Thursday, October 11, 2007

October 11, 2007

Session Time (PST): Thu Oct 11 00:00:00 2007

[03:21] <_nicholas> What's moving right now?
[05:13] CHINA
[05:13] - CDC Games has secured exclusive distribution rights in China for a new online game called Dragonsky. The game, under development now by Sonov, a leading studio in Korea which draws on the support of Sonokong, is anticipated for commercial launch by CDC Games in Q2 of 2008.
[05:13] oh... good morning btw
[05:16] morning all
[05:16] bruce :)
[05:16] hi vad
[05:16] up and at em!
[05:19] SEED is still at that
[05:19] china
[05:19] not sure about this one
[05:20] it gapped over two resistance levels.... but its rallies are rarely sustainable
[05:21] k
[05:22] good to know
[05:22] good morning Vad
[05:22] hawk :)
[05:22] howdy hawk
[05:38] morning Rt
[05:39] hi magoo
[05:39] morning sports dfans
[05:41] magoo, billy :)
[05:42] :)
[05:42] china madness been good :)
[05:42] magoo :)
[05:42] good is understatement of the month
[05:43] bad, then?
[05:43] hi billy
[05:43] bad = good ...sometimes
[05:43] too deep cos
[05:43] bruce :)
[05:44] CAAS some enthusiasm
[05:44] did SDTH have any news .....this gap surprised me
[05:44] did mkt like employmt numbers?
[05:45] I don't see news billy, continuation of yest strength I guess
[05:45] sold at close
[05:45] +12 with change magoo... I think it did
[05:46] sheesh SEED ...i woulfd have made a killing if no golf
[05:46] i sold at .34
[05:46] 10.34
[05:46] another one you missed yesterday mags... FREE
[05:46] yeah
[05:46] thats why i like to work
[05:47] whereas dino takes alot of time off
[05:47] lol
[05:48] NINE gap is pretty wimpy
[05:49] btw, my stretch ofluck continues... on top of all nigerian money showering on me, some bank offering me credit card fromwhich I can obtain $3.5 mil
[05:50] too bad in order to get it I need to "dawnlod" something
[05:50] and I thought they really liked me only ;(
[05:50] no way billy, it's all mine
[05:51] look at NOEC
[05:52] big gap
[05:54] China mania remains main theme for today
[05:56] lets make some serious cake today vad
[05:56] no pressure he he
[05:56] as usual eh
[05:56] CLWT gap thru 5 should be interesting
[05:57] good morning rt's.....bily vad magoo cosmo bruce....
[05:57] ese :)
[05:57] ese :)
[05:58] NPSP
[05:58] gm all
[05:58] mark :)
[05:58] ES :)
[06:00] good morning
[06:00] jade gaps..a roman play
[06:00] even BCOn gaps
[06:00] morning peter
[06:00] lol billy
[06:01] roman is off today magoo, poor guy is moving his office
[06:01] hi mark, peter
[06:01] :)
[06:01] welcome guests!
[06:02] <_jack> hello all and thanks bruce
[06:02] hi jack
[06:02] welcome guys, enjoy your stay for couple days
[06:03] <_jack> hello threei
[06:03] in order to get familiar with our trading philosophy, make sure to go over our blog
[06:04] <_jack> thanks, you still trade like the book threei?
[06:04] morn guys:)
[06:04] <_openhouse> ok will do. Thanks for letting us in. Morning all.
[06:04] like what book? :)
[06:04] hi openhouse
[06:05] yeah on roman vad...i remember he is having internret speed issues and they wouldn't fix them
[06:05] <_jack> techniques of tape reading
[06:05] oh of course
[06:05] <_jack> great
[06:06] I just realized... it's October, means 11th anniversary of my trading career
[06:06] remember new guys...we hit-n-run
[06:06] congrats VAD!!!!!
[06:06] <_jack> congrats, well done
[06:06] don't miss the exits
[06:06] ty... 11 years, sheesh
[06:07] have you enjoyed it?
[06:07] 11 years takes no time at all
[06:07] I would switch to something else if I didn't ese :)
[06:08] jeff d not lefty?!!?
[06:08] it all strated w/ DT
[06:08] switch?
