Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Feb 13 2013

After brief interruption, we are back to our usual programming with nicely profitable day. FB long, LVS short, a few more... while stops were very tight and couldn't spoil the day at all.

Session Time: Wed Feb 13 00:00:00 2013
[08:42] {thomcbell} gm
01[08:42] {Threei}  tbell :)
[08:51] {patel} GM
01[08:52] {Threei}  patel :)
[08:56] {patel} Where is everyone?
01[08:57] {Threei}  sound asleep?
[08:57] {patel} I had to get up and get to work.
01[08:57] {Threei}  most come in on last 15 - 20 min
[08:58] {patel} Let's see how the presidential stocks moved this morning.
01[08:59] {Threei}  like what?
[08:59] {patel} MAN, RHI, MHH - job related stocks
[09:00] {patel} LMT, NOC, RTN, GD - defense related
[09:00] {patel} no activity in none of those stocks.
01[09:00] {Threei}  nope
01[09:00] {Threei}  nothing material happened, another propaganda speech
[09:01] {patel} agreed
01[09:02] {Threei}  poor CLF
[09:04] {patel} CLF has strong support at 31.12 and 28.01
[09:05] {dino} gm
01[09:06] {Threei}  dino :)
[09:07] {patel} RAX
[09:13] {ese} mornin
01[09:13] {Threei}  ese :)
01[09:13] {Threei}
01[09:13] {Threei}  you'll like this one ese
[09:14] {jdetente} Good morning!
01[09:14] {Threei}  jd :)
[09:17] {Will49} good morning
01[09:17] {Threei}  will :)
[09:18] {scottie} good morning
01[09:18] {Threei}  scottie :)
01[09:18] {Threei}  dino, cipher... CLF for ya
[09:19] {ese} well well well.........i fall under all of those categorys as to why I would never use it........have never been on it .....never will
[09:19] {nemo} what did I mis
[09:19] {nemo} miss?
[09:20] {ese} what that means at this point is that the NSA(ultra secret spy people) don't have my personel information
[09:20] {cipher} gm
01[09:20] {Threei}  cipher :)
01[09:21] {Threei}  why would we tell you that nemo... we hurried to discuss it all while you were away
[09:23] {nemo} you're kidding, right ese?
[09:23] {ese} about facebook......have hated the thing ever since it came out
01[09:23] {Threei}  many did, and do...
01[09:24] {Threei}  but if you think yiou have privacy since you haven't been there... try to google yourself :)
[09:24] {ese} even more so when i read that NY times (I think...don't quote me) about him giving up peoples personel info to the nsa
01[09:25] {Threei}  and I strongly disagree with you about hating facebook... I hate all social networks indiscriminately
[09:25] {ese} lol
01[09:25] {Threei}  I don't know why you'd make an exception for them :)
[09:25] {dptl} gm
01[09:25] {Threei}  dp :)
[09:25] {ese} ddddddddddddpppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!
[09:26] {dptl} :)
[09:27] {ese} and.............I only disclose all my personel....deep dark secrets here on this board..........
01[09:32] {Threei}  nice bounce CLF
[09:32] {nemo} DE wtf
01[09:33] {Threei}  Hearing chatter G7 may be considering potential restrictions on US treasury purchases by Japan
01[09:33] {Threei}  wow
01[09:33] {Threei} Short Setup: FB  .65 break
[09:33] {nemo} currency wars
01[09:34] {Threei}  If holds  .75
01[09:34] {Threei}  yeah but G7 telling a country what it can and can't buy?
[09:35] {ese} that is a wow
01[09:35] {Threei}  1:1
[09:35] {scottie} +.10 tks Vad
[09:35] {ese} they've been on facebook too long
01[09:35] {Threei}  :)
[09:38] {cc_8} Ahead of Groupon’s fourth-quarter report later this month, Sterne Agee upgrades the online discount purveyor to buy and sets a $9 price target.
[09:38] {cc_8} Among the companies with shares expected to actively trade in Wednesday’s session are Comcast Corp. (CMCSK, CMCSA), Bankrate Inc. (RATE) and Trulia Inc. (TRLA).
01[09:38] {Threei}  CLF...
01[09:39] {Threei}  looks like another sharp dive is coming but should hold .50
01[09:39] {Threei}  where it should be a long
01[09:39] {Threei}  not for faint heart
01[09:39] {Threei}  dino/cipher stock
[09:40] {nemo} Up Up and Away goes the market
01[09:43] {Threei}  here comes the dive
[09:43] {ese} clf is going to be a buy at some point........
