Monday, September 13, 2010

Sep 13 2010

Strong day with every trade working and just a few invalidations (setups that never triggered). On educational front, we have an ultimate unbiased trade today - two-sided setup that we play either long or short depending on which side triggers. Notice  consolidation range outlined on the screenshot; break of the upper envelope triggers long trade while break of lower one triggers short one. Stop is placed on the other side of the range.

Session Time: Mon Sep 13 00:00:00 2010
[08:39] {Threei}  (EU) ECB's Trichet: Does not expect Basel III moves to hamper the global recovery; must work very actively on bank capital ratios
[08:39] {Threei}  - Reiterates sees no risk of a double dip recession, no risk of deflation appearing.
[08:39] {Threei}  - Advanced economies must remain vigilant to avoid deflation.
[08:39] {Threei}  - Growth in advanced economies is more modest
[08:39] {Threei}  - Seeing strong, sustainable growth in emerging economies.
[08:40] {Threei}  A123Systems CEO appears on CNBC; opens new plant in Livonia, Mich.
[08:40] {Threei}  - Note that the company is opening a new plant in Michigan today.
[08:40] {Threei}  - AONE notes the opening of the largest lithium ion automotive battery production facility in North America, based on available data. The new plant in Livonia, Mich. is expected to expand A123's manufacturing capabilities by up to 600MW hours per year when fully operational, contributing to the company's plan to expand global final cell assembly capacity to more than 760MW hours annually by the end of 2011.
[08:46] {Threei}  (EU) German Fin Min Schauble: Capital requirements of Basel III to reduce risk of another financial crisis; Basel rules an important result of the crisis
[08:46] {Threei}  - New guarantees for Hypo bank not a dramatic measures
[08:46] {Threei}  ***Note: On 7/23 - Germany's Hypo Real Estate fails test (only German fail)
[08:48] {ese} morning
[08:48] {Threei}  ese :)
[08:49] {ese} futures up big......throw a dart and buy type of day looks like
[08:53] {Threei}  why... this kind often ends in a day-long stall
[08:58] {ese} hmmmmm
[08:58] {strider} B-flat?
[08:58] {ese} shoot up in the morning and just stay there
[08:58] {ese} b flat
[08:59] {strider} dcool
[08:59] {strider} cool
[08:59] {strider} tenor sax, as I recall.
[09:00] {ese} or trumpet
[09:00] {ese} or clarinet
[09:01] {strider} easy piano key also
[09:03] {ese} yup
[09:05] {strider} well, that's all I know :)
[09:10] {dino} gm all
[09:11] {Threei}  dino :)
[09:11] {Threei}  (US) US Treasury Secretary Geithner: Bill would help reduce taxes and facilitate economic development
[09:11] {Threei}  watching AONE
[09:12] {Threei}  normally, this stock fails to hold gains on this kind of news
[09:15] {ese} if i recall this is the stock with the idiot of idiots for a ceo.......on the first day of it's ipo.....he starts shooting his mouth off about diluting this the stock vad
[09:16] {Threei}  yup
[09:17] {Threei}  well, hopefully he learnt a lesson or two since then
[09:17] {Threei}  greg, look dcc plas
[09:18] {ese} ya....been dn hill for the stock ever since
[09:19] {Threei}  is it wonder, lol
[09:21] {Threei}  RIMM amazingly weak
[09:26] {jfjf64} mornin
[09:26] {Threei}  jf :)
[09:28] {dino} scok more blood
[09:33] {Threei} Short Setup: RIMM  .90 break half lot if stays under 44
[09:33] {Threei}  over 1:1 but I doubt it was possible to enter
[09:33] {Threei}  1:2... anyone?
