Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 25 2013

Decent morning followed by incredibly boring afternoon. Very slow action, probably taking a breather after last week's activity.

[09:06] {bbobr} gm
[09:07] {cipher} gm
01[09:07] {&Threei}  morning bbobr, cipher
[09:08] {+cc_9} Good morning folks
01[09:08] {&Threei}  cc9
[09:10] {nemo} bull flags on the indices
[09:12] {+cc_9} 15min SPY coiling, ready to burst @ 158.45
[09:13] {nemo} yeah, gap close coming
[09:14] {ese} morning
[09:14] {dptl} gm
[09:15] {ese} dddddddddddppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!
[09:15] {dptl} :)
[09:17] {backman} gm
01[09:17] {&Threei}  ese, dp, baclman :)
01[09:18] {&Threei}  ese, look dcc pls
[09:18] {Alexs} gm
01[09:18] {&Threei}  alex :)
[09:19] {Will49} gm
01[09:19] {&Threei}  will :)
[09:20] {+cc_9} there it goes, strong pre-M so far
[09:22] {jdetente} Good morning all
[09:22] {RonS} ditto everyone
[09:23] {ese} vadd dcc please
01[09:23] {&Threei}  jd, ron :)
[09:25] {dino} gm
01[09:26] {&Threei}  dino :)
[09:27] {nemo} looks like they shut off the spy algo
01[09:31] {&Threei} Long Setup:  FCX  .15 break
01[09:31] {&Threei}  If holds  .10
01[09:31] {&Threei}  too fast?
[09:31] {robbers} Yep.
[09:31] {Will49} haha
01[09:32] {&Threei}  merciful pullback
01[09:34] {&Threei}  1:1
01[09:34] {&Threei}  that was really nice of it to come back for us
01[09:40] {&Threei} Long Setup:  GLD  .90 break
01[09:40] {&Threei}  If holds  .80
01[09:41] {&Threei}  Invalidated
01[09:42] {&Threei} Short Setup: FCX  .20 break
01[09:42] {&Threei}  If holds  .25
[09:45] {dino} kss sm l .23
01[09:47] {&Threei}  dino, cipher... watching WAG?
[09:47] {dino} yes
[09:47] {dino} pretty bad report
[09:48] {cipher} will be now
01[09:50] {&Threei}  pretty slow opening... scanner barely moving
[09:51] {dino} gap up, sit
[09:51] {ese} L srpt .35
[09:51] {ese} wide.....a little dangerous
[09:52] {dino} thats nothing, :)
[09:52] {ese} i believe you
01[09:53] {&Threei}  was really tempted to short WAG around .80...
01[09:54] {&Threei}  FCX half out
01[09:54] {&Threei}  stop to .21
[09:55] {+cc_9} this pullback is a headfake imo, scaling long SSO on this SPY drop
[09:56] {ese} rather like these ones that don't folow the mrkt
[09:57] {ese} needs to break .50
[09:57] {ese} srpt
[09:58] {+cc_9} new home sales #s
01[10:00] {&Threei}  *(US) MAY NEW HOME SALES: 476K V 460KE
01[10:00] {&Threei}  *(US) JUN CONSUMER CONFIDENCE: 81.4 V 75.1E
[10:00] {ese} numbers good
[10:00] {dino} indeed
[10:00] {ese} at least on the surface
[10:00] {nemo} selling
01[10:01] {&Threei}  richmond fed looks very weird
01[10:01] {&Threei}  look:
01[10:02] {&Threei}  - Shipments 11 v 8 prior - Volume of new orders: 9 v -10 prior - Order backlog -1 v -11 prior - Number of employees: 4 v -3 prior - Wages: 12 v 6 prior
[10:02] {ese} well then
[10:03] {+cc_9} 09:55 cc_9 this pullback is a headfake imo, scaling long SSO on this SPY drop
[10:03] {+cc_9} :D
[10:03] {+cc_9} boom!
