Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nov 03 2010

Nicely profitable day with few trades. No interesting charts though.

Session Time: Wed Nov 03 00:00:00 2010
[08:03] morn
[08:22] wynn peaked afterhrs at 114
[08:22] quite a pllbk
[08:22] open nuts
[08:39]  (US) Preview: Oct ADP Employment Change data due out at 8:15am ET (12:15 GMT)
[08:39]  - Consensus Expectation +20Ke v -39K prior
[08:40]  Prior revised higher from -39K to -2K
[08:40]  Components:
[08:40]  - Small businesses: +21K v -14K m/m (retouches May 2010 recent high)
[08:40]  - Medium businesses: +24K v -14K m/m
[08:40]  - Large businesses: -2K v -11K m/m
[08:40]  - Goods-producing sector: -34K v -45K m/m
[08:40]  - Service-providing sector: +77K v +6K m/m (retouches May 2010 high)
[08:55] good morning. I have a 2:15 with the FOMC release
[08:55] correct, gm
[08:55]  you are not any different from the rest of the worlsd in this regard
[08:56]  hmm... magoo found the shrter way to say that
[08:56] yeh that's cause I know how to waffle on
[08:57] when I grow up I want to be a master of action like Mags
[08:57]  unlike many past FOMCs, this one matters
[08:58] apologies if offence given to calling you an oldie yesterday magws
[08:58] you are on my list now
[08:58] good to see fellas here who know how to go find fresh food
[08:59] how is the deer population over where you are? and danger of them disappearing?
[08:59]  disappearing? lol
[08:59]  we are overrun by them
[09:00] did nancy pelosi lose election?
[09:00]  city council ponders lincensing a cull
[09:00] they adapt to changing environment, urbanisation etc?
[09:00]  I don't think she personally was on the ballot mags
[09:01]  but she is no longer speaker of the house
[09:01]  Boehner is
[09:01] boner?
[09:01] what sort of name is that?
[09:01] german
[09:01] just gets funnier and funnier
[09:01]  and senate rdems etained just 51 seats
[09:02] yeh thank you sherlock. Been in Germanic speaking country long enough to realise that
[09:02] but, you are Les
[09:02]  I have next republican pres candidate pegged
[09:03] gm all
[09:03]  watch this guy: rubio
[09:04]  dino :)
[09:04] gm, fyi the entire House of Representatives is up for election every two year, incl Pelosi.  Boehner is pronounces bawner. ak, wa, co Senate races still undecided.
[09:05] no watch christie from nj vbad
[09:05] vad
[09:05] vad you got  AVNR read with last 2 days? bull flag, distribution?
[09:05] he reminds me of chainsaw al
[09:06]  if it were normal stock, I'd say pullback, preparing for a bounce
[09:06]  but it's a small bio
[09:06]  those often behave differently after strong run-up
[09:07] how?
[09:07]  manu of them just die for years
[09:07]  many
[09:07] ok
[09:08] news GRMN vad
[09:09]  GRMN Reports Q3 $0.70 ex items v $0.75e, R$692M v $730Me
[09:09]  - Guides FY10 $2.70-2.90 v $2.98e, R $2.65-2.75B v $2.9Be (prior $2.75-3.15, R$2.8-3.0B on 4th Aug)
[09:09]  - Guides FY10 Op margin 24-25% (prior 23-24% on 4th Aug)
[09:15] gm :)
[09:15]  larisa :)
[09:15] vad :)
[09:17] good morning.......
[09:18]  ese :)
[09:18] dude
[09:18] dude!!!!!1
[09:18] vad
[09:19]  VVUS Roth Capital Resumed VVUS with Buy, price target: $12
[09:19] whats new and exciting vad
[09:19]  hmmm
[09:19] <_flautero> Good morning all
[09:19]  flautero :)
[09:20]  not much ese.. I guess world becomes old
[09:20] elections haven't moved mrkt much
[09:20]  result was pretty much given
[09:20] seems like the mrkt semi approves of the result
[09:20]  today's FOMC will be a serious factor
[09:21]  whole runup during last months was factoring in republican win
[09:23] what do Republicans offer that market wants? gridlock, repeal of health care law... etc?
[09:24] nothing, people just not happy with dems :)
[09:24]  putting brakes on parts of jib-destructing agenda
[09:24] sure larisa, but market don't care if people happy with Dems
[09:25]  think of carbon tax for instance
[09:25]  of tax break extention
[09:26]  general business-unfriendly atmosphere
[09:26] g morning
[09:26]  khaln :)
[09:26]  biggest mystery for me is, how nevada sent reid back to senate
[09:27] Nevada big loser in this crisis isn't it?
