Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sept 24 2013

Beautiful trading day, with 3 1:3 trades (GLD and two MCD, which gave us new joke about taking hamburgers from babies thus saving them from obesity), and a few smaller ones, plus three small stops that couldn't even make a dent.

Session Time: Tue Sep 24 00:00:00 2013
[09:02] The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. 
01[09:02] <&Threei>  deep
[09:02] after the "reach around" quote I thought I'd change the approach
[09:03] low pre-market spy volume
[09:11] gm
01[09:11] <&Threei>  drew :)
[09:12] hello everyone
01[09:12] <&Threei>  ron :)
[09:13] gm
01[09:14] <&Threei>  dino :)
[09:17] gm
01[09:17] <&Threei>  will :)
[09:21] gm
01[09:21] <&Threei>  cipher :)
[09:22] gm
01[09:22] <&Threei>  alex :)
01[09:22] <&Threei>  I feel like a doorman
[09:23] gm
01[09:23] <&Threei>  ese :)
[09:23] lol
[09:23] if you don't say good morning to everyone every day .....we have crappy days.....we depend on you vad
01[09:24] <&Threei>  gotta start weening you off that
[09:24] thats a pressure gig saying good morning to everyone
[09:24] gm all!
01[09:25] <&Threei>  just imagine nemo doing that
01[09:25] <&Threei>  gs :)
[09:25] gs
[09:25] arghhh!!!!!! un imaginable
01[09:26] <&Threei>  he would have to go kill a goat or something, each morning
01[09:26] <&Threei>  just to restore mental balance
[09:26] can just see it now......cipher you goof......will morning you knob......ese morning you idiot......stuff like that
[09:26] <+cc_9> gm folks
01[09:26] <&Threei>  cc9 :)
[09:27] cc
[09:28] morning all
[09:29] jd
01[09:29] <&Threei>  jd :)
01[09:31] <&Threei>  must be a joke:
01[09:31] <&Threei>  BlackBerry Cowen Raised BBRY to Neutral from Underperform, price target: $9- Firm notes news that Fairfax Financial will acquire BBRY and take it private.
01[09:31] <&Threei>  value added
01[09:34] <&Threei> Short Setup: FCX  .50 break
01[09:34] <&Threei>  If holds  .60
[09:35] <+cc_9> Looking @ another play in GMCR today
01[09:37] <&Threei>  stop to .56
[09:37] fun spread in gmcr
01[09:37] <&Threei>  meh
01[09:38] <&Threei>  somg
[09:38] <+cc_9> Starter GMCR 78.45
01[09:41] <&Threei> Long Setup:  GLD  .45 break
01[09:41] <&Threei>  If holds  .37
[09:41] <+cc_9> GMCR > $79.00, looking for $80 tgt
[09:42] <+cc_9> going back to the same well :D
01[09:42] <&Threei>  frikin FCX
01[09:42] <&Threei>  GLD stop .39
01[09:43] <&Threei>  1:1
[09:44] <+cc_9> Out half GMCR 79.10 + 0.65
01[09:44] <&Threei>  wtg
[09:44] <+cc_9> Holding rest for $80+
[09:45] spyders don't seem to be pushing down with much force
[09:45] <+cc_9> GMCR > $79.50 :D
[09:45] could be a repreive from the selling pressure today
[09:46] <+cc_9> GMCR > 79.70, here it goes
[09:48] <+cc_9> GMCR @ $80.00 tgt, trade out.
[09:49] nicely done
[09:49] gj
[09:49] nice one cc
[09:49] <+cc_9> ty
01[09:50] <&Threei>  1:2
[09:50] Out GLD, thanks.