01[09:44] {Threei}  [09:39] {Threei} looks like another sharp dive is coming but should hold .50
01[09:44] {Threei}  [09:39] {Threei} where it should be a long
01[09:44] {Threei} Long Setup:  CLF  .60 break sm
01[09:44] {Threei}  If holds  .45
01[09:44] {Threei}  for fast traders only
01[09:45] {Threei}  takes too long
01[09:45] {Threei}  this kind should bounce faster
01[09:46] {Threei}  no go
[09:46] {ese} stupid beats revs and earnings and raises out look and is dn 6 bills
[09:46] {dino} htsi sm s .06
[09:47] {dino} secondary ese
01[09:47] {Threei}  noticed secondaries ese?
[09:47] {ese} opps...what'd i miss
01[09:47] {Threei}  mixed securities of indeterminate amount
[09:48] {dino} also huge write off and decreaesed div
[09:48] {dino} nice spellig
[09:48] {dino} lol
[09:48] {ese} hmmmmmmmm
01[09:48] {Threei}  more like suddden seizure, lol
[09:49] {cc_8} Overnight action: Australian stocks hit 34-month high; CFTC delays swaps vote; Comcast’s night of big spending; Nikkei’s rise fueling Japanese IPOs; Wheat prices hit seven-month low.
01[09:49] {Threei} Long Setup:  GE  .25 break
01[09:49] {Threei}  If holds  .20
01[09:50] {Threei}  aggressive for .30
[09:50] {dino} htsi stop -.21
01[09:51] {Threei}  Invalidated
[09:52] {dino} rkus sm l .75 pulp
[09:53] {dptl} dish long?
01[09:54] {Threei} Short Setup: CAT  .10 break hl
01[09:54] {Threei}  If holds  .20
[09:54] {ese} L akam .53
01[09:54] {Threei}  DISH, yes
01[09:55] {Threei}  good chart in all time frames
01[09:57] {Threei}  keep stop under .90, and don't scalp it
01[09:58] {Threei}  it can do 1:4 withy any SPY help
01[10:00] {Threei}  no go CAT
[10:00] {dptl} stopped cat
01[10:00] {Threei}  1:1 DISH
[10:02] {patel} Whipsaw
01[10:03] {Threei} Long Setup:  FB  .80 break
01[10:03] {Threei}  If holds  .70
01[10:04] {Threei}  target 1:2
[10:04] {dino} rkus stop -.35
[10:07] {dino} clf sm l .00 stop lod
[10:10] {dptl} stil .70 stop fb?
01[10:10] {Threei}  .74
[10:12] {dino} wtf rkus, stops me and runs .80
[10:13] {ese} just lookin at that double bottom ...rkus
01[10:14] {Threei}  1:1
[10:14] {dptl} out half ty
[10:14] {scottie} half out tks Vad
01[10:15] {Threei}  let's see if it gathers enough audacity for the second leg
01[10:15] {Threei}  DISH lost the plot
01[10:15] {Threei}  too bad, had great potential
01[10:15] {Threei}  but as jd says... we have more money after this trade than we did before
01[10:17] {Threei}  oh well
[10:17] {scottie} out fb
01[10:17] {Threei}  again... as jd says :)
[10:18] {dptl} out
01[10:18] {Threei}  poor BBRY
01[10:18] {Threei}  this is not a daily chart of an instant winner
[10:19] {ese} am watchin it............up and dn like a rockeet for sure
[10:19] {ese} lots of indecision there
[10:20] {ese} analyst price targets of 22
[10:21] {dino} ezch drop
[10:21] {dino} clf stop
[10:21] {scottie} MRO l 35 ?
[10:21] {ese} ezch a sketch?
[10:22] {dino} ezch sm l .70 pulp
01[10:22] {Threei}  I doubt it, MRO... doesn't look energetic enough
[10:23] {scottie} ok
[10:24] {ese} do it know you want to provide me with retirement income.......
[10:24] {dptl} aig?
[10:24] {ese} good boy
[10:24] {ese} you as well dp.........good boy
[10:24] {dino} ezch stop.
