Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jul 28 2011

Same... profitable, bored, yawning. 

Session Time: Thu Jul 28 00:00:00 2011

[08:27] claims in 3
01[08:28]  OK... opening my eyes
[08:29] skx moving
[08:30] wow, must be good report
01[08:31]  just how long did they work massaging those numbers
[08:31] the jump in the indexes was ridiculous for that
01[08:31]  prior of course are revised higher
[08:31] yeah
01[08:31]  - Prior Initial Claims revised higher from 418K to 422K - Prior Continuing Claims revised higher from 3.698M to 3.702M
[09:10] hi everyone
[09:10] gm :)
01[09:10]  ron, larisa :)
[09:11] :)
01[09:24]  RIMM, watching for breakdown, .90
01[09:29]  (US) Chinese rating agency Dagong Global Credit Rating might cut the US sovereign rating from A+ as soon as Aug 1st - financial press
01[09:29]  - Dagong states that it will definitely cut the rating, regardless whether there will be a compromise.
01[09:29]  - Guan defended Dagong's higher AA plus rating for China, saying it's natural for Washington's biggest creditor to have a higher rating.
01[09:29]  **Reminder: On July 13th Chinese rating agency Dagong Global Credit Rating placed US A+ sovereign rating on negative watch. Back in November of 2011, Dagong downgraded the US sovereign credit rating to "A+" from "AA," citing QE2 program
01[09:30]  they donwgrade us... let's downgrade them first?
01[09:30] Short Setup: RIMM  .90 break
[09:30] nope
01[09:31]  stop above 26
01[09:31]  crap, SLW got away
01[09:32]  here it is agan
01[09:32]  RIMM 1:1
01[09:33] Short Setup: SLW  .70 break
01[09:33]  stop above .80
01[09:34]  RIMM 1:2, out
01[09:36]  SLW 1:1
01[09:37]  Euro vs US Dollar Renewed rumors that ECB has been buying peripheral debt circulating around dealing desks
[09:42] crox and skx holding this down draft
01[09:45] Short Setup: X  .60 break
01[09:45]  aggressive entry for .50 break
01[09:47] Short Setup: SLW  .80 break
01[09:47]  X second chance if missed first too rapid break
01[09:48]  SLW 1:1
01[09:49]  1:2, out
01[09:49]  X stop to .66
01[09:51]  too soon SLW... 1:3
01[09:53]  out X
01[09:53]  that's 3 for 4
01[09:56]  wtf
[09:56] is that a stock ticker ? :)
01[09:59]  next year, I am taking whole august off
[09:59] take the year's all over in December anyway
[10:00] what about the December ?
[10:00] 2012...we're all dead
01[10:00]  I didn't know they designated exact month
[10:00] December 21
01[10:00]  up until now it was just the year
01[10:00]  ahha
01[10:01]  good... easier to oplan the spending
[10:01] they don't want the christians getting another Xmas
[10:01] what? are we going to miss the boxing day?
[10:01] lol
01[10:01]  looks like
01[10:01]  tragedy for many
[10:03] RIMM .60 ?
01[10:03]  which way?
[10:03] -
01[10:04]  ?
[10:04] short
01[10:04]  no
[10:04] ok
01[10:04]  drop from .70 in two bars, no consolidation
01[10:04]  why would you short that
[10:04] previous support
[10:05] yeah, good I did not do that
01[10:05]  this not about levels only, but also about HOW the stock gets there
01[10:05]  .60 is support, fine,
01[10:05]  now
01[10:05]  stocxk can get there in a slow gradual decline, consolidate a little, then break
01[10:05]  vs
01[10:06]  drop there in one vertical sharp move
01[10:06]  see the difference?
[10:06] yup
01[10:06]  tape reading principle of exhaustion
01[10:06]  coming in parabolic movements
[10:06] make sense
[10:16] market spiked. news ?
01[10:17]  no
[10:17] technical bounce off oversold conditions
[10:17] we just hit pivot on spy, and 50ma is .08 above that
01[10:17]  plus hope that they will come to some kind of agreement
01[10:18]  (US) Senator Reid (D-NV) Willing to hear ideas from Republicans on compromise to avoid default; feels small radical group is blocking the deal
01[10:18]  - Comments that the Dems are open to reasonable suggestions, and have agreed to exclude increased revenues
[10:38] .10 level akam
01[10:39] Short Setup: RIMM  .90 break
01[10:46]  (IT) Italy Treasury Chief Grilli: Must follow up on measures taken last week on debt crisis due to recent market 'nerves'
01[10:46]  - Italy Econ Min Tremonti: Crisis is that of credibility of the Euro, speculation is not solely to blame
01[10:46]  no kidding
01[10:56]  scratching half RIMM
01[11:12]  why haven't we covered it around .83
01[11:12]  aimless wandering time
[11:15] last ....just got up
[11:16] I miss much
01[11:17]  ese :)
01[11:17]  actually, yes, nice day today
[11:17] lol
01[11:17]  yesterday. not so much
01[11:17]  boring
01[11:17]  today is much better morning, 3 for 4
[11:18] well done chief.......expect nothing less
01[11:19]  ty
01[11:19]  and guess what
01[11:20]  in return, no one speaks to me
[11:20] lol
[11:21] it's that time of the year
01[11:22]  yeah
[11:27] 2 weeks from this saturday Aug 13th i'll be on my way to Denmark.......8 shows in 10 days over there