[06:08] trip donw memory lane? :)
[06:08] in the archives :)
[06:09] SEED momo
[06:09] party like its 1999, i say
[06:10] October sure feels like 1999
[06:10] full bloqwn mania
[06:10] -q
[06:11] I want to skip first 5-10 minutes or so, to see which gaps are sustainable and keep momo going, which fizzle out
[06:12] BCON should hold 2.50 .....needs to hold .45
[06:12] too many gaps, gotta let them sort themselves out
[06:12] they can't all just go, some will die off
[06:12] oh yes they can he he
[06:12] or at least take pause
[06:12] or a new evolves
[06:13] yup
[06:13] speaking of Gaps CPSL....
[06:13] up .61
[06:15] for adrenalin deprived, keep an eye on FREE for possible continuation
[06:15] 10.40-10.50 is likely to set it for the next leg
[06:15] speaking of gaps...information gaps that is what are Chinese companies required to report?
[06:15] stock is very volatile, keep shares small
[06:16] well, trading on US exchanges they have to report just as any other... how reliable their accounting practices are is whole another matter
[06:17] jade is moving
[06:17] ya no kidding...cpsl Income growth %317 but no sales growth reported... interesting
[06:18] acccounting by abacus, it seems
[06:18] or look at whole LDK debacle...
[06:18] what was that about
[06:18] good morning all
[06:18] dp
[06:19] hi dp
[06:19] dp :)
[06:19] questions about inventories, ese
[06:20] or the way they count and report them rather
[06:20] hmmmmmm.....
[06:21] Billy... south africa bank just raised rates
[06:21] thanks for the open invite, glad to visit
[06:21] roflol
[06:22] means our nigerian money got even more lucrative eh?
[06:22] welcome chris
[06:22] hi chrisnyork, welcome
[06:22] too good to be true w/ all the rate cuts globally
[06:23] Lehman like Costco
[06:25] there you go billy
[06:25] lol
[06:25] gotta give them more $$ then
[06:26] aren't we getting paid in rands?
[06:26] thought you were mentioning the stock
[06:26] lol
[06:26] lol
[06:27] to all guests: never mind our jokes, our sense of humor keeps hitting all times lows, even after we think it's at the rock bottom
[06:27] jokes are needed
[06:28] yeah but for some reason we can't make a good one for the world of us
[06:29] CHNR = this time it's different
[06:29] FREE is ticking into resistance to the open
[06:30] thats what they all say.......thats what they all say.....
[06:34] SEED frenzy vad
[06:34] SEED, pullback closer to 14.40
[06:35] there
[06:35] any strength from here is long
[06:35] stop under 14, so keep size smaller
[06:35] in .49
[06:35] a bit too wide for my taste
[06:35] but that's how thias beast tgrades
[06:37] not holding support
[06:38] my charts down
[06:38] long JADE .64
[06:39] server 5 bruce
[06:39] so much for bstop...damn lousy fill is what that is
[06:39] think SEED moves now imo
[06:40] thanx vad - back up
[06:40] EBAY .95 long
[06:40] .79 stop
[06:40] l EBAY .96
[06:41] vad any thoughts on SEED?
[06:41] crap shot ram, can go either way
[06:44] XMSR 15.81 long if stays above .70
[06:45] nice move JADE ese
[06:45] Out JADE .99 +.35....
[06:46] come EBAY eat thru that 40
[06:46] don't rush me, I am on my own time
[06:47] so EBAY talks to ya huh vad
[06:47] no, to you
[06:47] :)
[06:48] JADE is holding too well despite huge offers
[06:48] l EXSR .81
[06:48] 6.25 long, risky
[06:48] l XMSR sorry
[06:49] KSS
[06:49] XMSR 1:1
[06:49] we waiting for more?
[06:50] feels so but protect half
[06:50] k
[06:50] trail stop to .74
[06:50] man JADE
[06:51] nokidding
[06:51] SU
[06:51] offer half JADE above .40, scalpers get out in full
[06:51] long .72 cpsl on pullback
[06:51] EBAY 1:1
[06:51] JADE maybe to 7? some day at least?
