Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jan 20 2011

Beautiful day with one small stop and six much bigger wins. Started with two shorts, switched to long, then whatever came along. Uninterrupted winning streak since Jan 1.

This particular trade is a classic pullback entry. After making a high at $53.50, X pulled back, formed a bottom at $52.90, bounced, retreated and danced a little around $53, creating a low-risk long entry, Notice also a small Inverted Head and Shoulder formed here - I am not a big fan of this formation, but if it appears in addition to other signals, why not use it as supplementary. The profit target was placed near the previous high, considering that lunch time is not very favorable for new highs. X did break higher in a few minutes though.

Session Time: Thu Jan 20 00:00:00 2011
[08:34] {Threei}  *(US) INITIAL JOBLESS CLAIMS: 404K V 420KE; CONTINUING CLAIMS: 3.861M V 3.985ME- Prior Initial Jobless Claims revised lower from 445K to 441K - Prior Continuing Claims revised higher from 3.879M to 3.887M - 4 week Avg claims: 412K v 411K prior
[08:41] {RonS} i missing something? what's up w/ aig?
[08:42] {Threei}  morning ron
[08:42] {Threei}  American International Group, Inc Files prospectus related to 74.9M shares at $2.50/shr - This prospectus supplement is to be used by American International Group, Inc. (AIG) in connection with the delivery of up to 74,997,777 shares of AIGs common stock, par value $2.50 per share (the Common Stock), upon the exercise of warrants issued by AIG on January 19, 2011 as a dividend to holders of the Common Stock (each, a Warrant and, collectively, the Warrants). This prospectus supplement relates to the shares of Common Stock to be issued by AIG upon exercise of the Warrants from time to time.
[08:43] {nemo} wow nice
[08:43] {nemo} look ffiv Ron
[08:43] {Threei}  so I guess we have an influx of new shares coming in
[08:43] {Threei}  which actually was a given... dunno why market acts surprised
[08:43] {RonS} yep. the cloud has burst.
[08:44] {Threei}  Spot gold dips below $1,350/oz level f(Lowest level since Nov 29th)- The 100-day mvg avg is $1,350.41/oz
[08:45] {nemo} gld took  pasting
[08:45] {RonS} so. who are the cloud guys...rvbd is one...
[08:51] {RonS} check fcx
[08:51] {dino} gm all
[08:51] {Threei}  dino :)
[08:52] {ese} morning
[08:52] {Threei}  ese :_
[08:53] {ese} lots of back pain this morning........kept me up most of the night
[08:53] {nemo} where is the pain ese?
[08:54] {ese} lower back...common place
[08:54] {ese} any suggestions nemo
[08:55] {nemo} Yeah...unfortunately you're 3500 miles away
[08:55] {RonS} fixed position recliner
[08:55] {RonS} best $ i ever spent
[08:56] {nemo} you getting less exercise during the winter, seems that's when you're back flares up
[08:56] {RonS} lay on floor with knees to face stretching the lower back
[08:57] {ese} in december less exercise because of how busy iwas but am back biking a fair amount now
[08:58] {RonS} kneel on floor with hands down also...then arch your back like a cat
[08:58] {ese} whats a fixed position recliner ron
[08:58] {ese} yup......i do those stretches they do work
[08:58] {RonS} will try to find example on minute...
[09:00] {dino} when my lower back hurts i get my daughter to walk on it
[09:00] {ese} that might kill me.....
[09:01] {dino} well, we don't want that
[09:03] {dino} silver hit
[09:04] {RonS} here is an example...not recommending specific product, but you will get the idea:
[09:06] {ese} ahhhhh........have seen those....and we do have a store like that here
[09:07] {ese} tks gonna look into this
[09:13] {stewy} good morning everyone
[09:14] {Threei}  stewy :)
[09:14] {ese} stew
[09:17] {dino} watch gaps 1274 s/p, 2288 ndx
[09:17] {magoo} morn:)
[09:17] {Threei}  mags
[09:19] {ese} mags
[09:19] {ese} mos sure kept sliding yesterday huh
[09:20] {RonS} is there any reason not to like fitb short today?