[10:04] {+cc_9} out SSO
[10:06] {nemo} tlt isn't holding up
[10:06] {dino} out kss flat
01[10:07] {&Threei} Long Setup:  GDX  .75 break
01[10:08] {&Threei}  If holds  .67
[10:11] {dptl} out
[10:13] {dptl} CNX .90 break short
01[10:16] {&Threei} Short Setup: CAT  .30 break
01[10:16] {&Threei}  If holds  .40
[10:17] {Alexs} hl?
01[10:17] {&Threei}  2/3...
[10:17] {Alexs} lol
01[10:17] {&Threei}  usually it's a hl stock but today is slower than normal
01[10:18] {&Threei}  1:1
[10:18] {robbers} cat
01[10:18] {&Threei}  1:2
[10:18] {dptl} out 1/3 cnx
01[10:19] {&Threei}  crap... why did I abandon my favorite song
[10:20] {Alexs} never late
[10:20] {Will49} good one Vad
[10:21] {robbers} Nice morning, thanks Vad.
01[10:21] {&Threei}  .85 break was the only more or less readable short setup on GDX, and even that was quite questionable
[10:21] {dino} sgen drop
01[10:21] {&Threei}  yw
01[10:21] {&Threei}  then .65 but really felt like stretching it
[10:22] {dino} sgen sm l .90
01[10:22] {&Threei}  that richmond fed looks like just a bad unreliable data... these things cannot be this volatile
[10:22] {ese} stopped srpt .01 -.34
[10:22] {ese} daaaaaaaaaa
[10:23] {Will49} you mean nyet
[10:23] {ese} egggzactilly
01[10:23] {&Threei}  lol... russian lessons don't go wasted
[10:23] {Will49} vodka lessons too
[10:24] {nemo} htrya jopa
[10:24] {nemo} svena madka
[10:24] {nemo} pisdah
[10:24] {dptl} lol stop it Nemo, i am in trade lol
[10:25] {nemo} pryvet malish
01[10:25] {&Threei}  gentleman vocabulary, eh
[10:25] {dino} out sgen .90, +1.00
01[10:25] {&Threei}  wtg dino
[10:25] {Will49} khorosho dino
[10:25] {dino} ty
01[10:27] {&Threei} Long Setup:  TZA  34 break
01[10:27] {&Threei}  If holds  .90
[10:29] {+cc_9} lookit this SSO last snag (click) }}} http://img832.imageshack.us/img832/756/xuoe.jpg
[10:30] {dino} sgen drop again
[10:30] {ese} whoaaaaa dino nice sgen.......any opinions on wag?
[10:30] {dino} wag ranging 44.50 to 45.05
[10:30] {dino} so i like 44.50
[10:31] {ese} tks
[10:31] {bbobr} nemo, was that Canadian dialect ?
01[10:32] {&Threei}  lol
[10:32] {Will49} far from a Cdn as you can get
[10:32] {Will49} nemo that is
[10:32] {bbobr} lol
[10:38] {nemo} actually, I suppose it's closer to Canada than mainland US
[10:38] {+cc_9} SSO lovely bounce
[10:38] {ese} L srpt .02
[10:42] {ese} dino?  is your your gut sense that wag will come back to 44.50.....
[10:44] {dino} yes
[10:44] {Les} hi what we in?
[10:44] {Will49} limbo
[10:44] {ese} top secret les.............we tell ya we gotta kill ya
06[10:45] * Les slaps ese around a bit with a large trout
[10:45] {dino} nothing
[10:45] {+cc_9} 09:55 cc_9 this pullback is a headfake imo, scaling long SSO on this SPY drop
[10:45] {+cc_9} My trade for today is now complete. All flat.
[10:45] {ese} with a large glass replica of an AK47.......we inject vodka into you
01[10:46] {&Threei}  we just need a syringe adapter
[10:46] {Les} make it a large guage needle
01[10:48] {&Threei}  wouldn't haver it any other way
01[10:49] {&Threei} Short Setup: GDX  .55 break
[10:50] {dptl} .65 stop?
