Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Feb 15 2010

Positive day but the profit is barely above "worth waking up for" level. Gap and stall days are often like this. Most of plays were just scalps.

Session Time: Mon Feb 15 00:00:00 2010

[08:43] (Threei} ATTENTION non-US based: American markets are closed today. See you tomorrow morning.
[09:11] (ese} just popped in to say hi...force of habit getting up early
Session Time: Tue Feb 16 00:00:00 2010
[07:44] (Les} http://up.wbe01.mibbit.com/up/ISFgRVqj.gif
[07:44] (Les} I choose to be the Elvish sorceress. Vad, what are you?
[07:44] (Les} Nemo, you the barbarian warrior?
[07:47] (Threei} I'll remain my usuaj useless self, thank you
[07:47] (Threei} (GR) Spain Fin Min: Greece situation is a complex case; Sees no new deficit measures for Latvia, Poland or Hungary (related CE4FX EEM )
[07:48] (Threei} - Will ask Greece to apply deficit cutting measures ASAP
[07:48] (Threei} how lkong before Spain is in the same situation?
[07:48] (Les} they are in the same situation
[07:48] (Les} massive unemployment
[07:48] (Les} fern, whats the % now?
[07:51] (Threei} (GR) EU Economy and Monetary Commissioner Rehn: EcoFin recognizes bold steps taken by Greece
[07:51] (Threei} what steps?
[07:53] (Les} telling the EU to piss off. that's bold enough
[07:54] (Threei} oh
[07:54] (Threei} that makes sense then for EU to recognize that such step was taken
[08:00] (Les} is this going to be another news release, nothing happening, what's going on day?
[08:01] (Threei} who knows
[08:01] (Les} futures flat, no notable earnings release. you got anything on watch?
[08:02] (Threei} ONCY Receives Approval from the U.K. MHRA to Conduct Phase 3 Trial for REOLYSIN in Head and Neck Cancers
[08:03] (Threei} mostly usual suspects for now
[08:03] (Threei} then whatever news and scanner spit out
[08:04] (Les} Friday wrapped up first month of "getting" what market is about.
[08:04] (Les} result is 1% loss. $250
[08:04] (Les} 2nd month goal is to turn up positive result
[08:05] (Threei} question
[08:05] (Les} shoot
[08:05] (Threei} do you know what made it a losing month?
[08:05] (Les} me
[08:05] (Threei} well... yes but too generic
[08:06] (Threei} which partticular mistake, what to change?
[08:06] (Threei} what I drive at is:
[08:06] (Threei} it shoukdn't be a process of aimless wadnering until you get it
[08:06] (Les} yes, I have detailed files (to quote Schwazeneger in Terminator 2)
[08:06] (Threei} it would be too long and too painful
[08:06] (Les} stops, stops, stops. always the stops
[08:07] (Les} plus...
[08:07] (Les} trading less than well defined setups, thinking I can go with the trend or get in early
[08:07] (Threei} purposeful analysis of your trades with strioctly defined errors and recipes to correct them - that will shave years off the leasrning curve
[08:07] (Threei} ask me how I know
[08:07] (Les} how?
[08:07] (Les} :)
[08:08] (Threei} by having nofrikin one to show me how 14 years ago
[08:08] (Les} yes. your setups make more sense than ever, as I've tried playing other weaker or imaginary setups
[08:08] (Les} TM was huge winner for me
[08:08] (Les} and huge loser
[08:08] (Threei} (CA) Canadian Fin Min: Announces new home finance borrowing incentives for govt-backed mortgages, sees no evidence of Canada housing bubble
[08:08] (Threei} - Calls Canada's housing market "healthy and stable"
[08:09] (Les} funny, everyone saying same thing in australia
[08:10] (Threei} can't say for entire Canada of course, but from what I see in my neck of the woods, it's true
[08:10] (Threei} and it's second-most expensive place in Canada
[08:12] (Threei} US) Preview: Feb Empire Manufacturing data expected at 8:30am ET (13:30 GMT)
[08:12] (Threei} - Consensus expectations is 18.00 v 15.92 prior
[08:13] (Threei} PAAS
[08:13] (Threei} Pan American Silver Corp. (USA Yesterday declared first cash dividend $0.025/share -filing (yield less than 1%)
[08:13] (Threei} - The dividend will be distributed on or about Friday, March 12, 2010. Specific dates and amounts of future dividends will be determined by the Board on an ongoing basis.
[08:19] (strider} x
[08:19] (Threei} marking some spot?
[08:20] (strider} yeah...can't pee that far.
[08:20] (Threei} got it
[08:20] (strider} X
[08:27] (nemo} GM asylum mates
[08:27] (Threei} nemo :)
[08:28] (nemo} you'll be proud...2 day hangover
[08:28] (Threei} impressive
[08:28] (fernp} Good morning everybody
[08:28] (Threei} fern :)
[08:28] (nemo} Glad new years only comes once
[08:28] (Threei} AONE RBC Initiates AONE with Outperform, price target: $22
[08:29] (Threei} (EU) EU Commissioner Rehn: EU commission preparing papers regarding increasing economic governance
[08:29] (nemo} gold through the roof
[08:29] (Threei} US) FEB EMOIRE MANUFACTURING: 24.9 V 18.0E
[08:33] (Threei} SQNM Announces Launch of SensiGene Fetal(XY) (Fetal Sex Determination) Test
[08:42] (Les} PM miners catching a bid
[08:42] (nemo} just look at gold and silver
[08:59] (Threei} Technical Analtsts at UBS comment on market levels; See US equity markets heading towards a contrarian buying level
[08:59] (Threei} - US: Maintain last weeks call for using weakness as buy/add opportunity, see break above 1093 in the SPX as trigger of longer term up movement
[08:59] (Threei} - Advocate buying weakness or a break in the 1093 SPX level
[08:59] (Threei} - Eurioe: With no close above 2730 in the EuroStoxx can not call a bottom, see 2555 as strong supprt and break ahead of 2730 as sign of long term buy
[09:06] (dino} gm all
[09:06] (Threei} dino :)
[09:06] (Threei} TBUS Announces New Multi-Year Global Supply Agreement With Volvo of Sweden
[09:08] (dino} jst spit
[09:08] (dino} splut
[09:08] (dino} split, sheesh
[09:08] (Threei} it's contagious
[09:10] (ese} morning
[09:11] (dino} rigl does 100m deal and drops
[09:11] (Threei} ese :)
[09:12] (Threei} 100 m is just an upfront payment
[09:12] (Threei} with up to an additional $345M payable if specified development, regulatory and first commercial sale milestones are achieved.