[09:20] {RonS} 15% dilution on stock issuance announced
[09:20] {larisa} gm :)
[09:20] {ese} haven't looked....will check it out
[09:20] {Threei}  larisa :)
[09:20] {larisa} vad :)
[09:21] {magoo} how low FFIV go last nite anyone?
[09:22] {RonS} 105.50
[09:23] {Threei}  SLW and X are my targets stocks for the morning
[09:23] {ese} mine shows 108.60
[09:24] {ese} wow...thats a hair cut though -27.15 so far
[09:24] {Threei}  LVS too, probably rather than X
[09:24] {Threei}  X tends to be abnormally cvolatile first minutes
[09:26] {magoo} ty ron
[09:27] {RonS} np...ebay could rip w/ market help
[09:31] {Threei} Short Setup: SLW  31 break
[09:31] {Threei}  if stays below .10
[09:31] {Threei}  1:1
[09:32] {Threei} Short Setup: LVS  .90 break half lot
[09:32] {jfjf64} mornin
[09:33] {Threei}  hey jf
[09:33] {jfjf64} dont  say  hi
[09:33] {jfjf64} winners
[09:33] {Threei}  1:1
[09:33] {jfjf64} you  cd  be rude
[09:33] {jfjf64} lol
[09:33] {Threei}  I can and will, trust me
[09:33] {Threei}  1:2
[09:34] {Threei}  1:3, out
[09:34] {Threei}  SLW like a stone
[09:34] {magoo} out .66 ty
[09:34] {magoo} missed lvs
[09:34] {Threei}  welcome
[09:34] {Threei}  LVS was actually easier to execute than SLW, lol
[09:35] {nemo} out .52 slw ty
[09:36] {Threei}  wtg
[09:36] {Threei}  wow LVS
[09:36] {Threei}  can I have my short back
[09:36] {magoo} i hit wrong one
[09:36] {dino}  ndx gap filled
[09:37] {Threei}  SLW is not too far behind
[09:38] {Threei}  as far as I am concerned, both shorts were a beauty
[09:38] {magoo} agree boss
[09:38] {Threei}  new bout of selling
[09:38] {magoo} carnage futes
[09:39] {Threei}  X doesn't follow it anymore
[09:39] {Threei}  watching it for bounce
[09:39] {Threei}  half lot, .50 break
[09:39] {Threei}  if holding .40
[09:39] {Threei} Long Setup:  X  .50 break half lot
[09:40] {Threei}  invalidated
[09:40] {Threei}  .40 break
[09:40] {Threei}  if holsding .30
[09:40] {magoo} in
[09:41] {Threei}  1;1
[09:42] {dino} apkt sm l .30
[09:42] {Threei}  1:2
[09:42] {magoo} ouyt .65 TY
[09:42] {Threei}  1:3, out
[09:42] {magoo} NO VAD
[09:42] {Threei}  1;4
[09:42] {magoo} u cant go home he he
[09:42] {Threei}  lol
[09:43] {Threei}  wow
[09:43] {jfjf64} omg
[09:43] {Threei}  can I have my shares back
[09:43] {magoo} crying
06[09:43] * Threei hands magoo a tissue
[09:43] {magoo} ty
[09:44] {Threei}  bunch of numbers at 10
[09:44] {nemo} better give him a towel
[09:44] {Threei}  Phil fed Index, leading indicator fort Dec and existing home sales
[09:45] {Threei}  1 dollar
[09:45] {Threei}  told ya this thing was immenesely volatile at the open
[09:45] {jfjf64} wow
[09:45] {jfjf64} x
[09:47] {magoo} my god,. pass me the banana
[09:49] {ese} that would have been my day right there with x
[09:51] {Threei}  big pullback
[09:51] {Threei}  back to klong idea
[09:52] {Threei}  .10 break
[09:52] {Threei}  1;1
[09:53] {Threei}  second chance entry if missed first, 1:1 too
[09:54] {Threei}  1:2
[09:55] {Threei}  numbers are close, backing off
[09:55] {Threei}  oh and...
[09:55] {Threei}  can I go home?