[10:50] {ese} auch nu aye......and ye no come back again y alittle bastard out srpt .46 +.44
01[10:50] {&Threei}  yeah
[10:51] {ese} that ell teach ya ta take me fera .34
[10:52] {ese} mangey little no good fer nuttin crawlin lower than a snakes belly in a wagon rut stock ya!!!!!!!!!
[10:52] {Les} you talking to me ese?
[10:52] {ese} nah......the stock
[10:53] {ese} little blighter took me fer .34 earlier................last trade was a revenge trade with feeling
01[10:53] {&Threei}  stop to .61
01[10:53] {&Threei}  was 1 cent from 1:1
[10:53] {dptl} yeah
[10:54] {dptl} out
[10:54] {Les} gld cup and handle
[10:54] {Les} at vwap resistance
[10:54] {+cc_9} SPY blew up, awesome reversal for those that went long on the drop :)
[10:55] {+cc_9} *gloat*
[10:55] {dino} lol
[10:56] {ese} gloat?  how do you spell that?
[10:57] {RonS} cc trades w/ this in background:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggaKJyx_iRU
[10:57] {+cc_9} Does anyone really ever buy the LOD ? Yes *gloat* }}} http://img580.imageshack.us/img580/4011/vmew.jpg
[10:57] {+cc_9} lol Ron
[10:58] {ese} well maybe.................depends on whether your talking to nemo or les..........thats usually the low of the day
[10:58] {RonS} rotflol...
[10:59] {dino} lol
[10:59] {RonS} ...classic ese...
[10:59] {Will49} otlichno ese
[10:59] {Les} lol
[10:59] {ese} tks.......its the reason i spend money to be on this board..........waiting...stalking an opportunity like that
[11:00] {dptl} thats it, Will speaks russian
[11:01] {Will49} i was converted on sat
[11:01] {dptl} i guess lol
[11:01] {ese} man that ain't Russian....he's not that intelligent....thats some kinda.....somthin or other
[11:01] {Will49} even do shots like you taught me
[11:01] {dptl} there you go :)
[11:01] {Will49} told you ....mucho brain cells destryed
[11:02] {dptl} lol
[11:03] {dino} wag sm l .34
[11:08] {Les} potential DT spy
[11:08] {ese} L srpt .50
01[11:08] {&Threei}  anyone wants to hear music cc9 uses as a background for trading?
01[11:08] {&Threei}  he says it helps and motivates him
[11:09] {ese} yup
[11:09] {dino} not really into opera
01[11:09] {&Threei}  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jp-gX5C3vZI
[11:09] {ese} ouch...nice dino
[11:09] {dino} ;)
[11:09] {dptl} lol
[11:09] {Les} crazy stuff from waits
01[11:09] {&Threei}  Komme nie zu spät, sei pünktlich! (Never come too late, be on time!)
[11:09] {ese} too funny
[11:09] {Will49} yeah
[11:12] {dino} cmlp spike
[11:22] {dino} out wag .42, +.08
[11:26] {Les} http://tinyurl.com/prcxzqk
[11:28] {Les} interesting sell side client research note:
[11:29] {Les} http://tinyurl.com/mf6aydt
[11:29] {Les} can't be more succint than that in advice
[11:32] {Les} hmmm Merkel sending new signals for the voting public come September?
[11:32] {Les} http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/german-chancellor-merkel-cools-on-european-integration-a-907339.html
[11:33] {dptl} P .20 long?
[11:34] {dptl} got away
01[11:34] {&Threei}  ummm
[11:34] {Les} support a tad far dp
[11:34] {Les} could be short here
[11:35] {RonS} 3i did you see that new use for your bacon fat?
[11:35] {Les} new fuel for unlimited energy consumption?
[11:37] {RonS} some company making pork fat dipped bullets to kill Muslims then they will not get into heaven...
01[11:37] {&Threei}  lol
[11:37] {Les} lol
[11:38] {RonS} really strange company name though..NEMO Enterprises...
