Thursday, April 3, 2014

Apr 03 2014

GLD again saved the day. 1:3 and 1:2 shorts on it pretty much created the surplus over the balance of scalps and stops. Market is still slow, either expecting resolution of Ukraine tension or the "great HFT debate."

Session Time: Thu Apr 03 00:00:00 2014
[08:53] {dptl} good morning
01[08:59] {@Threei}  hey dp
[08:59] {dptl} hey Vad
[08:59] {dptl} :)
[09:11] {dino} gm
01[09:11] {@Threei}  dino :)
01[09:12] {@Threei}  your winter finally ends?
[09:12] {dino} yes, hitting 50s yesterday and today
01[09:13] {@Threei}  brutal year
[09:16] {dino} yeah, 50s feels awesome
[09:17] {cosmo} 50C?
[09:18] {cosmo} 50 deg C that is
01[09:18] {@Threei}  lol
01[09:18] {@Threei}  that would be a bit too warm
[09:18] {cosmo} agree
[09:18] {cosmo} :)
[09:20] {dino} not c, f
[09:20] {cosmo} so that's cold.... i c
[09:22] {cosmo} not enough CO2 is the problem, actually
[09:22] {RonS} gm, 4" of snow here after some rain, stops at noon, gone tomorrow...w/ 17" of precip/yr ave this is all good...almost had to turn on the sprinklers...
01[09:23] {@Threei}  Ron :)
[09:23] {ese} gm
01[09:23] {@Threei}  ese :)
[09:23] {ese} morning vad
01[09:24] {@Threei}  this is how we look right now:
[09:24] {ese} sold my PLUG position at about 5:30 this morning hold from yesterday.79 +.24
01[09:24] {@Threei}  wtg
[09:25] {RonS} gj ese
[09:25] {ese} tks
[09:25] {ese} Butchart Gardens vad, Beacon Hill park?
[09:26] {dino} gj ese, my lqdt may calls getting thumped
01[09:26] {@Threei}  Butchart
[09:27] {ese} :)
01[09:29] {@Threei}  P
01[09:30] {@Threei} Short Setup: GLD  .80 break
01[09:30] {@Threei}  If holds  .90
01[09:31] {@Threei}  change to .90 break
01[09:31] {@Threei}  If holds  .95
01[09:34] {@Threei} Short Setup: FB  .40 break hl
01[09:34] {@Threei}  If holds  .50
01[09:37] {@Threei} Short Setup: WMT  77 break
01[09:37] {@Threei}  If holds  .10
[09:39] {nathan} gm gents
01[09:39] {@Threei}  morning nathan
01[09:40] {@Threei} Short Setup: WMT  .10 break
01[09:40] {@Threei}  If holds  .20
[09:46] {nathan} still valid?
01[09:46] {@Threei}  as long as it stays under .20
01[09:46] {@Threei}  1:1  GLD
[09:47] {nemo} looks like it'll test .30 then .55
[09:48] {dino} caci smr l .88
01[09:53] {@Threei}  1:2
01[09:53] {@Threei}  been a while since GLD worked this well
[09:55] {thomcbell} etfc and amtd are under pressure because of the hfc stuff
01[09:56] {@Threei}  NVIDIA Corp Hearing strength attributed to circulation of financial blog chatter that Greenlight Capital (Einhorn) may be building a stake
01[09:57] {@Threei}  Charles Schwab Corp Issues Statement on High-Frequency Trading (HFT)- CEO Walt Bettinger posted the following statement on high-frequency trading: High-frequency trading is a growing cancer that needs to be addressed.
01[09:57] {@Threei}  yolku know if those guys complain, it's a great thing for us
[09:58] {cosmo} for now
[09:58] {nemo} too funny, hft companies are going out of business
01[09:58] {@Threei}  high-frequency trading has run amok and is corrupting our capital market system by creating an unleveled playing field for individual investors
01[09:58] {@Threei}  mama...
01[09:58] {@Threei}  so specialist system was level playing field?
01[09:59] {@Threei}  *(US) MAR ISM NON-MANUFACTURING COMPOSITE: 53.1 V 53.5E
01[10:01] {@Threei}  1:3  GLD
01[10:01] {@Threei}  out in full
[10:04] {ese} just make money!
