Friday, December 7, 2012

Dec 07 2012

Slow but still profitable day despite somewhat rough start. Finishing a week with no single losing day.

Session Time: Fri Dec 07 00:00:00 2012
[08:55] }patel} Good Morning :) :) :)
01[08:56] }Threei}  morning patel
[09:03] }scottie} good morning
01[09:03] }Threei}  scottie :)
[09:07] }Beau} good morning
01[09:07] }Threei}  beau :)
[09:12] }nemo} Vad's favorite kind of day
[09:12] }nemo} call Dino, tell him to back to bed
[09:13] }nemo}   Gap and Crap, or Gap and Go, or Gap and ......................?
01[09:14] }Threei}  my feel is, gap and crap
01[09:14] }Threei}  another meaningless jobs number props bounce into shaky market
[09:15] }dino} gm
01[09:16] }Threei}  dino :)
[09:22] }Will49} Good morning
01[09:22] }Threei}  will :)
01[09:23] }Threei}  in case you ever wondered how nemo would have looked and spoken if he were a cat,
[09:23] }robbers} CNBC saying jobs numbers are distorted.
01[09:23] }Threei}  yes
01[09:24] }Threei}  hunderds of thousand dropped from workforce
01[09:24] }Threei}  same trick that helped it down to 7.9 last month
[09:25] }robbers} Yep, people who're just not looking anymore.  And right, same trick(s).
01[09:25] }Threei}  participation numbers meanwhile stay under 64% for almost a year, one of the lowest in history
01[09:26] }Threei}  then again look at this:
01[09:26] }Threei}  (ES) Some economists see Spain unemployment peaking at 28-30%, possibly in 2014, with 2013 unemployment worse than 2012's- Europa press
01[09:26] }Threei}  maybe we need to stop complaining, lol
[09:26] }robbers} Also, employment is just one side of the story, what about "real" wage levels?
[09:27] }robbers} In Spain, the unemployment rate for those under 25 years old is something like 50%.
01[09:27] }Threei}  ask, and...
01[09:27] }Threei}  *(US) NOV AVG HOURLY EARNING M/M: 0.2% V 0.2%E; Y/Y: 1.7% V 1.7%E; AVG WEEKLY HOURS: 34.4 V 34.4E
[09:28] }robbers} I know my real wages were off a bit...until yesterday's trading.
01[09:28] }Threei}  (US) House Speaker Boehner (R-OH): President Obama's plan for dealing with the fiscal cliff is a joke, would hurt job growth ***Note that yesterday afternoon, there were reports that budget discussions had resumed between President Obama and House Speaker Boehner, with some signs of progress
01[09:28] }Threei}  glad we could help it :)
01[09:29] }Threei}  someone sent me an article couple years ago, about insentives structured in a way that makes it more sensible for a woman with 2 kids to remain at 29K a year job than go to 69K
01[09:29] }Threei}  this is insane
[09:29] }ese} gm
01[09:29] }Threei}  ese :)
[09:30] }nemo} that was a study from 2011 by PA state Secretary on Welfare
[09:30] }nemo} no incentive between 30k and 70k to get a higher paying job
01[09:31] }Threei} Long Setup:  SWHC  .20 break hl
01[09:32] }Threei}  If holds  .10 
[09:32] }nemo} yeah baby
[09:32] }nemo} my kinda' merchandise
01[09:32] }Threei}  lol
[09:32] }dino} except pride, which is not considered anymore
[09:32] }nemo} although there's an old joke about their quality:  By a Smith and send it right to the Smith
01[09:32] }Threei}  seems pride is now in becoming better moocher
[09:33] }nemo} game the system
[09:33] }nemo} just like europe
01[09:33] }Threei}  no go
[09:33] }thomcbell} short setup lvs 44.40 break if holding 44.50 
[09:33] }nemo} let's see if they try to push 143 on spy
[09:33] }thomcbell} target is 1:2
[09:34] }thomcbell} 1:1
[09:34] }thomcbell} 1:2 and out
[09:34] }nemo} 10 year at the monthly pivot
[09:34] }robbers} Nice job.
[09:34] }scottie} great call tbell
[09:34] }Will49} wtg
[09:34] }nemo} lvs
[09:34] }patel} nice job. 