[09:27]  nevada, of all places... hit the hardest
[09:27] right
[09:27]  and personalized by president as place not to do business with
[09:27]  shrug
[09:28]  today's most likely development:
[09:28]  brief activity in the morning,
[09:28]  stall till 2:15
[09:28]  hysteric reaction right after
[09:29] i must have missed something....why is nevada considered the biggest loser in the finace crisis
[09:29] finance
[09:29]  when dust settles, I expect USD to start sustained rally
[09:29] housing ese
[09:29] 14% unemployment, highest foreclosure rate in nation
[09:29] casinos took it hard as well. massive job losses
[09:30]  housing, 15% unemployment, a lot pf companies canceling conferences there with direct president discouragement
[09:30] hmmmmmm....didn't know Vegas i would imagine
[09:30] MORNIN
[09:30] stop shouting jf. its too early
[09:30]  jf :)
[09:30] did obama....say not to go there?
[09:30]  twice
[09:30] really........thats funny
[09:30]  mayor and governor refused to meet him when he visited
[09:31]  as a token of protest
[09:31]  not very funny if you live and work there
[09:31] RIMM read?
[09:31]  watching LVS and WYNN
[09:32]  in hope to find short for LVS based on WYNN
[09:32] it's funny because......why would you take him seriously on something like that......
[09:32]  because it was amessage of a witch hunt coming
[09:34]  LVS, one more spike over .80 and short on cross back down if stays under .90 would be operfect
[09:34]  nope
[09:34] s avnr .50 stop above .60
[09:34] Short Setup: RIMM  .90 break half lot
[09:34]  ugh
[09:34]  wait for second chance
[09:35]  here
[09:35]  same setup
[09:35]  if stays under .05
[09:37]  let's trail to above 56
[09:38]  no go
[09:40] Long Setup:  LVS  .40 break
[09:40]  stop under .30 scalpers .25 day traders
[09:40]  easy 1:1
[09:43] avnr covered +:09
[09:43] oh crap
[09:44] scalpers regret
[09:46]  anyone traded LVS?
[09:47] missed it
[09:47] missed it
[09:47] missed
[09:47] missedit
[09:47]  Voters Strongly Anticipate Health Care Repeal In the House
[09:48]  Election Night 2010: Most Voters Are Angry and Say No To Health Care Law
[09:48] <_flautero> missed it
[09:48]  Most Voters Like Tea Party, Tax Cuts and Reduced Government Spending
[09:48]  55% Of Todays Voters Say Views of Congressional Democrats are Extreme
[09:49] whoa, aig
[09:51] whoa aig
[09:53] thats a nice move for sure
[09:53] cup and handle thing daily chart
[09:55] spewing missed next AVNR b/d. stock is selling today
[09:55]  (US) Preview: Oct ISM Non-Maufacturing Composite Index due out at 10:00E
[09:55]  (US) Preview: Sept Factory Orders due out at 10:00ET
[09:55]  POT Indigenous Potash Group (IPG) raises $25B in efforts to rival the BHP bid for the company - Canada's Financial Post (145.66, +0.68, 0.47%) (related BHP )
[09:55]  watching TNA for pullback
[09:56] mro
[09:56] .70 break
[09:57] tight stop
[09:57] \
[09:57] mos
[09:57] wonder if the Saskatchewan Gov't will approve of that sale
[09:57]  they said no
[09:57]  but final word is feds
[09:58]  saskatchewan threatened to sue feds if they give green light
[09:58] under what grounds?
[09:58] it would take jobs out of Saskatchewan........would not be a smart move
[09:59]  right to strategic resource use
[09:59] yup
[09:59]  1 min till numbers
[10:00] then whats next.......oil reserves.....uranium..........tons of resourses in that province
[10:00]  want TNA under 55
[10:00] coal mines in estevan
[10:00]  at least
[10:00] yeh the buck don't stop at potash
[10:00]  *(US) OCT ISM NON-MANUFACTURING: 54.3 V 53.5E
[10:00]  *(US) SEPT FACTORY ORDER: 2.1% V 1.6%E
[10:01] damn was contemplating .04 bid
[10:03] Long Setup:  X  .40 break half lot
[10:03]  if stays above .30
[10:04]  OK, TNA, one more leg down
[10:04]  and I am interested
[10:04] in
[10:04]  ugh... jumped
[10:04] .41
[10:04] <_flautero> .42
[10:05] perfect
[10:05]  expected TNA to give .90 or so
[10:06] out 1/2 .46
[10:06]  +.05
[10:06]  lol, ese is not fooling around
[10:07]  1:1, half out for me
[10:07] not with the shs i had goin
[10:07] fcx DB or short?
[10:07]  I see
[10:07] out .48 ty
[10:07] <_flautero> out .54 tahsnk vad
[10:07] not sure if it was scalp or partial
[10:07] out .57 ty
[10:07]  :)
[10:07] out in full .56
[10:07] <_flautero> nice
[10:07] very   nice
[10:07] ty
[10:07]  personal choice Les, didn't have preference one way or another
[10:08] +.15 remainder ......tks vad
[10:08]  welcome guys
[10:08] k done
[10:08]  easy one, rare for X
[10:08] later  pls  go over  set up  
[10:08] ty
[10:08]  1:2
[10:08]  out
[10:09]  did you go over yesterday's catch of the day?