[09:55] {jfjf64} why
[09:55] {jfjf64} market  has  no  idea
[09:56] {jfjf64} lol
[09:56] {Threei}  4:4 in 25 min... I'd think my job on this planet is done for today
[09:56] {jfjf64} nice   wk
[09:57] {dino} gj
[09:58] {Threei}  ty
[09:58] {RonS} lvs heavy
[09:58] {Threei}  now, to distract you for the next few min while numbers effect passes,
[09:58] {Threei}
[09:59] {Threei}  a few fresh shots
[09:59] {Threei}  victorians will recognize this tree immediately
[10:00] {nemo} oh, and here's bunny
[10:00] {nemo}
[10:01] {nemo} tna betting good numbers
[10:01] {Threei}  (US) JAN PHILADELPHIA FED: 19.3 V 20.8E
[10:01] {Threei}  (US) DEC EXISTING HOME SALES: 5.28M (+12.3% M/M) V 4.87ME
[10:01] {nemo} market shrugging that off
[10:01] {Threei}  US) DEC LEADING INDICATORS: 1.0% V 0.6%E
[10:03] {dino} kbe l .25
[10:05] {nemo} wanna see perfect C&H  tck
[10:06] {Threei} Long Setup:  SLW  .85 break
[10:06] {Threei}  half lot
[10:07] {Threei}  if stays above .75
[10:07] {magoo} SHLD mental
[10:09] {RonS} just sickening:  Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT:$55.82,00$0.7900,1.44%) shares rose 0.8%. The retail giant said it plans to "reformulate" thousands of everyday packaged-food items by 2015 as part of its initiative, urged by First Lady Michelle Obama, to sell healthier and more affordable food.
[10:09] {Threei}  RMBS... rumors of positive court ruling
[10:09] {Threei}  no go SLW
[10:11] {nemo} cree
[10:12] {nemo} bidu climing against  market
[10:20] {magoo} X nuts
[10:20] {jfjf64} yup
[10:20] {jfjf64} watchin
[10:21] {jfjf64} lvs  read??
[10:22] {magoo} im watching it..but no read here
[10:22] {magoo} could lose 45
[10:22] {ese} L cov .95
[10:22] {jfjf64} thinkin  same
[10:23] {jfjf64}   see if  sets  up
[10:23] {jfjf64} lot  shares .10
[10:23] {jfjf64} no  more
[10:23] {jfjf64} lol
[10:24] {RonS} es futes order flow pointing to new low...
[10:25] {magoo} offer .84
[10:25] {ese} ya
[10:26] {magoo} wow its lev 2 moving
[10:26] {magoo} there
[10:27] {magoo} .84
[10:27] {magoo} ty vad
[10:27] {Threei}  hmm?
[10:28] {RonS} 07:57 RonS lvs heavy
[10:30] {ese} cov is about as countertrend as you get ron....i like the way it's fighting the futures....bodes well.....some duffus is buying it somewhere
[10:30] {ese} hey....wha da my saying.......thats me
[10:30] {Threei}  lol
[10:31] {Threei}  LVS looks breakdownish again
[10:35] {magoo} out .58 from .84 ty vad
[10:35] {Threei}  :)
[10:35] {magoo} death chart
[10:35] {ese} which on mags
[10:35] {ese} one
[10:35] {magoo} LVS
[10:35] {Threei}  IMF: Economic pressure in Europe rising; Flexible resources needed for bailout fund- Growth is too slow to create jobs - Greece restructuring not in the country's best interest - Supports longer repayment period for IMF Greece loan
[10:36] {magoo} i shorted our original .05 to .84,, then vad called lower
[10:36] {magoo} took it again
[10:36] {ese} ohhhhh yaaaa....the daily is dangerous
[10:37] {magoo} markets are showing signs of a treend change
[10:37] {magoo} dip buyers will try
[10:37] {ese} smacking dn on 45.........what........5th time now........dun da dun dun
[10:37] {magoo} has been working
[10:37] {magoo} but BUT there is a NEW feel out there
[10:38] {magoo} the darkness is approaching
[10:38] {ese} lol
[10:39] {ese} touch with the supernatural........
[10:39] {jfjf64} ??  symbol   ESI    i hv  htb  any body  else
[10:40] {RonS} english please
[10:40] {jfjf64} hard  to  borrow
[10:41] {jfjf64} cant  short
[10:41] {jfjf64} im  using  schwab   chuckie  boy
[10:41] {magoo} u in cyber?
