Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oct 30 2013

And just like that, we are back with vengeance. 8 wins out of 9 calls, and the only stop was not even a blip on radar, on half lot. Today we are a windshield again. 

Session Time: Wed Oct 30 00:00:00 2013
[08:59] gm
01[09:00] <&Threei>  morning dino
[09:17] .
[09:17] gm
01[09:18] <&Threei>  will :)
[09:19] <+cc_9> Good morning everyone.
[09:19] <+cc_9> QCOR SODA FB SOHU EW on my watch this AM
[09:19] hi cc
[09:19] hi everyone
01[09:20] <&Threei>  cc, eon :)
[09:21] ttwo halt
[09:21] hi Ron....Vad is eoning this morning
[09:21] he's tired
01[09:22] <&Threei>  nah, I just put a right fin on the lft hand when woke up
[09:22] gm
01[09:22] <&Threei>  it's hard to type with fins as it is... but when you put them on the wrong hands it's double challenging
01[09:22] <&Threei>  alex :)
[09:27] gm
01[09:28] <&Threei>  drew :)
[09:28] morning
01[09:28] <&Threei>  les :)
[09:29] almost ready to slap nemo for yesterdays closing remarks
[09:29] but that was pretty frikin funny
[09:29] lol
[09:29] what did I say?  that was a bottle and a half ago?
[09:30] better drunk than sober then
[09:31] Hurry up and wait day
[09:31] ben speaks?
01[09:31] <&Threei> Long Setup:  GLD  .90 break hl
01[09:31] <&Threei>  If holds  .80
[09:31] world's ending, didn't u know?
[09:31] sheesh
[09:31] <+cc_9> FB turning up
[09:31] closer to the end every day
[09:32] 1 day closer to death
[09:32] <+cc_9> SODA turning a little
[09:32] wow ew
[09:32] downgrade to 60
[09:34] ddd
[09:34] hanging near the highs from yesterday
[09:34] <+cc_9> EW massacre
[09:35] gap fill 66.46
01[09:35] <&Threei>  1:1
[09:35] excuse me 65.79
[09:35] <+cc_9> QCOR strange price action since the open, stock glued to $65
[09:35] around s2
[09:35] <+cc_9> grabbing some QCOR here 65.00
[09:36] <+cc_9> good start...
[09:36] 63.65 50 day
[09:37] <+cc_9> SODA pushing
[09:37] soda bounced at 200 day
[09:38] <+cc_9> QCOR ugh....not gonna be pretty
[09:39] another investigation 
[09:40] gaps 55, 52 qcor
[09:40] 36
[09:40] <+cc_9> EW 67
[09:42] crus crush on volume
[09:42] Thaniks, GLD.
01[09:42] <&Threei>  :)
[09:43] <+cc_9> QCOR fast death
[09:43] <+cc_9> back to LOD
01[09:43] <&Threei> Long Setup:  FB  50 break hl
01[09:43] <&Threei>  If holds  .90
01[09:44] <&Threei>  1:1
[09:44] Missed it.
[09:44] <+cc_9> new cost 62.82, gonna be painful
[09:44] <+cc_9> SOHU breaking out
[09:46] <+cc_9> QCOR lod ah yesterday 57.50
01[09:46] <&Threei>  1:2
[09:46] nice Vad
[09:47] got it tks to hover trick
01[09:47] <&Threei>  :)
01[09:49] <&Threei> Short Setup: GDX  .35 break
01[09:49] <&Threei>  If holds  .45
[09:50] <+cc_9> QCOR 0 bottom
[09:50] <+cc_9> sinking nonstop since open
[09:51] <+cc_9> jeez...