[09:35] }thomcbell} tu
[09:35] }thomcbell} fb has some fight here initially 
01[09:35] }Threei}  nice plunge
01[09:35] }Threei} Short Setup: SLW  .45 break
01[09:35] }Threei}  If holds  .55 
[09:38] }ese} L amrn .75
[09:38] }ese} amrn
[09:38] }ese} a m r n......looks like 2 m's above
01[09:39] }Threei}  capitalize it :)
01[09:39] }Threei}  SPY looks read to drop
[09:40] }thomcbell} short setup aIG 34.06 break if holding 34.2
01[09:42] }Threei}  no go SLW
01[09:42] }Threei}  it must be blind
[09:46] }thomcbell} short setup fcx 31.88 break if holding 32
[09:46] }thomcbell} aig invalidated 
01[09:49] }Threei} Short Setup: SFD  .80 break
01[09:49] }Threei}  hl
[09:49] }thomcbell} fcx nope 
01[09:52] }Threei}  disregard SFD, way too slow
01[09:52] }Threei} Short Setup: FCX  .95 break
[09:52] }dino} amrn hl l .60 stop lod
01[09:52] }Threei}  hl
01[09:52] }Threei}  If holds  .10 
01[09:54] }Threei}  stop
01[09:54] }Threei}  not liking this morning
[09:54] }Will49} join the club
01[09:54] }Threei}  things don't match the indices
[09:55] }nemo} this is more fun than flossing with barbed wire
[09:55] }patel} today is just one of them days. 
[09:55] }ese} oh oh
01[09:58] }Threei} Long Setup:  SLW  .60 break
01[10:00] }Threei}  target 1:2
01[10:02] }Threei} Long Setup:  YUM  .50 break hl
01[10:02] }Threei}  SLW 1:1
01[10:05] }Threei}  YUM two-sided, .40 -.50
[10:05] }ese} L go .31av
[10:06] }ese} avgo
[10:06] }nemo} right
[10:06] }scottie} wow
01[10:06] }Threei}  ummm
01[10:06] }Threei}  lol
[10:06] }ese} something wrong with my keyboard
[10:06] }patel} I longed a little GM at 24.76. How does it look? 
[10:06] }dino} bidu sm l .60
[10:06] }nemo} classic, you have to make a bet and buy before the break
[10:06] }patel} I sold half and have my other half at breakeven
01[10:06] }Threei}  looks good
01[10:06] }Threei}  just let it trade
01[10:07] }Threei}  ese, looked at YUM break?
01[10:07] }Threei}  just wanted you to see why we don't use market orders on breakouts
[10:07] }ese} not yet...will do now
[10:07] }patel} How about FRAN at 24.83. 
[10:08] }patel} stop would be 24.62
[10:08] }ese} good one..........missed it
[10:08] }patel} I will leave it alone. 
01[10:08] }Threei}  why not under .70? .62 is a bit too wide
01[10:08] }Threei}  you should have seen it real time ese
01[10:09] }Threei}  market order woyuld get you in good 10 cents above the break, if not 12
[10:09] }dino} \out bidu .14, +.54
[10:09] }ese} looks instantaneous 
01[10:09] }Threei}  SLW is coming into target
01[10:09] }Threei}  1:2, out
[10:09] }robbers} out slw, thanks.
01[10:09] }Threei}  yw
[10:09] }scottie} +.19 tks Vad
01[10:09] }Threei}  :)
[10:10] }thomcbell} aig short setup 34.33 break if holding 34.42
[10:11] }dino} no cipher today. bummer he's usually good for 200 or so
[10:13] }ese} indeed
[10:13] }ese} a m r n it
[10:14] }thomcbell} aig 1:1
[10:14] }ese} hit the 10 mark thats all i want
[10:15] }dino} same buddy
[10:16] }dino} ne hl l .50
[10:16] }nemo} whoa amrn
[10:16] }nemo} that was stop hunt to vwap
[10:16] }ese} sucre blu
[10:16] }patel} AVP
[10:17] }patel} what is up with that one. 