[10:09] what was X formation?
[10:10] nice.......that was a nice payday
[10:10]  not answering until I know everyone studied that
[10:10] tks vad
[10:10]  told ya, will be a test
[10:11] that was an easy one for X.......and it took the shs no problem without even flinching
[10:11] I am getting interested how you connect X call with yesterdays :)
[10:12]  easy
[10:12]  if I bother to write all that educational crap, take screenshots, place it online etc, I want at least know someone's paying attention
[10:13] yeh yeh I got it
[10:13]  TNA seriously got away
[10:15] i read it.......
[10:16] it talked about possibly shorting X at something like 44.95 or something like that
[10:16] yesterday was breakout setup invalidation if i remember correctly. You saw going back over .40 as breakdown setup invalidation? i am lost with big resistance at .50. To me todays call is catching pullback on uptrend :)
[10:16] but would wait for .50 break
[10:17] please explain :)
[10:17]  ummm?
[10:17]  there is no connection betweedn yesterday's and today's setups
[10:17] [10:11] I am getting interested how you connect X call with yesterdays :)
[10:17] [10:11] <&Threei>  easy
[10:18]  reasd the next line?
[10:18] ok, forget it :) 
[10:19]  (US) Treasury's Miller: If auctions sizes are reduced, will be done in a gradual manner (related TLT SHY IEF )
[10:19] tried shorting TNA no go
[10:19] must use tza
[10:19] and TZA ain't so hot to go long with
[10:19]  no, it's usually unavailable, with rare exceptions
[10:20] yeh i specifically wanted tna
[10:20] using your range bound play for lunch times
[10:20]  OK, second try YNA, want long near .55
[10:20] vad....don't know if i've ever asked this question but what do you use bollinger bands ....what do they give you in terms of prediction or an edge?
[10:21] TNA losing MA support here vad.
[10:21]  show where the stock is in temrs of violatility
[10:21]  when BBs tighten up, it signals sharp move coming
[10:22]  when widen too much, stall is near
[10:22] ya ...i get ya
[10:22]  useful in finding doiuble bottoms and tops
[10:22] whats the other ma you've got on your chart
[10:23]  20
[10:23] and is your BB setting 2 standard Dev with 20ma?
[10:23]  no
[10:23]  13 and 1.7
[10:23]  for intraday
[10:24] ahhhhhhh
[10:24]  daily is standard
[10:24] tks
[10:25] RIMM read vad?
[10:26] .50 b/d?
[10:26] .55?
[10:26]  not sure
[10:26] pivot support .50. maybe wait 
[10:27]  I don't know, .60 break for longf seems better play to me
[10:27]  but I am not delighted by either enough to play it
[10:31]  *DOE CRUDE: +1.95M V +1ME; GASOLINE: -2.69M V -500KE; DISTILLATE: -3.57M V -1ME; UTILIZATION: 81.8% V 83.9%E
[10:31]  - Distillate demand +42K bpd to 4.xxM bpd
[10:31]  - Gasoline demand -128K bpd at 9.xxM bpd
[10:32] wow USO
[10:34]  REE Ticking higher on reports that their property holds significant quantities of high value minerals (10.64, +0.37, 3.60%) (related REMX MCP )
[10:35]  (US) SEC has reportedly banned 'naked access' to markets
[10:35]  wow, really?
[10:35] guess I better put some clothes on...
[10:35] how will ese trade?
[10:35]  naked access is generally understood to be a subset of sponsored access where pre-trade filters or controls are not applied to orders before such orders are submitted to an exchange or ATS. The Commission notes that the proposed rule would effectively prohibit any access to trading on an exchange or ATS, whether sponsored or otherwise, where pre-trade controls are not applied.
[10:35]  5 Under Proposed Rule 15c35(a)(1), the term market access is defined as access to trading in securities on an exchange or ATS as a result of being a member or subscriber of the exchange or ATS, respectively
[10:35] ha ha
[10:36] 310.70  aapl
[10:37] i think that will be some stability to the mrkts......
[10:38] $ coming down after morning bounce
[10:39] wait a minute........would that raise comissions vad.......
[10:39]  who knows
[10:39]  but the notion that it would do anything good for the market... I don't believe so
[10:40]  why would it add stability?
[10:40] in  aapl
[10:40] short
[10:40] aaah got u now jf
[10:40] ??