[09:51] crus looks good, need bottom
[09:52] <+cc_9> meanwhile NQ @ $13
[09:52] 58.25 first support qcor
01[09:53] <&Threei>  stop .44
[09:53] <+cc_9> QCOR first support $0.00
[09:54] dick
[09:54] cc the melodramatic
[09:54] cc the dick
01[09:54] <&Threei>  1:1
[09:54] 54.65 gap area
[09:54] sm l invn .42
[09:54] starts at 57.02 
[09:55] <+cc_9> EW head fake, back to new LOD
[09:55] bofi gap fill
[09:55] <+cc_9> CRUS back to LOD
[09:55] <+cc_9> QCOR trying 59
[09:56] <+cc_9> nope, back to lows
[09:56] <+cc_9> 61.11 new cost, either it turns or dumping under 57.50
[09:56] stop invn -.03
[09:57] my gdx wasn't taken at .25
[09:57] out flat
[09:57] nor mine les
[09:58] short small sndk 
[09:59] iwm inflection
[09:59] target about 0.40 cents down 
[09:59] <+cc_9> QCOR needs to clear this damn 59, bids too weak
[10:00] <+cc_9> fresh lows QCOR
[10:01] cc is our own howard cossell
[10:01] fib level just above 57 qcor
[10:02] <+cc_9> QCOR below its AH lows
[10:03] into the breech once more QCOR
[10:03] <+cc_9> always happens to me on the bios
[10:03] <+cc_9> anything else can navigate, bios the bottom is always $0.00
[10:03] <+cc_9> all red candles on 5min since open, not 1 turn around
[10:04] it's coming
[10:04] holding this inflection level
[10:04] <+cc_9> nope
[10:04] <+cc_9> new lows
[10:04] <+cc_9> support now is #53
[10:04] <+cc_9> gap from7/29
[10:05] <+cc_9> 56.30s
01[10:06] <&Threei> Short Setup: GLD  .10 break
01[10:06] <&Threei>  If holds  .20
[10:07] <+cc_9> FB tank mode
01[10:07] <&Threei>  1:1
[10:08] flat sndk + 0.40 
[10:08] taking .01 above support levels with this twitchy market half cover ty
[10:08] <+cc_9> QCOR fresh lows
01[10:08] <&Threei>  yw
[10:08] <+cc_9> the ride never ends
[10:08] as long as you ain't on it cc
[10:09] <+cc_9> its trying to put a base here in the 56s, needs at least $1.50 bounce to mark a possible reversal
[10:10] bofi sm l .65 ave
01[10:10] <&Threei>  1:2
[10:10] gappy/hooker
[10:10] <+cc_9> I have no doubt QCOR is going to bounce big today, the big Q is when
[10:11] <+cc_9> I recall this is not the first time its being investigated for its promo practices
[10:11] 3 investigations ongoin, 3rd added yesterday
[10:12] <+cc_9> yes, but its only a big deal if you have 5 ongoing at once
[10:12] crus sm l .03
[10:12] <+cc_9> INVN turning
[10:12] boounce iwm
[10:13] alas GDX lower high was killer short etup
[10:14] <+cc_9> QCOR > 57.50s
[10:14] Out GDX, thanks.
01[10:14] <&Threei>  :)
[10:15] <+cc_9> INVN stukk going
[10:15] out bofi .35, +.70
[10:15] <+cc_9> INVN $16.00
[10:15] <+cc_9> QCOR > $58
[10:16] <+cc_9> > $58.50
[10:16] yeh ty sir following yesterday taking more on the scalp and closing at 1:2
[10:17] GLD covered
01[10:17] <&Threei>  yw
[10:18] still holding for 1:3
[10:18] GDX
01[10:18] <&Threei>  GLD you mean
[10:18] yes
[10:18] <+cc_9> QCOR $59s
[10:19] <+cc_9> call me crazy, but I see 62 on this reversal
[10:19] <+cc_9> next level madness
[10:20] Nemo called you a dick, but I'll go with crazy
[10:20] <+cc_9> > $59.25, BRING ON ANOTHER PROBE!
[10:21] <+cc_9> $62 will come
[10:21] crazy dick
[10:21] <+cc_9> > $59.50
[10:21] <+cc_9> DO ITTTTTTTTT
[10:21] lol
[10:21] i see dead people
[10:21] watch vwap for short
[10:21] nice entry if at 57's cc
[10:21] <+cc_9> my avg is $60.02 lol
[10:21] <+cc_9> still under water
[10:22] <+cc_9> but i see $62
[10:22] everyone has their trading angle dino
[10:22] <+cc_9> > $60.00!
[10:22] <+cc_9> next level of MADNESS
[10:22] :)
[10:22] <+cc_9> oh look, it hit my avg price before it decides to get weak
[10:22] <+cc_9> why am i not surprised
[10:23] out crus .36, +.33
[10:23] touched vwap and dropped
[10:23] <+cc_9> it could have gotten weak @ 59 or 58 or even a random # like 59.08
[10:23] <+cc_9> but nope, it hit my avg price to give me hope then pullback
[10:23] stocks that are being sold by institutions often drop below and then return to vwap
[10:23] then drop again
[10:23] at vwap
[10:23] thinking cc is Iranian...
[10:23] <+cc_9> this one goes back after this pullback
[10:24] ...loves self flagellation...
[10:24] agree nemo, seems vwap gets tested a fewtimes before breaking. i.e. hammer to ice
[10:24] <+cc_9> I wake up in the morning and tie a couple knives to ropes and beat my back so i can wake up
[10:25] why all the work? just call nemo...
01[10:25] <&Threei>  1:3, over and out
[10:25] yeah, I'd do it for free
[10:25] whers cipher been?
[10:25] lol ron
[10:25] <+cc_9> QCOR its go time
01[10:25] <&Threei>  break till Jan dino
[10:25] tks Vad
01[10:26] <&Threei>  yw
[10:26] mojo workin today
[10:26] ahh, bummer tho, he's good for one or two trades a day. now i rely on ron
[10:27] <+cc_9> QCOR sideways action $59s, thinking consolidation before next leg up
[10:27] <+cc_9> to the promised land of $62
[10:27] lol dino
[10:27] oh thought you talking about vad :)
[10:28] qcor c&h?