[10:19] }thomcbell} FB 27.28 break if holding 27.18
01[10:20] }Threei} Short Setup: LVS  .90 break
01[10:20] }Threei}  If holds  44 
[10:23] }ese} bounced off the vwap nemo.....amrn
[10:24] }dino} alog
[10:24] }nemo} [10:16] }nemo} that was stop hunt to vwap
01[10:24] }Threei} Short Setup: RIG  .20 break hl
[10:24] }ese} ya
01[10:24] }Threei}  If holds  .30 
[10:25] }nemo} dull market
[10:25] }nemo} rig
[10:25] }nemo} sorry
[10:25] }patel} my GM is still strong 
01[10:25] }Threei}  yes but might be topping
01[10:26] }Threei}  those two red tails
01[10:26] }Threei}  LVS is valid again
[10:26] }patel} FRAN is just out there. 
[10:26] }patel} I just killed FRAN. 
[10:28] }ese} sharp double bottom 1min btu.............damn missed it
[10:28] }patel} what about short SWHC below 10
[10:28] }ese} too many stocks so little time
[10:28] }dino} lol
[10:29] }dino} same could be said about bars and women
01[10:29] }Threei}  lol
[10:29] }ese} was said wasn't it
01[10:29] }Threei}  SWHC is down too much for my taste from the top with no bounce
[10:29] }patel} yeah
01[10:29] }Threei}  I am not keen on shorting it here
[10:29] }ese} good reference if were talking about golf to
[10:30] }dino} indeed
[10:30] }dino} out ne .65, +.15
[10:31] }robbers} wtg
[10:31] }ese} why not..........good one dino
[10:31] }patel} what about CVC 14.51 with 14.46 stop
[10:31] }dino} ty
[10:31] }dino} 07 red, stepping aside
[10:32] }patel} nevermind
[10:32] }patel} SPY is at lod
01[10:33] }Threei}  RIG's valid
[10:33] }nemo} interesting, headline was good on jobs report, looking under the hood it was not good, market seems to be reacting as such...Wile E. Coyote moment, followed by the requisite, "OH Shit!"
[10:33] }thomcbell} aig 1:2
[10:34] }thomcbell} FB was obviously invalidated
01[10:34] }Threei}  LVS 1:1
[10:35] }thomcbell} covereing rest of aig here 34.08
01[10:37] }Threei}  wtg
[10:37] }dino} gj
[10:37] }patel} nj
[10:42] }nemo} finnies still weak
01[10:46] }Threei}  ok RIG
01[10:47] }Threei}  time to die horrible death
[10:48] }scottie} IR l 49 ?
01[10:48] }Threei}  hl
[10:49] }patel} boehner about to talk
[10:50] }thomcbell} fcx might have a 32.30 break here for a trade - not doing it right now 
01[10:52] }Threei}  let's trail RIG to .26
[10:54] }thomcbell} 0.20 break on fcx will bring 32 quickly 
[10:56] }thomcbell} lvs pivot 43.61 Vad if your still there 
01[10:56] }Threei}  Boehner is about to send this market flying or plunging
01[10:57] }Threei}  and my bet is rather on latter
[10:59] }thomcbell} fcx 1:2 if u did it 
[10:59] }ese} hmmmmmm.......gotta hunch that a m r n is gonna mainline at .70 all day and do nothing......
[11:00] }nemo} fcx a long now
[11:00] }ese} regardless........have to go......have a great weekend.......cya monday
01[11:00] }Threei}  take care ese, have a good one
01[11:01] }Threei}  1:1
01[11:01] }Threei}  doesn't sound good, Boehner
[11:04] }scottie} +.19 rig tks Vad
01[11:04] }Threei}  :)
01[11:04] }Threei}  with 3 wins in a row, life becomes brighter
[11:05] }thomcbell} FB trying here - thru 27.28 break 
01[11:06] }Threei}  (US) House Speaker Boehner (R-OH): There is no progress to report in fiscal cliff negotiations, the White House has wasted another week, has given us no counter offer- The president's strategy is sending the US toward the fiscal cliff. Geithner's comment that the Administration is willing to go over the fiscal cliff is "reckless talk." - Describes phone discussion with Obama earlier this week as "pleasant" but "more of the same." - "When is he going to take a step toward us?"
[11:07] }patel} FB looks strong
[11:07] }patel} not in it due to boner. 
[11:08] }nemo} 141.96 area is the 50 sma, which of course, is close to 142...I think we end up around here for the close
[11:08] }dino} rgr blood
[11:09] }thomcbell} fb 1:1
[11:11] }dino} clf hl l .50
[11:17] }scottie} TEVA l .20 ?
