Friday, August 9, 2013

Aug 09 2013

Decently profitable day, thus finishing with 9 profitable days out of last 10. No complaints at all. Hopefully main server is up till Monday morning; we will update members as work progresses. 

09:08) cipher: morning Vad
(09:08) Threei: morning cipher
(09:09) Threei: found that e-mail?
(09:09) cipher: main srver is sill down?
(09:09) Threei: or, got today's?
(09:09) cipher: didn't check yet
(09:09) Threei: ok... you didn't...   We just sent an ipdate about main server, scheduled for Monday
(09:11) cipher: ok, found the first email you sent on Wed in junk folder  
(09:11) cipher: nothing from today
(09:11) Threei: how about today's?
(09:11) Threei: hmmm
(09:11) cipher: strange
(09:12) Threei: maybe isn't there yet, it was just about 5-10 min ago
(09:12) Threei: but if it goes in junk folder again, you may want to unblock our address manually
(09:13) cipher: I get all Sunday emails with no problem
(09:14) Threei: must be something in e-mail text that triggered spam filter
(09:15) Threei: folks, I am not very keen on cleaning the log. Please use your own nicks without profabity
(09:15) nemo: Sheesh...we get a few days to have a little fun, and we get Babushka'd
(09:16) cipher: let me guess... nemo?
(09:16) nemo: what gave it away?
(09:16) cipher: your broken russian  
(09:16) Threei: lol
(09:17) nemo: think of the irony of Vad asking us to use are real...ahem..."nick"
(09:17) nemo: our
(09:18) nemo: this frickin' rabbit begs for raisins day and night...sheesh
(09:18) nemo: Actually  "nemo" is in "demon".  I'm helping the reader with there pattern recognition skills  ;-)
(09:19) nemo: their
(09:19) dino: gm
(09:20) Threei: dino  
(09:20) nemo: Sgt. Killjoy
(09:25) RonS: good morning everyone
(09:25) Alexs: gm
(09:25) nemo: bbry looks weak, but near 61.8 retrace
(09:25) Threei: ron, alex  
(09:28) Cee_Cee_9: Gdx, fade today or continuation from yesterday ?
(09:28) nemo: yes
(09:29) Threei: whatever setups shape up...
(09:29) Threei: why guess
(09:29) Threei: so far short setup fporms. .80 break
(09:29) nemo: spy at daily pivot
(09:30) bbobr: gm
(09:30) Threei: bbobr  
(09:30) Cee_Cee_9: Will get short if breaks 25.70
(09:31) Threei: Short BBRY .80 break
(09:31) Threei: If holds .90
(09:32) Threei: Short GDX .85 break
(09:33) Threei: Invalidated
(09:33) Threei: BBRY half out
(09:33) Threei: stop to .85
(09:34) Threei: to .81 now
(09:35) Cee_Cee_9: Gdx still looks doable 
(09:35) Threei: what the
(09:35) Cee_Cee_9: yup
(09:37) Threei: wow
(09:37) Threei: no news
(09:37) Threei: who unplugged miners?
(09:37) Threei: BBRY 1:2
(09:39) dino: modn
(09:39) Cee_Cee_9: Gdx...that was quick
(09:40) dino: modn sm l .29
(09:40) dino: amx sm l .81
(09:40) Threei: quick and probably very painful
(09:42) dino: avg?
(09:42) Cee_Cee_9: Gdx bid dropping
(09:45) dino: avg hl l .48
(09:46) Cee_Cee_9: Iwm/spy, that was a reversal and a half from pre-market
(09:47) Cee_Cee_9: Gdx bid, need .50s again
(09:47) Threei: Short GDX .60 break
(09:48) Threei: If holds .70
(09:48) Threei: disregard
(09:48) Threei: let's short it right here, .64
(09:48) Threei: same .71 stop
(09:49) Cee_Cee_9: Auy session lows, need Abx to flush
(09:50) dino: modn stop .00-.29
(09:51) Cee_Cee_9: Gdx grrr, could not flush .50s
(09:51) Threei: no go
(09:54) dino: modn sm l .76
(09:54) Threei: Long C .85 break
(09:54) Threei: If holds .80
(09:58) Cee_Cee_9: Gdx, make up your mind
(09:58) nemo: 2nd Friday in August,,,maybe not
(10:00) Threei:  *(US) JUN WHOLESALE INVENTORIES M/M: -0.2% V 0.4%E 
(10:01) Threei: WHOLESALE TRADE SALES M/M: 0.4% V 0.7%E 
(10:01) Cee_Cee_9: Gdx blah...