[10:28] careful vwap resistanc here MR C
[10:29] <+cc_9> its 10:20:15AM ET
[10:29] <+cc_9> i mean 10:29AM ET
[10:30] 10:30 : strong and weak:
[10:31] <+cc_9> QCOR sideways for 10mins
[10:32] vad GDX short interest you?
[10:32] dbi or inverted c&h
[10:32] <+cc_9> INVN out for $0.49
[10:32] gj
[10:32] <+cc_9> QCOR still baby sitting
01[10:33] <&Threei>  no firm read les
[10:33] np
[10:33] ddd nearing session highs
[10:33] <+cc_9> QCOR not losing $59s, good sign
[10:34] <+cc_9> testing 59.50s again
[10:34] should retest vwap
[10:34] <+cc_9> Gets through it this time nemo
[10:34] <+cc_9> same way INVN tested $16.00 before blowing through it
[10:34] 91.20 next resistance
[10:34] 61.20
[10:35] <+cc_9> prints $61.00s and back under
[10:35] <+cc_9> strange animal
[10:35] qcor in at 59.50
[10:35] <+cc_9> look @ spread, keeping it as wide as $0.40
[10:35] <+cc_9> INVN still trucking along
[10:35] stop 59.00
[10:36] finnies at highs
[10:36] <+cc_9> its like an auto reject algo @ vwap QCOR
[10:36] ? vwap
[10:37] <+cc_9> INVN i'm experiencing the "why sell so early" syndrome
[10:38] <+cc_9> mrcanada :
[10:41] crus sm l .50
[10:41] out half at 60
[10:42] <+cc_9> QCOR 3rd wall test $60.00
[10:42] <+cc_9> each time offer gets $60.00, they kick down the bid
[10:42] <+cc_9> here we go  59.99
[10:43] looks short again
[10:43] <+cc_9> lots of buys /99
[10:43] buy 59, sell 59.80
[10:43] <+cc_9> i think she gets through this time nemo
[10:43] "better worlds" imo
[10:44] <+cc_9> gonna start setting sells $60.50 / $60.75 / $61 etc...
[10:44] booyah
[10:44] <+cc_9> bid needs to stay bove
[10:46] <+cc_9> ugh....
[10:47] guess got it wrong, now think cc in Tonto...
[10:47] <+cc_9> jeeez....
[10:48] <+cc_9> getting annoyed with it
[10:49] so u use this vwap a lot?
[10:49] yeah
[10:50] it defines the geography
[10:50] <+cc_9> topography
[10:50] nice
[10:50] if you got screen space Mrc, put up an FSC chart with vwap
[10:50] and don't forget to "unfriend" Les on Facebook
[10:50] <+cc_9> its like QCOR today knows my sells and my avg price
[10:51] <+cc_9> gets to both, says hi, then says "F you"
[10:51] like a relationship with a woman
[10:51] <+cc_9> in a nutshell
[10:51] many instiutional traders get graded on whether they bought a position for the day below vwap, or sold one above it...
[10:52] yeah, they'll get commissioned better 
[10:52] <+cc_9> now gotta sit through another dump on QCOR
[10:52] <+cc_9> what a dog
[10:52] <+cc_9> there she goes...back under 59
[10:53] eg a fund manager tells his trader to "sell a million shares of XYZ today"...the traders challenge is to do that above vwap...
[10:53] interesting...
[10:54] out at 59.50...earlier....
[10:54] I'm use to swing trading this scalping is new...
[10:55] srpt pressure
[10:55] over night holds can kill you in this market
[10:55] awwwwwww.....:
[10:56] wtf
[10:57] <+cc_9> someone said srpt ?
[10:57] <+cc_9> ugh...
[10:58] looks like srpt want to fill the gap to 38ish
[10:58] <+cc_9> QCOR losing steam
[10:59] <+cc_9> $QCOR Q3 net sales of $236.3 million, up 68% from a $140.3 million in the third quarter of 2012
[11:00] <+cc_9> thanks investigation...
[11:00] <+cc_9> also, SRPT running nice call Ron
[11:00] so when trading using the vwap...if u r long and above u r good till price falls below? and vice versa for short?
[11:01] no
[11:01] it's topography
[11:01] it lets you know the lay of the land
[11:01] depends on where you are in at. i use it as magnet acts like supp/resis
[11:01] <+cc_9> vwap is a way to get an overall idea on relative possible incoming weakness
[11:01] it's a potential inflection point
[11:02] wow...
[11:02] far under vwap i like to buy, far over short
[11:02] <+cc_9> QCOR trying here again
[11:02] <+cc_9> QCOR another attempt @ vwap, needs a full point above it to clear this range and get a leg to $62.00
[11:02] pull up trla mr can
[11:03] <+cc_9> okie
[11:03] <+cc_9> let me first unload this QCOR dog before i commit my attention to anything else
[11:03] k
[11:03] 07 red
[11:04] further resistance dropping below 61 on QCOR
[11:04] <+cc_9> no dice, bids back down
[11:04] staying under vwap
[11:04] <+cc_9> blahhh
[11:05] <+cc_9> that spread on it is killer
[11:05] rig bounce here
[11:05] yeh took one look at qcor said no thank you
[11:05] <+cc_9> one look @ what price Les ?