[10:04] {thomcbell} P 32.82 short break if hholding 33
01[10:05] {@Threei}  is that an order, ese?
[10:05] {ese} yes
01[10:06] {@Threei}  let's cut WMT in half
[10:07] {thomcbell} p 1:1
01[10:09] {@Threei} Short Setup: FB  .50 break hl
01[10:09] {@Threei}  If holds  .60
01[10:10] {@Threei}  meh
[10:12] {dino} out caci .68, +.80
01[10:12] {@Threei}  wtg
[10:12] {nathan} nice dino
01[10:12] {@Threei}  watching AMTD for pullback entry
[10:12] {dino} ty
[10:14] {ese} that was a good one dino
[10:14] {nemo} acn below .20
01[10:14] {@Threei}  no pullback
[10:14] {dptl} short cbs .14
[10:14] {dptl} half lot
[10:14] {dino} lci smr l .35 wide
[10:16] {nemo}
[10:16] {thomcbell} p 1:3
[10:16] {dino} amtd l .03
[10:16] {thomcbell} booked it
01[10:16] {@Threei}  wtg thom
01[10:17] {@Threei}  AMTD got away
[10:19] {dino} feye blood
[10:20] {dino} enta csmr l .40 wide
[10:20] {dptl} half out cbs
[10:21] {RonS} csmr = castrated smaller?
[10:21] {dino} lol, typo, smr
01[10:25] {@Threei} Long Setup:  AMTD  .90 break
01[10:25] {@Threei}  If holds  .80
01[10:25] {@Threei}  change to .80 break
01[10:26] {@Threei}  If holds  .70
[10:26] {ese} good call P
[10:26] {thomcbell} yeah too jumpy for me
01[10:27] {@Threei}  no go
[10:29] {dino} amtd stop -.30
01[10:32] {@Threei}  .l vxx .30 break
01[10:32] {@Threei} Long Setup:  VXX  .30 break
[10:32] {dino} caci l .01
01[10:32] {@Threei}  If holds  .20
[10:34] {ese} in
01[10:34] {@Threei}  let's do panic, market
01[10:34] {@Threei}  nice juicy panic
[10:34] {ese} .305
01[10:36] {@Threei}  a bit juicier please
[10:36] {ese} indeed
01[10:37] {@Threei}  just crash already
01[10:37] {@Threei}  no these pathetic bounce attempts
[10:37] {ese} that id be me probably part of that 11K offer at .40
[10:39] {ese} daaaaaaaaaa
01[10:39] {@Threei}  come on
[10:39] {ese} bastard
01[10:40] {@Threei}  1 cent
01[10:40] {@Threei}  sheesh
01[10:41] {@Threei}  stop .24
01[10:43] {@Threei}  out
01[10:43] {@Threei}  that was....
[10:44] {ese} still hangin in stop at .20
[10:46] {ese} oh oh
[10:48] {ese} if it beats beat me on my rules
[10:48] {nemo} you mean your student dating rules?
[10:48] {RonS} amtd hl 32.40  s/l .30
[10:48] {ese} ha ha
[10:48] {nemo} wanna see my drumstick?
01[10:49] {@Threei} Long Setup:  AMTD  .50 break
01[10:49] {@Threei}  If holds  .40
[10:52] {dptl} cbs 1:2  ...out more
[10:53] {dino} gj
[10:53] {dptl} ty
[10:57] {RonS} bet nemo says that to his girlfriend all the time...
[10:58] {nemo} I don't have to say anything ;-)
[10:58] {RonS} lol
01[10:58] {@Threei}  and then hangs out with us after getting her rightful response
[10:58] {ese} sucre ray blu......stopped !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .20 -.10
01[10:58] {@Threei}  Invalidated
[10:58] {ese} vxx bastard!
[10:59] {ese} i'll get even......i'll get even
[10:59] {ese} !!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
01[11:06] {@Threei}  AMTD setup is back
[11:06] {thomcbell} etfc is stretched to downside here too but no setup yet
[11:07] {thomcbell} could be a sharper retrace
[11:07] {thomcbell} when it bounces
[11:07] {ese} about stupid......i'm sitting here thinkin what are these guys talkin about there ain't no setup there amtd....jesus...i'm looking amat.....time to pack it in for the day
01[11:07] {@Threei}  looks tempting
01[11:08] {@Threei} Long Setup:  ETFC  .60 break
01[11:08] {@Threei}  If holds  .50
[11:10] {RonS} ese classic...