(10:02) Threei: what isn't
(10:02) dino: things are slow
(10:03) nemo: Iwm and Spy crawled back up into yesterday's range, probably it for the day
(10:04) Cee_Cee_9: Gdx, that was a waste of time, back to highs
(10:05) Cee_Cee_9: Gld sideways, miners slight bump...will revisit Gdx under 25.80
(10:06) Threei: Short CAT .20 break
(10:06) Threei: if holds .30
(10:06) dino: onxx drop
(10:07) Threei: quick 1:1
(10:07) dino: avg st .32 -.16
(10:08) Threei: 1:2
(10:08) Threei: 1:3, out
(10:09) Cee_Cee_9: Amed, looking for long entry once intraday bottom is in, testing $17 bid now.
(10:09) Cee_Cee_9: Gdx unreal
(10:16) Threei: short GDX .15 break
(10:16) Threei: if holds .20
(10:16) nemo: Lvs
(10:17) dino: avg hl l .20
(10:19) Cee_Cee_9: Amed decent bounce
(10:21) dino: 07 red
(10:21) Cee_Cee_9: Amed .70s
(10:21) Cee_Cee_9: $17.00 was solid intraday support
(10:24) Cee_Cee_9: Amed scalp >>
(10:24) Threei: 1:1
(10:24) Cee_Cee_9: Gdx fast fall
(10:24) Threei: finally nailed the bastard
(10:25) Alexs: lol
(10:26) Cee_Cee_9: All out Amed if anyone else was in. +$0.59
(10:26) Threei: wtg
((10:27) Cee_Cee_9: now need this Gdx to drop some
(10:32) Cee_Cee_9: Gdx nice
(10:33) Threei: 1:2
(10:44) Threei: One of the most beautiful dogs I've met:
(10:49) Cee_Cee_9: Very nice range today Spy
(10:49) Cee_Cee_9: Those band tightening @ yesterday's close before the pop, great setup
(10:54) Cee_Cee_9: here i thought the S&p would be boring today
(10:57) Cee_Cee_9: Cranking lows Iwm/spy
(11:00) Cee_Cee_9: Miners @ highs
(11:04) Cee_Cee_9: Any news on this tank ?
(11:05) Threei: not really
(11:05) dino: airm odd for miss
(11:06) RonS: wane must do a lot of work:  Canada loses 39, 400 jobs as government hires wane
(11:06) Cee_Cee_9: Thats punishment on Spy/iwm for no news
(11:06) Cee_Cee_9: volume accelerating
(11:07) dino: cbrx sm s .79 
(11:07) Cee_Cee_9: meanwhile, miners completely unaffected
(11:07) dino: airm short trig brk of .00
(11:08) Cee_Cee_9: Long Tna 57.87 first scale
(11:09) Cee_Cee_9: Looking for 58.30 target
(11:11) Cee_Cee_9: Gdx @ Hod, beats me.
(11:13) Threei: works as a hdege to SPY today
(11:14) Threei: Update: Eiffel Tower reopened at 4:30 p.m. local time following a bomb threat
(11:14) Threei: whew... can climb back up
(11:16) Cee_Cee_9: Le fromage is safe, I repeat, le fromage is safe
(11:16) Cee_Cee_9: Tna catching some bids
(11:16) Threei: nemo, look dcc
(11:17) Cee_Cee_9: Gdx popped lid off Hod
(11:17) Cee_Cee_9: Gdx no wall till 26.50 at this rate
(11:19) Cee_Cee_9: miners on a major rally, thats rare
(11:21) Cee_Cee_9: Tna, that was short lived, still in. Second scale set for 57.37
(11:28) Cee_Cee_9: Gdx smacked that 26.50 before slight pullback
(11:29) RonS: becn pulpy little mover...