[11:05] <+cc_9> at 65 or at 57
[11:05] <+cc_9> a lot in between
[11:06] no, saw the spread
[11:06] <+cc_9> oh
[11:06] <+cc_9> the spread on it is tricky, only when the bids are getting wacked
[11:06] <+cc_9> they pushed it $0.30 from offer
[11:06] <+cc_9> now spread is only $0.02
[11:06] <+cc_9> bc getting hit @ offer
[11:06] itneresting
[11:06] ok as it gets closer to break
[11:06] out
[11:06] <+cc_9> ok QCOR, i swear if you can give me $61.00, I will donate 100 gallons of gutter oil to every chinese resto in the area
[11:07] or the potential for it
[11:07] u must live in T.O.
[11:08] <+cc_9> QCOR that rejection @ vwap is no joke
[11:08] FCX 38 breakout potential
[11:08] rig weak
[11:09] interesting....learned something new today...I'm done
[11:09] gld dropping yet gdx remains at vwap resistance suspiscious
[11:09] methinks GDX short potential
[11:09] .31 level rig important
[11:10] egn parachute out of hot air balloon action
[11:10] <+cc_9> i dont see anything on RIG until 46.70
01[11:12] <&Threei>  guys, I am sorry, I'll have to leave for about an hour or so, gotta do a quick ctscan
[11:12] missing ese...always like to see new ways to use all of the keyboard keys...
[11:12] no prob good luck
[11:13] don't let them switch yer brain back on whatever you do
[11:13] haha les
[11:13] <+cc_9> No worries Vad, the grownups here will keep it clean
[11:13] <+cc_9> also, good luck
[11:13] l 3i
[11:13] yes good luck Vad
[11:13] gl
[11:14] hopefully it's something getting the fins off his hands
[11:14] hehe
[11:14] <+cc_9> QCOR $60.00 test
[11:15] hey nemo, heard the other day that it takes 50-90 days in MA to see a doctor...true or not?
[11:15] <+cc_9> QCOR come on and plow $60.50 already! DAMN IT
[11:17] <+cc_9> BOOM
[11:18] <+cc_9> need ,50 bid for stronnnnnk push
[11:18] dunno if GLD wants to bounce back with index droping, but short GDX .28 holding 36
[11:18] .36
[11:19] what a GP, nah
[11:19] specialist...maybe
[11:19] trying to hold vwap support gdx
[11:20] <+cc_9> QCOR looking much better
[11:21] wow wlt off a horrible report...
[11:21] <+cc_9> ok folks, gotta line up my sells on QCOR, i guess I survived this dog after all
[11:21] made it through to the other side did it
[11:23] nutz, missed prxl
[11:24] GDX 1:1
[11:24] <+cc_9> "How I survived QCOR" >>>
[11:24] don't kid the kidder bitch
[11:24] <+cc_9> kept a tiny position for $62.00
[11:25] oh yeh
[11:25] 1:2
[11:25] <+cc_9> QCOR previous wall now support
[11:26] nice timing les
[11:26] frikin nailed ya cover .12
[11:26] ty
[11:28] <+cc_9> Les is the new Vad ?
[11:28] fat divergence between GLD and GDX
[11:28] <+cc_9> thanks for GDX, gona stay with NUGT for $55+
[11:28] nah even a blind squirrel etc etc
[11:29] <+cc_9> can't see ?
[11:29] lol, get's the nut once in a while
[11:30] <+cc_9> SOHU headed to seabed volcano
[11:31] <+cc_9> feeling kinda good about that QCOR 60.71 offer sell
[11:32] les great call on GDX  thanks
[11:32] np, but shit guys I have a spotty track record
[11:32] just putting it out there, not urging you to take it
[11:32] <+cc_9> no
[11:32] <+cc_9> you're in charge now
[11:33] <+cc_9> if you screw up, we will tell on you
[11:40] <+cc_9> can't even do volume on SIRI since monday
[11:40] incy low volume pullback...interested to see action around 38
[11:42] <+cc_9> SOHU first bounce since open
[11:42] whoa...dino missed a great short MSM...
[11:43] <+cc_9> MSM whoa
[11:44] <+cc_9> helluva spread too
[11:45] <+cc_9> looks like they had a conference call and somehow said the wrong thing
[11:46] <+cc_9> report says they beat on EPS
[11:48] <+cc_9> MSM b/a trades super thin
[11:51] <+cc_9> will grab MSM long once it clears $81.50
[11:52] <+cc_9> avg volume 280k
[11:55] dino, check 10 day 15 min WYN...
[12:01] <+cc_9> MSM reversal headfake then new lows
[12:01] <+cc_9> dumps near a full point on 15k shares
[12:01] <+cc_9> illiquid
[12:02] ccix spkie
[12:03] <+cc_9> QCOR little move here again, with low vol.
[12:04] cc what do you think about DLR?