[10:40] thought u made long call
[10:40] lol
[10:41] well for instance naked shorting........not having to own the shs....not having to go through that in my l
[10:41] thought u were buying support end of range
[10:41] opinion a little unfair to say the least
[10:41]  it has niothing to do with naked shirting
[10:41]  shorting
[10:42]  read the explanation above
[10:42] ok.....maybe i've got this wrong
[10:42] ok so what pretrade controls are they talking about
[10:42]  and the whole thing with naked shorting is widely misunderstood as well
[10:43] ok......i mya have it wrong....wouldn't be the first time
[10:43]  how do you expect a market maker to make market if he is not allowed naked shorting, for instance
[10:43]  you will have a lot of situations with no one at the offer
[10:43]  nice on AAPL jf
[10:44] dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[10:44] hmmmmmm
[10:44] ok, so if market maker has no stock but must provide bids and offers they need to short naked?
[10:44]  of course
[10:44] out
[10:44]  wtg
[10:45]  here is more information:
[10:45] ty
[10:45]  From Jan 2010 from the SEC: Given the increased speed and automation of trading on securities exchanges and ATSs today, and the growing popularity of sponsored or direct market access arrangements where broker-dealers allow customers to trade in those markets electronically using the broker-dealers market participant identifiers, the Commission is concerned that the various financial and regulatory risks that arise in connection with such access may not be appropriately and effectively controlled by all broker-dealers.
[10:45]  The Commission believes it is critical that broker-dealers, which under the current regulatory structure are the only entities that may be members of exchanges and, as a practical matter, constitute the majority of subscribers to ATSs, appropriately control the risks associated with market access, so as not to jeopardize their own financial condition, that of other market participants, the integrity of trading on the securities markets, and the stability of the financial system.
[10:45] nothin  like  sittin  here  nakedd and  havind  short  play  in  aapl
[10:45]  lol
[10:45] lol
[10:46] lol
[10:46] ok that will increase commisions because of the middleman thing
[10:47] and theoretically should slow down trades
[10:47] full $ aapl
[10:47] grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
[10:47] nice jf
[10:47] ty
[10:48] got  out  too soon
[10:48] support for spy at .31 ese?
[10:48] my  biggest  problem
[10:48] hope somethin  in  tao  book  3i
[10:48] to  keep  me  in  trades
[10:48] i' make it .38
[10:49] ok
[10:50] from yesterday......though that could be weak
[10:51]  GM Reports Oct US vehicle sales +13% (core brands) (v -4% unadjusted est); to 183.4K units
[10:51] cause it was close to the end of the day.......intraday
[10:52] atni sm l .04
[10:52] you're right!
[10:52]  yes jf
[10:53] forgot RIMM. it keeps on dropping
[10:53] wow dino.......that one is sparse.......
[10:53] fcx offer .05
[10:57] lol
[10:57] in fcx .03 small
[10:58] nerves of steel buddy.....
[10:58] .17 point spread there at one point
[11:00]  (RU) Russia Foreign Minister Lavrov: not seeking advice from Japan on Kunashiri Islands
[11:00]  - Note: 10/31 (JP) Japan PM Kan: Russia president's visit to the disputed islands is "very regrettable"; Japan Foreign Min Maehara: Visit to disputed islands "hurts Japanese public sentiment"; Plans to summon the Russia ambassador to protest the visit by the Russia president.
[11:00] surprised Japan doesn't base the American forces on those islands
[11:01] that'd sort out the dispute
[11:01] American forces on Russian islands? :)
[11:02] u say they're russian lari
[11:02] nahhhh lets put Canadian forces there we got 1 tank i think.......aand a couple of soldiers
[11:02]  all two of them ese??
[11:02] lol
[11:02] might as well use salvation army then
[11:03] yup.....rotflol
[11:04]  GRMN Exec: Average selling prices pressured; to impact revenue going forward - conf call (30.52, -2.49, -7.54%)
[11:04] that i think of it
[11:05] the salavation army band has some very old cornets
[11:05] they make one heck of a racket
[11:05] that would do the trick
[11:05] Canada has been and is a stalwart military ally of the US: 
[11:06] jll sm l .72 thin
[11:06]  actually Canada took the biggest burden in this war
[11:06]  but getting out now
[11:06] oh oh.....ig et the feeling ron is ex military and i'm in trouble
[11:06] why not?  Obama already surrendered...
[11:07]  decided to get out before he did,
[11:07] so is Australia. But they shouldn't be in Afghanistan or Iraq
[11:07]  main reason being other countires refusing to participate in combat
[11:07] and announced it to the enemy
[11:07] I use to be with the The Regina Police Boys Band when i was a kid.    Does that count
[11:07]  Japan needs new ideas I say, f.e. demand new York and Boston from US, to compensate for Hiroshima/Nagasaki 
[11:08] can i do something to help
[11:08]  I like that larisa
[11:08] so many things wrong w/ that name ese...
[11:08]  I could go to Boston instead of Tokio then
[11:08] in jll .7 small
[11:08]  shirter travel
[11:08] lol
[11:08]  shorter
[11:09] looking for RIMM reversal around .75
[11:09]  RIMM unending seling pressure...