[10:41] {jfjf64} yes
[10:42] {magoo} just call chuck ask to borrow
[10:42] {ese} you can just picture this....mags doing Cramers lightning round.......difference being mags gets struck with a real lightning bolt and is standing there on TV all black and blue looking battle hardened.......smoke coming out of his ears and his cape is smoking and almost on fire
[10:42] {magoo} u know, cyber pisses vad off right?lol?
[10:42] {magoo} ROFLOL
[10:43] {magoo} id grab his crameres keyboard and smash it
[10:43] {magoo} jumping on it
[10:43] {ese} lol
[10:44] {magoo} man FFIV may see 105
[10:44] {RonS} or 80
[10:45] {ese} ahhhhhhh there we go......cov to the moon........hey supernatural guy....mags ...look into my future
[10:45] {ese} i'm up .20 so far........
[10:46] {magoo} well, i am superstitious, but supernatural?
[10:46] {ese} give me a target buddy
[10:46] {magoo} 108.58
[10:46] {Threei}  target vuddy? Is it like study buddy?
[10:46] {magoo} THGERE
[10:47] {ese} close eyes....index of both hands up against your forhead........whats in my cov future?
[10:47] {ese} opps....retracement
[10:47] {RonS} as long as it's not butt buddy...
[10:47] {ese} lol
[10:47] {RonS} stec a fork in it
[10:48] {RonS} mos on a falling rock
[10:48] {ese} is it ever
[10:49] {magoo} one of these days we gonna have "flash crash 2"
[10:49] {ese} 13 bills since yesterday
[10:50] {RonS} anyone else have weird quote on aig?
[10:51] {stewy} .
[10:51] {ese} Susquehanna Cuts MOS to Net Neutral from Net Positive what the heck does this mean
[10:51] {stewy} 3i any read on cat?
[10:51] {RonS} chart shows 51 to 44.50, but quote shows +1.73 at 44.50
[10:52] {RonS} let me guess...Susquehanna wants to be a net company...
[10:52] {ese} ok i'm out 1/2 cov.15 +.20
[10:52] {Threei}  not here stewy
[10:53] {RonS} gj...what the heck do they do?
[10:53] {Threei}  94 break was good short
[10:53] {stewy}  i typed it and it broke. tks
[10:54] {dino} lol susquehanna, nice value added timing
[10:56] {ese} Susquehanna is proof positve that Heinrich Himmler is still alive.....because they've hired him
[10:56] {ese} man how do they think this stuff up.......
[10:57] {magoo} FFIV death 105 is coming
[10:58] {magoo} i shorted it 107.52 to .17
[10:58] {magoo} not for faint of heart tho
[10:59] {magoo} ABC=always banking cash
[10:59] {ese} i'd like to second that statement by mags
[10:59] {magoo} the ABC?
[10:59] {ese} ffiv
[11:00] {magoo} problem is..FFIV if u blew a stop and it reversed hard..DEATH
[11:00] {ese} ABC makes me think of the Jackson Five
[11:00] {RonS} noooo...get it outta my head!!!...
[11:01] {dino} gut on ffiv whoosh to close gap at 102.80 then big bounce
[11:01] {ese} "A B C"...."It's easy as One Two Three"....."ABC one two three Baby you and me"
[11:01] {RonS} dang you ese
[11:02] {ese} damn now i've done.........i've got this tune running through my head
[11:02] {magoo} really, u SOB, now im singin it
[11:02] {RonS} gonna shoot myself to get it to stop
[11:02] {nemo} Little Willie Willie won't go home...
[11:02] {magoo} let nemo shoot u..hes good at it
[11:02] {RonS} lol
[11:02] {ese} lol
[11:03] {magoo} u short FFIV dino?
[11:03] {RonS} Treasury to sell $99 billion in bonds next week      
[11:04] {nemo} cree and mos on same buy program
[11:04] {ese} buy program?.......that might be the funniest thing yet i've heard today
[11:05] {magoo} there real
[11:05] {RonS} he wants to work for Susquehanna...
[11:05] {magoo} their
[11:05] {dino} no
[11:06] {ese} by the way........what has got the mrkt spooked today........I ain't seen/heard/ or read/ anything out of the ordinary
[11:06] {nemo} arm h offer
[11:07] {nemo} armh
[11:07] {ese} Obamas meeting with Hu Jintao......didn't come off as planned ??