(11:32) dino: big miss
(11:32) RonS: from estimates...up yoy
(11:33) dino: miss by .09, miss on revs too, fwiw, which isn't much
(11:33) Cee_Cee_9: Look at that Amed from earlier, massive reversal off that $17
(11:34) dino: out amx .90, +.09 thing won't move
(11:34) RonS: when you firt typed amed thought mistyped amen
(11:34) RonS: first
(11:34) RonS: amx 1.9 bil sh float dino
(11:35) Cee_Cee_9: Gdx back to session highs. Iwm coming back
(11:35) dino: made a bid for another co is all i see
(11:36) RonS: ya but it's Carlos Slim who overpays for everything...especially bribes to get monopolies...
(11:37) RonS: std came out and said the amx integration w/ the purchased company was going to be very difficult
(11:38) dino: std, yuk
(11:40) RonS: Banco Santander...spanish bank w/ heavy so.american presence
(11:40) dino:    , horrible symbol
(11:41) RonS: but great emoticon...
(11:45) Threei: There is a strong whiff of risk aversion in the air this morning despite  better China data. Second consecutive month of declines in wholesale inventories  has driven stocks lower
(11:47) RonS: always thought here that declines were good, increases bad...
(11:47) dino: i try not to think. everyday talking heads have a reason, but never before the move
(11:49) dino: tomorrow they will say, markets are flat as its the weekend
(11:49) Cee_Cee_9: Tna so far so good, $0.20 for tgt
(11:50) RonS: but when will they report the search party for ese...
(11:50) Cee_Cee_9: Tna boom out 58.20 from 57.87
(11:50) Cee_Cee_9: 58.27*
(11:50) RonS: gj
(11:50) Cee_Cee_9: thx
(11:50) Cee_Cee_9: had me sweating for a bit
(11:51) Cee_Cee_9: it hit that 58.30 like clockwork before first bid drop
(11:56) dino: avg to flat, thing won't move
(12:04) RonS: avg special board meeting announced for Sept...modn dead too...
(12:04) Cee_Cee_9: If the pattern is correct, Spy tries to hold 169.10 neckline and gets another rip
(12:04) Cee_Cee_9: (2min chart)
(12:05) Cee_Cee_9: Gdx no mercy, new highs
(12:06) cipher has left.
(12:06) cipher has joined.
(12:10) Cee_Cee_9: looks like the I-h&s was $0.10 lower, but still going now Iwm
(12:11) dino: wwww hl l .00
(12:11) Cee_Cee_9: boom, there goes the pop on indexes on that slight pullback
(12:11) Cee_Cee_9: very very nice play there if anyone took it
(12:12) Cee_Cee_9: Tna all the way almost $1.00 from that first scale
(12:13) dino: out ave .42, +.22
(12:13) Cee_Cee_9: we should start seeing from profit taking in the miners imo
(12:18) nemo: any betts spy closes within earshot of 170?
(12:22) Cee_Cee_9: Gdx closing is the million dollar question
(12:22) Cee_Cee_9: Its the only one I cannot figure out today, no fade, no profit taking yet, nada. Miners still trying to hold up highs
(12:22) nemo: ahhh, today's female stock
(12:23) nemo: Vad still here?
(12:25) dino: out wwww .30, +.30
(12:27) nemo:
(12:28) Cee_Cee_9: this Gdx just won't let go
(12:28) nemo: probably wants to test 27
(12:29) nemo: wow is it raining cats and dogs here today
(12:31) nemo: 27.03 is also the Weekly R1, 
(12:31) nemo: good place to shot if it gets there, although starting to see weakness now
(12:36) Cee_Cee_9: some fade here Gdx
(12:37) dino: we had that rain last night and early this morning nemo, enjoy it
(12:37) nemo: gdx should see support in .50 area
(12:37) nemo:  if not, back to vwap
12:43) Cee_Cee_9: Gdx come on baby, fade
(12:44) Cee_Cee_9: .50s I agree, that was previous wall
(12:52) nemo: maybe you should make the blog an image then instead
(12:57) Threei: ?