[11:38] {dptl} must be ukrainian company
[11:39] {jdetente} only if it's chocolate covered
[11:39] {dptl} lol right
[11:39] {jdetente} salo that is
[11:41] {Les} short sellers reluctant to pile on. sounds bearish
01[11:47] {&Threei} Long Setup:  TZA  .91 break
[11:47] {Les} lol was admiring the .75 recross
01[11:47] {&Threei}  If holds  .84
01[11:49] {&Threei}  Invalidated
[11:56] {Les} miners getting toppy
01[11:56] {&Threei}  feels like GDX is a bit ahead of itself, yeah
01[11:57] {&Threei}  no clear setup yet but watching
[11:57] {Les} short .98
[11:57] {Les} a zombie should know when its dead
01[11:57] {&Threei}  they never do
01[11:57] {&Threei}  you saw their heads off, they keep coming
[11:59] {Les} got a scalp off
[11:59] {nemo} great. Les scalped off
[12:00] {dino} wag sm l .23
[12:01] {nemo} trend lines holding on iwm spy and fas
[12:02] {Les} short gdx .89
[12:02] {Les} looks like DT to me
[12:04] {Les} GLD hesistates
[12:10] {Les} half covered here
[12:19] {RonS} dino, gave my 2 yr old g-daughter a kiddie golf set for b-day.  She mastered the fundamentals right off.  Hit the ball, disappeared into ground cover.  Said, "Oh no, I've lost the ball".  Then threw the club.
[12:19] {dino} lol, cool gift idea
[12:20] {Les} lower high gdx
[12:20] {Les} ditto gld
[12:27] {Les} cover quarter  here
[12:38] {RonS} avnr L .34
[12:43] {dino} zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[12:44] {Les} from Armstrong:
[12:44] {Les} The A$ has been dropping of late as the US dollar is rallying on a global scale. This is impacting also commodity prices and the bottom line is simply that the US$ remains as the biggest short out there and a rally will be devastating on a global scale. It is also the only hope of saving Europe – the collapse of the way over-valued worthless Euro.
[12:45] {Les} forgot that there's a lot of debt denominated in dollars
[12:45] {Les} the ultimate short squeeze
[12:46] {Les} and economic killer
[13:00] {dptl} out CNX  +.40
[13:00] {dino} gj dp
[13:01] {dptl} ty
01[13:01] {&Threei}  wtg
01[13:01] {&Threei}  I think these parties do good for one's trading
[13:02] {dptl} i think so :)ty...ya she was a good girl cnx
[13:06] {dptl} still good
[13:06] {Will49} hey dp....excellent trade!
[13:07] {dptl} ty
[13:07] {Will49} otlichno
[13:08] {dptl} spasibo
[13:11] {dino} yrcw bouncing around
[13:16] {Les} GDX behaving erratically but close to new break down
01[13:20] {&Threei} Short Setup: GDX  .60 break
01[13:20] {&Threei}  If holds  .65
[13:30] {dino} out wag .36, +.13
[13:31] {nemo} Yaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnn.......
[13:33] {Will49} even les is quiet
[13:34] {Les} hi Will
[13:34] {Will49} hey les
[13:35] {Will49} that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me
[13:35] {Les} probably the last time too
[13:35] {dino} wag l .49
[13:35] {Will49} :)
[13:36] {Will49} Les...idi k chertu
[13:36] {Les} hehehe
01[13:37] {&Threei}  we've created a monster
[13:37] {Will49} lol
[13:38] {dptl} lol...Vad, are secretly giving russian classes to Will and Nemo ?
[13:38] {dino} out wag .66, +.17
01[13:39] {&Threei}  nemo found his own source of filthy expressions
[13:39] {Les} gj contemplating a short entry here dino
[13:39] {Les} no setup yet
[13:40] {dptl} i see...smart dude :)
[13:40] {dino} ty
[13:41] {Will49} knew he wasn't referring to moi
[13:41] {dptl} its like Nemo was learning on a streets, and Will actualy took some classes :)
[13:42] {dino} homb spike
[13:42] {nemo} I didn't learn on the streets
[13:42] {nemo} you wanna see my instructor?