01[11:27]  will be a great trip
[11:27] yup......
01[11:27]  need a manager?
01[11:28]  one of those, you know, who do nothing but travel along
[11:28] someday would like to get to Russia ........
01[11:28]  nah, let's go to covilized countries
01[11:28]  civilized
[11:28] we'll can always use a road manager....tough job though
01[11:29]  that is true only if he actually does it
[11:29] you must bend to my every will
01[11:29]  I am a manager who is only present
[11:29] you know.........standard rock star stuff
01[11:29]  well, I'll drink with you
[11:30] definitely
01[11:30]  but beyond that, no work is to be exopected
[11:30] lol
01[11:34]  btw guys
01[11:34]  had a rare chance to have one of my photos viewed for critique by one of the best world photographers
01[11:34]  here is who he is:
[11:34] we should rally for the rest of theda
01[11:35]  and here is what he said, look for Larry Price comment under the shot
[11:35] day
[11:36] cool :)
01[11:37]  :)
01[11:40]  ese, don't go near Hillside/Cedar Hill corner
01[11:40]  until futher notice :)
01[11:40]  Police have house on Roseberry Avenue near Hillside Ave. & Cedar Hill X-Rd surrounded. Man inside is possibly armed and dangerous.
01[11:40]  see how effective I am as a manager? making sure you are safe
06[11:41] * Threei tries to earn that trip
01[11:43]  great, now he is not speaking to me
[11:51] ya know 3i...i have some very nice framed photos hanging from Rick Preston, an art fair guy
[11:51] maybe you could find him on facebook and see his work...shoots the West, etc
01[11:52]  looking
01[11:53]  hmmm
01[11:53]  there are quite a few of them :)
[11:54] well...mine are probably 15 years if he is still doing it...should be thousands
01[11:54]  found
[11:55] that's the only thing i found too...can't believe he does not have a working website
[11:55] ergo...the facebook idea...
01[11:58]  I have one in similar style
01[11:58]  want to have it on your wall?? :)
[12:00] nice but the other one is spectacular...moss is not my bag
01[12:00]  you haven't embraced northwest then
[12:01] lived there for seven years and traveled OR as road salesman
01[12:01]  well... inner embrace, you know.. :)
[12:02] imo if seen one moss seen them all
01[12:02]  true, lol
01[12:02]  I recently had a chance to view two more of my shots printed on canvas
01[12:03]  and
01[12:03]  bioth looks absolutely spectacular
[12:04] that boat shot is great and very unique...
01[12:04]  ty
[12:05] perfect illustration of the special geography in the area around the Sound
[12:25] interesting action in cree today...
[12:26] wow vad.....thats an awesome comment by that fellow
01[12:27]  no kiddding... I was flabbergasted
[12:27] congratulations
01[12:27]  ty
01[12:28]  with such background in photography, it means a lot
[12:29] i'd say
01[12:35]  oh boy
01[12:35]  I start understanding twitter jokes
01[12:36]  patient: doctor, I am afraid I have twitter addiction
01[12:36]  doctor: sorry, I don't follow you
01[12:36]  shoot me now
01[12:37]  what, no one?
[12:39] funny :)
01[12:39]  sigh
01[12:40]  pity laugh?
[12:40] can not win with you ? do not say anything - bad, say - bad :) 
[12:40] if i tweated i would get
01[12:41]  Ron... just ask to re-tweet it, lol
01[12:42]  sorry larisa, I am just naturally grumpy
[12:54] I ain't doin much here so I'll catch you all tomorrow
[12:54] have a great rest of the day
01[12:54]  take care ese
[12:55] cya vad
[12:56] cya ese
01[13:24]  OK... ese is saef to go to that intersection
01[13:24]  standoff ends in dramatic fashion, man in costody
01[13:39]  Boehner on TV
[13:42] bwa...holy smokes...
[13:52] bwa looks short here
01[14:15]  (US) Moody's updates public finance issuers ratings due to review of US Govt AAA rating- Placed under review for possible downgrade the Aaa ratings of 177 public finance credits, affecting a combined $69 billion of outstanding debt. The credits include 162 local governments in 31 states, 14 housing finance programs and one university.
[14:47] bye for now, see you after Labor some trips, and a new grandaughter coming to visit.  Good luck to all.
[14:48] Safe trip and have fun
01[14:48]  take care ron, have fun
[14:50] ty, what no trout action?
01[14:50]  nah
01[14:50]  but hey,
01[14:50]  fully expect it upon your return
[14:50] good
01[14:51]  :)
01[14:51]  be safe
01[15:39]  US Govt to implement a contingency plan if debt deal does not pass, and ultimately provide priority to bondholders
01[15:39]  hmmm
01[15:39]  weren't we told all the time there is no plan b
01[15:40]  in fact, just yesterday
01[15:45]  that didn't give market much reassurance eh?
01[15:49]  that market couldn't finish in green after yesterdya's drop is tellingh
01[15:58]  ok... tomorrow should be interesting
01[15:58]  thank you all
01[15:58]  have a good evening, see you tomorrow