[11:17] }patel} CVC???
01[11:18] }Threei}  TEVA, yeah
01[11:18] }Threei}  wow... what's so unusual about CVC?
[11:19] }patel} My reasoning is gap up with a pullback. Looks pretty clean on the 15's. 
01[11:19] }Threei}  not today, I don't think so
[11:19] }patel} okay. 
01[11:20] }Threei}  too narrow to be a runner to 15 within a day
[11:20] }dino} market has really slowed down
[11:20] }patel} yeah
[11:21] }nemo} fcx might go here
[11:23] }thomcbell} long nemo?
[11:23] }thomcbell} im long with a stop below that reaction low - i bought thru 32 
[11:24] }nemo} yes if market holds next level would be .83ish
[11:24] }scottie} in teva .21
[11:27] }thomcbell} do u have a target on FCX - nemo?
[11:27] }nemo} .20ish is first resistance area
[11:28] }thomcbell} right that is what i have too
[11:28] }nemo} partial along the way though, I don't think the range expands much more fcx vwap is .20
[11:28] }nemo} spy vwap
[11:28] }nemo} sorry
[11:32] }dino} stop clf -.30
[11:36] }thomcbell} fcx misbehaving 
[11:37] }nemo} now showing wealkness compared to market but this is a confluence area low
[11:38] }scottie} half out teva
01[11:38] }Threei}  :)
01[11:38] }Threei}  54% Put Economic Growth Ahead of Economic Fairness
01[11:38] }Threei}  really? didn't look this way Nov 6
[11:40] }patel} thoughts on TIBX over 20.50
[11:40] }patel} nice job scottie
01[11:40] }Threei}  .45 break would be a long on TIBX but it needs to hold .35
[11:41] }scottie} tks
01[11:41] }Threei}  which is doesn't
[11:42] }patel} DG strong
[11:42] }dino} rgr hl l .00
[11:43] }scottie} stop teva .24
[11:45] }dino} ctxs spike
[11:46] }dino} hl s .91 wide
[11:51] }dino} cov ctxs .31, +.60
[11:51] }Will49} good one dino
[11:51] }dino} ty
01[11:51] }Threei}  wtg
[11:51] }robbers} gj
[11:51] }Beau} great dino
[11:51] }scottie} nerves of steel
[11:51] }dino} bit hairy there
01[11:52] }Threei}  finally, my favorite politician gal is coming on TV
01[11:52] }Threei}  (US) House minority leader Pelosi to hold press conf at Noon ET
[11:52] }dino} yuk
[11:52] }Will49} botox babe
01[11:53] }Threei}  what a waste of botox
[11:54] }dino} rgr stop -.36
01[11:56] }Threei}  SWHC, what a disheartening smackdown
[11:57] }dino} out amrn .64, +.04 thing won't move
[11:59] }dino} swhc gap 9.44
[12:00] }dino} making selling off on pigosi
01[12:00] }Threei}  lol
[12:01] }thomcbell} now looking for a formal fcx long setup 
[12:02] }dino} as opposed to informal? tux vs jeans?
[12:02] }thomcbell} ala Vad 
01[12:02] }Threei}  lol
[12:02] }dino} just funnin' w/ya
[12:03] }thomcbell} 31.77 break if holding 31.70 target 32
[12:04] }thomcbell} ok im in thee 
[12:04] }thomcbell} there 
[12:06] }thomcbell} 1:1
[12:06] }thomcbell} fcx
01[12:06] }Threei}  :)
[12:08] }thomcbell} flattened balance at break even 
[12:08] }thomcbell} will continue to watch for a nother setup 
[12:12] }dino} jwn drop
[12:13] }Will49} tks scottie +.14 teva
01[12:13] }Threei}  (US) House Minority Leader Pelosi (D-CA): Republicans have only offered empty letters in negotiations with the Democrats over the fiscal cliff- Reiterates the only thing standing in the way of middle class tax cuts are Republicans holding out on tax rate increases for the top 2%; highlights the same 2% receive a cut as well as part of the middle class tax cut
01[12:13] }Threei}  I seriosuly think they'll let it happen
01[12:14] }Threei}  how did she manage to contradict herself in one senetnce?