[12:04] vwap gonna' be resistance
[12:05] ccix screwy quote bids or asks...
[12:05] dlr probably reshort in .60 area or  50.00 area
[12:06] <+cc_9> 49.70s wall, won't touch for long until clears $50.00. but imo, it will most likely stay sideways until a day or two out
[12:07] lulu going down...
[12:07] <+cc_9> they reported a $500M repurchase program, that might get some buyers
[12:07] thanks
[12:07] ...thought i would get nemo excited...
[12:08] what I miss?
[12:08] lulu going down...
[12:08] ahhh...damn reminds me, have to cancel the FWB for the World Series tonight
[12:09] fwb?
[12:09] <+cc_9> QCOR slowly rising back to $60.00. MSM trying to find a bottom
[12:09] Friend With Benefits
[12:09] ah
[12:09] I tell her it's a way to keep up her skills
[12:09] instead...Mens with Beards...
[12:10] yeah
[12:10] rofl
[12:10] very likeable team this year...all dirt dogs
[12:10] they should have Monty Python's Lumberjack song as there theme
[12:12] <+cc_9> MSM trying to get a move here over $81.00
[12:12] <+cc_9> will buy $81.50 break
[12:15] <+cc_9> MSM bids coming in
[12:15] <+cc_9> still want to see 81.50 bids print
[12:17] trla sm l .15
[12:20] <+cc_9> MSM in long for a trade 81.52, tgt 82.50, stop loss 80.80
[12:22] planning on an inverted h&S stop there cc
[12:22] ?
[12:24] <+cc_9> that is one crooked shoulder
[12:24] <+cc_9> i set it $0.10 above the neckline
[12:24] <+cc_9> by guess is if it does hit it, it will sink below it
[12:24] oh oh
[12:25] <+cc_9> news is out, volume is 3x avg daily, either it goes on this bounce o r it sinks again
[12:25] <+cc_9> no trigger, stop still in
[12:25] <+cc_9> I H&S now is on the chart
[12:26] yea quasimodo variant
[12:26] <+cc_9> neckline 80.80
[12:27] cam
[12:28] <+cc_9> Alex, your DLR is slowly creeping
[12:28] that 50 is the level
[12:28] <+cc_9> yup
[12:28] if it can get through
[12:29] <+cc_9> FB tank mode
[12:29] earnings ah FB
[12:29] when?
[12:30] <+cc_9> yes
[12:30] <+cc_9> DLR > $50.00
[12:30] <+cc_9> MSM and DLR charts look very similar
[12:30] <+cc_9> (intraday)
[12:34] target might be $51?
[12:37] <+cc_9> I see no wall now until $51.00
[12:37] better talk to dino
[12:37] <+cc_9> everything went sideways
[12:37] <+cc_9> MSM / QCOR / EW
[12:38] FED DAY
[12:38] Hey Dino!  What do you see?
[12:38] dlr short signal
[12:39] .75ish should be the bottom though
[12:40] <+cc_9> MSM needs off this range over $82.00
[12:40] <+cc_9> flat line for 20mins
[12:40] Fed day
[12:42] short dlr
[12:42] is what i see
[12:42] awww dino.....
[12:42] c'mon....
[12:43] lol
[12:43] always busting my balls
[12:43] dead people
[12:43] Yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[12:43] thanks
[12:43] lol
[12:43] wonder if Vad still has that Magoo rash
[12:47] btw...63.14 is 200 day on bmrn, gonna' wanna' watch for bounce there
[12:48] <+cc_9> MSM some bids at last
[12:48] <+cc_9> need to see .60s on bid to gtfo this range
[12:48] <+cc_9> QCOR hoping volume picks up and crashes for another trade
[12:49] <+cc_9> jeez MSM, why so weak
[12:52] great call DLR short dino 1:2 so far
[12:52] looking for closer to .50
[12:53] yw
[12:53] bit too quick there stop to .80 no loss territory
[12:54] <+cc_9> MSM hits .60 offer, gets bidwhack
[12:54] cover +.35
[12:54] ty
[12:54] grrrrrr
[12:55] 1:3 will have to do
[12:56] <+cc_9> FB $0.30 snap back
[12:56] <+cc_9> MSM offers upticking, need tighter spreads
[12:58] cov dlr .10, +.89
[12:58] great job
[12:58] trip might be next up for a short
[12:58] ty
[12:59] dino...
[13:00] I want some more
[13:00] TRIP far from daily confirmation
[13:01] DLR 7.7 million on this dump - deader than dead
[13:12] esrx going into the gap
[13:13] wow look at it go
[13:15] taking a break
[13:31] DLR vol. dump retest of morning low
[13:43] this is unusual weakness for a Fed Day of late
[13:48] liking iwm short but waiting EoD to see which way it goes. Daily candle ominous
[13:48] nemo was waltzing mathilda?...Australian government employee's sex injury on work-related trip doesn’t qualify for compensation: court |
[13:49] frikin public servant bludger
[13:50] figures...Les' homeland
[13:57] msm candle should be called the hari kiri...