[10:25] {dino} i suck today, taking break
01[10:25] {Threei}  AIG worth a shot but most likely scalp only, maybe even less than 10 cents
[10:25] {ese} i've had days like that dino............plenty of days like that
01[10:26] {Threei}  I don't know what you are talking guys, I never ever ever had days like that
01[10:26] {Threei}  ever
01[10:26] {Threei}  at all
[10:26] {ese} ?
[10:26] {scottie} JCI l 32 ?
[10:26] {dino} bitch of it is 2 of 4 stops were rinses
[10:26] {ese} ohhhhhhhhh................your just kidding
01[10:27] {Threei}  after little pullback or some more connsolidation, JCI
[10:28] {scottie} tks
[10:29] {jdetente} CLF just continuing to get shellacked
[10:29] {ese} is it ever
[10:29] {jdetente} tempted to take a long very small shares
[10:30] {ese} wait on it jd...........imo........showing no strenght whatsoever right now
[10:30] {jdetente} tempted...not taking it
[10:32] {dptl} wlp .20 long?
[10:32] {patel} any read on RAX
01[10:33] {Threei}  can't tell WLP
[10:33] {patel} If it gets down to 60 it should bounce
01[10:33] {Threei}  60?
01[10:33] {Threei}  2 bucks from here
[10:33] {patel} yeah
[10:33] {patel} 200 MA is right around 60
01[10:33] {Threei}  you need a fortune teller for that, not a chart reader :)
[10:34] {patel} lol
01[10:34] {Threei}  there are a lot of other factors aside of 200 MA
[10:34] {ese} wlp
[10:35] {ese} guys are already there
[10:35] {dptl} no
[10:36] {ese} mrkt loosing steam
[10:37] {thomcbell} short setup aig 38.90 break if holding 39
01[10:38] {Threei} Long Setup:  CAT  .90 break
01[10:38] {Threei}  hl
01[10:39] {Threei}  If holds  .70
01[10:39] {Threei}  .80 that is
[10:39] {scottie} .70 ?
[10:39] {scottie} ok
[10:39] {ese} check out the slide KO has just put on
[10:40] {dptl} DG .65 short?
01[10:40] {Threei}  hl
[10:41] {dino} ezch sm l .85 wide
[10:45] {dino} ssys drop
01[10:46] {Threei}  DG 1:1
[10:46] {dptl} out .52
[10:46] {scottie} gj dp
[10:46] {dptl} ty
01[10:47] {Threei}  (US) White House issues memorandum to Congress requesting establishment of a $2B trust to promote cleaner sources of energy
01[10:47] {Threei}  seriously?
[10:47] {dino} htsi sm s .50
01[10:47] {Threei}  more Solyndras, A-1s and Teslas?
[10:48] {scottie} GE s .30 if holds .35 ?
01[10:48] {Threei}  Euro vs US Dollar Weakens to session lows- Dealers are noting vague chatter of an unconfirmed ECB dovish think tank report as well as speculation Feb US nonfarm payrolls could reach 300K
01[10:48] {Threei}  I think so, GE, but don't count on much
[10:49] {scottie} tks
01[10:49] {Threei}  notice how this bastard invalidated our .25 long, then worked like charm
[10:49] {ese} they need that cleaner sourses fund vad..............just think of the polution I create the mirriad times times i come over to your house
[10:50] {thomcbell} ezch kind of interesting me here
01[10:51] {Threei}  they need to stop throwing taxpayers money to their cronies, ese
01[10:51] {Threei}  technology will be deveoped if it's viable
[10:52] {ese} yup
[10:52] {thomcbell} ezch - no more
[10:53] {scottie} AZN s 46 ?
01[10:53] {Threei}  not sure
01[10:53] {Threei}  rather no
[10:53] {scottie} ok
[10:53] {ese} ya gotta like the way akam does not following the mrkt here
[10:55] {cipher} dltr l .80
[10:55] {cipher} out .90
[10:55] {cipher} sfly l .97
[10:57] {thomcbell} aig invalidated
[10:57] {dptl} NEM short?
[10:58] {cipher} out sfly +.01
01[10:59] {Threei}  NEM, yes, just a scalp
[10:59] {dptl} .04? aggresive?
01[11:01] {Threei}  don't know, that's a personal preference
[11:05] {cipher} ezch l .23
[11:07] {cipher} out .15 -.08
[11:08] {cipher} ezch l .15
01[11:09] {Threei} Long Setup:  MSI  .40 break hl
01[11:09] {Threei}  If holds  .30
[11:10] {cipher} out ezch .21 +.06
[11:12] {cipher} ezch s.00
[11:13] {cipher} cov .73
[11:15] {dino} htsi stop
[11:15] {ese} akam hod
01[11:17] {Threei}  anyone played AIG?