[09:34] {strider} not a chance
[09:34] {kowboy} missed
[09:34] {gregns} nope didnt get it
[09:34] {Threei}  thought so
[09:34] {ese} finger on the trigger but not fast enough
[09:35] {jfjf64} fas
[09:35] {jfjf64} fas
[09:35] {Threei}  whoa
[09:36] {Threei}  what was that on RIMM
[09:37] {Threei}  (GR) Greek Finance Ministry confirms receipt of second tranche of EU loan (related NBG )
[09:38] {Threei} Long Setup:  LVS  .50 break
[09:38] {Threei}  if stays above .40 for day traders
[09:38] {Threei}  .45 for scalpers
[09:39] {Threei}  1:1
[09:39] {Threei}  scalpers over 1:2
[09:39] {jfjf64} ty
[09:39] {jfjf64} any takers fas
[09:39] {jfjf64} 1/1  over
[09:40] {Threei} Long Setup:  AONE  .25 break half lot
[09:41] {Threei}  if holding above .15
[09:41] {dino} shoes no luv
[09:41] {Threei}  lol
[09:41] {dino} v
[09:43] {ese} you'd think there business would be going up dino
[09:44] {Threei}  AONE invalidated
[09:44] {Threei}  divergence between V and AXP is quite amazing
[09:44] {strider} C broke 4
[09:44] {Threei} Short Setup: AXP  41 break
[09:44] {Threei}  if stays under .10
[09:45] {Threei}  actually, let's recalibrate it a bit
[09:45] {Threei}  make it 0.05 and make it two sided setup
[09:46] {Threei}  invalidated short and triggered long side
[09:46] {Threei}  don't chase if missed, I alerted a bit late
[09:46] {Threei}  but if pulls back into .05, watch for secondary entry
[09:46] {Threei}  here it is
[09:46] {Threei}  stop under 41
[09:47] {dino} filled the 8/10/10 ndx, s/p gaps
[09:51] {Threei} Long Setup:  FAS  .60 break
[09:52] {Threei}  if stays above .55
[09:55] {Threei}  struggle
[09:57] {jfjf64} lets go  axp
[09:58] {Threei}  market is not really cooperating
[09:58] {Threei}  it's holding well but still needs help
[09:58] {nemo} rig might be ready
[10:00] {jfjf64} giddy up
06[10:00] * Threei kicks AXP is the rear
[10:01] {jfjf64} fas lead  daway
[10:01] {Threei}  AMZN American Express Introduces a New Way for Cardmembers to Pay at, Using Membership Rewards Points to Make Purchases (145.33, +2.89, 2.03%) (related AXP )
[10:01] {jfjf64} axp
[10:02] {Threei}  AXP over 1:2
[10:02] {Threei}  half out
[10:02] {Threei}  at least
[10:03] {Threei}  FAS 1:1
[10:03] {jfjf64} that  was  nice  ahh
[10:03] {Threei}  AXP 1:3, 1/4 more out
[10:04] {Threei}  not selling last 1/4, only trailing
[10:04] {Threei}  stop under .10 not
[10:04] {jfjf64} ditto boss
[10:04] {Threei}  not = now
[10:04] {jfjf64} stop  .15
[10:04] {jfjf64} ??
[10:04] {Threei}  not yet
[10:04] {Threei}  .10
[10:05] {jfjf64} ty
[10:05] {Threei}  1:4
[10:06] {Threei}  1:5
[10:06] {Threei}  too sharp spike... maybe get out...
[10:06] {Threei}  no clean support to trail stop to
[10:06] {Threei}  FAS 1:3
[10:06] {Threei}  out
[10:06] {gregns} ty
[10:06] {Threei}  yw
[10:06] {Threei}  AXP 1:6
[10:06] {Threei}  out
[10:07] {jfjf64} holy  S
[10:07] {jfjf64} axp
[10:07] {Threei}  ok, back to cash
[10:08] {Threei}  waiting for a new play to jump from around the corner and yell at me "take me"
[10:09] {jfjf64} wait  4  spy  to  break 113.20
[10:10] {jfjf64} tza
[10:10] {jfjf64} bounce
[10:10] {jfjf64} ??
[10:12] {Threei}  not yet IMO
[10:12] {jfjf64} .10
[10:12] {jfjf64} got look
[10:13] {jfjf64} wehat i know
[10:13] {jfjf64} lol
[10:15] {jfjf64} paper trade
[10:15] {ese} L aone .04 1/2
[10:22] {RonS} gm all... whr circling the drain...
[10:22] {Threei}  ron :)
[10:22] {strider} counterclockwise?
[10:23] {strider} CAT
[10:23] {ese} dino.....question......... 1min chart your definition is this a double bottom
[10:24] {dino} aone?
[10:24] {ese} yes
[10:24] {nemo} rig again
[10:24] {dino} yes
[10:25] {ese} tks
[10:25] {dino} stop is .88
[10:26] {ese} yup
[10:26] {ese} but am gonna add some more so it's gonna be tighter
[10:27] {dino} ok
[10:27] {strider} HPQ short?
[10:28] {ese} waitin to see if vads advice holds......big futures up days sometimes tend to stall
[10:28] {RonS} when V loses 66 it could get ugly...