[13:58] hearing wwww got Muddied on SA...
[13:59] indexes firing up
[13:59] someone is speaking
[14:00] fed anouncement
[14:00]  gotta' wait out the "cha cha cha"
[14:00] tick spike up
[14:01] <+cc_9> back
[14:01] <+cc_9> what did I miss
[14:01] <+cc_9> whats crashing
[14:01] <+cc_9> whats not
[14:01] don't know, we're in the cha cha ch
[14:01] <+cc_9> oh
[14:01] <+cc_9> FEd
[14:01] a
[14:01] <+cc_9> no change
[14:01] <+cc_9> cute
[14:02] gmcr gone pulp
[14:02] <+cc_9> waiting on market reaction on this Fed no change b.s
[14:02] <+cc_9> so far, sideways
[14:03] hearing euro, gold dumping
[14:04] iaci
[14:06] bofi sm l .10
01[14:06] <&Threei>  back
01[14:07] <&Threei>  sorry guys
01[14:07] <&Threei>  unexpected delays in health care, you know
[14:07] only gonna' get worse
[14:07] np iwm popping into vwap here
[14:08] <+cc_9> QCOR riding on market bounce
[14:09] <+cc_9> TZA / TNA gamble away
[14:09] IN!
[14:09] throw snake eyes
[14:09] what's yer entry cc?
[14:09] :P
[14:10] Les, could you yank on that wire attached to the claymore?
01[14:10] <&Threei>  so, no taper
[14:10] duh
[14:10] who is speaking
01[14:10] <&Threei>  why is USD skyrocketing
[14:10] ben or the new bird
[14:11] might be cause EU chooses deflationary path
[14:11] lol
01[14:11] <&Threei>  gold dies horrible death
[14:13] in our economy question why is meaningless
[14:14] the "whys" in life are veiled in the mist of ignorance
01[14:14] <&Threei>  (US) WSJ's Hilsenrath: Fed has provided very few signals on when it may start to taper QE; The outlook for the start of taper before the end of 2013 now looks less certain- FOMC has demonstrated it is in "wait-and-see mode". - Very few changes made to current economic conditions; Removed references to higher mortgage rates and tighter financial conditions.
[14:14] <+cc_9> QCOR knocking @ $60.00
[14:14] mmmhhhh....that's enough JD
[14:15] <+cc_9> market recrashed beans
[14:15] mmmhhh, interesting term
[14:16] IWM come on dooown
[14:16] <+cc_9> QCOr holding up while market ref- recrashing its beans
[14:16] <+cc_9> we should get one more seesaw
[14:16] <+cc_9> TNA / TZA pair
[14:17] I like that mess
[14:18] <+cc_9> crash mode
[14:18] bofi stop
[14:18] looks like everybody expected smth different
[14:18] <+cc_9> SPY bounces back to 172.20+ to get more suckers in
[14:19] iwm spy finnies hit S3 on daily at same time
[14:19] <+cc_9> i mean 176.20*
[14:20] <+cc_9> the market will not crash under Bernanke's watch
[14:20] <+cc_9> maybe Yelen, but not him
[14:20] lol
[14:20] bmrn very close to the 200
[14:21] <+cc_9> 176.20, now suckers get back in
[14:21] <+cc_9> then you refry their beans
[14:21] mmmhhh, my alert didn't work
01[14:21] <&Threei> Long Setup:  FB  .05 break hl
01[14:21] <&Threei>  If holds  .95
[14:22] <+cc_9> "sir, we bounced back to 176.20, the suckers got back, do we initiate the refry program? "
[14:22] <+cc_9> "...activate it"
[14:23] <+cc_9> "hit the new lows, get their stops, sink it a tad more, then triplefry the beans back to 176.50"
[14:23] <+cc_9> "...on it sir"
[14:25] fdx probably a good short here
[14:25] <+cc_9> Bernanke is hotkey'ing his entries as we speak
[14:25] lol
01[14:25] <&Threei>  meh
[14:26] <+cc_9> New Lows = reverse back hard
[14:26] <+cc_9> gold tanking
[14:26] usually 3 moves
[14:26] <+cc_9> yes
[14:27] <+cc_9> will get long FDX 25.15 range
[14:27] yeh the cha............cha..............cha
[14:27] S1 here cc
[14:27] <+cc_9> nemo, yes, using the 10/23 on 15min
[14:27] <+cc_9> see if that works
[14:28] <+cc_9> Bernanke just hit ALT + 0 Num pad
[14:28] <+cc_9> in other words = long 100k SPY shares
[14:28] bofi sm l .50
[14:28] <+cc_9> I will lol gently if IWM hits $110
[14:29] cvlt sm l .88
[14:29] <+cc_9> the drop is not warranted, market goes up
[14:30] <+cc_9> Fed to keep $85B/monthly note
[14:30] <+cc_9> nothing changed from hitting record highs on S&P yesterday with today's headlines
[14:30] <+cc_9> absolutely nothing.