01[09:51] <&Threei>  1:3, out
01[09:51] <&Threei>  yw
01[09:51] <&Threei>  look and learn FCX, that's how you shpi;d behave when we trade you
[09:56] rht sm l .01
01[09:58] <&Threei>  *(US) SEPT RICHMOND FED MANUFACTURING: 0 V 12E
[09:58] numbers
[09:58] oops
[09:59] oh oh
01[09:59] <&Threei> Short Setup: GDX  .95 break
01[09:59] <&Threei>  *(US) SEPT CONSUMER CONFIDENCE INDEX: 79.7 V 80.0E
01[10:00] <&Threei>  If holds  .03
[10:00] <+cc_9> 169.40 support for SPY
01[10:01] <&Threei>  meh
[10:01] hmmmmmmm
[10:02] .03 of that committee wern't dinking hard enough
[10:03] say what?
[10:04] just got this in my email dinoWIN A MYRTLE BEACH GOLF GETAWAY One lucky golfer and three pals will be visiting Myrtle Beach – FREE. Be sure to register to win our FALL GOLF GETAWAY, which includes 6 Nights and 6 Rounds, $100 gift cards and more.
[10:04] gl ese, great place
[10:05] am gonna do this ...on the bucket list...will be giving yo a call when i do
[10:05] ok
[10:06] shot a crappy 87 though last weekend.....3 putted 10 holes
[10:06] sheesh
[10:07] thats like giving away your wife or girlfriend
[10:07] how do you qualify as "one lucky golfer"?
[10:07] lol
[10:07] lol
[10:07] ya don't
[10:07] simple as that
[10:10] GDX....
01[10:11] <&Threei>  another somg
[10:11] ese...you must have been hiting the greens like a pro
[10:11] if you had 30 puts
[10:12] on ten holes
[10:13] I was 
[10:13] I heard that you teachers play golf evety afternoon :)
[10:13] every
[10:14] "Governor, think of your secretary"
[10:14] pipe dream
[10:16] that ain't me.....thats dino
[10:16] and cc
[10:16] not me, play once or twice a week aside from 3 trips/year. season ends here in about 4 weeks
01[10:16] <&Threei> Short Setup: BAC  14 break
[10:16] ccl sm l .75
[10:19] Obama talking
[10:20] what's new?
01[10:23] <&Threei> Long Setup:  FAZ  .40 break
01[10:23] <&Threei>  If holds  .35
[10:23] ya but you have easy access to Burmuda......and destinations south if need be
[10:27] yes. myrtle beach is best for golf
[10:28] 07 green
[10:29] what is the flag placement on 07 green?
[10:30] dq nuts
[10:30] lol will
[10:30] sorry....had some mind altering red meat last night
[10:31] sad attempt at humour
[10:31] *sad face* 
01[10:34] <&Threei> Long Setup:  CAT  .85 break
01[10:34] <&Threei>  If holds  .75
01[10:35] <&Threei>  1:1
[10:35] Missed it, darn.
[10:35] me too
[10:36] just a quick glance at BAC level 2 and it was gone :)
[10:37] craaaap
01[10:37] <&Threei>  1:2... anyone got it?
[10:37] Yep, very nice call.
[10:37] regn l 295.30
[10:38] is there a statute of limitations on BAC?
[10:39] BAC is a slow mover. Doubt it triggers
[10:39] tks jd
[10:40] out ccl .20, +.45
01[10:43] <&Threei>  Invalidated  BAC
[10:43] my bladder gives thanks
[10:44] LOL
[10:44] gotta get me one of them thar nemo hunting bottles
[10:47] out REGN 296.31 +1.01
[10:48] ese size?
[10:48] not yet...
[10:48] slowly working up to it
[10:50] nole in one cipher!
[10:50] hole
[10:50] cat looks long again
01[10:50] <&Threei>  wtg
[10:51] is .10 a trigger Vad?
01[10:51] <&Threei>  ?
[10:51] CAT
01[10:52] <&Threei>  chart ias right
[10:54] lvs sheesh
[10:54] exam spike
[10:59] Vad..C&H on CAT?
[10:59] developing
01[11:00] <&Threei>  kind of, yeah
01[11:00] <&Threei>  .25 break...
[11:00] tks
01[11:00] <&Threei>  I am a bit hesitant to chase that far
[11:01] I bow to your experience
01[11:04] <&Threei> Short Setup: FCX  .90 break
01[11:04] <&Threei>  If holds  .95
[11:07] SDS l .66
[11:07] expecting pullback on indexes
[11:07] Did you get this one, Will?