[11:07] {nemo} whaddya' think vad?
[11:07] {nemo} gone
[11:07] {nemo} fake
[11:07] {dino} sell the news ese
[11:08] {dino} thats all i can figure
[11:08] {nemo} back
[11:08] {ese} ya...go figur eh
[11:09] {ese} hmmmmmm
[11:09] {Threei}  can't tell, ARMH
[11:12] {dino} anr sm l .00
[11:15] {dino} sm l msb .65
[11:17] {RonS} ese, Hu and the Chinese did get a little confused when Obama flipped on The Who's "Who are you?".
[11:19] {patience} patience is reviewing seasonality rollover charts
[11:20] {RonS} do you use a divining rod?
[11:20] {patience}
[11:22] {ese} there you have it dino.....from patience post "tech talk"...  Unless fourth quarter results substantially exceed consensus, traders are sellers on news.
[11:23] {ese} you called it
[11:23] {nemo} jeez X
[11:23] {RonS} ya, aapl didn't sell enough...
[11:24] {dino} hmmm]
[11:32] {dino} anr stopped
[11:33] {dino} msb stopped
[11:49] {Threei}  (US) US Rep Hensarling (R-TX) due to bring back a bill that aims to wind down the GSEs - financial press (related FMCC FNMA )
[11:49] {RonS} lvs winding up for a run?
[11:50] {Threei}  looks like,,,
[11:50] {Threei}  not very confident
[11:50] {nemo} tk loos same way
[11:51] {nemo} tck
[11:52] {magoo} reads on X vad/
[11:53] {RonS} mos sm l .40
[11:53] {Threei}  I'd look for long on it mags
[11:54] {Threei}  53 break
[11:54] {magoo} where
[11:54] {magoo} ok
[11:54] {Threei}  stop under .90
[11:54] {Threei}  not a scalp
[11:55] {Threei}  1;1
[11:55] {Threei}  stop to .95
[11:57] {Threei}  1:2
06[11:57] * Threei slaps magoo around a bit with a large roll of cash
[11:58] {dino} msb sm l .25
[12:00] {RonS} Stocks with large percentage call strike moves: X MOS       01/20 09:58 AM
[12:00] {magoo} nice call
[12:03] {RonS} hmmm, someone bought a bull call pread on mos, feb 70-75 15k or $3.63 mil
[12:03] {RonS} they make a similar amount with a mos close no of 75 by feb oe
[12:07] {magoo} vad, where gut feel X headed? .80 area?
[12:07] {Threei}  I doubt it
[12:08] {magoo} new high .65?
[12:09] {Threei}  I'd try to be out around .40
[12:11] {magoo} that was my 3rd possibility...rejectione' at .45
[12:12] {Threei}  you just cound't make my life easier by listing all three allowing me to just type a number
[12:13] {Threei}  but I forgive you... I am kinder and gentlier than usual today,
[12:14] {Threei}  thanks to loonie falling back under parity with USD'
[12:16] {nemo} apkt
[12:17] {nemo} whaddya think Vad?
[12:17] {Threei}  scary one...
[12:17] {Threei}  not bulimic but still very thin
[12:17] {nemo} o.k/  think it goes to 51.50
[12:20] {nemo} stec?
[12:21] {Threei}  28 made sense
[12:21] {nemo} on what?
[12:25] {Threei}  STEC
[12:25] {Threei}  20, sorry
[12:25] {Threei}  I am dixleksic
[12:25] {Threei}  out X
[12:25] {magoo} out .45 TY
[12:25] {Threei}  :)
[12:27] {dino} s/p wants green
[12:37] {dino} sm l rax .00
[12:40] {magoo} X
[12:40] {magoo} near .80
[12:44] {ese} zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[12:44] {stewy} c + h on bp?
[12:45] {nemo} 46 break veco?
[12:45] {Threei}  looks like stewy
[12:45] {Threei}  I wouldn't count on much though
[12:46] {Threei}  just a little scalp
[12:46] {stewy} yep playin it that tks
[12:46] {Threei}  VECI
[12:46] {Threei}  yes
[12:46] {Threei}  VECO
[12:46] {Threei}  half lot, thin
[12:46] {nemo} in oops
[12:46] {Threei}  see the spread changing?