01[14:30] <&Threei> Long Setup:  IWM  .70 break
01[14:30] <&Threei>  If holds  .60
[14:32] <+cc_9> this guy on stocktwits just called this move "Intraday Island Top Reversal"
[14:32] <+cc_9> I think he is fishing for follows
[14:32] with a half twist
[14:32] the Louganis formation
[14:32] <+cc_9> I'm going to create an account and call this move "Arnold Strance Reverse Curl Hammer Doji"
[14:32] <+cc_9> maybe I become famous too
[14:32] your ego is big enough
01[14:32] <&Threei>  1:1
[14:33] <+cc_9> SPY ramp baby
[14:33] <+cc_9> suck on this island top
[14:33] <+cc_9> the beans have been fried 4 times
01[14:33] <&Threei>  1:2
[14:33] trla sm l .50
[14:33] <+cc_9> IWM lets go $110 baby
[14:34] <+cc_9> SPY slight wall here on that 176.20, small caps will carry it over
01[14:35] <&Threei>  will try for 1:4
[14:35] <+cc_9> need 176.25 bid SPY, clear this neckline and head to 176.40
[14:35] <+cc_9> got a decent base 175.80
[14:36] <+cc_9> GDX lovely bounce off that support nemo
[14:36] ravishing cc
[14:36] out trla .91, +.41
[14:37] is that a Ginger, Maryann, or Jeannie bounce?
01[14:37] <&Threei>  out on a trail
[14:37] <+cc_9> Its a Christina Hendricks bust bounce
[14:37] lol
[14:37] ahhhh...modern day
[14:37] How about Ms. Hayek
[14:38] the last name is fitting for this activity
[14:38] <+cc_9> Yes, but Christina Hendricks is like perfect size overall
[14:38] <+cc_9> got meat on her, winter is around the corner
[14:38] <+cc_9> good for heat + food
[14:38] doesn't need a life jacket
[14:38] <+cc_9> Whats sad is that she married the dude from super troopers
[14:38] <+cc_9> who was stuck in the backseat of the cop car licking the window
[14:38] dorky looking bastard
[14:39] <+cc_9> yes
[14:39] <+cc_9> how
[14:39] ...but he can lick his eyebrows...
[14:39] <+cc_9> Id like to lick her eyebrow
[14:39] <+cc_9> crap, screwed up the chat for later
[14:40] <+cc_9> Vad, this one I blame Ron.
01[14:40] <&Threei>  this just in: for unknown reason Christina Hendricks shaved her eyebrows off
[14:40] lol
[14:40] <+cc_9> This is why I said eyebrow without S
[14:40] <+cc_9> if you catch my drift
[14:40] <+cc_9> SPY flying
[14:40] nope, can't say I do cc
01[14:40] <&Threei>  just to be safe, she got rid of all od them
[14:40] nah...your on the gulf stream to Europe
[14:40] <+cc_9> Hendricks using jackhammer move on the way
[14:41] cvlt stop -.40
[14:41] <+cc_9> IWM lagging behind SPY
[14:41] <+cc_9> need a power move > $176.5 to get our $110 on IWM
[14:41]  newsflash
[14:41] been that way all day
[14:41] <+cc_9> actually 176.40 will suffice
[14:41] <+cc_9> nemo, you're, not your
[14:41] btw...algo is primarily green...any strength is Potemkin
[14:42] <+cc_9> people will read this chat later, can't be typing ebonics
[14:42] Wir koenne auf Deutsche sprechen.  Ist mir egal
[14:42] Was sagst du Jung
[14:42] ?
[14:42] <+cc_9> yes, thats fine.
[14:42] Alles geht drunter
01[14:43] <&Threei> Short Setup: FB  .90 break hl
01[14:43] <&Threei>  If holds  49
[14:43] <+cc_9> IWM printing fresh lows ahead of SPY
[14:44] icpt drop
[14:44] <+cc_9> buying TNA here 67.50
[14:44] 109.46 is MR1 jcc
[14:44] cc
[14:44] <+cc_9> bc of the lag in IWM, im using SPY as ruler
[14:45] <+cc_9> went with this 14:36 cc_9 got a decent base 175.80
[14:45] <+cc_9> again, just starter position
[14:45] looks reasonable
[14:45] <+cc_9> FB reports earnings AH Vad, I think it gets toyed with or just stays flat
[14:45] but still at crossroads
[14:45] <+cc_9> hard to read bc of that
[14:46] almost gap fill in IWM also
[14:46] <+cc_9> out TNA +$0.25, holding rest for $110 IWM
[14:47] <+cc_9> power move SPY on break of 176.20
[14:47] <+cc_9> IWM getting some bids here at last
[14:47] <+cc_9> out another 100 TNA @ 67.85 +$0.35
[14:47] <+cc_9> 100 left, come on $110 IWM
[14:48] we're probably hanging up until next Tuesday...They gotta' get the Mutual fund money in the 1st and 2nd of the Month
[14:48] ty cc tna for +.20
[14:48] missed vad's earlier call long serving dinner
[14:48] <+cc_9> suspense is killing me here...sideways is not an option
[14:49] <+cc_9> did you make sure to use good quality chinese gutter oil Les ?