[11:08] yes
[11:08] .89
[11:08] Me too.  But let's not hold hands.
01[11:08] <&Threei>  that's disturbing image
[11:08] No doubt.
[11:09] what a disappointment :)
01[11:09] <&Threei>  President Obama directs Secretary of State Kerry to pursue nuclear weapons deal with Iran, says 'diplomatic path must be tested'
[11:09] of course
01[11:09] <&Threei>  why not, after all he handles Syria brilliantly
[11:09] what a joke
[11:09] next they will propose sitting around campfire singing kumbaya
[11:10] idiots. iran buys time again
[11:10] admission he has been doing nothing about Iran... 
01[11:11] <&Threei>  now, I want what this guys is smoking, obviously fantastic stuff:
01[11:11] <&Threei>  McConnell: If five Senate Democrats vote against the Majority Leader, Obamacare will be defunded.
01[11:11] <&Threei>  and if my grandfather had wheels...
[11:12] keeping the troops in line
[11:12] if the queen had balls...she'd be king
[11:13] Repubs are rudderless
[11:13] tea partiers have a hand on the tiller
[11:13] "diplomatic path" is really just the path of least resistence.
[11:19] they're going to go nuclear and there's nothing anybody is going to do about it.  It's just pomp and circumstance
[11:19] amen
[11:19] agreed nemo. they are just sucking some $ out of us. same as north korea does
01[11:19] <&Threei>  1:1
[11:20] obummer is an idiot falling for this again. sanctions were really starting to hurt iran
[11:20] No hope for an Israeli intervention, nemo?
01[11:21] <&Threei>  http://goo.gl/Wcsvg6
[11:21] logistically it's very difficult for them to do
01[11:21] <&Threei>  couple decent charts on market bubble psychology
[11:23] I recommend a Rodman/Carter/Obama peace mission
[11:23] NetanYahoo had an interesting statement:  "If humans have access to it, it can be destroyed."
[11:24] they're nuclear program is spread over numerous sites
01[11:24] <&Threei>  I'd add miley cyrus to the team, will
[11:24] haha
[11:24] the three stooges and minless miley
01[11:24] <&Threei>  some twerking won't hurt the mission, don't you think
[11:24] mindless
[11:24] That makes four stooges.
[11:24] a necessity
[11:25] And two boobs.  Will, maybe four boobs.
[11:25] lol
01[11:25] <&Threei>  lol
01[11:25] <&Threei>  FCX slowly improves its behavior
01[11:25] <&Threei>  notice CAT would have been stopped on that .25 break
[11:26] it better
[11:26] has robbers and me to answer to
[11:26] Yep, FCX finding the path of least resistence, down baby.
01[11:26] <&Threei>  beautiful H&S reeversal on 1 min
01[11:27] <&Threei>  and we got it just when right shoulder started forming
[11:29] here comes the pullback 
[11:30] ezch into its gap
[11:31] ezch spike
01[11:33] <&Threei>  EZCH Hearing strength attributed to comments by Cisico at its event introducing new Network Convergence System
01[11:33] <&Threei>  - Cisco exec notes that new chips will not replace EZChip. Earlier today, weakness in the name was attributed to the rollout of Cisco's new system.
[11:35] ILMN drop
[11:36] tso sm s .62
[11:39] ilmn spread hooker wide
01[11:40] <&Threei>  Ron is a living proof that even intelligent person can and will be corrupted by this room
01[11:40] <&Threei>  and nemo
[11:41] lol, all you need to say is hooker, wide implied
[11:42] felt obligated to quote mags verbatim
01[11:42] <&Threei>  :)
[11:43] ILMN L .07
[11:44] gotta go all am  L tibx .51  stop is in catch ya tomorrow
01[11:45] <&Threei>  take care ese
[11:45] peace
[11:45] cya ese
[11:45] hit'em straight
[11:45] keep your head down
[11:45] cya vad.....will.....think grimbergens friday
[11:45] leaving for Arizona
[11:45] sorry
[11:45] will not be able to after a few grimbergens on friday
[11:46] No Will, that's instructions for Miley.