[12:14] }dino} what do they care
01[12:14] }Threei}  "tax rate increases for the top 2%; highlights the same 2% receive a cut as well as part of the middle class tax cut"
01[12:15] }Threei}  so is it tax increase or tax cut for 2%?
01[12:15] }Threei}  make up your mind, woman
01[12:16] }Threei}  they care about driving stick through republicans, dino... and their strategy will do just that
01[12:16] }Threei}  they'll push and push for more concessions making it impossible for republicans to agree,
01[12:16] }Threei}  then when deadline comes, there won't be a deal,
01[12:17] }Threei}  taxes go up for everyone, next day they come back with tax cut for under $200,000
01[12:17] }Threei}  republicans can't vote against that
01[12:17] }Threei}  so democrats will get all they want while making republicans look worse than anyone could ever imagine
[12:17] }dino} i get that 3i. but in the whole scheme of things it really makes no difference to any of them if cliff hits or not. 
01[12:18] }Threei}  it's a play for 2014 now, to get back the house
[12:18] }dino} jwn hl l .20
[12:18] }thomcbell} Vad how do i emigrate to Canada?
01[12:18] }Threei}  economically no, it's purely political
[12:19] }dino} it won't work. republicans would be better off saying no
01[12:19] }Threei}  well tbell... our right of center government would look more left than your normal liberal, lol
[12:19] }thomcbell} nemo - FCX what are your thoughts now
01[12:19] }Threei}  I agree dino
[12:19] }nemo} suicide
[12:19] }thomcbell} what do u mean by that ?
[12:19] }nemo} 32ish, should go for vwap, but it's starting to follow the market
01[12:20] }Threei}  Canada is very very left country comparing to US
[12:20] }dino} tol hl l .45
[12:20] }nemo} we're all going european
01[12:20] }Threei}  you know what percent said they'd vote for Obama if they wrere eligible?
01[12:21] }Threei}  in Canada I mean
[12:21] }nemo} 80
01[12:21] }Threei}  mind-boggling 78%
[12:21] }thomcbell} ok gotcha
[12:22] }Will49} thank goodness the conservatives here are smart enough to stay in power
01[12:22] }Threei}  when you listen to our far left, your raving lunatics look like innocent rose bushes
[12:22] }Will49} true dat
01[12:23] }Threei}  and there no real conservatives in yo7ur sense of the word at all
[12:23] }nemo} they won't
01[12:24] }Threei}  who won't what?
[12:25] }Will49} conservative is a relative term here
[12:25] }nemo} we're all going left
[12:25] }Will49} Harper knows how to stay in between the other parties
01[12:25] }Threei}  for now, yes...
[12:25] }Will49} if that means a shift to the left, he'll do it
01[12:26] }Threei}  I really hope he grooms a worthy successor
[12:26] }Will49} also. cdns like to see an offset at the fed level against the provincial wingnut governments
[12:27] }Will49} yea Vad, not any good looking candidates at the moment
01[12:27] }Threei}  ask ese, and harper is a wingnut :)
[12:27] }patel} how does AVGO look short
[12:27] }thomcbell} fcx dont feel it is a long - this short covering rally has been convincinlgly sold into
01[12:28] }Threei}  .25 break, AVGO
01[12:28] }Threei}  don't count on much but it's a valid lay
[12:28] }Will49} knew a girl like that once
01[12:29] }Threei}  FCX, I'd be looking for short, tbell, I agree
01[12:29] }Threei}  forget AVGO
01[12:29] }Threei}  FCX, 70 break
[12:30] }nemo} look where the morning breakout level is
[12:39] }thomcbell} short setup slw 35.58 break if holding 35.68
[12:43] }thomcbell} slw invalidated 
[12:46] }dino} dds spike
[13:00] }dino} jwn to .53
[13:00] }patel} akam long
[13:00] }dino} tol o .69
[13:02] }dino} out tol .73, +.28
[13:09] }dino} out jwn .53, +.33
01[13:09] }Threei}  nice
[13:10] }Beau} hell of a day dino
[13:11] }dino} average, had 2 stops
[13:11] }dino} but ty
[13:12] }dino} alog lod
[13:12] }dino} swhc lod
[13:26] }scottie} ENB l .10 ?
01[13:27] }Threei}  toughie...