(13:01) Cee_Cee_9: nemo :
(13:01) Cee_Cee_9: Let me know if that helps, its what I was looking at earlier when said this : Cee_cee_9: Gdx no wall till 26.50 at this rate
(13:03) Cee_Cee_9: Let me know if u were able to copy/paste that link (i dont think this chat allows u to click links)
(13:06) Cee_Cee_9: Funny hold Gld didn't actually do a %%%%% thing today
(13:12) Cee_Cee_9: Gld session lows, Gdx fading as well
(13:13) Cee_Cee_9: Sorry, not session lows on Gld, just pullback to 11:00am 
(13:14) Threei: watching for bounce to short
(13:14) Threei: hopefillu over .60, on recross
(13:15) Cee_Cee_9: Dust coming off bottom on Gdx fade
(13:15) Cee_Cee_9: looks good
(13:15) nemo: if gdx drops here .30ish
(13:16) Cee_Cee_9: I got 200 shares Dust, i never trade 200, but this thing scares the %%%%% out of me
(13:17) dino: why dust down w/gld down?
(13:18) Cee_Cee_9: Dust is inverse of Gdx
(13:18) Cee_Cee_9: Gdx does not follow Gld, it tracks the gold miners.
(13:18) Cee_Cee_9: Gld tracks gold futures
(13:19) nemo: Demon Spawn sicks his minions on Dino's brain
(13:19) dino: zolt spike
(13:19) Cee_Cee_9: Dust so far so good, Gdx fading nicely.
(13:19) Threei: grrr
(13:20) Threei: no bounce, straight drop
(13:20) nemo: Not sure Gdx gets to vwap
(13:20) nemo: bounce starting to setup there Ceeceerider
(13:20) Cee_Cee_9: My tgt on Gdx is 26.20 first support
(13:20) Cee_Cee_9: Should put Dust at ! $77s
(13:20) nemo: no will bounce at .30 Vwap
(13:20) Cee_Cee_9: ~ instead of !
(13:21) nemo: long signals setting up Gdx
(13:21) Cee_Cee_9: im staying short using Dust, stop @ entry $73.88
(13:22) Cee_Cee_9: tgt $77s / Gdx 26.20. Lets see how it goes
(13:22) nemo: In nomine Patre, et fili y spiritu sancti
(13:22) nemo: wow, that's really going against my grain
(13:24) Cee_Cee_9: I should stay praying?
(13:28) nemo: no man is a propet in his own land
(13:35) nemo: I'm having that Groundhog Day feeling
(13:36) dino: out modn .27, +.51
(13:37) RonS: gj
(13:37) nemo: index short signals again but weak
(13:46) dino: thx ron
(13:47) dino: airm s ave .20
(13:48) nemo: mmmhhhh....short signals were stronger than I thought
(13:48) nemo: hope you're out of Dust there Ceecee
(13:52) Threei: Short GDX .50 break if stays under .55
(13:52) Threei: If breaks it, new setups are every 5 cents
(13:55) dino: cov airm .79, +.41
(13:58) Threei: 1:1
(13:58) Cee_Cee_9: Die Gdx die die die
(13:58) Cee_Cee_9: go Dust go go go 
(13:58) Threei: lol
(13:58) Threei: boring but nicely profitable day
(13:59) dino: agreed
(13:59) Threei: if not for yesterday, we would have had 10 days winning streak
(13:59) Threei: yesterday needs to be taken outside and shot
(14:00) Threei: by firing squad of nemo, nemo and bow_before_zod
(14:00) nemo: and I got the hardware
(14:01) Threei: oh, and after execution yesterday should get the bill for ammo
(14:01) nemo: I'd rather a crucify them for a few days
(14:01) nemo: it would be fun to put it on a rotating cross you can turn upside down and introduce pinhole wounds to the carotids
(14:02) nemo: slicing the achilles would be interesting also
(14:02) Threei: these creative types...
