Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 3 2013

Thought it was going to be an empty day but it turned out surprisingly good, with a few nice wins and even one 1:3er on IWM. We are off till Monday, happy 4th of July to all American friends!

Session Time: Wed Jul 03 00:00:00 2013

[09:14] {Les} the list gets thinner with each passing day this week
[09:14] {Les} morning
[09:14] {nemo} not thin enough
01[09:15] {&Threei}  morning les
[09:15] {Les} hehehe
[09:20] {Alexs} gm
01[09:20] {&Threei}  alex :)
[09:20] {RonS} hi everyone
01[09:20] {&Threei}  ron :)
[09:27] {cipher} gm
01[09:27] {&Threei}  cipher :)
[09:29] {dino} gm
[09:29] {bbobr} gm
01[09:29] {&Threei}  dino, bbobr :)
01[09:30] {&Threei} Short Setup: GDX  24 break
01[09:30] {&Threei}  If holds  .05
01[09:33] {&Threei}  meh
[09:33] {nemo} spy bounced right at the bottom of the gap
[09:34] {dino} bud sm l .20
[09:36] {+cc_9} going long SPY on 160.75 break for a 161+ tgt
[09:41] {+cc_9} boom
[09:41] {Les} SSO 78 break worked without me
[09:41] {Les} yeh nice one cc
[09:42] {+cc_9} Les, here are all my SSO buys }}
01[09:42] {&Threei} Long Setup:  TZA  .60 break
01[09:42] {&Threei}  If holds  .55
01[09:43] {&Threei}  half out
[09:43] {dino} elx sm s .96
[09:45] {dino} mjn blood
[09:45] {dino} cov elx .46, +.50
[09:47] {robbers} wtg
[09:47] {dino} ty
[09:47] {+cc_9} QQQ holding up even with AAPL trying to fade a wittle
[09:49] {dino} out bud .29, +.09
01[09:52] {&Threei} Long Setup:  GDX  .95 break
01[09:52] {&Threei}  If holds  .90
01[09:52] {&Threei}  two-sided
[09:55] {+cc_9} SPY still pushing, SSO new highs
[09:55] {+cc_9} choo choo
[09:55] {dino} arp drop
[09:55] {dino} sm l .90
[09:55] {ese} morning...summertime dinner party last hurtin a little...what day is it and what time is it
[09:56] {Les} that information is classified
01[09:56] {&Threei}  if you are hurting "a little" that wasn't much of a party
[09:56] {ese} try not to make me will hurt
[09:57] {dino} wtf arp
01[09:57] {&Threei}  short starts looking more probable
[09:57] {dino} re-load .00
01[09:58] {&Threei}  1:1
[09:59] {+cc_9} some data out at 10:00am
01[10:00] {&Threei}  *(US) JUN ISM NON-MANUFACTURING: 52.2 V 54.0E
[10:07] {+cc_9} no clear direction on the SPY, will get long if gets back over 160.50
[10:08] {+cc_9} otherwise, last intraday support is 160.20
01[10:10] {&Threei}  fairly weird moves
01[10:11] {&Threei} Short Setup: GDX  .10 break
01[10:11] {&Threei}  If holds  .15
[10:12] {dino} out arp .20, +1.20
01[10:13] {&Threei}  meh
[10:13] {+cc_9} Can I step in and say "chop" ?
[10:15] {dino} tough crowd
01[10:16] {&Threei}  salivating in silence, dino :)
[10:17] {dino} lol
01[10:17] {&Threei} Long Setup:  IWM  .75 break
[10:17] {dino} ts sob, stopped me yesterday drops $2 this am
01[10:17] {&Threei}  If holds  .70
[10:19] {+cc_9} LINE getting absolutely destroyed
01[10:20] {&Threei}  1:1
[10:20] {+cc_9} dead kitty bounce LINE
[10:22] {dino} lnco too
[10:25] {+cc_9} LINE current wall 24.25
[10:26] {+cc_9} see if any short covering/bottom feeders
[10:26] {Les} thanks vad needed that. played sympathy SSO move for 1:2
[10:27] {Les} stopped finaly piece on trail
01[10:27] {&Threei}  yw
[10:27] {+cc_9} Les hooked on the SSO lol
[10:27] {+cc_9} gj
[10:28] {+cc_9} LINE trying
[10:28] {+cc_9} MikeBellafiore on stocktwits = one lying sack of shit
[10:28] {Alexs} why don't you trade SPY directly cc?
[10:29] {+cc_9} bc SSO is cheaper and can size up on it easier
[10:29] {+cc_9} SSO = SPY only cheaper
01[10:29] {&Threei}  1:2
[10:29] {+cc_9} 1:2 in % wise correct
[10:30] {+cc_9} actually, % is same
[10:30] {Alexs} SPY 75% marginable SSO 40% so it's the same but you don't need to watch both
[10:30] {robbers} Out at .01, thanks.
[10:31] {+cc_9} SPY gives me signals, I trade SSO / SDS based on that
01[10:31] {&Threei}  :)
01[10:31] {&Threei}  this IWM trade cements the day as profitable whatever happens
[10:32] {dino} ditto 3i
[10:33] {Alexs} what was that IWM set up Vad?
[10:33] {+cc_9} All out LINE reversal +$0.27
01[10:33] {&Threei}  pullback entry
[10:35] {+cc_9} LINE booming :)
[10:37] {dino} apd sm l .52
[10:43] {dino} out apd .07, +.55
[10:48] {dino} atls drop
[10:48] {dino} gap area 45.06