[06:52] the way it moves I won't be surprized chris
[06:52] feels like EBAY can do more
[06:52] out half .45 JADE
[06:53] blast through .50 coming
[06:53] right on cue
[06:54] out EBAY .18
[06:54] okay EBAY
[06:54] NICE vad
[06:54] don't blow your vein
[06:54] welcome sir
[06:54] uot EBAY thanks Vad:)
[06:54] :)
[06:55] EBAY and JADE woot woot
[06:55] I am out JADE in full here, who is more greedy than I am - you are on your own
[06:55] lol
[06:55] but... greed is good
[06:55] missed JADE :(
[06:55] out EBAY in full
[06:55] out EBAY .24 + .28
[06:56] good job guys
[06:56] HELLO!
[06:56] hi johnfl, good to see familiar faces :)
[06:56] JASO
[06:56] :)
[06:56] WOW....guess i should have hung on...oh well i'll take my .35
[06:57] sorry ese, we got the rest
[06:57] nj vad
[06:57] labor separation, you know...
[06:57] yuk yuk yuk.....
[06:57] ok EBAY stop that, I am getting dizzy
[06:58] jade bounce vad?
[06:58] tough question
[06:58] not sure here
[06:59] geez EBAY
[06:59] btw magoo... EBAY just phoned... I gave your number and said it can harass you all it wants
[06:59] WMT
[06:59] i know i know
[06:59] i refuse to answer
[07:01] stop to .58 CPSL....
[07:01] all this hoopla and NVDA is red
[07:01] i did not knoe EBAY capable odf such move
[07:01] NVDA had great turnaround yesterday...maybe same today
[07:01] it just did me a personal favor mags
[07:02] break of 40 was major for ebay
[07:02] I would be looking for NVDA short ram
[07:02] i took EBAY off screen, cant watch anymore
[07:03] not sure of entry level yet, will watch more
[07:03] is nvda a personal favorite vad?
[07:03] just one of usual suspects
[07:03] CTEL, what the...
[07:04] it has the letter C vad
[07:04] ahhh
[07:04] C is a good letter now
[07:05] well... it's as good reason as any
[07:05] too bad there is no stock CCCC
[07:05] stopped XMSR
[07:05] it would gain 500% in ione day
[07:05] there is one called china tho lol
[07:06] and look it gapped today lol
[07:06] GIGM off to the races/
[07:06] stop was trailed to .74 ram, why keep so long
[07:06] only had real small lot so balanced out
[07:06] how bout the FREE tank...and it's all for free
[07:07] OK, NVDA...
[07:07] weaker and weaker
[07:07] .30 resistance
[07:07] to place stop just above
[07:07] are u in short?
[07:07] hopefully we get some bounce to short into
[07:07] no, not yet
[07:08] now
[07:08] in sh .21
[07:08] close enough to stop level top satisfy my desire to keep risk low
[07:08] in .22
[07:08] .31 stop
[07:10] SEED
[07:10] CTEL 11 is likely if breaks 10.20
[07:10] smaaaal shares
[07:11] JADE
[07:13] NQ makes new high, NVDA can't even uptick more than 2 cents... just need NQ pullback
[07:13] what you looking for on NVDA Vad
[07:13] WPTE?
[07:14] profit wise]
[07:14] will go with the flow
[07:14] k
[07:14] SEED
[07:15] still nursing CPSL....but pressure is now up....
[07:16] SU
[07:16] out SEED .85 + buck
[07:16] wtg
[07:16] NVDA some at 36 area?
[07:16] sorry to risky to post call w/new guys here
[07:16] good J magoo
[07:16] nice mags
[07:16] entered on my alert
[07:17] 10:10] SEED
[07:17] [10:11] CTEL 11
[07:17] I think so chirs
[07:17] very nice magoo
[07:17] so is nesi still around?
[07:17] career change
[07:17] ah
[07:17] die NVDA
[07:18] l jade .70
[07:19] half out NVDA
[07:20] should lose 36 vad
[07:20] 7 comith JADE
[07:20] CAAS...heres a pattern familiar to you all
[07:22] l JADE .70
[07:24] on jasde, i missed my exit..was waiting .94 and it topped .89
[07:24] scarin me here
[07:25] stopped JADE -.10
[07:28] good boy NVDA
[07:28] NVDA maybe to 35.50
[07:28] NVDA out...+.22
[07:28] KONG @R1
[07:29] loses support even as NQ bounces
[07:29] ty
[07:30] *DOE CRUDE: -1.67M V +1.1ME; GASOLINE: +1.68M V -400KE; DISTILLATES: -563K V -750KE; UTILIZATION: % V 87.5%E
[07:31] market is happy
[07:31] vad SEED?
