Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Aug 07 2013

Decent day albeit more boring than last week and a half. Most trades were scalps, with notable exception of CAT reversal trade. Also, we are having server troubles so using reserve room for now - those who missed alert e-mail, check your junk box. In case server is not fixed overnight, use reserve room again; check your sign-up e-mail for the address or e-mail us  if you lost it.

(Aug 07-10:23) Threei: 1:1
(Aug 07-10:24) Threei:  
(Aug 07-10:27) dino: hbc stop .57 -.17
(Aug 07-10:27) Threei: Long FB 38 break
(Aug 07-10:28) Threei: If holds .90
(Aug 07-10:28) Threei: Just got a woerd from tech re: server. I quote: "No seriously.... WTF????"
(Aug 07-10:30) cc_9: Grabbing some Sso here 84.65 for a market reversal.
(Aug 07-10:30) Threei: valid still FB
(Aug 07-10:31) Threei: 1:1
(Aug 07-10:32) dino: sbgi hl l .30
(Aug 07-10:33) cc_9: Spy looking for 168.90 for Sso tgt
(Aug 07-10:34) Threei: everything is just a scalp
(Aug 07-10:34) RonS: guess ese lost in the woods...
(Aug 07-10:37) cc_9: Spy 168.60 fighting hard to hold
(Aug 07-10:39) Threei: he doesn't read his e-mails Ron
(Aug 07-10:40) Threei: in fact he doesn't always remember he has e-mail set up
(Aug 07-10:41) cc_9: cc_9: going long Sso @ Spy 168.60 range first support (comment from earlier).
(Aug 07-10:42) cc_9: So far its the first level to try and hold as intraday support, now need to get over 168.80. No increase in volume yet, just ranging for now
(Aug 07-10:42) Threei: CVV: Ticks higher on circulation from clean energy blog that highlights next generation "carbon nanotube" battery technology, which CVD and others are developing
(Aug 07-10:42) cc_9: Here we go.
(Aug 07-10:43) Threei: thid is one of those things that either flops completely or doubles in one day
(Aug 07-10:43) dino: out sbgi .55 +.25
(Aug 07-10:43) cc_9: Spy clearing 168.80, $0.10 off tgt
(Aug 07-10:44) cc_9: Sso position +$0.20 so far
(Aug 07-10:49) dino: eog vsm l .25
(Aug 07-10:50) cc_9: Big spike Spy vol + fat finger
(Aug 07-10:50) cc_9: by fat finger I mean misprint
(Aug 07-10:55) cc_9: Giddy up 168.90
(Aug 07-10:56) cc_9: good goy
(Aug 07-10:57) cc_9: i mean, good boy
(Aug 07-10:57) nemo: Freudian
(Aug 07-10:57) nemo: in a Jewish sorta' way
(Aug 07-10:57) RonS: My Jewish girlfriend used to say that...
(Aug 07-10:57) nemo: what?  she call you a goy boy?
(Aug 07-10:58) RonS: goy toy...
(Aug 07-10:58) nemo: that was my next thought
(Aug 07-10:58) nemo: Ron the "dredel
(Aug 07-10:58) Threei: rofl
(Aug 07-10:58) dino: lol
(Aug 07-10:58) RonS: if she wasn't so top heavy she would have been a spinner...
(Aug 07-10:59) nemo: ahhh, big head, huh?
(Aug 07-10:59) dino: bazinga
(Aug 07-11:00) Threei: frikin FB
(Aug 07-11:02) cc_9: Anyone else played that Spy bounce off 168.60 ? prob my only trade for the day
(Aug 07-11:05) thomcbell: Long Setup Ddd -  45.01 break if holding 44.90
(Aug 07-11:07) thomcbell: ddd invalidated
(Aug 07-11:10) cc_9: at last, Spy @ 168.90 target. All out Sso 85.00 + $0.35.
(Aug 07-11:11) dino: regn vsm l .86
(Aug 07-11:11) Threei: Short GDX .35 break if holds .40
(Aug 07-11:13) thomcbell: ddd still on watch here
(Aug 07-11:15) thomcbell: rats on the Fb
(Aug 07-11:16) dino: silc partial l .63
(Aug 07-11:18) Threei: rats it is
(Aug 07-11:19) pragmatic has left.
(Aug 07-11:20) RonS: wow, guess he really is...