[11:46] ha
01[11:46] <&Threei>  lol
[11:46] have a great trip
[11:46] cya
[11:46] tks
[11:51] ILMN stopped .32 +.25
[11:52] dissapointing
[11:52] pulp moves, wanted .75, missed
[11:55] dino look at the gap on vrtx...thing is on the ledge looking down
[11:55] foot hanging over abyss
[11:55] too much air below
[11:59] feels like short vrtx ron
[11:59] .40 do or die probably will test the whole
[12:00] SDS stopped .64 -.02
[12:01] triple top spy?
[12:04] finally, out rht .42, +.62
[12:04] nice!
[12:04] ty
01[12:04] <&Threei>  wtg
[12:05] tso bstop is .81, brb
[12:05] ILMN s.61
[12:09] stopped .67 -.06 damn pulp
[12:09] up around .90 might be a better level
[12:16] tso to .38
[12:16] ILMN  s .75
[12:17] to .32
[12:18] finnies stopped right at the 50 day
[12:18] cov tso .30, +.32
01[12:24] <&Threei> Short Setup: MCD  .50 break
01[12:24] <&Threei>  If holds  .60
[12:25] ILMN stopped .71 -.04
[12:25] ILMN l .75
[12:28] stop still .61?
[12:29] ilm double top?
01[12:29] <&Threei>  .56
01[12:29] <&Threei>  don't see it, IWM
[12:30] iwm grinding to all time highs
[12:30] it's headed that way
01[12:30] <&Threei>  1:1
01[12:30] <&Threei>  .61 now
01[12:30] <&Threei>  .51
[12:31] stopped .73 -.02 done with it
01[12:32] <&Threei>  1:2
01[12:33] <&Threei>  nemo... let's start stuffing Halloween bags for kids... I dunno what to do with these candies anymore
[12:33] razor blades and arsenic
01[12:34] <&Threei>  did someone hand you a toothbrush at some point in childhood?
[12:36] ?
01[12:38] <&Threei>  just trying to find where that trauma originates from
[12:38] past lives
[12:39] nemo doesn't have a dark side
[12:39] he's all dark
01[12:39] <&Threei>  lol
01[12:40] <&Threei>  means they flipped him evenly on the grill
[12:40] lol
01[12:40] <&Threei>  or used rotisserie
01[12:41] <&Threei>  1:3
01[12:41] <&Threei>  out
01[12:41] <&Threei>  drew, here?
[12:43] REGN  l.02
[12:43] are you still in FCX trade Vad?
01[12:43] <&Threei>  FCX tugged trailing stop
01[12:43] <&Threei>  after 1:1
01[12:44] <&Threei>  anyone traded MCD??
[12:44] :) ty
01[12:44] <&Threei>  whew
[12:44] was in the frickin shower
[12:44] lol
[12:45] who showers in middle of trading day?
[12:45] appearantly I do
[12:45] first shower this month
[12:46] lol
[12:46] very expansive shower
[12:46] and I had to pick a 1:3 trade to do it
[12:46] that's it for shower for me
[12:47] I'll sit here an offgas until market closes
01[12:47] <&Threei>  for the next three months?
[12:47] and offgas
[12:47] if need be
[12:49] dq crazy, five days 12-29
[13:12] OK, I'm out of the shower, did I miss anything?
[13:13] lol
01[13:13] <&Threei>  lol
[13:13] ha ha funny guy
[13:14] though that after holding hands you wouldn't be so hard on me
[13:14] thought
[13:14] wait wait wha??
[13:14] holding hands
[13:14] shower
[13:14] will and robbers??
[13:14] busted
[13:14] holding hands in shower
[13:14] alternative lifestyle indeed
[13:16] Nah, Will was in the shower getting twerked by Miley.