[07:31] hard to tell if NVDA can continue much lowerif such strength is holding for NQ
[07:32] no read ram
[07:32] anyway, stop to .21 for NVDA balance
[07:39] PBR
[07:42] market is looking around searching for the next crazy momo play
[07:45] everything all at once it seems
[07:47] I am back to waiting mode
[07:47] don't see anything compelling at the moment
[07:50] ctel moving - hi risk though
[07:57] cmed
[07:58] are we going to have first quiet day in two weeks for a change or what
[08:00] hope not..sux for guests
[08:00] while no nedw trades appear on horizon... any questions from guests?
[08:00] LOCM some activity
[08:01] i always lose on that one
[08:02] not my favorite
[08:02] can't believe nvda will not lose 36
[08:02] it will or it won't... we are not going to lose money on it in any case
[08:08] Do you have a daily price range and ave daily volume criteria for the stocks you select?
[08:08] price range, no
[08:08] anything that is active, shows familiar setups and allows for tight risk control will do
[08:08] Thanks
[08:09] volume is one of risk control criteria so yes, this is to be considered
[08:14] <_diane> Hi gang..long time..
[08:14] hello Diane :)
[08:15] NVDA gonna let go
[08:15] get 2x4 ready magoo
[08:15] INPC news?
[08:15] let's beat it up
[08:16] should get near .50 area
[08:16] 10:27am [INPC] Lowers 3Q guidance, outlook; hires Lazard as Financial Advisormore.. - Co. says Q3 results did not meet its expectations, 3Q results 'significantly' below previously announced guidance - Currently taking cost-cutting steps working with Lazard - Requires funding to continue operations and fund losses - Lazard Midd Market to complete full review of Company's financing and strategic alternatives
[08:16] was hatled premarket
[08:16] ty
[08:17] previous headline:
[08:17] 09/22/07 12:00pm [INPC] Announces that President Andy Zeinfeld would be promoted to the position of CEO, effective Oct 1
[08:17] gold?
[08:17] good timing for promotion eh?
[08:18] well, INPC kept becoming a better bargain, everytime it went lower the last year cough
[08:18] CTEL vad
[08:18] any read?
[08:19] 10 break... small shares
[08:19] lol chris
[08:19] I'm off everyone...have a great rest of the day....I got stoppe on CPSL at .62 -.11...have a great day
[08:19] take care ese
[08:20] bye ES
[08:21] XING
[08:21] any setup on XING?
[08:22] not yet, but if pulls back a little, holds well and breaks high, will be
[08:24] .30 metldown long if holding above .20
[08:25] XING's ready\
[08:25] l XING .33
[08:27] stop @ .20vad?
[08:27] just under
[08:27] k
[08:27] no worky
[08:29] <_diane> Threei, whats your take on RIMM? I have some oct puts.
[08:31] nice weakness
[08:31] looks like has ways to go down still
[08:32] vad..keep eye on JADE..not done imho
[08:33] <_dpn> ZUMZ
[08:35] thanks for the am guys, I will check you all manana
[08:35] :)
[08:38] hard to tell magoo... so far frenzy hasn't returned
[08:38] not to say it won't
[08:39] ebay cup and handle setup vad?
[08:39] just no indication eithger way for now
[08:39] not really EBAY
[08:40] now it feels more and more like 7 is imminent mags
[08:40] are we plaing jade vad?
[08:41] if you are ok with its risk
[08:41] it's not your usual NVDA, LOL
[08:41] whats the setup?