[09:12] (Threei} Rigel will also be eligible to receive up to an additional $800M of specified sales related milestone payments if the product achieves considerable levels of commercial success, as well as significant stepped double-digit royalties on net sales worldwide.
[09:13] (dino} and it drops a buck
[09:13] (Threei} I guess if whole amount were paid upfront, RIGL would have been delisted on a spot
[09:14] (dino} lol
[09:16] (larisa} gm all :)
[09:16] (Threei} larisa :)
[09:16] (nemo} iral :)
[09:16] (larisa} vad. nemo :)
[09:16] (nemo} (:
[09:16] (Threei} just call him omen
[09:16] (Threei} that'kk show him
[09:16] (nemo} nice...
[09:17] (nemo} then you can call me Damien
[09:17] (Threei} Les will splash holy water
[09:17] (Threei} strider will distribute garlic
[09:17] (nemo} nah...that would burn him too
[09:18] (nemo} I'm not a frickin' vampire
[09:18] (Threei} will you be so kind to drive the wooden stake through your own heart to make our task easier?
[09:18] (Threei} so what, that should work anyway
[09:18] (nemo} speaking of...watched Shadow of the Vampire again this weekend..great movie
[09:18] (strider} Did somebody call me?
[09:19] (nemo} no
[09:19] (Threei} as Buffy said, You'd be amazed how many things can be killed with stake
[09:19] (billyc} gm all
[09:19] (Threei} billy :)
[09:22] (dino} ahh buffy, that was one hot gal
[09:23] (nemo} Kristy Swanson?
[09:23] (Threei} Sarah Geller
[09:23] (nemo} that was the TV show
[09:23] (nemo} I'm talking the original movie with Rutger Hauer
[09:24] (ese} contrarian buying level?
[09:24] (nemo} on what dude?
[09:24] (ese} sorry am behind....just reading previous posts
[09:25] (dino} geller my fav, but swanson mighty nice too. have to luv a girl that can take care of herself
[09:25] (ese} Technical Analtsts at UBS comment on market levels; See US equity markets heading towards a contrarian buying level
[09:25] (ese} what the hell is that........thats a new one
[09:26] (Threei} here is full text
[09:26] (Threei} Technical analysts at UBS comment on market levels, see US equity markets heading toward a contrarian buying level
[09:26] (Threei} - US: Maintain last week's call for using weakness as buy/add opportunity, see break above 1093 in the SPX as trigger of longer term up movement.
[09:26] (Threei} - Advocates buying weakness or a break in the 1093 SPX level.
[09:26] (Threei} - Europe: With no close above 2730 in the EuroStoxx can not call a bottom, see 2555 as strong support and break ahead of 2730 as sign of long term buy.
[09:26] (dino} value added, we are 3% above the low
[09:27] (ese} man these goofs will try anything to sound intelligent......
[09:27] (Threei} CLWR Goldman Sachs discloses passive stake increased to 6.1% from 1% - filing
[09:27] (Threei} - Goldman is now the 5th largest holder
[09:28] (lasertrev} morning
[09:28] (Threei} trev :)
[09:28] (ese} LT
[09:29] (Les} did someone want me to kill Nemo?
[09:30] (Les} big vol. in miners
[09:31] (dino} rigl sm l .75
[09:33] (Threei} Long Setup: WFC .25 break
[09:33] (Threei} stop under .15
[09:35] (dino} rigl stop is .47
[09:35] (nemo} gap at .53 dino
[09:35] (dino} yeah, i jumped the shark on .75
[09:37] (Threei} no go WFC
[09:37] (fernp} yes, stopped
[09:38] (fernp} STX, VAd? 19 break?
[09:38] (ese} wfc pullback maybe vad?
[09:38] (nemo} rimm .88 is pivot, short below
[09:38] (Threei} STX, yes
[09:38] (nemo} also support
[09:39] (Threei} WFC rince...
[09:39] (Threei} rinse
[09:39] (ese} ok
[09:39] (Threei} not sure ese
[09:39] (Threei} just goes with market
[09:39] (Les} NTES
[09:40] (fernp} .95 or .90 stop for STX, Vad?
[09:40] (ese} yup
[09:40] (Threei} .90
[09:40] (fernp} ty
[09:40] (nemo} 1/2 out rimm
[09:43] (nemo} stopped balance
[09:46] (nemo} frickin rimm
[09:46] (Les} rinsed ya
[09:46] (nemo} got 1:1
[09:46] (Les} k
[09:49] (Les} RIMM going for the gap fill?
[09:49] (nemo} not sure, probably though
[09:49] (dino} uthr
[09:50] (Les} s RIMM .58 small shares
[09:50] (Threei} Long Setup: X half lot .95 break
[09:50] (Threei} if stays above .80
[09:51] (Threei} 1:1
[09:52] (fernp} ty Vad
[09:52] (Threei} welcome
[09:52] (Les} half out ty
[09:52] (ese} nice call vad.....missed it
[09:53] (dino} uthr sm l .65 ave, risky
[09:56] (Les} stopped flat balance x
[09:58] (Threei} Short Setup: UAUA 16 break
[09:58] (Threei} if stays under .10
[09:59] (Threei} STX 1:1
[09:59] (fernp} ty
[10:00] (Threei} COIN Partners with Syndicated Gardening Radio Show to Drive Organic Fertilizer Sales in New England
[10:02] (strider} full lot confidence in UAUA, vad?
[10:02] (strider} if breaks?
[10:03] (nemo} discretionary now
[10:03] (nemo} huge buy at .10
[10:03] (Threei} it invalidated
[10:03] (strider} yep
[10:03] (fernp} PALM .95 break, vad?
[10:04] (Threei} hmm
[10:04] (Threei} hard to tell
[10:05] (Threei} if stays above .85 even during market drop and consolidates for 5-10 min more, maybe
[10:05] (strider} STX, salmon wanna be?
[10:06] (Threei} pretty much
[10:06] (Threei} just don't chase if looking for new entry
[10:06] (Threei} it makes pullbacks
[10:06] (strider} 1/3 still in from .02
[10:06] (Threei} ok
[10:06] (Threei} stop under b/e and let it trade
[10:07] (strider} PALM short?