(Aug 07-11:20) Threei: lol
(Aug 07-11:20) Threei: no go
(Aug 07-11:24) Threei: Short Setup C .85 break
(Aug 07-11:24) Threei: If holds .95
(Aug 07-11:24) Threei: Change to .90 break
(Aug 07-11:24) Threei: aggressive
(Aug 07-11:25) Threei: same stop
(Aug 07-11:29) Threei: someone really wants to defend .90
(Aug 07-11:31) Threei: wow, what a determination
(Aug 07-11:38) Threei: finally
(Aug 07-11:47) dino: volume light again?
(Aug 07-11:48) Threei: about 10% under 3-month's average
(Aug 07-11:49) Threei: ok C, lose that .85
(Aug 07-11:49) Threei: and die
(Aug 07-11:49) dino: nvgn spike
(Aug 07-11:50) dino: ete spike
(Aug 07-11:52) Threei: Defense attorneys want to be removed from duties to assist Fort Hood shooting suspect while he 'seeks' death penalty
(Aug 07-11:52) Threei: why... assist him by all means necessary
(Aug 07-11:53) Threei: up to shooting him on a spot
(Aug 07-11:55) Threei: 1:1 is close enough
(Aug 07-11:55) Threei: half out
(Aug 07-11:55) Threei: stop to .91
(Aug 07-11:57) dino: etp spike
(Aug 07-11:58) nemo: Rax looks good short to 44.50 area
(Aug 07-11:59) Threei: NVGN halt, circuit breaker
(Aug 07-12:03) dino: funny how they only pick select stocks to halt
(Aug 07-12:04) dino: rexx spike
(Aug 07-12:05) RonS: ...depends if the mm firm is getting burned or making out...imo
(Aug 07-12:05) dino: rexx hl s .76
(Aug 07-12:11) dino: sbgi .60 l trig
(Aug 07-12:11) dino: rexx cov flat
(Aug 07-12:19) Threei: Second quarter $GOOG Android shipments were more than quadruple $AAPL iOS
(Aug 07-12:19) Threei: BBRY is nowhere to be found
(Aug 07-12:20) nemo has left.
(Aug 07-12:20) dino: 2.5% bbry, aapl 13%, goog/droid 67%
(Aug 07-12:23) Threei: sic transit gloria mundi
(Aug 07-12:23) Threei: C too turned out to be a scalp
(Aug 07-12:27) RonS: onxx selling...
(Aug 07-12:32) RonS: amgn buying...something about a deal between two being posted...
(Aug 07-12:32) dino: amgn 130/sh rumor
(Aug 07-12:32) Threei: Onyx Pharmaceuticals Inc Said to be within a week of closing a deal with Amgen, terms still seen at $130/shr
(Aug 07-12:36) dino: vsm amgn .00
(Aug 07-12:38) nemo has joined.
(Aug 07-12:39) Threei: Short C .15 break
(Aug 07-12:39) Threei: If holds .20
(Aug 07-12:41) Threei: Invalidated
(Aug 07-12:42) dino: out amgn 107.30, +1.30
(Aug 07-12:42) dino: too soon
(Aug 07-12:45) Threei: Short C .20 break
(Aug 07-12:46) Threei: Of holds .25
(Aug 07-12:58) cc_9: Glorious Spy bounce from 168.60 support
(Aug 07-12:59) Threei: meh
(Aug 07-13:00) dino: mhfi drop
(Aug 07-13:01) dino: sm l .40
(Aug 07-13:01) thomcbell: prlb 63 break hf holding 62.80 -
(Aug 07-13:01) thomcbell: half lot
(Aug 07-13:01) thomcbell: already lost once
(Aug 07-13:01) dino: out mhfi .81, +.41
(Aug 07-13:21) RonS: test
(Aug 07-13:22) Threei: passed
(Aug 07-13:22) thomcbell: prlb 1:1
(Aug 07-13:22) Threei: wtg
(Aug 07-13:22) Threei: persistence wins
(Aug 07-13:42) Threei: Long CAT .50 break
(Aug 07-13:43) Threei: If holds .45
(Aug 07-13:46) Threei: Change to .45 break, if holds .40
(Aug 07-13:47) nemo: should hold .25 if indexes hold
(Aug 07-13:48) Threei: don't want to make .40 new trigger but .35 will be of interest
(Aug 07-13:51) Threei: Long CAT .35 break
(Aug 07-13:51) Threei: if holds .30
Aug 07-13:53) Threei: should be almost there
(Aug 07-13:54) Threei: if stops at .25, let it drop under ,.20 for the next setup
(Aug 07-13:54) Threei: although feels like bottom is in
(Aug 07-13:59) Threei: colume comes in... this is it
(Aug 07-13:59) Threei: run kitty, run
(Aug 07-13:59) Threei: or crawl
(Aug 07-14:08) Threei: come on
(Aug 07-14:09) Threei: 2 cents to 1:1, you couldn't make it?