[08:41] no setup, this is pure momo play
[08:41] <_dpn> INFY might break consolidation
[08:41] either you feel it or you don't play it
[08:41] l .90
[08:42] [11:40] now it feels more and more like 7 is imminent
[08:42] :)
[08:42] 50 c stop in jade
[08:43] <_dpn> JASO
[08:44] SYNA
[08:44] 52 break long
[08:44] grrrr... too fast
[08:44] don't chase
[08:45] let's see if we get pullback
[08:45] stop would be 51.85
[08:46] let me know your entry if
[08:47] if it pulls back, as c,lose as I can to support level on a first strength
[08:47] if just goes, will skip most likely
[08:47] unless it consolidates for a while so I get new range to work with
[08:48] kind of .11 long with 51.99 stop if it stays in this range for a few more min
[08:48] out JADE +,24
[08:49] whew ram... your entries will cost me heart attack some day
[08:49] went long 6.90 out 7.14
[08:49] nice ram
[08:50] most of your entries are borderline chasing... and some are beyond the border, lol
[08:51] seem to be working for him
[08:51] yes but don't forget, we are in runaway market
[08:51] it's forgiving kind
[08:52] when it tightens, it won't be as easy
[08:53] just for a quick illustration, compare today's market with what we had for week and half before
[08:53] CTEL IN
[08:53] several runners every day, setup after setup,
[08:53] everything works like charm, and most important, next one comes in 5 minutes after we are done with current
[08:53] today is much calmer
[08:54] and look what difference it made
[08:54] no plays for an hour,
[08:54] harder to find momo movers,
[08:54] setups are not that forgiving,
[08:54] if it stops it stops,
[08:55] what I am diving at is:
[08:55] don't allow habits formed in scorching hot bull market to get instilled
[08:56] that's what killed once happy participants of 1998-2000 bull
[08:56] things reversed but they still bought "next hot thing",
[08:56] <_diane> I see more volatility in the market, i think partly because of the repo.s
[08:56] held for weeks and months,
[08:57] refused to keep stops "because things always come back"
[08:57] we all know how they came back that time don't we
[08:58] there are probably still QCOM holders at 700 around... or CMGI at 200
[08:58] waiting for them to come back
[08:58] <_diane> or like stupid little SSTR
[08:59] you mean they arent coming back?
[08:59] SSTR, typical momo play
[08:59] one day wonder
[08:59] ummm... looking for an answer bruce
[09:00] <_diane> ya, i woder if it'll ever come back haha
[09:00] lol
[09:00] I won a bmw today vad!
[09:00] torn between "no", "not in this millenium" and "not before the next ice age"
[09:00] from nigeria?
[09:00] emails says I won and all I have to do is send registration money
[09:01] oh cool
[09:01] on a ticket I never bought
[09:01] even cooler
[09:01] never win anythings
[09:01] you sent money of course first thing in the morning?
[09:01] must have been sent to me by mistake
[09:01] am thinking with your luck it must be yours
[09:01] oh that's OK, keep it,
[09:02] I have enough money coming from Nigeria
[09:02] lol
[09:02] lol
[09:02] syna still valid?
[09:03] nah
[09:03] gm all :)
[09:03] k
[09:03] hey jf!
[09:03] hello jf
[09:03] Happy Birthday
[09:03] thank you
[09:03] <_dpn> there goes INFY
[09:03] where shoukld i dumop it vad....CTEL
[09:03] you have enough to partial?
[09:04] half right here then
[09:04] nah
[09:04] where is nesi?
[09:04] then dump it
[09:04] and think or reentering if eats through .50-.60
[09:05] OUT .49 TY
[09:05] long CTEL on a break of .60?
[09:05] small shares ram, extremely risky
[09:06] ok
[09:06] cmed back to hod - any read vad?
[09:06] gotta go...thx vad
[09:06] take care billy
[09:06] not sure about CMED
[09:06] bye billy
[09:06] l ctel .55
[09:08] good trading to all of you, gtg :)
[09:09] <_dpn> anyone following INFY?
[09:09] not me
[09:09] anyone still trade goog ROFL
[09:13] 11 is coming
[09:14] there
[09:15] get out ram
[09:15] out +.42
[09:16] that was nice vad
[09:16] i hit it again when u said 11 coming
[09:16] I knew you would
[09:16] .69 out 11.37 700 sh
[09:16] wtg
[09:17] how u know i reenter?
[09:17] not a first day I know you
[09:17] this is your kind of trade, you live for that
[09:18] 12 coming
[09:18] <_diane> quick...need tuna to smack RIMM back down
[09:19] this time around I am not si sure you entered mags... less of that "foam at the mouth" feeling to CTEL
[09:20] not in
[09:20] me neither
[09:21] couldn't get this feel of imminence from it this time
[09:21] if it goes so be it, I'll miss it
[09:21] it sloewd down somewhgat
[09:21] i like lv 2 going fast
[09:21] yeah, no that mad scrolling
[09:21] sigh...TYPING
[09:22] here comes 12
[09:22] oh well
[09:23] out CTEL thanks Vad, small:)
[09:23] welcome
[09:26] 13 now
[09:26] I better go for a smoke
[09:26] it's harmful for my health of course but not as harmful as watching CTEL
[09:27] with you:)
[09:27] what a week for me to quit sniffing glue....