01[11:17] {Threei}  did better than I expected it to
[11:18] {Will49} not here
[11:18] {dptl} AFL 49 short?
01[11:19] {Threei}  what the deuce
[11:19] {cipher} nile l .94
01[11:19] {Threei}  AFL, yes
01[11:20] {Threei}  (IE) International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) declares Anglo Irish bankruptcy a credit event
[11:23] {dptl} in afl .99
[11:23] {dptl} stop .11
[11:25] {ese} big mrkt slide
[11:25] {ese} it's affecting my retirement income
01[11:25] {Threei}  whole continents are crying for you
01[11:25] {Threei}  Africa is, I am sure
[11:26] {ese} speaking about ....all about ya doin after that snow storm
01[11:26] {Threei}  he made a shelf in all that snow and put beer in it
[11:26] {ese} lol
[11:26] {nemo} nice one ese...I appreciate that, smooth, relatively subtle, clean
[11:27] {patel} lol
[11:27] {nemo} I don't really drink beer
[11:27] {ese} tks
[11:27] {nemo} not enough bang for the buck
[11:27] {ese} i've learned from the master
01[11:27] {Threei}  but thoroughly diluted with vodka, it multiplies effect
[11:27] {ese} yuk
[11:27] {nemo} I'm drying out for New Year's on Friday
[11:28] {ese} starting? or for?   friday
[11:28] {nemo} for
01[11:28] {Threei}  you are like a first year student in soviet university... saying "beer without vodka is money wasted"
01[11:29] {Threei}  to which second year one answers:
[11:29] {ese} phew!....good
[11:29] {ese} ?
01[11:29] {Threei}  so is watermelon, but try to inject it with vodka, and it doubles the effect!
01[11:30] {Threei}  AFL is almost at 1:1
01[11:30] {Threei}  I'd trail a stop to .05 here dp
[11:30] {dptl} should i move stop to .05?
[11:30] {dptl} :)
01[11:31] {Threei}  heh... tell me I am not reading your mind
[11:31] {dptl} or i am yours
01[11:31] {Threei}  or that
01[11:31] {Threei}  but the scariest thing is when I read nemo's...
01[11:32] {Threei}  now, that's going to give one nightmares
[11:32] {ese} lol
01[11:32] {Threei} Long Setup:  FB  .63
01[11:33] {Threei}  If holds  .55
01[11:33] {Threei}  a bit too fast break...
[11:34] {Will49} I'll say
01[11:34] {Threei}  see if pulls back for entry
[11:34] {dptl} stopped afl
[11:35] {dptl} 2 c to 1:1 couldnt do it
[11:38] {dptl} here it is fb
01[11:39] {Threei}  .54 stop
01[11:39] {Threei}  SPY should double-bottom here
01[11:40] {Threei}  unless there is something more than meets the eye to this sudden drop a few min ago
[11:40] {thomcbell} can u believe this ezch was green today
01[11:41] {Threei}  which is quite possible, I find it hard to believe that Irish news was the sole reason for such dump
[11:41] {dptl} in .61 fb
01[11:41] {Threei}  that's some bar on daily tbell, lol
[11:42] {thomcbell} bananas
[11:44] {cipher} out nile .39 +.45
01[11:45] {Threei}  FB put in nice bottoming formation but real test will be its ability (or lack of such) to break .70
01[11:45] {Threei}  nice one cipher
[11:45] {cipher} ty
[11:47] {cc_8} An exclusive from reports that Hillary Clinton will seek the Democratic nomination in the 2016 presidential election and they have the sources to prove it. .
[11:47] {ese} rotflol............the greek reporter
[11:48] {ese} thats hilarious
[11:48] {Will49} Hillaryareous
[11:48] {ese} everyone and their dog know she was going to run
[11:48] {ese} good one will
[11:48] {Will49} :)
01[11:49] {Threei}  they can nominate whoever they want - republicans will find a guy appealing to voters like raw 3-days dead fish to French gourmet restaurant patron, to make sure they lose the election
[11:49] {dptl} DVN .30 short?