[11:10] .75 support in multiple time frames. let's see if it can reverse off it
[11:10] with market help of course
[11:12] SPY support here
[11:12] Burton Cummings and The Guess Who(Canadian Band) had it right with there early 70's album and song "Share The Land"
[11:12] $ spiking 
[11:12] the planet needs to bloody well wake up
[11:12]  I think it's pretty much a given now,
[11:12] $ up u reckon
[11:12]  FOMC decision will be far from the massive QE@
[11:13]  IMO:
[11:13]  we are looking at the serious dollar rally,
[11:13]  and equities will pull back hard at first,
[11:13]  then reverse and rally WITH dollar
[11:13]  that's not anintraday scenario,
[11:13] ooh yeh look at USD/JPY
[11:13]  rathjer talking about weeks, possibly months
[11:15] £ strengthens against Yen. Yen being thrown under bus
[11:15] damn RIMM just getting away from me.
[11:16] jll stopped -.30
[11:16] what is that symbol Les?
[11:19] Yen $ Ron not symbol. look in Finviz
[11:19] TNA bounce vad?
[11:19] £  ???
[11:19] pound sterling
[11:20]  tough call mags
[11:24]  well
[11:24]  .50 break
[11:24]  maybe
[11:26]  GLD daily looks horrible
[11:26] AAPL worse
[11:27] do you guys have a canadian dollar symbol?
[11:27]  loonie
[11:27] on your keyboard?
[11:28] fcx at pivot support
[11:30] TBT based out and beginning its accent
[11:30] assent?
[11:30] frig it its going up!
[11:30] ascend
[11:30] ascent
[11:30]  acsent and ascent are two more versions to consider
[11:31] no one looking at Vad dictionary
[11:31]  too bad
[11:31] mine is bad enough
[11:31] aapl
[11:31]  I put my soul in it
[11:31]  well... actually, now that I think of it... maybe that's why no one should even bother
[11:33]  watch LVS for pullback to .20 or just under, for double bottom entry
[11:37] news EOG vad?
[11:38] rimm 55?
[11:38]  EOG Reports Q3 $0.18 (adj) v $0.18e, R$1.58B v $1.4Be
[11:38]  EOG CitiGroup Cuts EOG to Hold from Buy, price target: $95
[11:38]  EOG CEO: No plans to increase volumes of natural gas given current prices, will sell approx $1B in assets in 2011 - conf call comments (97.74, 0.00, 0.00%) (related UNG )
[11:39]  can't tell les
[11:39] k
[11:39]  so far two morning calls were the only things where I felt confident
[11:39]  3
[11:40]  the rest of movements today happen in a shaky manner
[11:40]  with no clear indications
[11:40]  Boehner on TV
[11:41]  he needs a duct tape to keep the corners of his mouth down... gloating smile just creeps in
[11:41] ah I know that face
[11:42] let's see if he's still smiling in 2 years
[11:42]  why not
[11:42]  he holds all the cards, no lose situation for him
[11:42]  think about it:
[11:43] perhaps my time frame was a bit short
[11:43]  he designs a bill going against pres agenda and submits it
[11:43]  no mater who rejects it, senate or president, he looks like voice of people
[11:43]  and they look like out of touch
[11:43]  if they accept it, he is a winner
[11:43]  he defended the people
[11:43] I meant when American people say enough is enough
[11:44] to both these parties of clowns
[11:44]  as if they havce a better choice
[11:44]  how do you envision that "enouhg"?
[11:45] good question. When does the house of cards collapse?
[11:45] when bond investors say "enough is enough?"
[11:45]  that's much better question
[11:46] I meant when American people are put thru such pain
[11:46] they say "enough is enough"
[11:46] gotta find my boy at a party brb
[11:47]  half lot
[11:47]  if stays above .95
[11:48] half lot of what??
[11:48] lol
[11:48] Long Setup:  RIMM  .05 break
[11:48]  lol
[11:48]  mistyped script
[11:49] in
[11:49]  not a scalp for me
[11:49]  depends on market help but if any comes should do .30 - .40
[11:49] stop?
[11:49]  [11:47] if stays above .95
[11:49] in rimm .05
[11:49] sorry ty
[11:50] in .08 the boy can wait
[11:50] lol
[11:52]  GLD Hearing weakness in gold partially attributed chatter of a large seller in the Gold ETF ahead of the FOMC meeting
[11:52]  speculation is likley big name hedge fund
[11:52] yeh, JPM
[11:56]  RIMM got got a good robust feeling about it, much like X earlier
[11:56]  1:1
[11:57]  half out
[11:57] 20 is 1st MA resistance
[11:58] im thinking .44h
[11:58]  stop to under 55 for the balance
[11:59]  market is still very shakky, and likely to stay increasingly nervous into FOMC
[11:59]  so whetever you think, manage the trade
[11:59] out flat 2nd half brb 
[11:59]  rules are rules
[11:59] ty
[12:00] drop-pop-drop-POP into bell
[12:00]  nope... I say it's pop-drop-por-drop
[12:00] gonna squeeze the bears
[12:00]  yes but
[12:00]  gitta lure them in first
[12:01]  they got killed pretty good, theyh all but gave up,
[12:01]  practically admitted that market is going to rally
[12:01]  now market needs to draw them back in by pretending to reverse
[12:02]  dollar goes up, equities drop, bears see finally the light at the end of tunnel and jump in once again
[12:02] well my drop brings them in
[12:02] pop brings more
[12:02]  and light turns to be the train...