(14:03) nemo: achilles injuries are suprisingly painful
(14:20) Cee_Cee_9: screw you Gdx, im done for the week
(14:20) Threei: lol
(14:21) nemo: higher high and all day uptrend
(14:31) Threei: Short GDX .65 break
(14:31) Threei: If stays under .70
(14:38) Threei: Obama signs student loan bill; law links interest rates to the financial markets
(14:38) RonS: ...the world is saved...
(14:39) Threei: ...again
(14:41) Threei: FCC said to have warned CBS and Time Warner to quickly settle their dispute or see regulators step in to settle it for them 
(14:42) dino: nue sm s .50
(14:46) Threei: Short GDX .70 break
(14:46) Threei: If holds .75
(14:47) nemo: might get .60 out of it
(14:48) dino: xon crazy
(14:48) dino: nue stop .60 -.10
(14:51) dino: rinsed
(15:04) Threei: meh
(15:08) nemo: well this afternoon is looking like yesterday afternoon.....that's enough of this...time to trim the nose hair
(15:10) dino: pmc drop
(15:12) dino: %%%%% missed pmc by nickle
(15:20) Cee_Cee_9: Obama "i dont want to meet with putin because gays this and gays that"
(15:20) Cee_Cee_9: Makes sense.
(15:27) Threei: ok last try
(15:27) Threei: Short GDX .85 break
(15:27) Threei: if holds .90
(15:28) Cee_Cee_9: Pmc some death
(15:30) Threei: change to ,90 break
(15:31) Threei: stop .95
(15:36) Cee_Cee_9: ok Gdx...i get it...u only go up today...u don't have to keep hitting fresh highs and appear on my scanner, %%%%% it
(15:37) Threei: lol
(15:38) Cee_Cee_9: Pmc prob worth a little scalp on that lawsuit afterbirth drop
(15:41) Cee_Cee_9: Round Ii Dust on monday, Gdx in channel territory 26.50 max 27.50
(15:41) Cee_Cee_9: we see profit taking at this level for a correction
(15:41) Cee_Cee_9: Dust tanked $30 since yesterday's open.
(15:42) dino: nemo, you still here?
(15:43) nemo: ?
(15:43) nemo: workin' the trimmer
(15:44) dino: i lost my favorites on free stock charts/vwap. what is site address? not opening
(15:44) nemo: what browser you using
(15:44) Threei: OK guys, here is to hopefilly room server being fixed before Monday morning
(15:44) Cee_Cee_9: Dino, use this one, its better :
(15:44) Cee_Cee_9: tradingview i find it to be pretty good.
(15:45) Threei: have a great weekend, see you next week!
(15:45) Cee_Cee_9: ciao vad
(15:45) dino: i will look at it, but do yo have the other address?
(15:46) nemo:     seems to be working fine for me
(15:47) dino: odd, i get a blank page
(15:48) Cee_Cee_9: if cannot get freestockcharts, get tradingview
(15:48) dino: thx
(15:48) Cee_Cee_9: if dont want tradingview, take a hammer at the pc
(15:48) Cee_Cee_9: should work after
(15:49) dino: idiot move, i deleted favorites and cannot get it back open
(15:49) Cee_Cee_9: thats what weekends are for dino
(15:49) nemo: you should be able to type  having said that, run restore on your Pc
(15:50) Cee_Cee_9: also, try on various browsers, chrome / firefox
(15:50) dino: did that but did not restore it
(15:50) nemo: you should still be able to get into freestockcharts....what browser u use?
(15:51) dino: explorer
(15:51) nemo: try chrome
(15:51) Cee_Cee_9: explorer = not even once
(15:52) Cee_Cee_9: ok folks, have a good one
(15:52) Cee_Cee_9: Gdx is fading and i cant look at it 
(15:52) Cee_Cee_9 has left.
(15:52) nemo: I told him earlier wait until 27
(15:52) nemo: Dino, it doesn't make sense you can't open
(15:53) dino: its gives me the left side ads, but blank white where my charts were
(15:53) dino: installing chrome
(15:53) nemo: maybe you need to run the fsc reset program
(15:54) Alexs: it's java problem dino
(15:54) nemo: dcc dino
(15:54) nemo: shouldn't be java, runs on Silverlight
(15:55) dino: same w/chrome, ads but no charts
(15:56) Alexs: check silverlight