[10:53] {+cc_9} Les, here is the range I trade on SPY }}}
[10:56] {Les} GM
[10:56] {dino} tagging the oil/gas lp's today, atls, arp, ahgp, line, lnco
[10:57] {Les} short .97
[10:57] {Les} .99
[10:57] {Les} holding .10
[10:58] {Les} k cc see it and its working well for moment
[11:00] {dino} rhi sm l .56
[11:02] {robbers} Market close is at 1:00 today, right?
01[11:03] {&Threei}  yes
01[11:04] {&Threei}  just a reminder, room will stay open but I won't be here on Fri
[11:04] {+cc_9} Les, there goes another test of that top range
[11:04] {Les} yeh watching it pissed I missed another 77 recross long
[11:04] {Les} frikin around tweaking DAS platform tryout
[11:05] {dino} killing the lp's today
[11:07] {+cc_9} Les, tweak it, if need help setting anything up, let me know
[11:07] {Les} np ty
[11:11] {+cc_9} LINE back to LOD range
[11:11] {Les} GM stop to .05
[11:12] {dino} line, lnco, atls, arp, vnr, cvrr, .... all destroyed
[11:12] {Les} Obummer's new energy policy dino?
[11:13] {dino} no, that was so last week.
[11:13] {dino} he actually mentioned gas in an ok way, he's after coal
[11:15] {RonS} he's after the American way of life...
[11:15] {dino} agreed ron, for some reason he thinks americans are evil
[11:16] {RonS} ...starting w/ cheap energy
[11:16] {dino} what the hell, his wife compared the white house to living in jail
[11:17] {RonS} O care is the time bmb
[11:18] {RonS} expect I will have to go w/o health insurance for the first time in my life
[11:18] {dino} i am against it too
[11:19] {dino} out rhi .60, +.04
[11:19] {dino} bad entry
[11:19] {dino} buy stop slipped on entry
[11:36] {Les} SDS db potential
[11:50] {dino} atls partial fill, l .05
[11:55] {+cc_9} BOOM there goes SPY :D
01[11:56] {&Threei}  (EG) Egypt President's office: A military coup is underway, a coup against popular resistance will only result in bloodshed - Separate reports indicate that military officials are still in meetings with various political, religious, and youth leaders; still expected to make a statement after the meeting.
01[11:57] {&Threei}  they really really don't get it:
01[11:57] {&Threei}  (EU) Germany Chancellor Merkel: European Union is preparing approximately €8B to be placed towards youth unemployment
[11:57] {Les} course they get it
[11:57] {Les} they can expand their bureaucratic powers
[11:58] {+cc_9} FLYING
[12:00] {Les} farage gets it
[12:00] {Les}
01[12:04] {&Threei}  Egypt's security forces place travel ban on President Morsi, top Islamists
[12:04] {Les} bye bye Mr Morsi
01[12:05] {&Threei}  No military coup can succeed against popular resistance without considerable bloodshed, aide to Egypt's President Morsi says
01[12:06] {&Threei}  distant bang
01[12:06] {&Threei}  Morsi: ummm... I need a new aide
[12:06] {Les} don't think military has problem with that
[12:07] {+cc_9} Unfortunately, civil war might hit Egypt
[12:07] {+cc_9} Not in the same style as Syria, but major instability nontheless
[12:07] {dino} looks that way
[12:08] {Les} inflation remains rampant and tourism decreasing 40 odd % in Egypt over last couple of years...
[12:08] {+cc_9} Qatar put a bad bet in giving out billions in loans to Egypt once MB was elected.
[12:14] {+cc_9} no wonder the Emir stepped down and let his son take over
[12:17] {Les} outta here c u's... i dunno
[12:17] {Les} maybe monday
[12:17] {Les} a+
01[12:19] {&Threei}
[12:20] {+cc_9} take care folks
[12:20] {+cc_9} drink heavily and drive fast
[12:20] {+cc_9} im out of here
[12:20] {robbers} cya
01[12:23] {&Threei}  OK guys, I think we earned the right to quit
[12:23] {dino} cya cc9
[12:23] {dino} \surprizing good day
01[12:23] {&Threei}  not a bad week, especially considering how light trading is
[12:23] {robbers} Right, Vad, thanks for a good morning.
01[12:23] {&Threei}  thank you all, have a great looong weekend
01[12:23] {&Threei}  happy 4th of July
[12:24] {dino} thx all, enjoy the respite
01[12:24] {&Threei}  and I hope US has better days ahead
01[12:24] {&Threei}  see you Monday
[12:25] {dino} atls filled ave .79
[12:29] {bbobr} hasta lunes, good weekend all !
[12:29] {dino} take care bb
[12:49] {dino} out atls .09, +.30
[12:49] {dino} thats it, later all