[09:27] rofl
[09:27] out .11 he he
[09:27] mania is not over
[09:27] good to see
[09:33] JADE is trying again
[09:33] I would prefer to see it establishing above 7, consolidating a little, then breaking 7.15
[09:34] not sure it can behave so orderly
[09:34] i just took .99
[09:34] so we r buyers above .15 correct
[09:34] mayube even above .10
[09:34] if that huge offer gets eaten
[09:38] chaeron... your FRPT looks dandy today
[09:39] my entry was to aggressive on jade
[09:40] thanks 3i, you really DO care :)
[09:40] LONG
[09:40] nah, but I pretend well
[09:42] ok JADE, now or never
[09:42] jade sure was a gem today lol
[09:43] i'm kickin the heck out of it
[09:43] get the board vad
[09:44] looks like this time it has a good chance
[09:44] are u smackin it??
[09:44] there
[09:44] now take .15 and we are golden
[09:45] l JADE .10
[09:45] waiting .45
[09:45] what .15?
[09:46] i wish the CTEL boyz would come over to jade and take it to 14 he he
[09:46] lol
[09:47] target on JADE?
[09:47] 14
[09:48] hate this volatility
[09:48] yeah that sucked
[09:49] .85 stop
[09:52] jesus CTEL vad
[09:52] spread became untradable
[09:55] out jade
[09:55] - dime
[09:58] HIHO
[10:04] AKAM?
[10:04] still in JADE vad?
[10:05] no read AKAM
[10:05] ty
[10:05] yes mags
[10:05] i reloaded @ .94
[10:06] <_diane> INPC has interesting chart 5 min
[10:10] <_diane> ok, i see now....bad numbers on inpc
[10:10] yeah, INPC looks like damaged goods
[10:11] <_diane> i wonder if it's shortable? lol
[10:11] you wish :)
[10:11] <_diane> ha ha
[10:15] wow... I think Mr Snow is back at work
[10:20] or is it just a line they are given when they become treasury secretary?
[10:26] out JADE
[10:26] <_diane> BRCM short?
[10:27] under .50
[10:27] .65 stop
[10:27] <_diane> yes
[10:28] will require NQ help
[10:29] <_diane> love the nq's
[10:32] <_diane> Bush on cnbc
[10:33] s BRCM .49
[10:34] man..BIDU gave back 14 points
[10:37] I wish I remembered my own call from yesterday - ATEA long at 5
[10:37] do i dare look
[10:37] you will anyway
[10:38] true
[10:39] HOKU
[10:40] HOKU doesn't like me... (it's in line with 21,000 other listed securities btw...)
[10:40] lol
[10:41] setup?
[10:41] kidding?
[10:41] lol
[10:42] :)
[10:43] jade
[10:43] sorry wrong window
[10:46] keep an eye on HIHO, break of .50 should be scalpable
[10:51] in
[10:54] gotta go, bye all (Cover AKAM+.30, cover BRCM+.25)
[10:54] BRCM worked nicely
[10:54] take care mark
[10:54] bye mark
[10:55] what is market so unhappy about?
[10:56] yikes
[10:57] <_diane> Someone just tossed RIMM out of jet window. yippie
[10:57] HIH no go
[10:58] no
[10:58] <_diane> .whole market dropping
[10:58] kind of hard to move up when NQ drops like this
[10:58] ATEA stays near the high though
[10:58] brcm trade worked nice vad -
[10:58] yeah
[10:59] NQ really helped itr
[10:59] close was .39 yesterday so am wondering why you would take it so close to support at .50?
