55] {patience} i think it is jack be nimble, jack be quick trading types...not here to build up a big rally
[15:55] {Threei}  not yet
[15:56] {nemo} I'll let you know the next time I have to lie down to get the rally started
[15:56] {Threei}  but this is different from time when we saw weeks of this relentless selling
[15:56] {dino} they blew through it on dji, i must start using s&p more. it is much more supoortive. dji going by wayside, imo, getting sort if irrelevent
[15:56] {Threei}  cycles shorten
[15:56] {Peterg} stock transfer tax talked up in NYT
[15:57] {nemo} dji is weighted towards larger stocks.  Kinda' useless
[15:57] {Peterg} yesterday
[15:57] {Peterg} make the speculators pay
[15:57] {dino} agree w/you nemo
[15:57] {dino} speculators are not the problem. the boards and ceo's are the problem
[15:58] {nemo} and the market structure
[15:58] {dino} without speculation, there are no markets
[15:58] {Peterg} Sadam used to say, if there is a person, there is a problem
[15:59] {Threei}  guess who he took the words from
[15:59] {Peterg} ?
[15:59] {nemo} stalin
[15:59] {Threei}  yup
[15:59] {Peterg} birds of a feather
[15:59] {nemo} Georgy was his hero. Had a room dedicated to him.
[16:00] {Peterg} right, now that you mention
[16:00] {Threei}  Joseph you mean
[16:00] {Peterg} Palm ends up at .14
[16:00] {Threei}  amazing strength
[16:00] {nemo} I think it was a nickname because he was Georgian
[16:00] {Peterg} thnks all group hug day job calls cu tmo
[16:00] {Threei}  nickname was Koba
[16:01] {wishbone} good nite all
[16:01] {Threei}  ok guys, thank you all
[16:01] {Threei}  have a good nigh, see you tomorrow
[16:01] {larisa} see you :)
[16:01] {hawkfan4} thx vad, all
[16:01] {KSystems} bye everybody
[16:01] {nemo} take care
[16:03] {dawg} Peter is this a good time to email you?
[16:07] {dino} thx all
[16:14] {dino} test
[16:14] {dino} am i in?
[16:14] {_cujo} you are in
[16:14] {dino} so i finally got it right