[13:27] }scottie} tks
01[13:27] }Threei}  not sure
[13:27] }scottie} will pass
01[13:29] }Threei}  yuck
01[13:29] }Threei}  good idea to pass
01[13:29] }Threei}  too much air underneath
[13:29] }scottie} yep tks for your help
[13:30] }dino} zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[13:32] }dino} swhc going for gap
[13:36] }dino} hmmm, that was a poor gap fill attempt
[13:37] }patel} this is boring.....
[13:38] }dino} extremely. feels like a summer friday
[13:41] }nemo} we've been grindgin higher on a trendline in the spy since Wednesday
[13:48] }_syncc} Hey everyone, just checking in!
01[13:49] }Threei}  hi syncc
[13:49] }_syncc} How were your trades this morning?
01[13:49] }Threei}  back and forth
[13:49] }_syncc} I caught a few nice ones
[13:49] }dino} good, but markets are now dead
[13:49] }_syncc} Yesterday was better I assume.
01[13:49] }Threei}  narrowed down and slowed down greatly
01[13:50] }Threei}  unless some serious range break comes (to the downside preferrably), it's dead
[13:50] }_syncc} So Vadym, on days like this, what do you end up doing? Just on standby?
[13:50] }thomcbell} lvs looks like a 43.66 long break if holding 43.56
01[13:50] }Threei}  waiting, watching, taking those that look safe and promising
01[13:51] }Threei}  keeping my expectations low
01[13:51] }Threei}  taking scalps, trailing stops tighter
01[13:51] }Threei}  in short, making sure there is no damage
[13:51] }_syncc} Quite conservative, your emotions are definitely solid in being a trader
[13:51] }_syncc} I need to develop
[13:53] }patel} FSLR volume
01[13:53] }Threei}  to remind, I do it for frikin 16 years :)
[13:54] }_syncc} btw, I read the instructions for this trading room. I finally understand what all those ratios mean.
[13:54] }_syncc} Hmm good point. Well I will be at that point soon enough :)
[13:55] }_syncc} I probably cannot scalp.. my commission costs are too high
[13:55] }_syncc} 9.95 a trade
[14:00] }nemo} this can't last, my charts on spy and tna are broken into .02 increments
[14:00] }nemo} Haven't seen that in a while
[14:12] }_syncc} rimm is stuck between .98 and .99 for the past 20 minutes
[14:12] }_syncc} wow is this ever slow
[14:13] }nemo} why you looking at that?
[14:13] }thomcbell} lvs 1:1
[14:13] }_syncc} Im waiting for it to break 12.00
[14:14] }_syncc} if it holds .95
[14:17] }patel} UAL looks goods
[14:18] }patel} airlines are strong 
[14:18] }patel} daily is good on UAL
[14:26] }thomcbell} fb - lol
[14:28] }thomcbell} lvs 1:2
[14:29] }thomcbell} took the trade lvs 
01[14:30] }Threei}  nice one
01[14:31] }Threei} Short Setup: FCX  .95 break
01[14:31] }Threei}  If holds  32 
[14:34] }_syncc} rimm 1:1
[14:45] }thomcbell} fcx was still valid right Vad?
01[14:45] }Threei}  yes
[14:47] }thomcbell} 1:2 target and play by the book?
01[14:47] }Threei}  totally
01[14:51] }Threei}  covered any yet?
[14:52] }scottie} yes half at .85
01[14:52] }Threei}  :)
01[14:52] }Threei}  stop is .96... routine
01[14:52] }Threei}  yawn
01[14:52] }Threei}  see syncc... it's just plain boring money making routine
01[14:53] }Threei}  another day in the office
[14:56] }_syncc} since when did money become boring?
01[14:56] }Threei}  :)
01[14:57] }Threei}
[14:57] }_syncc} and I was looking at some practice exams for my exam tomorrow, and missed out on selling rim at 12.05. Now back at 12.00.. great.
[14:58] }_syncc} you posted that on cara once, I recall reading it, and well, laughing:)
[14:58] }dino} gj fcx vad
[14:58] }_syncc} "You are alert"--cracks me up on days like this
01[14:58] }Threei}  ty dino
01[14:59] }Threei}  what are you doing trying to make 5 cents on RIMM...
01[14:59] }Threei}  we have almsot 20 on FCX already, with 6 -7 cents risk
[15:00] }_syncc} " sensitive" nemo, back me up.
[15:01] }_syncc} Vad, how did you even see that big of a fall on FCX?