01[11:11] {@Threei}  valid still ETFC
01[11:11] {@Threei}  not AMTD though
[11:11] {ese} wha da ya mean classic!!!!!!!!! I'll have you know that I represent that remark!
[11:13] {dptl} cbs 1:3 ...out
[11:13] {ese} well done there dp
01[11:13] {@Threei}  wtg
[11:13] {dptl} ty :)
[11:14] {dino} gj
[11:14] {dino} whats the deal w/amtd down so much? can't find anything
01[11:15] {@Threei}  somehow attack on HFT reflects on them
01[11:16] {@Threei}  with all kinds of accusations and investigations coming
[11:17] {RonS} here i thought amtd and etfc was retail oriented...
[11:17] {ese} L Gstring....ah i mean gtat .92
01[11:17] {@Threei}  they are
[11:17] {RonS} hate long gstrings...
01[11:18] {@Threei}  bit the whole thing is beyond screwed up
[11:18] {ese} indeed
01[11:18] {@Threei}  this is celebration of idiocy
01[11:18] {@Threei}  when you have time, read this bit:
01[11:18] {@Threei}
01[11:21] {@Threei}  1:1  ETFC
[11:22] {ese} long as there celebrating idiocy with's ok......i can live with that....
[11:22] {ese} celebrating idiocy sober is a no go......
01[11:23] {@Threei}  sure... but I still prefer booze with some intellect
[11:23] {ese} ya ....yer right there
01[11:24] {@Threei}  now, if we are back to g-string topic, intellect is very optional
[11:24] {RonS} throw in some female anatomy and you gotta trifecta...
[11:24] {nemo} I prefer B and B
[11:24] {ese} lol
[11:24] {dptl} lol
[11:24] {nemo} yep
[11:24] {nemo} girlfriend sets up the bed chair
[11:24] {nemo} gives me a glass of wine
[11:24] {ese} alas lads....we digress
[11:24] {nemo} tells me to sit back and relax
[11:24] {nemo} slow day
[11:25] {ese} ya
[11:25] {ese} although i'm long Gstring here .92
[11:25] {ese} gtat rather
[11:25] {dino} lol
01[11:26] {@Threei}  we don't digress ese, we degenerate
[11:26] {ese} true......imensely
01[11:26] {@Threei}  well, those of us who still have room for that
[11:27] {nemo} it's genetic with musicians
[11:27] {ese} ouch
[11:32] {ese} not likien the look of spyders's not doin the health of my position any good
01[11:37] {@Threei}  (RU) Russia Govt removes its military envoy from relationship with NATO
[11:38] {RonS} pitcher or catcher?
01[11:38] {@Threei}  depends on time of the day
[11:39] {RonS} rotflol,,,
[11:39] {RonS} perfect
01[11:39] {@Threei}  :)
[11:40] {ese} out Gstring .06 +.14 with yer basic 2k position
[11:41] {ese} gotta go gents......cya tomorrow
[11:41] {ese} and possible not sure
[11:41] {RonS} cya ese
01[11:41] {@Threei}  take care ese
[11:41] {ese} oh ya we do have a lady........cya nemo
[11:42] {RonS} oof
[11:42] {nemo} wow...brutal
01[11:43] {@Threei}  he left before you could retaliate
[11:43] {RonS} smartest thing he did all day
01[11:43] {@Threei}  so I imagine you have your first point of order in tomorrow's "to-do" list
[11:51] {RonS} hmmm...Charles Schwab Corp ‏@CharlesSchwab  New statement from our CEO and our chairman regarding high-frequency trading:
01[11:51] {@Threei}  is it what I quoted in the morning?