[10:28] {Threei}  don't see it either way strider
[10:28] {strider} k
[10:29] {Threei}  (US) Dept of Education: for-profit school student loan default rate rose to 11.6% in 2008 from 11% in 2007
[10:29] {Threei}  - DOE secretary Arne: for profit school students are the most likely to default on their loans.
[10:29] {Threei}  which automatically means for-profit is bad, I assume
[10:30] {ese} hmmmmmm
[10:31] {ese} L aone another 1/2 avg .03
[10:33] {jfjf64} steay vol  jpm
[10:34] {Threei}  - NYSE volume 190M shares, about 15% below its three-month average; advancers lead decliners by 3.8:1.
[10:34] {Threei}  - NASDAQ volume 440M shares, about 3% below its three-month average; advancers lead decliners by 3.9:1
[10:35] {Threei}  volume starts picking up
[10:36] {Threei}  hard to tell here whether we creep up or reverse
[10:37] {Threei}  in case you want to start probing for reverse:L
[10:37] {Threei} Long Setup:  TZA  30 break
[10:37] {Threei}  half lot
[10:37] {Threei}  consider it a discretionary call
[10:39] {ese} i get the sense tha aone is not going to participate anymore today......may be outta here flat
[10:40] {Threei}  if you want aggressive entry, get it right here and keep ridiculously tight stop under .85
[10:41] {Threei}  TZA that is
[10:43] {Threei}  creep up
[10:48] {dino} es agree
[10:48] {dino} v sm l .00
[10:48] {nemo} rig weak
[10:53] {nemo} if you wanna' play tna trend line, right here
[10:56] {dino} v stop is .68 fwiw
[10:56] {Threei}  Bank of America Corp CEO: there are signs of life in the US economy, recovery continues, but there are strong headwinds - BoA hosted investment conf
[10:56] {Threei}  - Chance of double dip is low.
[10:56] {Threei}  - Private employers tell us that they are not confident to start new hiring.
[11:03] {Threei}  CREE Hearing Merrill/BofA defending the stock (timing uncertain) (49.41, +0.69, 1.42%)
[11:03] {nemo} tna is at support
[11:11] {dino} ammd
[11:13] {jfjf64} tza
[11:16] {Threei}  AMMD US Appeals court reverses and remands original unfavorable ruling in AMMD/Lasercope case against Biolitec
[11:19] {dino} skx hl l .25 stop .98
[11:30] {Threei} Long Setup:  AXP  .20 break if holding above .15
[11:32] {Threei}  Reportedly militants have bombed a gas pipeline in Yemen (related UNG GAF )
[11:34] {ese} aone is also not participating going down with the market......may go long again dino
[11:34] {ese} L aone avg back to .04
[11:41] {dino} dgw dyp acct issues = blood
[11:46] {Threei}  AXP, didn't think of two-sided setup this time
[11:46] {Threei}  anyone was smarter than me?
[11:47] {strider} impossible
[11:47] {Threei}  whhym, it sure is - I outsmart myself regularly
[11:47] {strider} how many of you are there, vad?  :)
[11:48] {Threei}  lemme see...
[11:48] {nemo} he and the evil twin
[11:48] {Threei}  nah, must be more than that
[11:48] {Threei}  I mean there should be a reason why my shrink uses "multiple" instead of "bipolar"
[11:49] {nemo} that refers to how many times he bills you per visit
[11:49] {Threei}  oops...
[11:49] {strider} hmmmm...good idea.
[11:50] {Threei}  TIVO Announces Samsung's Next Generation Set-Top Boxes to Support TiVo's Linear and Broadband TV Experience (8.93, +0.43, 5.06%)
[11:59] {dino} things feeling a bit too giddy imo
[11:59] {Threei}  POT Affirms BHP will not be the only interested party in takeover talks
[11:59] {Threei}  - Reminder: Chatter circulated in the past that various consortiums may be weighing a bid; Potash has noted before there will be other parties beyond BHP's bid valued at $40B
[12:02] {ese} L aone avg .04
[12:03] {ese} still .04
[12:14] {gregns} rig break of low?
[12:16] {Threei}  ummm
[12:16] {Threei}  yes...
[12:16] {Threei}  :)
[12:16] {jfjf64} fas
[12:23] {jfjf64} ba bounce 3i
[12:23] {jfjf64} ??
[12:24] {Threei}  let's see if holds .90
[12:24] {jfjf64} big vol spike
[12:24] {Threei}  64 break
[12:25] {Threei}  (US) Reportedly parts of the US Capital have been evacuated due to suspicious substance - CNN
[12:25] {Threei}  - Reports cite "powdery substance" on the floor.