[10:59] that was support on intraday, simply breakdown of DBI type
[11:00] k
[11:00] I saw volume rising too
[11:00] and then someone uplugged the entire market and made shorts work
[11:00] look at this
[11:01] yeah - really quick drop
[11:01] now, ATEA is either very strong or noone cares about it enough to sell it with market :)
[11:02] dow started big drop about about this time yesterday
[11:02] look at bidu chart
[11:03] JPM
[11:03] NFORMING EMPLOYEES ABOUT JOB CUTS IN INVESTMENT BANKING DIVISION - WIRE HEADLINE CITING SOURCES- cuts include staff in asset backed securities and collateralized debt
[11:03] dio I have to?
[11:04] magoo just shorted 6 m shares
[11:04] and caused drop singlehandedly
[11:05] yup
[11:05] retirement now
[11:05] <_diane> ya sure....any islands out there for sale?
[11:06] with your nigerian money the 2 of you can take in the sights
[11:06] I'm selloing florida swampland to vad
[11:06] its pime swamp
[11:06] <_diane> crocs included?
[11:07] no
[11:07] crox
[11:07] theyate me so I'm selling
[11:10] get to work vad...he he
[11:10] bounce time nears
[11:10] don't know whether to be looking short or waiting for the bounce
[11:10] BRCM is long candidate
[11:11] .95 stop
[11:12] first strength from here
[11:13] if lloses .95, hunt for first uptick with stop under nearest low
[11:13] q still diving
[11:14] comp index still dropping like rock
[11:14] finger on a trigger
[11:15] in
[11:15] .79 stop
[11:16] wow
[11:17] out - 4 cents
[11:18] BIDU down 21...was up 15..35 pts
[11:18] I don't think we've seen such violent reaction in thne market in a long while
[11:19] aapl down 13
[11:20] quite a drop for "noone knows why"
[11:20] NEWS??
[11:20] cnbc??
[11:21] <_diane> VAD I JUST PULLED 2,083.73 OFF HALF MY RIMM PUTS
[11:21] hillarty economic plan
[11:21] cool beans diane, wtg
[11:22] bounce try agin vad?
[11:22] 25 points bounce now
[11:23] no need bruce... state of confusion everywhere
[11:23] not worth the risk
[11:23] let them sort it out, not every battle has to be fought
[11:29] hey,life is good
[11:29] yes it is market said and dropped another 20 points
[11:31] if the followers of newsletter that pumped HOKU missed entry,, they got second chance now
[11:31] (I presonally will wait on the shore)
[11:32] thought you said low volatility today vad?
[11:32] wasn't it at the moment?
[11:33] ah
[11:33] look at intraday NQ... less than 10 point range for hours
[11:34] then some elephant enters the room and starts stomping on china
[11:34] in both sense of the word
[11:34] senses
[11:35] cautious comments? 50 points NQ drop?
[11:35] unless their "cautios comment" is "run for your life"...
[11:36] can goldman move the market that far?
[11:36] alone, no
[11:36] if conditions are right and everyone follows, sure
[11:37] but don't pay much attention to all these after the fact explanations
[11:37] we already heard three at least
[11:38] hillary plan, irna threat and goldman "cautious comment"
[11:38] irna = irn
[11:38] iran
[11:38] there... on a third attempt I got it right
[11:38] <_diane> YOU RAN? HOW FAR? LOL
[11:40] wow... Diane's humor is much better than Threei's :)
[11:40] so it's not like we suddenly run out of oil... one possible explanation less
[11:40] it's not really hard chaeron...
[11:41] I mean, find a paddle, drop in it - and you made it much funnier than I ever could
[11:41] FPRT nice capitulation
[11:41] <_diane> thanks Chaeron.....comes with old age
[11:41] uh... you haven't seen Threei then I take it....
[11:41] and if you manage to drop in the cake face first - you are Seinfield comparing to me
[11:41] quote server vad
[11:42] 3
[11:42] <_diane> no, I have never met him. Hope to someday
[11:43] see your DCC Diane
[11:44] ty
[11:48] I guess we sawthe low for the day
[11:49] you guys are stunned or what, lol
[11:54] naaaa... we're to professional to be stunned or amazed
[11:55] <_diane> it's been a while since i've had a rush like that. RIMM dropped like a rock and the puts took off. I had to scramble to get a price, My heart was beating so fast
[12:01] not a play IMO
[12:01] lol, this is priceless:
[12:03] this retreat is on much lower volume
[12:05] COMCAST CONFIRMS IT HAS BEGUN TO OFFER TIVO ENABLED SET TOP BOXES IN NEW ENGLAND- reminder: on 10/9 Tivo said the Comcast roll out is a little behind schedule
[12:06] OK, this is becoming interesting
[12:06] we are about to retest lows
[12:07] most likely scenario is quick penetration and ultimate bounce
[12:07] u stalking anything
[12:08] here is new low
[12:08] yes, BRCM again
[12:09] post entry price ok?