[11:52] {thomcbell} wow etfc
[11:52] {nemo} yep
01[11:52] {@Threei}  incredible bs
01[11:53] {@Threei}  Lewis should be ashamed of himself, for providing firepower to these disgusting types
[11:55] {nemo} wait until they kill HFT and all the volume disappears
[11:55] {nemo} they should definitely eliminate some of these order types
01[11:56] {@Threei}  that would lead to spread windening
[11:56] {nemo} there is a "post only" order type
01[11:56] {@Threei}  widening
[11:56] {nemo} I ran into that in FAS last month
[11:56] {dino} if they kill it. i don't think it will happen. hft provide liquidity at portions of a cent, prior system was worse
01[11:56] {@Threei}  but there is even worse alternative,
[11:56] {nemo} hit the offer and no fill
01[11:56] {@Threei}  transaction tax
01[11:56] {@Threei}  a lot of imbeciles started yelling again for that
[11:57] {nemo} they will always yell for that
01[11:57] {@Threei}  and either of these outcomes, or both, if come, will be largely fault of this book
01[11:57] {@Threei}  they got new firepower
01[11:57] {@Threei}  just look how this non-issue exploded over last few days
[12:00] {dptl} leaving early....see ya tomorrow all
[12:00] {RonS} cya dp
01[12:00] {@Threei}  tale care dp
01[12:01] {@Threei}  AMTD more or less bounced finally
01[12:05] {@Threei} Long Setup:  IWM  .65 break
01[12:05] {@Threei}  If holds  .55
01[12:11] {@Threei}  SPY .65 break should do it
01[12:12] {@Threei}  grrr
01[12:16] {@Threei}  no news... just rug pull
[12:16] {nemo} algos went to lunch
[12:16] {dino} fete, data pretty bloody
[12:16] {dino} feye
[12:18] {thomcbell} crazy
01[12:26] {@Threei} Short Setup: GLD  124 break
01[12:26] {@Threei}  If holds  .10
01[12:35] {@Threei}  1:1
[12:37] {RonS} dino, u can throw lnkd in that feye data camp
[12:38] {RonS} and yelp
01[12:39] {@Threei}  GLD is just a hero last days
[12:44] {dino} brutal
01[12:46] {@Threei}  1:2
01[12:49] {@Threei}  (UR) White House Pres Sec Carney: Have seen no evidence that Russia has drawn down its troops near the Ukraine border
01[12:50] {@Threei}  Russia: No? hmmm... OK, how about that: Private Ivanov, make 3 steps back! Hey White House, good enough?
[13:00] {thomcbell} mu reports after the bell - looking for a long setup
[13:01] {thomcbell} for a chop
[13:03] {RonS} dino:  $FEYE receives caution rating in NSS Labs breach detection study. $FIRE and $FTNT both scored higher.Download Report:
[13:06] {thomcbell} when did that come out
[13:07] {dino} thx
[13:08] {RonS} dunno thom...just posted on stocktwits
[13:08] {RonS} Invensense $INVN mentioned positively at Wedge Partners
01[13:10] {@Threei}  (US) Senate Finance Committee rejects attempts to delay implementation of the medical device tax in the Affordable Care Act (obamacare)
[13:10] {RonS} from application? :  How many wedgies did you suffer in high school?
01[13:10] {@Threei}  of course
01[13:10] {@Threei}  they haven't met a tax they didn't like yet
[13:13] {thomcbell} mu 24.02 long break if holding 23.92
[13:26] {dino} apc spike
06[13:26] * Les slaps nemo around a bit with a large trout
[13:26] {Les} test 1 2
01[13:26] {@Threei}  that's a grand entrance
[13:26] {nemo} Vad, get out the fly swatter
01[13:28] {@Threei}  trout is not very impressive, Les... jackhammer, no less. But I understand you might be a bit rusty
06[13:29] * @Threei hands Les a jackhammer with NEMO engraved on the handle
[13:30] {Les} I blame the tradesman who didn't provide me with additional default tools to use
[13:30] {Les} what's there to break open with a jackhammer?