[13:16] in my dreams
[13:16] Pretty sure that'd be wet dreams, being a shower and all.
[13:17] http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-QUTtCDc6rTM/Uh0Ykw14V7I/AAAAAAAAQYs/0nuHvRttXXY/s1600/miley-cyrus-vma-mtv-music-awards-raw-chicken.jpg
[13:17] Tastes like chicken.
[13:18] *barf
01[13:19] <&Threei>  need... a trade... urgently...
[13:19] please
[13:19] Yeah.
[13:20] gotta take the spotlight off robbers
[13:20] he's then shy type
[13:20] the shy type
01[13:21] <&Threei> Short Setup: WMT  .30 break
01[13:21] <&Threei>  If holds  .35
01[13:22] <&Threei>  I don't care how valid setup is, this is "save the room from ultimate deterioration" trade
[13:22] lol
[13:22] LOL and true.
[13:22] inmates running the asylum on ya' there Vad?
01[13:22] <&Threei>  :)
[13:22] you're welcome Vad
[13:23] COST s .67
[13:25] stopped .74
[13:26] cl lod
[13:46] meh
[13:46] double meh
[13:46] take a shower will
[13:47] yeah...doesn't matter what I do today
[13:47] have you tried douching
[13:47] ?
[13:47] could you guarantee a fair share if I go take a shower?
[13:47] LOL
[13:48] lol
[13:48] isn't douching communicating with you?
[13:48] Les
[13:49] sorry nemo...didn;t realize who I was speaking to
[13:49] to whom I was speaking
[13:49] SDS l.55
[13:49] spy could go to .60ish first cipher
[13:50] nothing on the short side of the algo cipher
[13:56] walmart you damn dirty goat
[13:57] expecting 170.20-ish on SPY
[14:04] going by gut feel rather than algos
[14:15] SPY 20-s
[14:24] :)moment of truth
[14:25] sellathon
[14:26] out SDS .66
01[14:26] <&Threei>  frikin WMT
[14:27] nice rug pull on SPY
01[14:28] <&Threei>  (US) Senate Majority Leader Reid (D-NV) reiterates the Senate will not pass any bills that defund Obamacare
01[14:28] <&Threei>  so who blinks first?
[14:31] I think we should fire the senate
[14:32] agreed
01[14:33] <&Threei>  I strongly disagree
01[14:33] <&Threei>  we have no senate in your sense of the word in Canada, and look - we have no legitimate entity to bitch about
01[14:34] <&Threei>  Parliament is the closest substitute but since it doesn't decide much in majority government...
[14:34] problem is our senate is simply tax and spend,,,,,
01[14:35] <&Threei> Short Setup: MCD  .90 break
01[14:35] <&Threei>  If holds  98
01[14:35] <&Threei>  yes but... doesn't it reflect the state of the society
01[14:35] <&Threei>  it's people who elect those tax-and-spenders
01[14:35] <&Threei>  and expct them to bring home bacon
[14:36] yes that's what people want
[14:36] you buy votes by giving things
01[14:36] <&Threei>  what other system would work better?
[14:36] and that's good nemo
[14:36] me, as a dictator, would suit me fine
[14:36] it eventually becomes tax and spend, because you eventually get a rich and poor class...middle classes are periodic historical anomalies
01[14:37] <&Threei>  well, yes
[14:37] good, bad, it is what is
01[14:37] <&Threei>  benevolent dictator is a great thing, with one revervation
01[14:37] <&Threei>  reservation
01[14:37] <&Threei>  one who comes next is always malevolent one
[14:38] who said i would be benevolent?
01[14:38] <&Threei>  lol
[14:38] yeah, fuck that
[14:38] What is good?
[14:38] agreed. its like real estate, you need a dictator, otherwise nothing gets accomplished
01[14:39] <&Threei>  well... Russia tried that with Stalin
[14:39] yeah, plus you get all the sex you want without having to buy them anything
[14:39] or put up with their shit
01[14:39] <&Threei>  and Beria did that too
[14:39] good old Levanti
[14:40] "Show me the person, and I'll find you the crime." - Lavrentii Beria,
[14:45] was talking to a buddy just now, his dog got whacked by coyotes yesterday...sheesh
[14:46] that sucks
[14:46] in Boston?