[12:09] .35
[12:10] have a good evening all....see ya tomorrow
[12:10] take care dp
[12:10] in
[12:10] .29 stop
[12:10] me too
[12:10] bye dp
[12:10] come on buyers, step up
[12:11] yes sir
[12:11] bigger step please
[12:13] ah come on... 15 cents was all??
[12:15] f#ck...bidu down 36
[12:15] plus 15
[12:15] 51
[12:16] any bounce there vad..say 100 shares
[12:16] 10 points
[12:16] your guess is as good as mine
[12:17] -7 cents BRCM
[12:17] whatever
[12:17] he who doesn't take 15 cents of profit...
[12:19] new low is coming as hard it is to believe
[12:19] good risk control anyway
[12:19] looks like market going to keep tanking
[12:20] analysts will ahve hard time today
[12:20] coming up with credible explanation for this will not be easy
[12:22] bruce... remember this exchange:
[12:22] [14:23] not worth the risk
[12:22] [14:23] let them sort it out, not every battle has to be fought
[12:23] I seem to re3member something like that
[12:23] emotions run way too high
[12:24] just step aside and let them duke it out
[12:26] my level 2 is messed up anyway
[12:26] switch quote server, will correct itself
[12:26] you short the market magoo?
[12:27] thanx vad - that works
[12:27] no
[12:31] <_diane> CSCO short?
[12:31] I wouldn't
[12:32] <_diane> CMCSA
[12:32] <_diane> if it drops below support
[12:33] diane, all these drops are not on their own merits, it's just the market following
[12:33] and there is no way I would try to bet which way market is going from here
[12:34] I believe it's up but I elaready believed that twice
[12:34] <_diane> AMAT long?
[12:34] so I just keep my belief in my pocket and watch
[12:36] <_jack> BIDU going back to 80?............
[12:36] lol
[12:37] <_jack> ;)
[12:37] that's a bit extreme... unless ytou give it couple days :)
[12:37] <_jack> lol right
[12:37] <_jack> movin a bit like it did on its first day
[12:38] it's not moving... it's teleporting
[12:38] <_jack> lol
[12:38] "I am at 311, beam me up to 315"
[12:39] <_jack> decent volume on the drop.....
[12:41] 15:39 10/11 DJ Sen Clinton: Would Mull Raising Social Sec Tax On High Incomes --- WASHINGTON (AP)--Hillary Rodham Clinton has given a private clue on an issue she has refused to discuss publicly - how to preserve Social Security in the long term. The Democratic presidential contender told an Iowa voter she would be willing to consider an idea that her Democratic rival John Edwards has been promoting - raising Social Security taxes on high-inco
[12:41] you don't say
[12:42] <_jack> GOOG doin it as well.....pity its so expensive these days...
[12:44] on a third time I was right - that's worse than a broken clock
[12:45] <_jack> ;)
[12:48] magoo... dino picked wrong day for vacation
[12:48] he would have mande his annual gioal today
[12:49] yeah
[12:49] not much of a bounce
[12:50] does the drop affect tommorrows opening trade strategy vad?
[12:50] sure does
[12:50] gonna be risky tomorrow
[12:50] such price shock has consequences
[12:50] a lot of confusion for tomorrow
[12:50] people will bail quickly
[12:51] that makes good sense to me magoo
[12:51] scalp only day
[12:51] most likely, yes
[12:52] we won't get the power up side like early this week
[12:54] okay guys, thank you all,
[12:54] ty vad
[12:54] especially for keeopng company on the most unusual day
[12:54] have a great evening, relax, and let's see what we can scalp tomorrow
[12:54] or what can scalp us
[12:55] hope not
[12:55] congrats diane
[12:56] great day for you
[12:56] night all
[12:58] <_diane> great to be back guys, and I'll see you all tomorrow. Unfortunately I can't join yet. Haven't saved enough for my vacation to Cuba this winter yet
[12:58] <_diane> thanks Bruce