01[13:30] {@Threei} Long Setup:  JPM  .66 break
01[13:31] {@Threei}  If holds  .60
01[13:40] {@Threei}  there you go
01[13:40] {@Threei}  imbecile from Senate financial committee on CNBC, for transaction tax
01[13:42] {@Threei}  1:1
01[13:42] {@Threei}  that was for you Les... welcome back trade
[13:45] {dino} data smr l .10, wide
[13:52] {dino} out caci .44, +.43
[13:54] {RonS} bofi barfing
[13:58] {dino} gap 76.69 area
[14:01] {thomcbell} mu 1:1
[14:01] {thomcbell} stop to 24.03 on rest in this madness
[14:04] {thomcbell} out mu
[14:05] {dino} lci to .55
01[14:07] {@Threei}  thom... I dunno how you managed to squeeze something out of that snail, lol
01[14:07] {@Threei}  I thought it was set to torture you for hours
[14:08] {dino} whole day like that
[14:10] {thomcbell} its stupid
[14:10] {thomcbell} lol
[14:11] {thomcbell} how about the P entry
01[14:12] {@Threei}  short
01[14:12] {@Threei}  30 break
[14:12] {Les} yeh got it thanks
01[14:12] {@Threei}  half lot
[14:12] {dino} out lci ave +.56
[14:14] {RonS} gj
[14:14] {dino} out enta flat
01[14:16] {@Threei}  half out P
01[14:17] {@Threei}  1:1
[14:17] {dino} ty
[14:19] {dino} apc smr s .81
[14:19] {thomcbell} what has gotten into this apc today
[14:20] {dino} no go, stopped
01[14:20] {@Threei}  APC Confirms settlement with US govt of Tronix claims; to pay $5.1B
01[14:21] {@Threei}  The Goldman Sachs Group Inc Have exited most proprietary trading positions as part of preparations to comply with the Volcker rule - annual shareholder letter
01[14:22] {@Threei}  so what's the catch?
01[14:22] {@Threei}  I mean, it's not like GS is going to quit trading
[14:22] {nemo} vxx
[14:28] {thomcbell} splk just got right near 200sma
[14:28] {thomcbell} might be one to look at dino
[14:28] {thomcbell} some poor guy upgraded the stock today
[14:29] {dino} been on screen, watching
[14:31] {thomcbell} feel like one more flush
[14:34] {dino} apc smr s .00
[14:35] {thomcbell} data too nearing the 200
01[14:38] {@Threei}  [14:22] {nemo} vxx
01[14:38] {@Threei}  could you be a bit more specific next time
[14:38] {nemo} bunny told me
01[14:38] {@Threei}  perfect timing
[14:39] {Les} well give us a frikin setup next time bunny
01[14:39] {@Threei}  have you also added "buy it here with all you have, sell farm, wife and kids
[14:40] {dino} splk gap way down still, 60
[14:41] {nemo} fur crissakes Les, look at it, plain as the cavern in your skull
[14:41] {Les} got anything plainer?
[14:41] {nemo} your IQ and my  belt size?
[14:42] {Les} I said plainer not plenty
[14:42] {nemo} I have a 30 inch waist dude
[14:42] {Les} what u obese?
[14:43] {Les} who the frik knows what 30 inches is outside of Americaland
[14:43] {nemo} you do
[14:43] {nemo} 2.54 cm=1 inch
01[14:43] {@Threei}  watching VXX for pullback entry
[14:43] {nemo} so, about 76 centimeters
01[14:44] {@Threei}  near .30 ideally
[14:44] {nemo} that better?
[14:44] {Les} goddam Vad has this been your conversation companion these last months
01[14:44] {@Threei}  yes
01[14:44] {@Threei}  thank you for your condolences
01[14:45] {@Threei}  now and then cosmo and ron chime in
[14:45] {nemo} now c'mon Vad, this is purely Les treatment
01[14:45] {@Threei}  but I am not sure they make it better
[14:45] {nemo} then there was fish face
01[14:45] {@Threei}  well, I am trying to slam only those who are here
01[14:45] {@Threei}  see, no munky business
[14:46] {nathan} gents have fun
[14:46] {nathan} c u tomorrow
[14:46] {Les} vxx .40 break holding .35?
01[14:47] {@Threei}  take care nathan
01[14:47] {@Threei}  no...
01[14:48] {@Threei}  this doesn't look to me reliable setup, can float either way with the sdame odds
01[14:48] {@Threei}  look at SPY
01[14:48] {@Threei}  similarly likely to continue up or reverse
[14:48] {nemo} yeah, methinks indexes likely to move up from here, we just breached yesterday's low in the spy
01[14:48] {@Threei}  around .40 - .50 is real resistance
01[14:49] {@Threei}  which should roughly give us VXX under .30
[14:50] {dino} apc to flat, can't break .65
[14:52] {nemo} spy setup just like vxx
[14:52] {nemo} here Les .25 break, holds .20
[14:53] {dino} apc bs to .76
[14:54] {dino} cov apc .40, +.60
[14:55] {nemo} apc has a ways to go dino
[14:55] {dino} sure, but its a bitch to trade, moves in quarter increments
[14:55] {dino} see back to 97
[14:55] {nemo} tomorrow likely better
[14:55] {nemo} keep that on your radar
[14:56] {dino} i cov 96.40
[14:56] {nemo} you bottom picker u
[14:56] {dino} glad i did
[14:56] {nemo} 97.36 first resistance
[14:56] {nemo} happy Les?