[12:47] {Threei}  market should help it, but be careful with these thinnines
[12:53] {nemo} 1/2 .10 from .96   frickin' bloodpressure
[12:54] {nemo} well, I'm down to a half lot ;)
[12:56] {Threei}  nice
[12:56] {nemo} stop under 46
[13:05] {Threei}  CH) Chinese President Hu: Inexpensive Chinese goods have saved the US around $600B over the last decade- World economic recovery has been very, very difficult; many uncertainties remains
[13:08] {nemo} well escaped veco barely
[13:12] {RonS} out mos +.80
[13:14] {ese} nice one ron
[13:15] {RonS} toughie, sm shares wide stop...prob run another $1 by eod
[13:15] {ese} ya....but good patience on that one
[13:19] {nemo} mos right at vwap
[13:24] {stewy} v   spike
[13:24] {Threei}  don't see news
[13:26] {Threei}  wow
[13:26] {Threei}  what the deuce
[13:28] {Threei}  ahha
[13:28] {Threei}  Mastercard Strength in V and MA attributed to Rep Frank comments, noting support for changes in interchange fee proposals in the Dodd-Frank bill- Reminder: on 12/16 Federal Reserve Board of Governors votes unanimously to issue the staff proposal on capping interchange fees; public comment period will last for 60 days
[13:39] {magoo} .
[13:39] {magoo} ..
[13:39] {magoo} ...
[13:39] {magoo} save u guys the effort
[13:40] {Threei}  why are you littering all over the floor
[13:40] {Threei}  janitor frowns
[13:40] {stewy} morse code?
[13:41] {nemo} magspeak
[13:41] {ese} i gotta's choir in 40m........catch you tomorrow.
[13:42] {magoo} bye ese
[13:42] {Threei}  take care ese
[13:42] {RonS} cya ese
[13:42] {ese} cya
[13:43] {stewy} bye gd night
[13:45] {nemo} infa
[13:48] {Threei}  V starts looking like another run is in cards
[13:50] {Threei}  here we go
[13:51] {Threei}  new high
06[13:51] * Threei slaps magoo around a bit with a large trout
[13:52] {kschun} great call man!
[13:55] {Threei}  :)
[13:55] {Threei}  you should have seen this morninbg
[13:55] {Threei}  that was magnificent
[13:55] {kschun} dont start man lOL
[13:56] {Threei}  stocks jumped to get our attention, and asked where to go to please us
[13:56] {kschun} :-) vad :-) LOL
[14:09] {nemo} wow, I guess 1 day is a pullback
[14:10] {Threei}  so far, yes... DJI is about to go green
[14:10] {dino} s/p too
[14:11] {Threei}  yeah
[14:11] {Threei}  even if we end in red,m this staying power is nothing short of amazing
[14:11] {nemo} thank god for POMO
[14:13] {RonS} disgusting imo:  One Day After Securing A Huge Deal With China, Boeing Lays Off 1000 American Workers (BA)
[14:14] {nemo} yeah, because they have to move the factories to china for the deal
[14:14] {dino} green
[14:14] {nemo} if we want them to keep buying debt we'll have to transfer expertise
[14:16] {nemo} funny the pullback brought us back to last Wednesday
[14:17] {RonS} mos ran that other buck...
[14:18] {kschun} SWN at interesting level here
[14:18] {kschun} 0.5 must be taken out for long
[14:18] {kschun} .05
[14:19] {Threei}  a bit too narrow for my taste
[14:21] {kschun} yeah, you are probably right
[14:21] {kschun} business as usual :-)
[14:22] {Threei}  yeah, my wife says it's mymost irritating trait
[14:35] {dino} nemo,pullback to the gaps
[14:35] {nemo} anything specific dino?
[14:37] {Threei}  USD/CNY (US) House members may submit a currency bill on China's Yuan next week
[14:39] {dino} just in rax and msb
[14:42] {jfjf64} back  miss anythin
[14:42] {Threei}  depends on when you left
[14:42] {RonS} uh, jus makin money...
[14:42] {Threei}  speaking of which, what with the habot to leave without asking permission?
[14:42] {Threei}  habit
[14:43] {Threei}  have you seen me ever leaving without asking "can I go home"?