01[11:49] {Threei}  no read DVN
[11:50] {Will49} sounds like you're bitter Vad
01[11:50] {Threei}  nope, realistuc
[11:50] {ese} double B bbry
01[11:52] {Threei}  with this economy and unemployment and many other blunders by WH, it was a difficult taskk to find the way to lose this election - and republicans did find it
01[11:52] {Threei}  so I believe in them
[11:53] {Will49} lol
01[11:53] {Threei}  it's not like they'll lose all their skills in 3 years, right?
[11:53] {ese} nice..........thats my kinda reasoning
01[11:54] {Threei}  they will carefully look at all their cadndiates and pick one with the least chance of winning
01[11:55] {Threei}  they they'll make sure he runs lukewarm campaign
01[11:55] {Threei}  while other candidates undermine him with idiotic tirades about various social issues
01[11:55] {Threei}  see? skills!
01[11:56] {Threei}  move your butt FB
[11:56] {dptl} twx .35 short?
01[11:57] {Threei}  yeah
01[11:57] {Threei}  let's try it again:
01[11:57] {Threei}  move your butt FB
01[11:58] {Threei}  let's offer half just under .70 anf try to make a play for break and run
01[11:58] {Threei}  which is not much different from break and enter
01[11:59] {Threei}  this is pretty much how nemo and I played the bar on the boat in Bahamas... one was breaking, the other entering
[11:59] {nemo} hehehehe
01[12:00] {Threei}  by the time I realized how much vodka he poured in me and remembered that I was so speak tomorrow, frpm 9 am for the whole day, it was too late to stop
[12:00] {nemo} yeah...all my fault
01[12:02] {Threei}  who climbed the table and stepped over dishes and dining ladies and gentlemen to reach the bar faster?
[12:02] {nemo} well, I'm a bit more sprightly than you
01[12:03] {Threei}  oh, and who returned with two glasses of vodka for me instead of one, saying "just to save another trip..."?
01[12:03] {Threei}  and then made another trip anyway?
[12:03] {nemo} efficiency of entry and exit
01[12:04] {Threei}  sheesh FB... while we are young please?
[12:08] {dptl} wlp .20 long?
01[12:09] {Threei}  hl
[12:09] {dino} hsp drop
01[12:09] {Threei}  should be 1:2
01[12:16] {Threei}  1:1
01[12:20] {Threei}  drive to 1:2 starts
01[12:24] {Threei}  (EU) EU's Rehn: ongoing economic weakness in Europe is related to the continuing deleveraging process; must continue fiscal consolidation- Countries may be awarded longer periods to fix deficit problems assuming growth unexpectedly declines - Will only be provided time if they can address structural issues
01[12:24] {Threei}  and if not?
01[12:24] {Threei}  heh
01[12:25] {Threei}  ohm this is a beauty... want some good laugh?
01[12:25] {Threei}  (US) Treasury Sec Nominee Lew: China's Yuan remains undervalued; would maintain a strong USD policy if confirmed- Believes US has pushed back hard on China currency issue
01[12:25] {Threei}  maintain a strong USD policy???
01[12:26] {Threei}  second half stopped on a trail, WLP
[12:26] {patel} stop on FB
01[12:26] {Threei}  still .54
01[12:30] {Threei} Long Setup:  AIG  39 break
01[12:30] {Threei}  If holds  .95
[12:35] {jdetente} kicking FB into gear
01[12:36] {Threei}  half out
01[12:36] {Threei}  1/4 more out
[12:36] {dptl} out fb ty
[12:36] {patel} damn
[12:36] {patel} that was freaking fast
[12:36] {patel} sheesh
[12:36] {thomcbell} what is that move
01[12:36] {Threei}  you complaining?
[12:36] {patel} no
01[12:37] {Threei}  feels like news-caused but I see no news
01[12:37] {Threei}  1:3, out
[12:37] {patel} geez
01[12:37] {Threei}  ah, the joy of being positioned in advance for such move
01[12:39] {Threei}  interesting, still no news
[12:39] {patel} its going to rip through 28
[12:40] {thomcbell} they were jst on tv apparently
01[12:40] {Threei}  ah, OK
01[12:40] {Threei}  CNBC?
[12:40] {thomcbell} i think so
01[12:40] {Threei}  or Bloomberg?
[12:40] {thomcbell} ezch looks like a 24.96 short break here
01[12:40] {Threei}  I haven't had either on
[12:40] {thomcbell} big head and shoulders type problem
[12:40] {thomcbell} not playing
[12:41] {patel} time to put AIG on the tv.