[14:46] 25 miles south
[14:46] hear them every night
[14:47] but a few years back a woman's dog bought it in Brighton, which is part of Boston
[14:47] yeah, me two
[14:47] too
[14:47] wow it's not far for Brooklyn
[14:47] from
[14:47] ?
[14:47] lol nemo
[14:47] coyotes adapt quite well to urban environments
[14:48] I always carry a pistol now during hunting season
[14:49] they like progressives
[14:49] pack animals, single dog does not stand a chance
[14:49] nope, that's the problem too, there are so many now, they're starting to pack up
[14:50] tough bastards too...I put a 12 guage slug into one once, good shot placement too, thing was still alive when I walked over to it
[14:50] stomped its neck
01[14:53] <&Threei> Short Setup: MCD  98 break
01[14:53] <&Threei>  If holds  .05
[14:54] hamburger runs away from us today
[14:55] hamburglar
01[14:55] <&Threei>  well, we got one 1:3er on it, no?
[14:55] forgot it already
01[14:56] <&Threei>  with mustard
[14:56] REGN l.83
01[14:56] <&Threei>  no bun
01[14:56] <&Threei>  what's that saying Alex...
01[14:56] <&Threei>  stomach doesn't remeber yesterday's favors
[14:56] lol
01[14:56] <&Threei>  :)
[14:57] czr gone pulp
[14:57] how did we do today?
[14:57] can we start over?
[14:57] took a shower fish?
01[14:58] <&Threei>  suffice it to say, roadsides are lined with hungry children
[14:59] afternoons are still d e a d
[14:59] no  I was teaching a class on OSO and OSO orders
[15:00] I ran into 20 traders that could really use this room  lol
01[15:00] <&Threei>  well, you can continue teaching since I've no idea what those are
[15:00] CC u have a pm
01[15:00] <&Threei>  and you don't send them here why?
[15:00] Because I didn't have your business card  I sent cc a pm asking for cards
[15:01] It would not be polite to the company I was teaching for to send all those folks to you  lol
[15:01] what are oso orders?
[15:01] Order Sends Orders  and Order Cancel Order
01[15:01] <&Threei>  really... OCO, I know
01[15:02] <&Threei>  OCA even
01[15:02] <&Threei>  One Cancels Another
[15:02] yes
01[15:02] <&Threei>  (IR) US President Obama will not meet withe new Iran President at the UN due to complications in having such a meeting take place - press
[15:02] so in the case of OSO  orders  well you would not like Vad  but new traders  will love it
01[15:02] <&Threei>  meanong, no clean room?
[15:03] <+cc_9> trigger orders Fish
[15:03] OSO  means  when I place my original the stop is also placed and up to 3 targets  
[15:03] yes  
[15:03] cc you have a pm
01[15:04] <&Threei>  (US) Senate Majority Leader Reid (D-NV): Senate bill will extend govt spending through Nov 15th (vs. House bill funding through Dec 15), strips out Obamacare defunding - Senate could complete its version of the budget bill on Sunday, Sept 29th (Federal government FY ends on Sept 30th) - Reiterates the Senate will not pass any bills that defund Obamacare. Reiterates will not negotiate on debt ceiling.
[15:04] out REGN .10 +.27
[15:05] gj
[15:07] ty
[15:10] fish you have chance to get into MCD trade
[15:10] no
[15:10] can you share your earnings with me?
[15:11] of course, tomorrow
[15:11] lol
01[15:12] <&Threei>  fish, alex is a not a share-sharer, he is a share-sharee
[15:12] lol
[15:13] ESRX drop
[15:21] <+cc_9> that's a pretty chart cipher
[15:23] REGN l.91
[15:24] looks like spy locking in on the daily pivot/vwap
[15:24] fish if yor have 20 students you can open your own room 
[15:25] just need to give them Vad's setups
[15:25] I was thinking about that  I am in practice now  to cut and paste  Vads  calls
[15:25] hahahahahah
[15:25] want to go half on it Alex?