[14:43] {Threei}  who said you can just up and leave
[14:43] {Threei}  I want to see note from parents
[14:43] {jfjf64} lol
[14:44] {jfjf64} yup  ya  right
[14:44] {jfjf64} been  makin  my $  and  runnin
[14:44] {jfjf64} seems  to  be workin
[14:45] {dino} whatever works
[14:45] {jfjf64} very  supestitious
[14:45] {Threei}  meanwhile, good manners would be: made your $, now make some for others
[14:45] {dino} ndx wants green too
[14:45] {jfjf64} jf  always  shares
[14:45] {jfjf64} my  name  not  nemo
[14:45] {dino} corrections in this market only last hours not days
[14:46] {dino} still buy the dips
[14:46] {Threei}  no kidding dino... yesterday was some kind of a fluke
[14:46] {Threei}  just another bear trap
[14:46] {nemo} when you're printing that much money every day, it's inevitable
[14:46] {jfjf64} lol
[14:47] {jfjf64} x  looks  lowe  to  me
[14:47] {jfjf64}   imo
[14:47] {dino} out rax +.60 at .60
[14:47] {RonS} gj
[14:47] {dino} out msb +.75 at ave .00
[14:47] {Threei}  beautiful
[14:48] {dino} thx kindda a slow day for me, picked up a cold
[14:48] {jfjf64} .20 break  holdin  .30
[14:48] {Threei}  just give it to magoo
[14:49] {Threei}  if he humbly refuses a gift, add a flu on top
[14:51] {Threei}  looks right to me jf
[14:51] {Threei}  I'd even take it aggresively
[14:51] {Threei}  wth tighter stop
[14:52] {jfjf64} .25
[14:52] {jfjf64} lol
[14:52] {RonS} x involumedated
[14:52] {nemo} invalidated
[14:52] {jfjf64} y
[14:52] {jfjf64} keep  eye
[14:53] {jfjf64} hmm
[14:54] {jfjf64} all stops  gonna  get  it  here
[14:55] {jfjf64} .24
[15:02] {jfjf64} in
[15:03] {Threei}  .28 in
[15:03] {Threei}  stop above .40
[15:03] {jfjf64} yup
[15:03] {Threei}  .43 actually
[15:04] {Threei}  .42 current high
[15:04] {Threei}  bidding half .15
[15:05] {Threei}  hit
[15:05] {jfjf64} half
[15:05] {jfjf64} out
[15:05] {Threei}  "fiiiish ina baaarrel" (singing to the tune of the Smoke of the Water)
[15:05] {Threei}  of = on
[15:06] {RonS} luv it
[15:06] {jfjf64} 54.00
[15:06] {Threei}  bidding 1/4 more .05
[15:06] {jfjf64} on the  waterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
[15:06] {jfjf64} eh  ehh ahhhh
[15:06] {Threei}  hit
[15:06] {jfjf64} out
[15:07] {jfjf64} see  jf  shares
[15:07] {Threei}  lol
[15:07] {Threei}  this is embarassing
[15:07] {Threei}  money should be made that easy
[15:07] {Threei}  shouldn't
[15:07] {Threei}  I can't believe it's legal
[15:08] {jfjf64} all  those  traders  that  went  lomgggggggggggg
[15:09] {Threei}  out last piece
[15:09] {Threei}  .95
[15:09] {jfjf64} you  still in
[15:10] {Threei}  +.33 I think
[15:10] {jfjf64} nice
[15:10] {jfjf64} you dog
[15:10] {Threei}  and X is my bone
[15:10] {jfjf64} yes
[15:10] {jfjf64} great  day
[15:11] {Threei}  one stop on half lot
[15:11] {Threei}  6 wins, slmost all are 1:3
[15:11] {jfjf64} think  bounce  x
[15:11] {jfjf64} ??
[15:12] {Threei}  not sure yet
[15:14] {magoo} kenny rodgers"never count your $$ when sittin at the table"
[15:16] {jfjf64} aig  chart  what  happen  to  that  today
[15:17] {RonS} warrants issued acted like a real affect
[15:17] {RonS} effect
[15:19] {nemo} vmw short?