[12:25] {Threei}  Wal-Mart Stores Inc Introduces new wireless plan under the Walmart brand
[12:25] {Threei}  - Wal-Mart is introducing the first cell phone plan that uses the chain's own branding and will run on T-mobile USA network; unlimited calling and texting will cost $45 per month for the first line and $25 for each additional line for the family.
[12:38] {Threei}  BA 1:1
[12:38] {jfjf64} y
[12:43] {kowboy} v?
[12:44] {Threei}  V looka like another breakdown coming
[12:44] {nemo}
[12:44] {kowboy} ty
[12:45] {dino} cree
[12:46] {nemo} might be the right shoulder of an IH&S on RIG
[12:47] {dino} at .40
[12:47] {dino} iwm s .99
[12:48] {nemo} now looking for a db, having said that rig pivot is .16
[12:48] {dino} ty
[12:48] {dino} whr
[12:56] {dino} whr s .99
[12:57] {nemo} nice catch dino, pivot support at .90
[12:57] {dino} needs mkt help
[12:57] {dino} stop is .13
[12:58] {nemo} 71.13?
[12:58] {dino} 72.13 i'm short
[12:58] {dino} bstop
[12:58] {nemo} ahhh
[13:00] {Threei} Long Setup:  RIG  .50 break
[13:01] {Threei}  if stays above .40
[13:02] {Threei}  not a scalp IMO
[13:04] {dino} cov whr ..86, +.14
[13:05] {dino} .13
[13:06] {Threei} Long Setup:  V  .50 break half lot
[13:07] {dino} mmyt
[13:12] {Threei}  GE CEO: Conditions worldwide are improving - conf comments (16.16, +0.18, 1.13%)
[13:13] {Threei}  GE CEO: I mean, come on, I sent a private jet to Paris to get some tomatoes for dinner, you should see those
[13:13] {Threei}  RIG 1:1
[13:13] {Threei}  half out
[13:14] {jfjf64} nice
[13:16] {nemo} v invalimudated?
[13:16] {Threei}  yeah
[13:21] {dino} out rig .61 +.11 ty vad
[13:22] {Threei}  :)
[13:22] {dino} vad, re-reading mpp, good book
[13:23] {Threei}  thank you
[13:23] {Threei}  I may have to reread it too
[13:23] {Threei}  many say it's good so...
[13:23] {dino} tough week last week, thought i better get back to basics
[13:23] {Threei}  never hurts
[13:24] {Threei}  simple things work when we get too wrapped up in our sophisticated ways
[13:24] {Threei}  I shhould have said "sophisticated"
[13:24] {Threei}  happens now and then...
[13:25] {Threei}  we so like to think of ourselves as deep thinkers... get involved in all kinds of scientifically-looking research
[13:26] {Threei}  delivers pride of being so deep... deprives us of efficient simpkcity
[13:26] {nemo} ?
[13:26] {Threei}  tree good... fire bad...
[13:26] {Threei}  what else do tyou need to know
[13:26] {nemo} why fire bad?
[13:26] {nemo} vad
[13:26] {Threei}  fire burn tree
[13:26] {Threei}  tree good
[13:27] {Threei}  fire bad as it burn tree which wasd good until bad fire burn it
[13:27] {nemo} ahhhh
[13:27] {Threei}  follow my logic?
[13:27] {jfjf64} lost
[13:27] {Threei}  we will talk after class jf
[13:27] {Threei}  detention
[13:27] {jfjf64} ty
[13:28] {RonS} rig good, fire bad
[13:29] {Threei}  lol
[13:31] {RonS} i feel like we are scripting Indian dialogue for a Western in the '50's
[13:32] {kowboy} tivo
[13:32] {Threei}  I have different associations Ron... to me it's like writing a script for Russian movie about would-be immigrants studying English
[13:33] {dino} tivo
[13:33] {Threei}  TIVO Ticking higher on reports of possible settlement with DTV
[13:33] {Threei}  - Reminder: Oral arguments in the TIVO v DISH appeal case will be heard on 11/9. (9.70, +1.20, 14.12%) (related DTV )
[13:33] {nemo} magoo stock
[13:33] {RonS} ...did not think they had a dispute w/ Directv...
[13:33] {nemo} obviously, yo thought wrong
[13:39] {RonS} out rig +.23 ty
[13:39] {gregns} out in full rig .73 ty
[13:39] {nemo} should run to the 200 ma
[13:39] {RonS} whick is?...