[13:43] {Will49} der'mo
[13:43] {dptl} oh ya ..forgot ..you did already
[13:44] {dptl} oh boy...you right we created a monster lol
[13:44] {Will49} lol
[13:44] {Will49} was referring to GDX
[13:44] {nemo} dcc dp
[13:45] {dptl} o o i am in trouble
[13:46] {dino} homb sm s .40
[13:48] {dino} cov homb .90, +.50
01[14:07] {&Threei}  (US) President Obama: It is wrong for power plants to be able to dump an unlimited amount of carbon pollution into the air and that needs to stop- Directing the EPA to come up with carbon standards for power plants, EPA should work with states and companies to create new standards for power plants
[14:09] {dino} more regulations, more costs
[14:09] {RonS} O volatility scty
01[14:11] {&Threei}  SCTY Walmart Announces 10 New Solar Installations In Maryland
[14:13] {dptl} GDX is being SoMG today
[14:13] {Les} WAG setting up for 45 breakdown
[14:13] {dino} trp drop
[14:16] {Les} WAG potential DT
01[14:17] {&Threei}  I think we are going to get a good move on it still dp
[14:18] {Les} short wag
[14:18] {Les} cover half
[14:18] {RonS} President Obama: 'The Keystone pipeline will not be built if it contributes to climate pollution'
[14:18] {nemo} he should stop breathing then
[14:19] {dino} regardless the tar sands are going to be produced
[14:20] {RonS} O:  "I am here to prove that similar to some organisms the US can screw itself."
[14:20] {dino} just a matter of where it gets piped to, gulf or pacific
[14:21] {Les} China
[14:21] {dino} thats what i mean by pacific
[14:21] {Les} yeh I know
[14:21] {RonS} so, why isn't he saying:  "the NSA uses too much power and is being scaled back"?...
[14:22] {Les} lol Ron exposing his agenda
[14:22] {Les} you be careful
[14:22] {Les} be picked up soon and disappeared
[14:22] {RonS} ...the Federal full-scale SUV cornucopia will be turned into Priuses...
[14:23] {Les} ...made in mexico
[14:23] {dino} look up ron, black helicopters approaching
[14:24] {ese} am outta here cya tomorrow.......
01[14:26] {&Threei} Short Setup: GDX  .65 break
01[14:26] {&Threei}  If holds  .70
01[14:29] {&Threei}  (DE) Germany Chancellor Merkel: German economy would be hurt if taxes were hiked, will handle power prices following the election- To address high power prices after fall parliamentary elections are over.
01[14:29] {&Threei}  lol
[14:30] {dptl} comedy club
01[14:32] {&Threei}  Invalidated
01[14:33] {&Threei}  but this .70 break feels like a trap for bulls to me
01[14:33] {&Threei}  so still watching for short entry
[14:33] {dptl} it does this thing all day today
01[14:34] {&Threei}  valid agaunm IMO
01[14:35] {&Threei}  White House: Russia has 'clear legal basis' to expel Snowden and should without delay
01[14:35] {&Threei}  uhhu
[14:35] {dino} lol, yeah right
[14:35] {dino} putin's laughing on that one
01[14:36] {&Threei}  watch for that middle finger showing up above the horizon
[14:36] {dptl} lol
[14:36] {Les} frik me that Washington doesn't see how idiotic they look
01[14:37] {&Threei}  If holds  .72
01[14:43] {&Threei}  some on GDX, do it finally
01[14:44] {&Threei}  you have a great chance to make new day lows
[14:47] {Les} http://tinyurl.com/nhs24uo
[14:47] {Les} "There's a salmon in the water and its called Fed credibility"
01[14:47] {&Threei}  (US) Fed's Fisher: It is unjust to perpetuate firms that are too big to fail (TBTF) - Congressional testimony scheduled for June 26th ***Reminder: On May 20th, Fisher said that Dodd-Frank needs to be fine tuned as it doesn't solve TBTF - Source TradeTheNews.com
01[14:57] {&Threei}  @TheTweetOfGod
01[14:57] {&Threei}  The level of BS in the Washington atmosphere is greater than it's been for 500,000 years.