(Aug 07-14:14) Threei: half out
(Aug 07-14:14) Threei: 1:1
(Aug 07-14:15) Threei: don't remember working this hard for 10 cents
(Aug 07-14:15) nemo: August
(Aug 07-14:16) Threei: 1:2
(Aug 07-14:16) Threei: 1/4 more out
(Aug 07-14:18) Threei: come on CAT, after all these hysterics you owe us 1:3
(Aug 07-14:21) cc_9: Amgn, holy crap
(Aug 07-14:21) nemo: market
(Aug 07-14:23) Threei: wtf
(Aug 07-14:23) Threei: no news
(Aug 07-14:25) Threei: closed last 1/4 on a trail
(Aug 07-14:25) Threei: first real trade today, lol
(Aug 07-14:29) dino: sbgi l .19
(Aug 07-14:29) Threei: Short GLD .30 break
(Aug 07-14:30) Threei: if holds .35
(Aug 07-14:33) dino: out silc flat
(Aug 07-14:40) Threei: 1:1
(Aug 07-14:41) Threei: formely almost flat day quickly moves into nicely profitable territory
(Aug 07-14:44) dino: out sbgi .31, +.12
(Aug 07-14:50) robbers has joined.
(Aug 07-14:52) Threei: hey robbers... found us?
(Aug 07-14:52) robbers: Lol, knew how to find you was just getting other stuff done.
(Aug 07-14:52) dino: sbgi l .40
(Aug 07-14:53) Threei:  
(Aug 07-14:53) robbers: Well, that might have been half the reason.
(Aug 07-14:53) Threei: lol
(Aug 07-14:54) cc_9: Gmcr some good volume here for a reversal
(Aug 07-15:01) cc_9: Vxx nearling intraday lows on the last hour.
(Aug 07-15:04) dino: out sbgi .49, +.09
(Aug 07-15:09) thomcbell: ddd - hilarous
(Aug 07-15:11) cc_9: Spy squeezing , this was the play I was looking for all day.
(Aug 07-15:12) Threei: Short BBRY .20 break
(Aug 07-15:12) Threei: if holds .25
(Aug 07-15:19) dino: sbgi l .59
(Aug 07-15:27) Threei: Texas federal judge declares Bitcoin a currency, says Bitcoin investments fall under US securities law
(Aug 07-15:28) dino: surprised they ae allowing bitcoin to exist
(Aug 07-15:29) Threei:
(Aug 07-15:30) dino: thought only govt could create currency
(Aug 07-15:32) Threei: to me, bitcoin is stullborn idea
(Aug 07-15:32) Threei: still
(Aug 07-15:35) dino: it seems a money laundering thing, and tax dodge
(Aug 07-15:36) Threei: opens the doors to that, in any case
(Aug 07-15:40) Threei: ok guys, no time left for a play
(Aug 07-15:41) Threei: as tech support still hasn't found the root of the problem, keep this page bookmarked
(Aug 07-15:41) Threei: we may have to use it tomorrow
(Aug 07-15:41) Threei: have a good evening, see you tomorrow
(Aug 07-15:42) dino: cya
Aug 07-15:44) _goinshort: Thanks!
(Aug 07-15:47) Threei: yw guys
(Aug 07-15:48) _goinshort: got to travel for a few days - will join up upon return
(Aug 07-15:48) Threei: cool beans, we will be here
(Aug 07-15:48) Threei: or there
(Aug 07-15:49) Threei: as far as servers go, lol
(Aug 07-15:49) _goinshort: it happens
(Aug 07-15:49) dino: have fun
(Aug 07-15:49) Threei: rarely but it does
(Aug 07-15:49) Threei: we have spare solution ready
(Aug 07-15:49) Threei: so no harm done
(Aug 07-15:50) _goinshort: good backup
(Aug 07-15:50) Threei: yeah, lacks some functionality but...
(Aug 07-15:51) _goinshort: lookin at your package deals - pick one out this weekend - be back trading tuesday
(Aug 07-15:51) Threei: feel free to e-mail if got any questions
(Aug 07-15:51) _goinshort: will do