[13:39] {nemo} currently .92
[13:40] {nemo} it'll be lower by the time t gets there
[13:41] {nemo} spy has rejected pivot R3 resistance twice in 10 mnutes
[13:42] {Threei}  welcome guys
[13:44] {nemo} mos looks interesting  H&S  recent double bottom right at the pivot
[13:44] {jfjf64} lvs  break dn
[13:44] {nemo} IH&S that is
[13:44] {jfjf64} y
[13:45] {nemo} and, .55 would be a trendline break
[13:45] {nemo} good size bids at .51
[13:46] {nemo} only issue is that strong resistance at .63
[13:46] {nemo} whaddya think 3i
[13:47] {nemo} put the bottle down vad
[13:47] {Threei}  not sure I underatand what stock you are talking
[13:47] {nemo} look offers .62
[13:47] {Threei}  LVS??
[13:47] {nemo} mos
[13:48] {nemo} woulda' been .55 break
[13:48] {Threei}  could be...
[13:48] {Threei}  let me put it this way:
[13:48] {nemo} .62 is the rubicon
[13:48] {Threei}  I am lukewarm to the stock, feels like there is no real fire under it
[13:48] {Threei}  chart itself is right
[13:48] {Threei}  just not much life
[13:49] {nemo} a pretty girl with no personality
[13:50] {Threei}  well... no... I wouldn't be a lukewarm if that were the case
[13:50] {Threei}  call me shallow
[13:50] {nemo} o.k.  Vad, you're shallow
[13:52] {dino} led's hot today after week of destruction
[13:54] {Threei}  US) Preview: Aug Monthly Budget Statement due out at 14:00ET
[13:54] {Threei}  **Consensus expectation: -$95Be v -$103.6B year ago Aug
[13:54] {Threei}  - If the Aug report is a deficit as expected, it will be the 23rd straight month of budget deficits.
[13:55] {dino} how many months obamination been in office alomst all of them
[13:56] {Threei}  guess who is on TV...
[13:56] {nemo} yeah, but these deficits aren't his fault
[13:56] {jfjf64} ??
[13:56] {kowboy} tivo back down to 9+
[13:58] {dino} nothing is his fault nemo
[13:59] {dino} plus don't forget who ran congress in bush's last two years
[13:59] {nemo} I don't agree with his policies, but the wheels were coming off the wagon before he got here
[13:59] {Threei}  one would arhue that the same can be said about Bush
[13:59] {dino} and, imo, he has made it much worse. he needs to "get out of the way"
[14:00] {Threei}  yet if listen to current president, it's all Bush's fault
[14:00] {dino} over regulation of business does not encourage job creation
[14:01] {dino} yes vad, as i said, in obama's mind, nothing is his fault
[14:01] {Threei}  otal Receipts: $163.9B v $145.5B y/y (+12.6%)
[14:01] {Threei}  - Total Spending: $254.5B v $249B y/y (+2.2%)
[14:02] {RonS} whr vortex
[14:02] {RonS} is that redundant?
[14:03] {dino} whr to 70s strike
[14:04] {dino} 70.50 thinking
[14:04] {RonS} New York Fed plans to buy $27 bln in Treasurys       09/13 12:03 PM
[14:05] {RonS} Fed buybacks will take place through early October       09/13 12:03 PM
[14:06] {RonS} seems like capitulation volume in V
[14:07] {RonS} need an O monitor...go long when it looks like he is going off TV...
[14:08] {Threei}  you do realize that you actually ask someone to watch it?
[14:08] {RonS} ...speaking rhetorically...
[14:09] {dino} v sm l .00 stop .69
[14:10] {Threei}  I just mean, that's a lot to ask for...
[14:12] {dino} thats a lot of tv time
[14:16] {RonS} Poseur in Chief
[14:17] {dino} whiner
[14:17] {Threei}  DNDN Provenge demand is exceeding the company's ability to supply markets (41.86, -0.07, -0.17%)
[14:18] {RonS} Noun 1. poseur - a person who habitually pretends to be something he is not
[14:22] {RonS} 3i, is sina flagging for more?
[14:22] {Threei}  looks done to me...
[14:23] {Threei}  but vokume became so flat, it's really gard to tell
[14:23] {Threei}  volume too
[14:27] {RonS} whoa sina, sure glad I asked...