[12:02] drop more...then bear fry
[12:02]  that's my scenario for the next month or so
[12:03]  look how well RIMM holds while market drops
[12:03]  won't resist for too long probably
[12:04]  but robust feeling was therer for a reason
[12:08] out rimm even
[12:14] ...stepped outside. saw a stiking male blue jay. peak of health. kinda made my day.
[12:14] striking
[12:14]  oh OK
[12:14]  I was thinking, what's good about stinking male blue jay
[12:18]  (SZ) SNB's Jordan: More financial market crises cannot be ruled out; central banks should only help solvent banks in a liquidity crunch (related EUR/CHF USD/CHF )
[12:19] nice Ron. quickly looked it up. pretty bird
[12:19] organising some bird feeds this year for winter
[12:36]  RIMM 1:2
06[12:37] * Threei slaps magoo around a bit with a large roll of cash
[12:42] yaaaaaaawwwwwnnnnnn!!!!!!!!
[12:43]  1:3
[12:43]  while some yawning
[12:43] good one
[12:43]  11:49] depends on market help but if any comes should do .30 - .40
[12:43]  target hit
[12:44] u still in vad?
[12:44]  .35 out
[12:45] did you do with atni
[12:48] jeez I wonder where he learnt that?
[12:50] on TV...been in many plots...
[12:51] sarcasm Ron sarcasm...
[12:52] crazy society creating crazy citizens
[12:58]  got your .44 mags?
[12:58] why, u need to shoot someone
[13:01]  rofl
[13:01]  good one
[13:01] .44 mag here for griz bears
[13:02] govt. took my old mans .44 years ago
[13:02]  pres on TV
[13:02] oh good. thought it was for me...
[13:03] he he doesn't look too upset
[13:03] es, still in it. got booted
[13:03] hmmmmmm
[13:04] dollar moving dlown a little
[13:07]  that's not even a little
[13:07] now a little more than a little
[13:07]  lol
[13:07] wow
[13:08] was it something big O said?
[13:08] wow, actually tried to listen to The O.  Has to turn it off before I threw up.  What a bunch of soppy, soapy, platitudes.  This guy is treating us like mushrooms.
[13:08] ...keeping us in the dark and feeding us bullcrap...
[13:08] He must be thinking of Les
[13:08] wise words of wisdom from the twit
[13:09] easy nemo
[13:09] that was easy
[13:10] wow, that was a hell of a question!
[13:10]  yes
[13:11] what was the question?
[13:11]  do you think last night results were rejection of your agenda
[13:11] how  high  can  bobo  jump
[13:11]  and who speaks for american people, you or Boehner
[13:12]  rofl jf
[13:12] boner speaks for me, usually :D
[13:13]  wow
[13:13] you can't say that on television davd ;)
[13:14]  they are going for the throat
[13:14]  second question is even more pointed
[13:14] Chicago politics coming out hey...
[13:14] yes, she seemed a little angry
[13:14] bb king moment?
[13:14] "the thrill is gone"?
[13:15]  "you don't seem to regret any of policies, do voters have to conclude you are still not getting it?"
[13:15] wow
[13:15] wow
[13:15] dead on
[13:15] is he getting mAD YET?
[13:15]  did any president ever get such questions from press?
[13:15] wow the press said this?
[13:15]  yes
[13:15] nixon got it hard
[13:15] jeeeeeeeezuz
[13:16] from the press...
[13:16] wonder if the journalist was put up to the job
[13:17] ...uh, rahm....i have a messenger i want you to kill...
[13:17] where's the journalist from?
[13:18]  CBC I think
[13:18] Canada?
[13:18]  not 100% sure
[13:18] canadian braodcasting?
[13:19]  Fox news now
[13:19]  on repaling health care reform
[13:20] vad, no tv here
[13:20] is he mad?
[13:20]  not happy
[13:20] what channel vad?
[13:20]  doesn't prohect "mad"
[13:20]  CNN
[13:22] tlt new high
[13:22] for day
[13:26] blah blah blah that's enough
[13:26] now I remember why we don't have TV
[13:27] O:  thank you for listening...i'm off to india to meet with my swami...