[15:02] }scottie} out .77 +.17 tks Vad
01[15:02] }Threei}  scottie :)
01[15:02] }Threei}  syncc... I did not see anything
01[15:03] }Threei}  trading is not about seeing the future
01[15:03] }Threei}  there was a val;id setup which in terms of my trading system signalled entry
01[15:03] }Threei}  you don't predict anything, you take signals that trigger your setups
[15:04] }_syncc} still an impressive move :)
01[15:05] }Threei}  that's because setups are structured well
01[15:05] }Threei}  and lead to good plays
[15:12] }_syncc} okay out .05, +.42% for rimm
[15:14] }patel} how does
[15:14] }patel} SWHC long above 9.99 look
[15:14] }dino} amrn hl l .77
[15:16] }thomcbell} i would do 10.01
[15:17] }thomcbell} but curious to see what Vad thinks 
[15:19] }patel} didnt talk it tbell
[15:19] }patel} it could give a nice eod run
[15:19] }patel} *take
01[15:19] }Threei}  hard to tell really
[15:20] }dino} amrn stop -.04
[15:24] }nemo} this is trend on spy
[15:26] }nemo} yep indexes look long
[15:26] }dino} nxy drop
[15:28] }patel} geez been watching NXY since 24.30
[15:28] }patel} 1 dollar drop in less than a minute
[15:28] }patel} make that almost 2 dollars
[15:28] }dino} news?
[15:29] }patel} yeah
[15:29] }patel} government of canada
[15:29] }thomcbell} what is it?
[15:29] }patel} is suppose to make an annoucement after close
[15:29] }thomcbell} deal off
[15:29] }thomcbell} that was a question 
[15:29] }nemo} and here go the indexes
[15:30] }nemo} gap up monday
01[15:30] }Threei}  Nexen Inc. (USA) (CA) Industry Canada to make announcement at 17:00ET; no topic disclosed - press***NOTE: may be speculation that this will be a determination on the proposed NXY/CEO deal **Reminder: On 4th Nov: Canada govt extended the deadline for review of CNOOC $15.1B bid for Nexen to Dec 10th. On Sept 20th, shareholders approved $15.1B CNOOC acquisition valued at $27.50/shr. } - Follow up: Canada PM Harper will also make a statement after 17:15ET today
[15:31] }patel} wWhat the heck
[15:32] }patel} look at the bounce
01[15:32] }Threei}  halted in Toronto
[15:33] }dino} i don't know what to do w/it
[15:34] }nemo} bounced basically at the 200 day
[15:36] }thomcbell} long setup tivo 12.18 break if holding 12.13
[15:42] }thomcbell} look at bollinger bands on that 1 min on tivo Vad 
[15:43] }Will49} out FCX 1:2 tks Vad
[15:43] }dino} gj
[15:43] }Will49} almost an hour playing that
01[15:43] }Threei}  :)
[15:44] }Will49} tks dino
[15:44] }dino} well paid
01[15:44] }Threei}  slow money buys just as much in the store
[15:44] }dino} and played
[15:44] }Will49} yes
[15:45] }scottie} you're more patient than I am Will
[15:46] }Will49} just about burst a bladder too
[15:46] }scottie} lol
[15:47] }thomcbell} doing tivo by the book here 
[15:50] }Beau} dino do you change stops in late market open "AMRN stp .04"?  Or was it going nowhere and you scratched it?
[15:51] }dino} going nowhere so scratched it. but generally later in the day i get stingy (tighter) with stops
[15:52] }nemo} finnies and spy holding uptrend for the week, expect to se it over 143 on Monday
[15:52] }Beau} thx
[15:52] }dino} a.m. more movement, so a bit wider. for last 9 months or so, afternoons suck. strange for me because i used to make most of my $ in afternoons.
[15:53] }dino} but in general, the volume is way down from years ago. not as many traders
01[15:54] }Threei}  thank you all, have a great weekend
01[15:54] }Threei}  see you on Monday
[15:54] }thomcbell} tivo stopped - 0.05
[15:54] }Will49} great weekend everyone
[15:54] }dino} thx all for ideas. take care
[15:55] }Beau} appreciate your explaination dino  Have good weekend
[15:55] }dino} no beau, anytime
[15:55] }scottie} have a good weekend, see you monday