01[12:41] {Threei}  lol
[12:44] {dptl} ntap .15 long?
01[12:46] {Threei}  mmm
[12:46] {dptl} got .17 half lot
[12:50] {dino} .
01[12:50] {Threei}  ese... with all our distaste for FB as company, you can't deby that its stock made our day today, can you? :)
01[12:50] {Threei}  deny
[12:50] {jdetente} excellent trading
[12:50] {jdetente} tty
01[12:50] {Threei}  NTAP works
01[12:50] {Threei}  yw sir
01[12:54] {Threei}  wow
01[12:54] {Threei}  that's a whole lot more than looked possible
[12:54] {jdetente} let's kick AIG into gear now...
[12:55] {jdetente} or not
01[12:55] {Threei}  meh
[12:55] {dptl} stopped aig
[12:57] {dino} ezch sm l .51
01[13:00] {Threei}  CLF... time to start watching ikt for some squeeze I think
[13:01] {dino} 30 trigger was thinking
01[13:01] {Threei}  yes but aggressive might be a good idea
01[13:01] {Threei} Long Setup:  CLF  .85 break hl
01[13:02] {Threei}  If holds  .75
01[13:02] {Threei}  not for faint hearts
01[13:02] {Threei}  target 30.45 or so
01[13:05] {Threei}  btw, that FB news that made a play for us:
01[13:05] {Threei}  Omega's Cooperman Discloses new ownership of 3.1M shares of Facebook
01[13:06] {Threei}  I think it's very silly of you, mr cooperman, but I sincerely thank you
[13:08] {dptl} out ntap .49
[13:08] {patel} nice job
[13:08] {Will49} excellent dp
[13:09] {dptl} thanx
[13:16] {dino} gj
01[13:22] {Threei}  not ready yet
[13:22] {dptl} stoped clf
[13:25] {dptl} qcom ..50 l?
01[13:26] {Threei}  I hate QCOM
01[13:26] {Threei}  talk to tbell
01[13:26] {Threei}  he loves it
[13:26] {dptl} lol
[13:27] {thomcbell} i stopped trading it
[13:27] {thomcbell} i was converted
[13:27] {dptl} ok i'll remove it from my list :)
[13:27] {patel} lol
01[13:28] {Threei}  why... maybe your personalities match...
01[13:28] {Threei}  meet it... talk to it...
[13:28] {Will49} I hate AIG
[13:28] {dptl} no
01[13:28] {Threei}  look in its eyes
01[13:28] {Threei}  hold its hand
[13:28] {thomcbell} aig i like - im not surprised that it cant get going today - that was a nasty day yesterday
[13:28] {ese} you all the stop loss in for AKAM at .00 and we'll see what happens to my retirement fund by the end of the day
[13:29] {Will49} cheers ese
01[13:29] {Threei}  take care ese
[13:29] {ese} cya will vad et al
[13:29] {dptl} ye i hate wfc sounds like wtf to mee
[13:30] {Will49} lol
01[13:30] {Threei}  everyone is so touchy-feely
01[13:30] {Threei} Short Setup: LVS  .90 break
01[13:30] {Threei}  If holds  .54
[13:33] {dptl} hes .10 long?
[13:34] {dino} out ezch .63, +1.13
[13:34] {thomcbell} you dog
[13:34] {thomcbell} i got run over in it today - 2x
01[13:34] {Threei}  wtg
[13:34] {dino} still neg overall on it
[13:35] {patel} MSI
[13:35] {thomcbell} recidivism
01[13:35] {Threei}  HES, na'h
[13:35] {patel} MSI
[13:35] {patel} opps
[13:35] {patel} sorry
[13:36] {patel} meant to put it in my platform
01[13:36] {Threei}  too late
01[13:36] {Threei}  now e know what you are thinking
[13:41] {dptl} duk
[13:41] {dptl} .60 shhort?
[13:42] {Will49} thought you were cursing dp
01[13:42] {Threei}  lol
[13:42] {dptl} lol
01[13:42] {Threei}  and yes
[13:45] {dptl} what about jpm sh?