[13:28]  he caught his stride in latest couple questions, started soundiong again smooth and seinfield-show-like
[13:29]  "about nothing"
[13:29] lol
[13:37]  Says one area of potential compromise with Republicans could be on a pared down energy bill, developings US natural gas resources [Note: CLNE has been leveraged to US natural gas policy comments in the past]
[13:45]  getting defensive
[13:46]  (US) Preview: FOMC rate decision due out around 14:15ET
[13:46]  - The centerpiece of today's FOMC announcement is the widely expected new quantitative easing program (QE2). Consensus view appears to be for an initial allotment of $500B, at a pace of about $80-100B per month, with the flexibility to boost the total package to $1.5-2T if necessary over time (Note: The Fed already buys about $30B in treasuries per month under its current program to reinvest maturing MBS holdings). Details of the plan may be sketchy in the initial FOMC policy statement, which tends to stick to broad strokes. The details will likely be laid out in a subsequent communication by the New York Fed. After the last two FOMC announcements on QE programs the NY Fed posted operational details on its website at 14:45ET.
[13:50]  read this:
[13:50]  - The implications of the decision are broad ranging. The Fed is essentially moving quantitative easing into the realm of routine monetary policy for the first time, taking extraordinary steps that will further inflate its balance sheet for reasons that are not extraordinary. It has been supposed that each $100B is equal to about a 10 bps cut in rates. This new largesse by the Fed could be taken by foreign governments as another volley in the 'currency war.' With the launch of QE2 the NY Fed may also need to relax the 35% ceiling on Fed holdings of individual Treasury securities, as the Fed has already hit the cap on 30 of 213 existing issues in its portfolio.
[13:53] what has this world come to? questioning Presidential and Fed policy?
[13:56] ...and the dems call conservatives nazis...
[13:57] getting close to fedup time ehhh
[13:58]  EU Minister to recommend 3 gases
[13:58]  hmmm
[13:58]  oh
[13:58]  (EU) EU Minister to recommend 3 gases be excluded from carbon offset purchases starting in 2013 - unconfirmed report
[13:58] beans rice and chilli's
[13:59] I was thinking heads of state
[13:59] hmmmmm tough crowd
[13:59]  I liked it ese
[14:00]  I just pretend to be serious
[14:00] .
[14:02] vad, u were drop-pop-drop into bell?
[14:02] gotta go....catch ya tomorrow
[14:02] i was drop-pop-drop=-pop
[14:02]  take care ese
[14:02] bye ese
[14:03] ciao ese
[14:03]  I am going to sit it out in any case, mags :)
[14:03]  I need to ponder that 3 gases issue
[14:05]  dollar drops again
[14:07] big sell off  
[14:07] imo
[14:07] but a squeeze would catch so many off guard jf
[14:11] we will seee
[14:11] but everyone expects sell the news reaction
[14:11] 4 mins
[14:11] so wont happen, too easy
[14:13]  EUR/USD Euro approaches former Sep uptrend line at 1.4070 ahead of FOMC
[14:13] 3 mins warning given to paid clients of the Fed?
[14:13] lvs acting like it wants 50
[14:14]  dollar spike
[14:14] fast drop
[14:14] is it out?
[14:15] dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[14:15] don't think out yet?
[14:15]  no
[14:15] allman brothers action..."tied to the whippin post".
[14:16]  Explosion flattens Boston house
[14:16]  nemo, don't play with fireworks
[14:16] because of QE2??
[14:16]  lol
[14:17]  feds late
[14:17]  wow dollar
[14:17] euro spike to 1.42
[14:17]  imbeciles
[14:18] $660 bil by end of Q2 '11
[14:18]  - Vote 8-1 (hoenig again dissents)
[14:18]  - Avg duration of 5-6 years duration; full range of treasuries
[14:18]  - The Committee will maintain its existing policy of reinvesting principal payments from its securities holdings. In addition, the Committee intends to purchase a further $600 billion of longer-term Treasury securities by the end of the second quarter of 2011, a pace of about $75 billion per month. The Committee will regularly review the pace of its securities purchases and the overall size of the asset-purchase program in light of incoming information and will adjust the program as needed to best foster maximum employment and price stability.
[14:18] 600
[14:20]  Hoenig believed the risks of additional securities purchases outweighed the benefits. Mr. Hoenig also was concerned that this continued high level of monetary accommodation increased the risks of future financial imbalances and, over time, would cause an increase in long-term inflation expectations that could destabilize the economy.
[14:20]  one smart fed
[14:23]  IMO... and very very reluctant
[14:23]  time to short gold
[14:23] setup please
[14:25] done
[14:25] short .39 covered .16
[14:25] ty
[14:26] crap here was target
[14:28] so, who played that volatility?
[14:28] me. AVNR. short .49 :)
[14:28]  lol
[14:29]  GLD is down a buck with change
[14:29] was hoping for momentum from FOMC but u r right. it has gone to sleep
[14:29]  dollar rallies, as foretold
[14:29]  by prophet from Canada
[14:30] no lets see broad based selloff into close
[14:30] now
[14:32]  wow
[14:32]  premier of BC steps down
[14:32] yes!