[10:08] (Threei} ,80 break with .90 as a resistance... but I'd really prefer to see more consolidation
[10:08] (Les} I like palm as short on 1, 15 and 60 min. chart
[10:08] (strider} k
[10:08] (Threei} and decisive market breakdown
[10:08] (Threei} which to me we are likely to get
[10:09] (Threei} if I were asked toi bet on today's close, I would say triple digits red
[10:09] (Threei} but dino and larisa are not betting folks
[10:09] (Threei} so I have no one to bet with
[10:09] (dino} uthr stopped -.33
[10:10] (dino} whooshed
[10:10] (nemo} need dramamine?
[10:10] (dino} yeah
[10:11] (dino} swm sm l .55
[10:11] (Les} I'm a betting person, but not experienced enough to go against your call
[10:12] (dino} bet? open gap fill and up
[10:13] (Les} I have bottle of Grasovka I don't drink as collateral for bet...
[10:13] (fernp} ALTR, Vad. Any read?
[10:13] (Threei} no
[10:14] (Threei} Short Setup: RIMM .75 break
[10:14] (Threei} if stays under .90, and desirably even under .85
[10:14] (ese} L bebe .27
[10:15] (dino} swm stopped, -.35
[10:15] (ese} sm
[10:16] (nemo} stopped rim
[10:16] (Threei} yeah
[10:17] (dino} ugh uthr
[10:17] (Threei} AINE...
[10:17] (nemo} aone?
[10:17] (strider} ??
[10:17] (Threei} tries to gain momo on morning upgrade
[10:17] (Threei} yes
[10:17] (Threei} AONE
[10:18] (nemo} rinse rimm
[10:18] (ese} out bebe .42
[10:18] (ese} +.15
[10:18] (dino} gj
[10:19] (ese} tks
[10:19] (Threei} rude RIMM
[10:19] (ese} jees .416825
[10:19] (dino} swm pretty good drop
[10:20] (Threei} that's highway robbery ese
[10:20] (fernp} I hate RIMM. PALM, Vad? if breaks?
[10:21] (Threei} I think so
[10:21] (nemo} nah, we boo booed on RIMM, pivot resistance was at .88 and vwap was at .91, bad stop placement
[10:21] (ese} yup
[10:21] (ese} wa only 1500shs
[10:22] (nemo} ohhh, big bid at .80 on palm
[10:22] (Les} should drop like a ton if it breaks thru that
[10:25] (dino} bgc sm l .50
[10:26] (fernp} ALTR 1:1
[10:29] (dino} risky swm sm l .02
[10:30] (strider} is PALM lookng better now?
[10:30] (nemo} looking long now
[10:30] (strider} well that's better.
[10:31] (nemo} pov
[10:31] (strider} that's right, Maury
[10:31] (dino} cml l .80
[10:31] (ese} L apwr .80
[10:32] (fernp} SNDK, Vad?
[10:33] (Threei} Market Internals update at 10:30amET
[10:33] (Threei} - NYSE volume 190M shares, about 23% below its three-month average; advancers lead decliners by 3.1:1.
[10:33] (Threei} - NASDAQ volume 455M shares, about 10% below its three-month average; advancers lead decliners by 1.6:1.
[10:33] (Threei} - VIX index +2.2% to just over 23.00
[10:34] (ese} out apwr .88 +.08
[10:34] (ese} daaaaaaaaa
[10:37] (Threei} a bit of a gambling call, make it discretionary:
[10:37] (strider} out last of STX, .35
[10:37] (Threei} Long Setup: AONE .70 break
[10:38] (Threei} wtg strider, nice one
[10:38] (strider} did an umbrella trade during that one.
[10:39] (Threei} it was a good candidate
[10:39] (strider} wish I'd had more shares, I'd have stuck around awhile longer.
[10:39] (Threei} RIGL Hearing Rodman & Renshaw making positive comments; Reiterates Outperform rating, price target $26 (timing uncertain)
[10:40] (Threei} 26, eh?
[10:40] (ese} stec .99 L
[10:40] (ese} ahhhh .98
[10:40] (Threei} you'd think it should be capable of making single uptick on such an upograde?
[10:40] (ese} this is you dino
[10:41] (ese} didn't make -2.00 but looks good
[10:41] (dino} lol
[10:41] (fernp} .60 is AONE stop?
[10:41] (ese} stop .80
[10:41] (dino} 2.6 he means
[10:44] (ese} if stec makes .40 today......will make a huge reversal bar on the daily chart....
[10:44] (Threei} just under fern
[10:45] (fernp} ok
[10:45] (Threei} keep size controlled, stock is volatile
[10:45] (fernp} yes, ty
[10:45] (nemo} oops
[10:46] (fernp} impossible
[10:47] (_cricket} New guy here, just want to make sure AONE Long above .70 and stop is below .60
[10:47] (fernp} UAUA Vad
[10:47] (nemo} yep
[10:47] (Threei} yes cricket, but don't chase
[10:47] (_cricket} k thx
[10:48] (nemo} mmmmhhhh fish eat crickets
[10:48] (Threei} this is very volatile stock, that's why comment about call being discretionary
[10:48] (_cricket} nemo i hope there is no fish here
[10:48] (Threei} lol, nemo is clownfish
[10:48] (Les} a fish head, yes
[10:49] (Threei} UAUA.. we forgot about it fern
[10:49] (Threei} short reestablished itself and worked like charm
[10:49] (Threei} my fault
06[10:49] * nemo slaps Threei around a bit with a large cricket
[10:49] (Threei} RIGL woke up
[10:49] (dino} welcome cricket
[10:49] (_cricket} thx dino
[10:49] (fernp} no problem Vad. I took .73 w/stop above .81
[10:50] (fernp} 1:1 is here
[10:50] (fernp} ty
[10:50] (dino} swm stopped again
[10:50] (fernp} PALM still there
[10:50] (Les} PALM returning to trigger
[10:50] (Threei} welcome... but I wish I continued monitoring it and called 16 break short second time
[10:50] (Les} u r too fast fern
[10:51] (Threei} plants are fast Les, didn't you know?
[10:51] (fernp} and PALM now, Vad. What do u think?