[14:27] {Threei}  yikes
[14:27] {Threei}  what was that
[14:27] {dino} out iwm flat
[14:27] {dino} covered
[14:33] {dino} qlik
[14:34] {nemo} RIG C&H break of .75?
[14:34] {RonS} what is a dashboard?...qlik
[14:35] {nemo} ?
[14:35] {Threei}  probably RIG
[14:35] {RonS} QlikView Dashboards Outperform Competitors in Several Key Areas According to Aberdeen Group Report
[14:36] {nemo} Dashboards are information aggregators for management
[14:36] {dino} whr sm l .25
[14:36] {nemo} They show, critical metrics across there areas of responsibility
[14:36] {dino} stop is .93
[14:37] {nemo} their
[14:38] {RonS} kinda sounds like the real deal nemo...
[14:39] {nemo} took me a second, Aberdeen group is a technology research group
[14:40] {RonS} qlik July ipo
[14:41] {dino} open getting extended
[14:42] {dino} on 5 day
[14:42] {RonS} mmyt the priceline in India...
[14:43] {RonS} ...but who is the Indian William Shatner?
[14:47] {dino} out v .42, +.42
[14:47] {Threei}  wtg
[14:47] {dino} thx
[15:01] {Les} evening all. How's the day going?
[15:01] {dino} tornado coming thru, at 3:10
[15:02] {dino} dark as night
[15:02] {Les} that good hey?
[15:02] {Threei}  hey Lesz
[15:02] {Threei}  at 100%
[15:02] {Threei}  a few invalidations, no stops
[15:02] {Les} even with gap up? cool
[15:02] {dino} 4 of 6 les
[15:02] {Threei}  nemo, took that RIG?
[15:02] {Les} ok. volume coming back?
[15:03] {dino} one open
[15:03] {nemo} yes,
[15:03] {dino} does'nt feel like it
[15:03] {Threei}  feels about done to me
[15:03] {nemo} but, it whacked back down below .60 and rinsed me
[15:03] {Les} what are you trading dino on a day like this?
[15:03] {gregns} yes, on rig, thanks nemo n vad
[15:05] {dino} v, whr, skx, rig
[15:05] {dino} open tempting as a short
[15:06] {Threei}  activity hasn't ramped up a whole lot yet but readability improves greatly
[15:06] {Les} good to hear
[15:06] {Les} well no news from Dave. How long were people here waiting for their accounts to be changed?
[15:07] {dino} magoo is ok now
[15:07] {dino} took awhile tho
[15:07] {nemo} it was a matter of how quickly you got your paperwork in
[15:07] {Les} crikey, haven't received any yet
[15:07] {dino} open spikey one
[15:08] {dino} hailing here
[15:17] {nemo} volumes dropped significantly this afternoon
[15:20] {dino} golfball sized hail coming down like rocks
[15:20] {dino} out whr .75, +.50
[15:21] {Threei}  killing it dino
[15:22] {dino} not really, 2/3rd day
[15:25] {dino} should've held whr, worried about power outage
[15:30] {dino} well, i suvived the tornado. about an inch of hail on my deck
[15:31] {Threei}  really?
[15:31] {dino} seiously
[15:31] {Threei}  wow
[15:31] {dino} seriously
[15:35] {dino} kids are being held at schools until 4, so buses don't get hit
[15:41] {nemo} mos break of .62 folks
[15:41] {nemo} look at that resistance
[15:42] {dino} 18k
[15:42] {Threei}  btw, don't forget to review today's log
[15:43] {nemo} early?
[15:43] {Threei}  I'll post the most educational of today's trades
[15:43] {nemo} ahhh
[15:43] {Threei}  although I'd assume anyone interested in education (pardon, training) reviews each and every of them
[15:43] {nemo} nice
[15:44] {Threei}  MOS
[15:44] {Threei}  vcut rhough that
[15:44] {Threei}  ummm
[15:44] {nemo} yep
[15:44] {Threei}  cut through that
[15:45] {Threei}  (US) Senator Specter (D-PA) has introduced legislation to establish permanent Federal funding for stem cell research - The Hill
[15:45] {Threei}  - Specter has introduced legislation to dodge a federal judges injunction against the Obamas administrations expansion of stem-cell research.
[15:46] {dino} gotta hop all, thx, good time
[15:46] {Threei}  take care dino, good job
[15:47] {nemo} frickin' mos, you were right, no energy
[15:48] {Threei}  yeah... pretty but limp
[15:59] {Threei}  okay guys, thank you all
[16:00] {Threei}  have a great evening, see you tomorrow