01[13:45] {Threei}  no read... too narrow
[13:45] {dptl} ok
01[13:46] {Threei}  look at all the stocks mentioned over last, I don't know... 30 min, 1 hour
01[13:46] {Threei}  none of them moved anywhere
01[13:46] {Threei}  QCOM 2 cents
[13:46] {dptl} ye.....i'll step out for for a bit :)
01[13:47] {Threei}  HES, same place
[13:48] {dino} ezch sm l .00
01[13:50] {Threei} Long Setup:  WDR  42 break hl
01[13:50] {Threei}  If holds  .90
[13:57] {dino} ezch stop -.23
[14:03] {dino} rinsed
[14:08] {thomcbell} cmcsa all day long downtrend
01[14:13] {Threei}  took just 40 minutes for QCOM to move nowhere. That's fast
[14:15] {dptl} fslr .40 short looks good to
01[14:15] {Threei}  BBRY... it's better make double bottom around 14 and bounce, or this will turn into disaster in the making
01[14:16] {Threei}  half lot is a valid try on FSLR
01[14:20] {Threei}  WDR is holding nicely during market drop
[14:21] {jdetente} CLF...jeez
01[14:21] {Threei}  damaged goods
01[14:27] {Threei}  1: 1 FSLR
[14:27] {dptl} no fill yet
01[14:27] {Threei}  this is so unpatriotic... just next day after president issued a large portion of hot ait about climate change and green companies
[14:30] {jdetente} WDR still on the table if it breaks 42?
01[14:30] {Threei}  yup
[14:33] {dptl} out some fslr
01[14:33] {Threei}  unpatriotic... I am telling you
01[14:41] {Threei}  dp, you need to do some redempltion of your sins - buy 10K shares of AONE
01[14:41] {Threei}  Invalidated  WDR
[14:45] {dptl} heh..its not trading
01[14:46] {Threei}  who said redemption is easy? find the company office, contact them, beg for shares...
[14:46] {dptl} :)
01[14:46] {Threei}  you enjoyed sinning
01[14:46] {Threei}  payback time
01[14:47] {Threei}  and payback as well know is a b*tch
01[14:48] {Threei} Short Setup: LVS  .75 break
01[14:49] {Threei}  If holds  .85
01[14:54] {Threei}  1:1
01[14:55] {Threei}  must give 1:2 or my name is not Georgio Costanzietto
[14:56] {Will49} haha
[14:56] {jdetente} this is not a flattering self portrait
[14:56] {jdetente}
01[14:57] {Threei}  not at all
[14:57] {dptl} lol
01[14:58] {Threei}  here is my answer to you jd:
01[14:58] {Threei}
[14:59] {jdetente} lol
01[15:02] {Threei}  1:2 baby
[15:02] {dptl} out ty
01[15:02] {Threei}  yw
[15:03] {dptl} i just took half lot
[15:03] {jdetente} Georgio Costanzietto it is
[15:03] {jdetente} ty
[15:04] {patel} nice thanks
01[15:04] {Threei}  yw
01[15:04] {Threei}  and yes
[15:04] {Will49} tks Vad nice trade
01[15:04] {Threei}  the name is secure
[15:05] {dptl} got to go....see ya tomorrow all
01[15:05] {Threei}  take care dp
[15:07] {Will49} see ya
[15:22] {dino} adding clf for swing
[15:22] {dino} adding ezch for swing
01[15:23] {Threei}  one thing is for sure dino... no one will ever call you a coward
[15:23] {dino} :)
[15:23] {dino} in at .25 both
[15:32] {nemo}
01[15:32] {Threei}  lol
01[15:34] {Threei} Short Setup: GDX  .25 break
01[15:35] {Threei}  btw, in case I forget... this is one to watch for short tomorrow as well
[15:47] {patel} stop on GDX
01[15:47] {Threei}  .31
[15:47] {patel} target 1:1
01[15:48] {Threei}  well, time is a factor
[15:48] {patel} yeah
01[15:48] {Threei}  so might have to close it earlier
01[15:54] {Threei}  die GDX
01[15:54] {Threei}  time's running out
01[15:57] {Threei}  3 min
[15:57] {patel} i got out at .19
01[15:57] {Threei}  2
01[15:58] {Threei}  OK, out too
01[15:58] {Threei}  saved by the bell, GDX
[15:58] {Will49} great day Vad..tks
[15:58] {patel} 1 cents away from 1:1
01[15:58] {Threei}  we are back on winning streak
01[15:58] {Threei}  after brief interruption
01[15:58] {Threei}  thank you all
[15:59] {jdetente} Good calls Vad. Back on track
01[15:59] {Threei}  have a goiod evening, see you tomorrow
[16:00] {dino} gn