[10:51] (nemo} rigl should run into resistance just above 9
[10:51] (Threei} nah, not without more solid consolidation
[10:51] (Les} ferns are prehistoric
[10:51] (Threei} I still like the idea of shorting on .80 break
[10:52] (fernp} ok
[10:52] (Threei} but it's hard to structure play now
[10:52] (nemo} look at the bid at .80
[10:52] (Threei} that's why I like it nemo
[10:52] (strider} PAAS salmon
[10:53] (nemo} rimm forming rising wedge
[10:54] (strider} paLM broke
[10:55] (Les} hmm big vol. spike down. don't like it
[10:55] (Threei} that's the volume from hitting that bid, Les
[10:56] (Threei} how else do you expect it to break such bid?
[10:56] (Les} k
[10:56] (Les} hoping it was going to break on silver platter for me
[11:01] (Threei} mot much action today
[11:01] (Threei} aside of X and STX
[11:01] (Threei} those two were beauties
[11:01] (ese} L gnvc .3675
[11:01] (Threei} the rest is zzzz
[11:02] (ese} huge
[11:02] (Threei} I am scarwed even to ask what huge is in your term ese
[11:03] (strider} AET forming inverse c&h
[11:03] (Threei} 100K?
[11:03] (ese} no 15k
[11:03] (Threei} whew
[11:03] (Threei} scared me for a sec :)
[11:04] (ese} quick stop .34
[11:04] (nemo} do we have a stop on palm?
[11:04] (dino} bwld .74 sm l
[11:05] (ese} sorry vad 20k not 15
[11:05] (ese} old time fitb look here
[11:07] (Threei} I don't nemo, I said I don't see how to structure the play
[11:07] (dino} enoc
[11:08] (Threei} wherever it was placed prior entry, it makes sense to trail it now
[11:08] (ese} nice
[11:09] (Les} ok. PALM lod b/d with ..85 stop?
[11:09] (dino} enoc sm l .99
[11:10] (ese} out gnvc .39
[11:10] (Threei} S&P analyst comments that US "shadow" housing inventory may take 33 months to clear
[11:10] (Threei} - The current "shadow inventory" (which includes all delinquent loans, not only those that are real estate owned [REO]) of troubled mortgages will likely take about 33 months--or nearly three years--to clear at the current rate of liquidations. Moreover, we believe this estimate is conservative, as we do not assume any loans that have yet to show any serious signs of distress to date will default in the future and further increase the overhang of homes. Nonetheless, we believe that in reality additional loans will default in the near future due to the weak economic environment, distressed residential home values, and the resulting contraction in the supply of mortgage finance.
[11:10] (ese} $500 bucks the easy way
[11:11] (Les} a juicy type 1 - nice
[11:11] (Threei} Verizon Communications Launches strategic parternership with Skype to allow Skype service on smartphones
[11:11] (Threei} ***Note that on 2/15 the FT reported that Verizon would disclose a partnership with Skype to allow its customers to make free or low-cost calls using Skype on its network.
[11:12] (Threei} Short Setup: X .75 half lot
[11:12] (Threei} if stays under .90
[11:14] (Threei} invalidated for now
[11:14] (ese} tks les
[11:14] (nemo} breaks don't seem to be playing today
[11:15] (nemo} the whack-a-mole algos are at it today
[11:15] (Threei} UAUA. STX and X will beg to differ
[11:16] (nemo} rimm palm and a few others I've looked at, no
[11:17] (ese} daaaaaa stopped stec .80 -.18
[11:17] (nemo} aone didn't either
[11:17] (Threei} AONE went 1:1, then died
[11:17] (Threei} what's the problem with that?
[11:17] (nemo} oh, it hit 1:1...
[11:17] (nemo} yep
[11:18] (nemo} well, almost
[11:18] (fernp} ALTR, SMH, FAZ, UAUA and STX breakouts worked for me nemo :-)
[11:18] (nemo} o.k. I give
[11:20] (Threei} too late... we made a firm commitment to slap you with some other fish as soon as you are not looking
[11:20] (nemo} like brk.b long on brak of .70?
[11:20] (nemo} .04 stop...
[11:20] (strider} HIG?
[11:21] (Threei} not sure BRK.B
[11:21] (Threei} BBs tightened greatly
[11:21] (Threei} spike is coming,
[11:21] (Threei} and I would put odds of spike down a little greater than up
[11:22] (nemo} well, you're going with triple digit down today, right?
[11:22] (fernp} SBUX any opinion, Vad?
[11:22] (Threei} that's my attempt to call yellow bellies on the carpoet
[11:22] (nemo} lily livered yellow bellies?
[11:22] (Threei} I don't see any play on HIG, strider
[11:23] (Threei} just moves with market
[11:24] (Threei} SBUX... chart is right, everything else is not
[11:24] (Threei} time of the day, market stance
[11:24] (Threei} everything says stay away, it's pretty much random
[11:24] (Les} APC .60 break?
[11:24] (fernp} ok ty
[11:24] (Threei} no Les, not by me
[11:25] (Threei} and...
[11:25] (Threei} Short Setup: BRK.B .65 break
[11:26] (nemo} this stock reminds of the guy who used to draw "Bloom County
[11:28] (Threei} SO Confirms US Administration loan guarantees for nuclear power plants
[11:28] (ese} L yhoo .32
[11:28] (Threei} - U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has offered its subsidiary Georgia Power a conditional commitment for loan guarantees for the construction of the nation's first nuclear power units in more than 30 years, a move designed to help spur a renaissance in America's nuclear industry.
[11:29] (Threei} BRK.B is invalidated
[11:29] (Threei} this sudden market spike added to randomness
[11:29] (Threei} Preview: several Fed speakers are scheduled to speak this afternoon
[11:29] (Threei} **at 12:00ET, Kansas City Fed Pres Thomas Hoenig will speak at a forum on budget policy about "Avoiding a Government Debt Crisis." Advance text and Q&A are TBA.
[11:29] (Threei} **at 12:30ET, Atlanta Fed Pres Dennis Lockhart will speak on early childhood education. He will take Q&A after the speech.
[11:29] (Threei} **at 12:45ET, the new Minneapolis Fed Pres Narayana Kocherlakota will discuss the economic outlook. An advance text and audience Q&A are expected. This will be Kocherlakota's first public speech since being named the Minneapolis Fed president on Oct 8.
[11:30] (nemo} wow...now that's a name
[11:32] (ese} out yhoo .37 +.05
[11:32] (nemo} brk.b stopped at 200
[11:34] (strider} Do laser's charts not adjust for splits?