[14:32]  finally
[14:33] hmm bad guy?
[14:33] disconnected from the common taxpayer
[14:33]  bubble boy
[14:33] which politician isn't?
[14:34]  GLD is free for all
[14:34] you mean in "freefall"?
[14:34]  again, IMO, serious dollar rally is about to stat
[14:35] iag
[14:35] ?
[14:35] watchin
[14:37] it means GEEEEEEEEEET SOOOME Nemo!!
[14:38] comon3i  put  ya GOLD  hat ON
[14:39]  don't push me into this hysterical action
[14:39]  there is no way to keep risk controlled
[14:39] never
[14:40]  I don't care how great potential looks for starry-eyed beginners
[14:40] exacktly
[14:40] here that  les
[14:41] lol
[14:41] why here and not hear?
[14:41] :P
[14:42] ok vad, i'll interject with a nature news posting....cougar spotted 4 blocks from my house this morning
[14:42]  cool
[14:42]  with all these deer roaming
[14:42]  no wonder
[14:43] was she good looking?
[14:43] are you nuts Patience?
[14:43] ?
[14:43] you telegraphing to gun nuts here that there is animal to kill....
[14:44] Look Nemo's already in the Car
[14:44] les, there are 20 deer strolling down my road every day....
[14:44] the little ones taste better ;)
[14:44] the place is re-populating with wildlife
[14:44]  nemo returns back home, drags out and installs a machine-gun on his car
[14:44] lol
[14:44] nah, ruins too much meat
[14:45] semi-auto, M-14 with a drum clip
[14:48] dude:
[14:48] d/t mgm
[14:48] GRMN
[14:50] rimm possible dt
[14:50] but dollar ain't exactly charging upwards here
[14:50] ...vix really dropped...-.76 to 20.79
[14:55] all $USD gains lost against major currencies
[14:55] MEE news vad?
[14:55]  MEE Reportedly US Labor Dept seeks to close Massey's Freedom No. 1 mine in Kentucy over safety issues (update)
[14:55]  Regulators filed a preliminary injunction seeking to shutter the mine until hazardous conditions are remedied.
[14:55]  - REMINDER: in April, 29 miners died in an explosion at Massey's Upper Big Branch mine in West Virginia
[14:59] so $600B was enough to get dollar kicked to the kurb...
[14:59] kerb
[15:00]  I doubt it
[15:00]  feels like trap to me
[15:00] unless currency traders playing like equity market
[15:00] like u suggest
[15:03] .
[15:13] vxx bounce
[15:15]  PRU Fitch raises rating to A- (24.18, -0.80, -3.20%)
[15:19] Long Setup:  UUP  .15 break
[15:19]  if stays abiove .10
[15:19]  target is about 1:2
[15:20]  maybe more but let's get that first
[15:21] look at those offers getting swallowed up
[15:22]  if this one is too slow for you, short GLD instead
[15:22]  a bit late though
[15:22] finally got on right side of GLD . s .48
[15:22]  cool
[15:23] in upp .17
[15:23] uup
[15:23]  you mean there was not enough shares at .16 to take?? :)
[15:23] loll
[15:24] i think it will spike and didn't want to miss - we'll see...
[15:24]  I understand... but why not take .16?
[15:24]  call was .15 break
[15:24]  so .16 is natural entry price
[15:25]  and it's so thick that there is no way you couldn't get a fill unless you want coluple million shares
[15:25] ii - my mistake
[15:26] covered gld +.41 
[15:26] very nice Les
[15:27] uncle buck hesitates
[15:27] ty patience
[15:30] slow torture
[15:30] no kidding
[15:30] lol
[15:30] got abannanna  slit  my  rist
[15:30] 1 cent in 29 minutes
[15:31] maybe 1:2 by nov 30th
[15:31] lol
[15:31] lol
[15:31] lol
[15:31] 3i  ya  killin  us
[15:31] of what year mags?
[15:32] way to take a risk there vad lol
[15:32]  hey, this is blistering speed for this thing
[15:32] i  asked  4  gold  hat
[15:32]  told ya, short GLD instead if you want faster
[15:32]  UUP up - GLD down
[15:33] 3.32
[15:33] out .16 ty
[15:34] ditto
[15:34] ty
[15:34] s gld .08 stop above .30
[15:34] you scalped uncle buck
[15:35]  see? every cent UUP gives you healthy GLD scalp
[15:36] as the little girl vampire says.... "I want more"
[15:37] out gld flat
[15:37] gotta ask if traders gonna move the buck today
[15:37] or leave us all hanging
[15:39]  asdk who?
[15:39] not you. I know your answer
[15:46] out UUP flat
[15:59]  thank you all
[15:59]  have a good evening
[15:59]  see you tomorrow
[15:59] how time flies. c ya's