[15:20] {Threei}  probably... keep shares smallish
[15:20] {Threei}  dangerous thing
[15:22] {magoo} sung to journey"the spy in the sky keeps on churningggg...i dont know if were red tomorrowwwwww"
[15:22] {nemo} The WHEEL in the sky
[15:24] {jfjf64} only  thin  RED is  the BERRIES ya  eatin
[15:25] {nemo} stopped...that was fun
[15:26] {jfjf64} slw  time  4  move  higher
[15:26] {jfjf64} ??
[15:26] {magoo} toughie
[15:26] {magoo} dunno jf'
[15:26] {jfjf64} lower
[15:27] {jfjf64} .35
[15:27] {jfjf64} 3 time
[15:29] {jfjf64} set up
[15:29] {jfjf64} .40
[15:29] {jfjf64} ??
[15:30] {Threei}  no read
[15:30] {nemo} and rinse
[15:31] {RonS} v selloff
[15:31] {nemo} that frosts my ass
[15:32] {nemo} not sure where that saying comes mother used it all the time
[15:34] {nemo} off for the day c u
[15:34] {RonS} cya nemo
[15:35] {jfjf64} later
[15:37] {jfjf64} miami  75 degrees
[15:37] {jfjf64} gettin  snow  tonight
[15:37] {jfjf64} i must  be  crazy
[15:39] {Threei}  huh?
[15:39] {Threei}  miami getting snow??
[15:39] {jfjf64} no  new  york
[15:39] {jfjf64} me
[15:39] {stewy} hah!
[15:39] {Threei}  ah
[15:39] {jfjf64} i sd be in  miami
[15:40] {RonS} ...for tax reasons...
[15:40] {jfjf64} whats  temp  in  ya  woods  3i
[15:40] {jfjf64} yes  ron
[15:42] {Threei}  +7C
[15:42] {Threei}  gotta convert to your F
[15:42] {magoo} 4 inches coming here tonite
[15:42] {jfjf64} 70
[15:42] {magoo} day highs next 5 days 15 degrees F
[15:43] {magoo} zero lows
[15:43] {RonS} that might frost your rear, eh, mags?
[15:43] {magoo} lol
[15:43] {magoo} and my mama
[15:44] {RonS} yo mama
[15:44] {RonS} lol
[15:44] {magoo} yo adrain
[15:44] {magoo} asheesh
[15:44] {magoo} adriane
[15:45] {jfjf64} magoo wher ya at
[15:45] {magoo} my desk
[15:45] {RonS} lol
[15:45] {jfjf64} lol
[15:45] {magoo} where u at?
[15:45] {jfjf64} ny
[15:45] {jfjf64} 495
[15:46] {magoo} pennsyltuckey here
[15:46] {jfjf64} witer  sucks
[15:46] {jfjf64} winter
[15:47] {jfjf64} avg  sale ticket   chi/gbay     1000 per
[15:48] {jfjf64} jets/pitt 485 per
[15:48] {jfjf64} bloomberg
[15:49] {RonS} da bears v da cheeseheads
[15:49] {jfjf64} yup
[15:49] {jfjf64} lookin  forwad
[15:49] {magoo} whose home?
[15:49] {RonS} bears
[15:50] {RonS} ...the frozen tundra of Soldier Field...
[15:50] {magoo} whos favored
[15:50] {jfjf64} wiskey not  far  frm solidier field
[15:51] {jfjf64} gbay -3
[15:51] {jfjf64} pitt -3
[15:51] {jfjf64} dogs  4  me
[15:51] {jfjf64} ruf ruf
[15:52] {RonS} ...would love to see cutler blow up...hate that pouty big baby...
[15:52] {jfjf64} lol
[15:52] {jfjf64} he is a moody  SOB
[15:52] {RonS} Mike Marks has done wonders for him though...
[15:52] {jfjf64} BUT some  arm
[15:53] {jfjf64} agree
[15:53] {jfjf64} he  will be  gone  this  year
[15:53] {jfjf64} marks
[15:53] {jfjf64} head coach i bet
[15:53] {jfjf64} jets  off cood  also
[15:55] {jfjf64} good  day  friends
[15:55] {Threei}  thank you all
[15:55] {Threei}  have a good evening
[15:55] {Threei}  see you all tomorrow
[15:56] {stewy} take care all
[15:57] {larisa} bye :)
[15:58] {magoo} bye all, ty
[15:58] {kschun} have a good one, thanks to all!