[11:34] (Threei} somew do some not... gtta ask trev
[11:35] (Threei} PALM won't go up with market
[11:36] (Threei} more and more looks like downside salmon in the making
[11:36] (Threei} only this market strewngth keeps it floating
[11:37] (Threei} be back in 30 min guys
[11:38] (nemo} rimm probably looking to close gap
[11:38] (ese} L mpel .89 sm
[11:39] (ese} broke 3 days high
[11:41] (Les} energy stocks look like they want up. APC continues higher. back later
[11:42] (nemo} oil way up
[11:42] (ese} think i might have goofed on this vad......i know it's one of your screens but the momo isn't what it should be
[11:42] (ese} maybe the market will help it
[11:42] (strider} vad's out for 30 min.
[11:43] (nemo} yeah but _notvad is here
[11:43] (strider} oooooooohhhhhhh!
[11:44] (ese} oh well here we go
[11:48] (ese} out .91 mpel +.02 call it break even....not enough momo
[11:54] (_pronk} Hi guys, I assume most of all use itelli scan, but what brokers and software do you recommend for trading?
[11:54] (_pronk} location Canada if that makes a difference
[11:54] (strider} Hi pronk.
[11:55] (_pronk} strider
[11:55] (strider} I don't use intelliscan.. use Laser software.
[11:55] (_pronk} for everything
[11:55] (strider} no.
[11:56] (strider} For daytrading.
[11:56] (strider} MB Trading for other stuff.
[11:57] (nemo} LASER has excellent execution, charts a bit limited
[11:57] (_pronk} what do you use for a scanner?
[11:57] (nemo} Vad uses intelliscan
[11:58] (nemo} Dino, has his own setup through his broker
[11:58] (strider} I use a newsfeed........and vad:)
[11:58] (nemo} Frankly, I watch a set of stocks and trade them
[11:58] (nemo} If, somebody points out a wild one, fine
[11:58] (dino} cyber/schwab st smartpro
[11:58] (larisa} I use Laser and MBtrading side by side. Laser executions win on fast stocks.
[11:59] (dino} magoo w/laser, better executions than i get
[11:59] (nemo} also, BEAR capital's costs are low
[11:59] (_pronk} Great, thanks for all the suggestions
[12:01] (strider} HIG h&s
[12:01] (nemo} yeah, but a swamp of support below it until .73
[12:02] (nemo} although. looking at trend line from Friday...
[12:02] (nemo} tough call
[12:07] (strider} CAT maybe
[12:09] (nemo} dropping volume on this peak
[12:10] (nemo} lunchtime..not fond of breakouts at this time
[12:10] (dino} swm sm l .51
[12:10] (nemo} I actually give cat short better os
[12:10] (nemo} odds
[12:10] (strider} SLE halted
[12:11] (strider} they found somebody that doesn't like Sara Lee?
[12:11] (larisa} lol
06[12:11] * nemo slaps strider around a bit with a large pound cake
[12:11] (strider} can I get ice cream with that?
06[12:12] * nemo slaps strider around a bit with a large bowl of Heavenly Hash
[12:12] (Threei} back
[12:12] (nemo} happy happy joy joy
06[12:13] * Threei slaps nemo around a bit with a large dose of anti-sarcasin
06[12:13] * nemo drinks a large dose of anti-sarcasm -antidote
[12:13] (Threei} (US) Fed's Hoenig: Need to cut spending and raise taxes now; rising debt threatens Fed independence, inflation, and debt goals
[12:13] (Threei} - Hyperinflation is possible when the economy is under a great deal of stress.
[12:13] (Threei} - There is a risk the Fed may be asked to monetize US debt; feels if the fiscal situation is not addressed the currency will weaken
[12:13] (Threei} - US fiscal policy needs to concentrate on cutting debt.
[12:14] (Threei} this is beyond pale:
[12:14] (Threei} - There is a risk the Fed may be asked to monetize US debt
[12:15] (Threei} what the deuce? after all the affirmations "we are not going to monetize debt" and after all the whining about Fed's independnce?
[12:15] (nemo} they have been monetizing the debt
[12:17] (dino} salvation thru inflation
[12:17] (Threei} Market Internals update at 12:00pmET
[12:17] (Threei} - NYSE volume 360M shares, about 20% below its three-month average; advancers lead decliners by 3.9:1.
[12:17] (Threei} - NASDAQ volume 890M shares, about 5% below its three-month average; advancers lead decliners by 1.9:1.
[12:17] (Threei} - VIX index -1.75% to just over 22.00
[12:22] (Threei} Short Setup: PALM .75 break if stays under .85
[12:24] (nemo} could that be a two-way, because the top of a trend line since Friday at 1:00 is right around .81
[12:30] (Les} CLF 48 b/d?
[12:30] (Threei} yes but half lot
[12:30] (Threei} thin one
[12:37] (strider} we still waiting on PALM?
[12:38] (fernp} yup
[12:38] (Threei} (US) Preview: Feb NAHB Housing Market Index due out at 13:00ET
[12:38] (Threei} **consensus expectation: 16e v 15 prior
[12:40] (strider} Panasonic upgraded earlier to Hold from Sell at Citigroup :t
[12:40] (strider} If the previous advice was to sell....what is there now to hold?
[12:42] (dino} swn out .04,
[12:42] (dino} +.54
[12:45] (fernp} gj dino
[12:48] (dino} needed that
[12:48] (fernp} KLIC any read, Vad?
[12:48] (Threei} I guess it's "if you were smart enough not to listten to our sell advice, now hold"
[12:49] (Threei} yea fern
[12:49] (Threei} I read KLIC as infuriating stock
[12:49] (Threei} day adter day it hits my scanner
[12:49] (Threei} look at daily
[12:50] (strider} If not KLIC, how about KLAC?
[12:50] (Threei} and day after day I can't find damn entrey on it
[12:50] (strider} I think they're brothers.
[12:50] (fernp} ty Vad
[12:50] (fernp} daily is too extended
[12:50] (Les} AIG fallen under 200 and 50 ma on 1 min.
[12:50] (Threei} that's what I think for the whole of last week
[12:51] (Threei} yet darn thing extends even further, lol
[12:51] (fernp} lol
[12:52] (fernp} DNDN also consolidating on highs
[12:52] (Les} stopped CLF
[12:56] (Threei} US) Fed's Hoenig: Fed asset purchases have brought the Fed into the political sphere - Q&A
[12:56] (Threei} no really?