[15:26] sure
01[15:26] <&Threei>  cute
[15:26] has Vad ever shown you his gun?
[15:26] you can even copy the jokes
06[15:26] * &Threei instructs admin to revoke fish and alex room access
[15:27] honestly,  After teaching tht class, I know know who is on the other side of my trades
01[15:31] <&Threei>  1:1
[15:31] we're beating up the hamburglar and pushing him down the stairs
01[15:32] <&Threei>  taking hamburgers from babies
[15:32] lol
[15:32] fat babies
01[15:32] <&Threei>  not anymore
[15:32] Out, thanks Vad.
01[15:33] <&Threei>  RealityTrader - saving babies from obesity for 13 years
01[15:33] <&Threei>  yw
[15:33] nice end of the day
[15:34] Drew make money today?
[15:34] it was a positive day
[15:34] you?
[15:34] just got here
01[15:34] <&Threei>  getting better drew?
[15:34] yes
[15:34] closed P&L $7.60
01[15:34] <&Threei>  great to hear
[15:35] less stress
01[15:35] <&Threei>  eventually there will be none
[15:35] if i get frustrated i just switch to paper trading
[15:35] i bet
[15:35] <+cc_9> FB dropping hard EOD
[15:37] where did you get $7.60 fish?
[15:37] you'll get it drew, hang in there
[15:37] @ym
[15:37] thanks dino
[15:38] i guess i have been learning to think contrarian also
[15:38] last few afternons tough for me, just sitting doing nothing. hard to stay awake
[15:39] sorry to hear
01[15:39] <&Threei>  that problem ceased to bother me since I learned to trade and comment in my sleep
[15:39] I'll share my $7.60 if you share your earnings  today Alex?
[15:39] :)
[15:39] decent mornings, but...sheesh...give me an afternoon capit or spike
01[15:39] <&Threei>  MCD 1:2
[15:39] do you take half days sometimes?
01[15:40] <&Threei>  babies beg to leave them a bun with traces of mustard
[15:40] yes. may-aug fridays
[15:40] otherwise you are at your computer all day then...
[15:41] pretty much
01[15:41] <&Threei>  I came up with new marketing slogan
01[15:41] <&Threei>  You haven't made money today? You haven't been in our room then
01[15:41] <&Threei>  shameless enough?
[15:41] very
01[15:41] <&Threei>  cool
[15:41] very confident
[15:41] spy should bounce soon
01[15:42] <&Threei>  I've learned that shameless is a basis of effective marketing
01[15:42] <&Threei>  which explains why I am not good at it
01[15:42] <&Threei>  fish, see dcc
[15:43] you learned that from Miley Cyrus?
01[15:43] <&Threei>  we spoke of her eaerlier today
[15:43] say what you want, but that miley's pretty hot
01[15:43] <&Threei>  you mised fun part
[15:43] SSO l.41
[15:44] agree Dino
[15:44] her dad had a wild youth
[15:45] My wife worked at a hospital where he was once treated for an STD
[15:45] madonna put out much worse stuff. remember her whoring movie
[15:45] and her penthouse photos
[15:46] yes  the issue is Miley had a wholesome youth following and then over night became a different person
[15:46] caused a huge stink with parents  but  who can blame her,  there is more money in what she is doing
[15:46] madonna doesn't look that stupid
[15:46] bet she doesn't have a gag reflex
01[15:46] <&Threei>  1:3
[15:46] she does now
[15:47] nice day Vad ty
01[15:47] <&Threei>  yw
01[15:47] <&Threei>  over and out
01[15:47] <&Threei>  thank you all, have a great evening
01[15:47] <&Threei>  see you tomorrow
[15:48] bye all
[15:48] vlrs spike
[15:50] good eve  all
[15:50] gn all
[15:50] gn
[15:50] <+cc_9> ok guys
[15:50] <+cc_9> enjoy