[14:58] {Will49} lol
[14:58] {Les} hehhe
01[15:01] {&Threei}  after all the hoopla of the last week, market is very tired and slow
01[15:02] {&Threei}  I was quite amazed to see the scanner in the morning, don't remember it scrolling this slow at the open
[15:03] {Will49} good thing I've got something to do
[15:03] {Will49} learn Russian :)
[15:06] {Les} WAG
[15:08] {+cc_9} hi
[15:11] {Les} hey 9
[15:11] {Les} short wag
[15:11] {Les} .00/10 setup
01[15:16] {&Threei}  that was all GDX was capable of?
[15:17] {dino} gj wag les
[15:17] {Les} ty cover half
[15:18] {dino} unless something unusual happens, just observing until close. over goal
[15:19] {nemo} this is one of the stranger days in a while
[15:20] {Les} WAG 2H stop still supported
[15:21] {dptl} cc_9 dcc please when you can
[15:23] {dino} wanted egan short at .72 but never got to me
[15:24] {Alexs} are you in GDX Vad?
01[15:24] {&Threei}  yes
01[15:24] {&Threei}  you remind me so I suffer more? :)
[15:25] {Alexs} lol
[15:29] {jdetente} starting to doze off here
01[15:29] {&Threei}  starting?
[15:29] {jdetente} hehe
[15:31] {dptl} i think GDX is official SoMG today
01[15:31] {&Threei}  sure looks like that
[15:31] {jdetente} fur boots is exempt from that status
01[15:31] {&Threei}  lol
[15:31] {jdetente} lifetime achievement
[15:31] {Will49} especially now!!!
[15:32] {dptl} whats that russian word Will?
[15:32] {cipher} CW|d}t3.Y+M*2_S~Hk%R
[15:32] {Will49} dirtyrockapeckeloomer
[15:32] {cipher} sorry :)
01[15:33] {&Threei}  was that relativity theory cipher?
[15:33] {dptl} lol..is that also russian?
[15:33] {cipher} now you know my secret password
[15:34] {Will49} down-east expression
[15:34] {Will49} Newfoundland
[15:35] {dptl} heh Putin on russian tv ....lol basicly telling to f@#$# off
[15:36] {+cc_9} did anyone say to buy the SPY dip this morning ?
[15:37] {+cc_9} something along the lines of the drop being a headfake...maybe im just imagining things again
[15:37] {nemo} did you stay in?
[15:37] {dino} yesterday i said buy the dip
[15:37] {+cc_9} i made my daily quota, don't matter what it does after.
[15:37] {jdetente} then bragging not allowed
[15:38] {+cc_9} lol
[15:41] {Will49} That's it for me guys...do svidaniya
01[15:42] {&Threei}  take care will
[15:42] {Les} TLT crasing again
[15:42] {Les} cheers will
[15:42] {jdetente} have a good one Will
[15:43] {dino} cya will
[15:44] {+cc_9} take care
[15:44] {+cc_9} Same here folks, calling it a day. beat my chest like a silverback today, need to knock that off if i want jd to like me
[15:44] {+cc_9} closing out EOD, take care until tomorrow!
[15:45] {Les} cheers
[15:45] {jdetente} hehe take care man
[15:45] {dino} gj cc9
[15:49] {Les} slowly learning to obey the setups better without being pressed for action
[15:49] {Les} SPY DT came as nice setup to clean up messy afternoon
[15:51] {dptl} gn
[15:51] {Les} been watching first few hours of Downton Abbey decent series
[15:51] {Les} cheers dp
[15:51] {dino} nananananaaaa be the ball les
[15:51] {dino} cya dp
01[15:51] {&Threei}  have a good evening guys, hopefully boredom doesn't last long
[15:51] {Les} gets a little repetitive after a short while though
01[15:51] {&Threei}  see you tomorrow
[15:51] {Les} cheers
[15:51] {dino} taking off too, gn all, thx for ideas
[15:52] {jdetente} see ya guys
[15:52] {bbobr} gn all