[12:56] (Threei} - Need to remove assets from the balance sheet as quickly and as systematically as possible
[12:57] (Threei} - may encounter adverse affects on the economy if the Fed does not shrink the balance sheet to normal
[12:57] (nemo} define normal
[12:57] (strider} _notnemo.
[12:57] (nemo} nice
[12:58] (Threei} rofl
[12:58] (Threei} that was good one strider
[12:58] (dino} lol
[12:58] (nemo} magoo would enjoy that
[12:58] (Threei} no jkidding, where is the old alcoholic??
[12:59] (dino} i don't know, snow storm, so maybe out plowing
[12:59] (Threei} speaking of... I may have to redeem my own sins on this weekend. I corrupted patience by introducing her to straight vodka
[12:59] (dino} had a seagrams citus martini on sunday, quite tasty
[13:00] (Threei} *(US) FEB NAHB HOUSING MARKET INDEX: 17 V 16E
[13:00] (Threei} - no revisions
[13:00] (Threei} - NAHB Economist: (related SPY SHY EUR/USD XHB )
[13:00] (nemo} hah swm might go momo
[13:05] (fernp} FITB around 12 Vad. Any suggestion?
[13:05] (nemo} rimm climing against market
[13:06] (Threei} daily is nice for 12 break fern,
[13:06] (fernp} maybe tomorow
[13:06] (Threei} just need according market acrivity
[13:06] (fernp} yes
[13:07] (Les} NOV .70 b/d?
[13:07] (Threei} market right nowe is deasd a a doornail in yesterday's cake
[13:07] (Les} after this bounce?
[13:07] (Threei} probably Les
[13:07] (Threei} kind of 51/49
[13:08] (larisa} doornail in cake??
[13:09] (Threei} yesterday's cake
[13:12] (nemo} swm kinda looks like Maine
[13:13] (Threei} tempted to short X
[13:13] (nemo} and I was just looking at it long
[13:13] (Threei} don't see clean setup yet
[13:13] (nemo} bounced right off 200 and formed a morningstar
[13:13] (nemo} that's bullish
[13:14] (nemo} geek inverted H&S
[13:17] (ese} gotta go all......have had a good day cya tomorrow
[13:17] (Threei} take care ese
[13:17] (ese} cya vad
[13:18] (Threei} should have listened to nemo
[13:18] (nemo} about what?
[13:18] (Threei} taking X long
[13:19] (nemo} oh
[13:21] (nemo} fas had a nice break above .20 but the .35 stop wasn't too my liking, probably goes to .75 today
[13:23] (nemo} ahh 69.75 that is
[13:24] (Threei} Fed's Kocherlakota: Inflation may increase if the Govt fails to adopt good policies - Q&A
[13:24] (nemo} third trip for rimm to this area
[13:28] (dino} lgf
[13:30] (nemo} Icahn tender offer
[13:30] (Threei} LGF Second largest holder Icahn reportedly launches a tender offer for 13.2M shares at $6.00/shr
[13:30] (Threei} - Note: Icahn had disclosed an increased stake to 15.1% in Feb.
[13:33] (Threei} SQNM suddenly found strength
[13:33] (Threei} news is out premarket
[13:33] (strider} short HOG .97, stop .00 :)
[13:33] (fernp} FITB broke 12
[13:36] (Threei} SQNM tries to develop momo
[13:38] (dino} thx 3i, found it, lgf
[13:39] (nemo} rimm building wedge
[13:42] (Threei} anyone has suggestions for plays on nuclear energy?
[13:42] (Threei} USEG used be one but it's a piece of crap now
[13:43] (Threei} SQNM, see if pulls back harshlky into 5-5.10
[13:43] (Threei} should be a scalp entry there
[13:44] (strider} Do you just buy the pullback, vad....or is there still a setup to wait for?
[13:44] (Threei} momo... rarely gives setups
[13:44] (nemo} you like fas break of 72 stop under .60?
[13:44] (nemo} could be a switchitter uner .60
[13:45] (Threei} 50/50, nemo...
[13:45] (Threei} oh, and credit where credits due... kudos to Obama for finding guts to restart nuclear power
[13:48] (patience} .
[13:48] (Threei} works, FAS
[13:49] (Threei} went for it nemo?
[13:49] (nemo} no
[13:49] (fernp} i played FAZ .69 breakdown and .49 breakdown
[13:49] (fernp} worked great!!!
[13:50] (nemo} you shorted faz?
[13:50] (fernp} yes
[13:51] (nemo} rimm testing top of triangle
[13:52] (strider} have we hit the HOD?
[13:52] (nemo} on indexes? below
[13:53] (strider} huh?
[13:53] (nemo} HOD on what?
[13:53] (strider} indexes
[13:53] (strider} indices, actually.
[13:53] (Threei} anf they are both are English-speaking
[13:53] (nemo} "below"
[13:54] (strider} what does that mean?
[13:54] (strider} below
[13:54] (nemo} below the HOD
[13:54] (fernp} debajo
[13:54] (strider} I know we're below, nemo.
[13:54] (nemo} [13:52] (strider} have we hit the HOD?
[13:54] (nemo} [13:52] (nemo} on indexes? below
06[13:54] * nemo slaps strider around a bit with a large pair of reading glasses
[13:54] (strider} Will the indexes make a new high this afternoon?:)
[13:55] (strider} you didn't answer my question. You answered another question.
06[13:55] * nemo slaps strider around a bit with a large quija board
[13:55] (strider} oija
[13:55] (nemo} weja
[13:55] (strider} or 'wee-gee" in east Tennessee.
[13:56] (nemo} wegahh in Mass
[13:56] (strider} figgurs
[13:56] (nemo} figahhs
[13:59] (strider} I lak th way you talk.
[14:00] (nemo} you got a purdy mouth
[14:00] (nemo} I gotta' go shoot myself
[14:00] (strider} uh-oh.
[14:01] (nemo} Deliverance
[14:01] (strider} Slingblade.
[14:01] (strider} Some people call it a kaiser blade.
[14:02] (nemo} a caesar blade?
[14:03] (nemo} aig riding support
[14:03] (larisa} whos your favorite olimpian strider?
[14:03] (strider} don't know how you spell that usage.
[14:03] (strider} favorite?
[14:03] (nemo} kaiser=caesar
[14:03] (Threei} Zeus?
[14:03] (nemo} nice 3i
[14:03] (larisa} sigh
[14:03] (strider} don't mean it's spelled that way for a slingblade.