[14:56] {dino} was a tight trail nemo, wanted .50, once broke brought it to .40
[14:57] {nemo} ya' think one of Les's kids sits next to him and reads the IM to him?
[14:58] {dino} some serious damage to momos
[14:58] {nemo} people repositioning for earnings season
[14:58] {nemo} it's been unicorns and the belief in happy marriages so far
[14:59] {thomcbell} splk - i nibbled down there dino wasnt confident enough to post for the room
[14:59] {thomcbell} did u do it ?
[15:00] {thomcbell} the one more flush worked
01[15:00] {@Threei}  ok, watching VXX closer now
[15:01] {nemo} no bear in his right mind will stay short into the close with the employment report tomorrow
[15:01] {Les} I'll sell it
[15:01] {nemo} oh there u are
[15:01] {dino} tbell, no, apc had my attention, but on screen for tomorrow
[15:02] {nemo} indexes look iffy here
[15:03] {Les} why i didn't take yer spy offer earlier
01[15:03] {@Threei}  no clear setup yet, still waiting
[15:03] {Les} tis why
[15:03] {nemo} it worked Les
[15:03] {nemo} iwm broke north at the same time
[15:04] {Les} yeh it was good
01[15:07] {@Threei} Long Setup:  VXX  .25 break
01[15:07] {@Threei}  If holds  .15
01[15:08] {@Threei}  iskplozhion
01[15:09] {@Threei}  stop .19
[15:10] {nemo} shorts starting to cover me thinks
[15:12] {nemo} wow, spy trade with a .05 stop...
[15:13] {nemo} mmhhhh
[15:18] {nemo} spy breaks .50 should get vwap
01[15:19] {@Threei}  "When a mosquito lands on your balls, you suddenly realize the importance of non-violent solutions."
[15:20] {RonS} always wondered why a dog does i know...
01[15:21] {@Threei}  the sheer breadth of knowledge brought in this room...
[15:21] {cosmo} is that the problem with Crimea?
01[15:21] {@Threei}  no...
01[15:21] {@Threei}  Crimea IS the problem
[15:21] {cosmo} you kno... the mosquito thing...
01[15:22] {@Threei}  yes, but you have to look at it fropm different angles - for Ukraine, Crimea is balls, for NATO - mosquito
[15:22] {cosmo} y
[15:23] {cosmo} nato is the mosqito...?
01[15:23] {@Threei}  again... for whom?
[15:24] {cosmo} the elephant
[15:24] {Les} WTF? just kick em in the nuts
[15:24] {Les} no moer moustique
01[15:26] {@Threei}  problem is not so much this particular mosquito as the whole paddle from which they emerge
[15:26] {cosmo} ah... mosquitos are from a consortium of ologarchs
[15:27] {cosmo} oligarchs
01[15:27] {@Threei}  or kgb agents
01[15:27] {@Threei}  or both
[15:27] {nemo} indexes going to vwap
01[15:27] {@Threei}  meh
[15:28] {nemo} there u go Les
[15:29] {Les} oh put a bunny in it
[15:29] {Les} credit given as deserved
[15:30] {Les} nighty night
[15:30] {nemo} frickin' pussy
01[15:34] {@Threei} Short Setup: CBS  .55 break hl
01[15:34] {@Threei}  If holds  .65
01[15:39] {@Threei}  Invalidated
[15:40] {thomcbell} gn all
01[15:40] {@Threei}  take care thom
01[15:44] {@Threei}  - US and Canada notes that potential gases related to Bakken oil may be unaccounted for; some rules may require adjustment
01[15:44] {@Threei}  hmmm
01[15:44] {@Threei}  I'll let it slide
01[15:45] {@Threei}  ok guys, thank you all, have a good evening
01[15:45] {@Threei}  see you tomorrow