[14:03] (nemo} I like Jupiter
[14:03] (strider} jump in anywhere, laris.
[14:04] (nemo} I know...I'm just bored
06[14:04] * nemo slaps larisa around a bit with a large down taffeta pillow
[14:04] (strider} HOG forming a head & shoulder & head & shoulder
[14:04] (Threei} Market Internals update at 2:00pmET
[14:04] (Threei} - NYSE volume 540M shares, about 12% below its three-month average; advancers lead decliners by 4.2:1.
[14:04] (Threei} - NASDAQ volume 1.27B shares, about 7% below its three-month average; advancers lead decliners by 1.9:1.
[14:04] (Threei} - VIX index -0.75% to just over 22.50
[14:05] (nemo} oh a quasimodo
[14:05] (Threei} lol
[14:05] (strider} sort of .
[14:05] (Threei} pains me to admit but it was a good one nemo
[14:05] (nemo} :)
[14:06] (strider} now you rurn't him.
[14:06] (nemo} nah...
[14:07] (nemo} can't get much worse
[14:07] (strider} One can only hope.
[14:07] (nemo} hope is a dirty word
[14:07] (nemo} hope=expectations=not_reality
[14:08] (strider} So my choice is between nemo and fantasy?
[14:08] (strider} hmmm...
[14:08] (nemo} carful bub...
[14:09] (strider} somebody please sit on the HOG.
[14:09] (nemo} ?
[14:09] (strider} jump up and down, do something.
[14:09] (nemo} whack the kickstand
[14:09] (strider} here we go.
[14:13] (nemo} spy bounced of 200
[14:15] (nemo} bgc DBI or long?
[14:17] (Threei} BBs tightened greatly
[14:17] (Threei} but direction is anyone's guess
[14:17] (dino} was down 4 friday
[14:18] (nemo} volume coming in
[14:19] (nemo} even fas trading by appointment
[14:20] (nemo} some big sells in bgc
[14:22] (nemo} wow 264000 and 349000 lots just hit bids
[14:23] (strider} just add 2 zeros.
[14:23] (nemo} oh still big
[14:24] (nemo} sorry
[14:24] (strider} somebody's scarfin up everything at .70
[14:24] (nemo} mhhhh, offer miht be lifting
[14:24] (nemo} might
[14:25] (Threei} sleeepy market
[14:26] (Threei} BGC seems to swear off trading
[14:26] (Threei} I, BGC, solemnly swear nevfer ever to move any single cent again
[14:28] (nemo} shoulda' bought on your comment
[14:32] (Threei} well... you would have sqwueezed whole 5 cents out of it
[14:32] (nemo} .08
[14:33] (strider} KFT spikke
[14:33] (strider} spike
[14:34] (nemo} I was thinking (incorrectly perhaps) when all those shares were sold at .70 and it wouldn't break, once it lifted the offer it was probably not going back down
[14:35] (strider} AMZN new low
[14:35] (Les} AWIAV?
[14:35] (Threei} that's a valid line of thinking
[14:35] (Threei} it's just more applicable in active market...
[14:35] (nemo} who me?
[14:36] (Threei} this swampy one that wer have for the last few hours is just too random
[14:36] (Threei} yes
[14:36] (nemo} glad I'm sitting down
[14:39] (nemo} FAS has broken uptrend line, wealkness in market below .50 could be short...having said that 200 ma is creeping up on .30
[14:39] (nemo} SPY riding 200
[14:42] (nemo} interesting...fas right at resistance of a 2ndary trend line from 1:30 peak
[14:43] (Threei} SBUX Burger King to reportedly begin selling Starbucks coffee this summer
[14:44] (Les} PALM has become an HFT play, stuck between .80 & 78
[14:45] (Les} sorry, that was question, not assertion
[14:45] (Threei} it stuck... but it has nothing to do with HFT
[14:46] (Les} no, human traders can fix a stock in such a manner?
[14:47] (Threei} sorry Les, it makes no sense
[14:47] (Threei} this form of question I mean
[14:48] (Threei} one big seller can keep stock from moving against all the buying, human or not
[14:48] (Threei} until they take all the shares he has for sale
[14:48] (Threei} or until they run out of shares they wanted to buy
[14:48] (Threei} same on opposite side
[14:48] (Les} ahh ok. I often saw BAC in such a trading pattern. thought the computers were doing it
[14:49] (Threei} what difference it makes?
[14:49] (Threei} I can't understand the very concept of trying to differentiate bwteen what computers do and what hunmans do
[14:50] (Threei} will it give you a clue about duirection?
[14:50] (Threei} or about anything actually
[14:50] (nemo} We are borg
[14:50] (Les} was under impression that BAC or PALM was no longer tradable, if nothing else because computers were bouncing it back between themselves for the rebate
[14:50] (dino} lost me
[14:51] (Threei} how does it make them proftable?
[14:51] (nemo} my head hurts
[14:51] (Les} different way of seeing stock, that the price is stuck because of a big seller or buyer..
[14:51] (Threei} there is some misconception about that out there
[14:51] (dino} overthinking it, imo
[14:51] (strider} RIMM b/d?
[14:51] (Threei} don't strider, totally random
[14:51] (Les} true dino
[14:51] (strider} k
[14:52] (Threei} everyione seems to think compuaters buy and sell and get rebate
[14:52] (Les} but that is what popular media gave me impression of
[14:52] (Threei} well, they are idiots with no skightest clue
[14:52] (dino} computers just run the matrix, which is why everything tastes like chicken
[14:53] (Threei} if they had an idea what they were talking about they would realize that:
[14:53] (Threei} in order to get rebate, one needs to add liquidity
[14:53] (Threei} if one removes liquidity, one pays, not gets rebate
[14:54] (Threei} so, to get rebate one computer needs to buy at .78 and sell at .79
[14:54] (Threei} how then another computer makes money, one that sdells to first one and buys from it?
[14:54] (Threei} also, keep in mind that payment when you remove liquidity is bigger than rebate for adding it
[14:54] (Threei} so you can't do both taking turns and make money - you will lose on total
[14:55] (fernp} good evening everybody. see u all tomorrow
[14:56] (Threei} take care fern
[14:56] (Les} ciao
[14:57] (Threei} seems we are looking at the eod rally
[14:57] (dino} cya fern
[14:57] (Les} ok. another day, another misconception cleaned up
[14:58] (Threei} you can get rebate by adding liquidity on Laser
[14:58] (Threei} it's not something reserved for big guys only
[14:59] (Les} I might give laser a go sooner than you think
[14:59] (Threei} nor is trading with dark pools, just use GETCO route
[14:59] (Les} was juggling taxes and trading funds over dinner
[15:00] (Threei} there is so much bs floating out there about all these conspiracies
[15:00] (Les} $10k with laser might be a speedier solution to starting up for real
[15:01] (Les} yeh this notion that PALM is an HFT is I guess an example of me making 2 + 2 = 5
[15:01] (Les} I do it often
[15:01] (strider} Les, ask trev if you could get a demo acct. for awhile.
[15:02] (Les} he only allows 2 weeks
[15:02] (strider} whatever.
[15:02] (strider} you already done that?
[15:03] (Les} no. sent in the paperwork but have ended up paper trading with IB
[15:03] (Les} mind you, no hurry. will not move money until paper trading is profitable
[15:04] (strider} If paper trading were profitable, I'd stick with that!
[15:04] (Les} yeh yeh
[15:04] (Threei} lol
[15:04] (strider} where's that key on my computer?
[15:05] (Les} was saying to Vad this morning. 1st month of close analysis of trading on paper finished. 1% loss
[15:06] (strider} BGC
[15:06] (Les} last year lost 65% of capital in months friggin around doing silliness. not to be repeated
[15:06] (Les} COH for .10 break?
[15:07] (Threei} no read
[15:07] (Threei} X continues, and looks watning more
[15:08] (Threei} need pullback though
[15:08] (Threei} don't want breakout on it
[15:09] (Les} why not AA for a type 1?
[15:09] (Les} slow and plenty of liquidity?
[15:10] (Threei} on pullback to .65, sure
[15:10] (Threei} maybe deeper, use X as guidance
[15:10] (Threei} here comes pullback on X
[15:11] (Threei} RIGL Exec: Expects to announce a partnership on psoriasis drug R348 in the next three months; looking for a global collaboration partner in dermatology or ophthalmology
[15:11] (strider} where would you buy?
[15:11] (Threei} .25 zone
[15:11] (Threei} .35, sorry
[15:11] (nemo} support yeah
[15:13] (Threei} here follows AA
[15:13] (Threei} see how they are linked?
[15:13] (Les} y
[15:14] (Les} I've come to respect X. It bites
[15:16] (Les} AA slower but less nasty. 50 ma at .65. long .66
[15:17] (nemo} seed momo
[15:19] (Threei} I don't see any news
[15:19] (dino} hod dji, s/p
[15:19] (dino} luv news
[15:20] (_pronk} did you suggest AA on principle of capitulation?
[15:20] (nemo} 5 syllables vad
[15:20] (Threei} rather puyllback into support
[15:21] (Threei} plus following the older brother, X
[15:21] (Threei} but it's not really your usual play, it was rather response to Les about possible scalp type I on it
[15:27] (Threei} Long Setup: X .35 break if stays above .30
[15:29] (Threei} SEED Strength attributed to Citadel disclosing passive stake increased to 187K (0.8%) from 10K shares
[15:31] (Threei} hewre comes AA for scalp completion
[15:31] (Threei} ese would have loved it, his kind of play
[15:32] (nemo} x invalidated
[15:33] (Les} out +.05. I can see difference between my measly 1500 shares and 35K
[15:33] (Threei} difference is 33.5K
[15:34] (Les} hehe
06[15:34] * Threei is very proud of his math abilities
[15:34] (Les} and ten years
[15:35] (nemo} mmmhhhh, big rally, no volume
[15:36] (Threei} Market Internals update at 3:30pmET
[15:36] (Threei} - NYSE volume 705M shares, about 11% below its three-month average; advancers lead decliners by 5.3:1.
[15:36] (Threei} - NASDAQ volume 1.63B shares, about 7% below its three-month average; advancers lead decliners by 2.1:1.
[15:36] (Threei} - VIX index -1.3% to just under 22.50
[15:41] (Threei} spike or pullback, that is the question
[15:41] (Threei} 'cause if spike, VXX .75 break short is our play
[15:44] (Threei} who went for it, keep .82 stop and look to start covering under .70
[15:48] (Threei} first cover here, unless you are just scalping
[15:48] (Les} out +.09 ty
[15:48] (Threei} welcome
[15:48] (nemo} wow amzn really weak
[15:48] (Threei} that was strangely easy
[15:48] (dino} pretty strong finish
[15:49] (nemo} should probably get to 200 points
[15:49] (nemo} on the dow
[15:50] (Threei} somewhat disconnected finish, too
[15:50] (Threei} indices go up, X drops
[15:50] (Les} x bounce
[15:51] (Threei} positive day but not by much... more of a boredom than profit to say honestly
[15:52] (dino} i struggle on these big open gap up days
[15:52] (Threei} yeah, they gap and stall
[15:52] (Threei} my fault... should have listened to nemo, he was rithg on the money today more often than not
06[15:53] * nemo ?
[15:53] (Threei} nevermind nemo... go back to sleep
[15:53] (nemo} this is your monday
[15:53] (Threei} I thought today was Tuesday
[15:53] (nemo} kinda' makes sense we were going to have a jump one way or the other because of the long-weekend
[15:55] (billyc} gn all thanks for the calls ok day
[15:55] (Threei} good to hear, take care billy
[15:56] (Threei} volume is pitiful
[15:57] (dino} gj billy
[15:57] (Les} I am surprised the EU proclamations have ceased
[15:57] (nemo} I was thinking fas short .80, but I thought this colse to the end...hah
[15:57] (Threei} market lost sensitivity to them too
[15:58] (Threei} unless something really sensational comes out of there, it bwecame non-event
[15:58] (Les} perhaps the reason they stopped...
[15:59] (Threei} or they just don't know what to do, and repeated all blanket statements 10 times already
[15:59] (Threei} kind of tough to decide between killing euro right now or in 5 years
[16:00] (Threei} brokewr shrugs today looking at my trading
[16:01] (Threei} 40K shares, and profit to show for that is ummm...
[16:01] (dino} 30 day grace on it i think 3i, gereece has 30 days to right itself, otherwiseeu takes some sort of action
[16:01] (Threei} pitiful?
[16:01] (Threei} yeah dino, I guesss they all just took pause
[16:01] (Threei} thank you all
[16:01] (Threei} have a good evening, see you tomorrow
[16:01] (Les} ciao
[16:01] (Les} ty