[14:49] ?
[14:49] <+cc_9> oh, you're serving, I thought you also cook
[14:49] you mean lube?
[14:49] yeah, he lubed his mouth with it cc
[14:49] lol
01[14:50] <&Threei>  yesss
[14:50] cover half fb ty
[14:50] <+cc_9> I used to think Les and Nemo were the same troll, now im sure of it
01[14:50] <&Threei>  1:1
01[14:50] <&Threei>  yw
01[14:50] <&Threei>  that's 7 out of 8 today
[14:50] yeh cook and frikin servant here, why I made reference to lube
[14:50] strange. usually get a counter-trend bounce within 30 minutes
[14:51] <+cc_9> Gutter Oil :
01[14:51] <&Threei>  not bad for a man who spent half of the night in emergency, and just looked at ctscam of his fucking kidney stone
[14:51] yeah, dino, today is different than it has been
[14:51] it's bigger than your brain Vad
[14:51] ah you'll likely meet a swiss made machine soon enough vad. ask the doc
01[14:51] <&Threei>  well, smaller, but nit by muech
[14:51] you must drink more fluids (beer)
01[14:52] <&Threei>  if I exprience this kind of pain once again, I better shoot myself
[14:52] <+cc_9> does it make a ding noise when you pee it out against the toilet bowl ?
[14:53] <+cc_9> Vad, at least they gave you a ton of pain meds...right ?
01[14:53] <&Threei>  and they have a damn good ones, too
[14:53] <+cc_9> Well, there you go. Weekend almost here.
01[14:53] <&Threei>  just look at my trading performance today
[14:53] want my cut
[14:53] lol
[14:54] I'll swap ya some of my uppers for your downers
[14:54] <+cc_9> krokodile does not count Les.
[14:54] lol nasty... touché
[14:55] it would be an aesthetic improvement
[14:55] rofl
[14:55] keep em coming
[14:55] <+cc_9> SPY 176.20
[14:55] <+cc_9> POWER MOVE
[14:56] <+cc_9> when Les says he is serving dinner, he means his own arm :*i9JUcYLktRb3XX5tcLY0H0DYSE4oYPxoZvtNG*GvJpyEXfkqOAVuoWv1LFyz*RiXR*ovvMArXlgsalvx98Gtw34Q/krokodile1.jpg
[14:57] of f/&k
[14:57] oh
[14:57] <+cc_9> this is why you don't mix gasoline with other dirt and inject yourself with it
[14:57] <+cc_9> (btw, thats what krokodile does to you, hence the relevance of the gore pic)
[14:59] <+cc_9> SPY being shy here, through .40 for maximum IWM reversal
[15:00] <+cc_9> IWM bids coming in
[15:01] <+cc_9> out last 100 TNA for $0.45
[15:01] <+cc_9> all done for today, watching the close only.
[15:03] <+cc_9> nemo, lookit GDX off that range we discussed earlier
[15:04] <+cc_9> SPY there goes the power move, IWM $110.00
[15:04] <+cc_9> case closed.
01[15:04] <&Threei>  lol
01[15:04] <&Threei>  Olympus posted my image with suggestion to come up qith caprion explaining why this haek looks so speechles
01[15:04] <&Threei>
01[15:05] <&Threei>  one of the answers:
01[15:05] <&Threei>  He got thru to obamacare.
01[15:05] <&Threei>  haek = hawk btw
[15:06] <+cc_9> and the toad ?
01[15:06] <&Threei>  no toad
[15:07] <+cc_9> holy crap Vad
[15:07] <+cc_9> I actually clicked, and that was tagged by Olympus
[15:07] <+cc_9> impressive!
[15:09] wow tgt...
01[15:10] <&Threei>  not the first time they showcase my photos
[15:11] <+cc_9> You live in God country Vad. Beauty is all around you
[15:11] <+cc_9> very nice area
[15:11] sm l syna .1 1
[15:11] that settles it. gotta move to canada
01[15:11] <&Threei>  yeah... they just say I don't fit
[15:11] <+cc_9> where is this ?
01[15:12] <&Threei>  Butchart gardens
01[15:12] <&Threei>  5 min drive from me
[15:12] <+cc_9> im jelly
[15:16] <+cc_9> lol Vad
[15:16] <+cc_9> I just figured now that you live on the west coast
01[15:16] <&Threei>  really?
01[15:16] <&Threei>  where sis you think Vancouver Island was?? :)
01[15:16] <&Threei>  did
[15:16] <+cc_9> yes, i have no idea why I was under the impression you lived north east
[15:16] <+cc_9> by nicaragua
01[15:17] <&Threei>  there is a good reason for this btw
[15:17] <+cc_9> lol but really, its neat area btw
01[15:17] <&Threei>  I am moving farther and farther from Russia, as far as I possibly can
[15:17] GLD .50 short?
01[15:17] <&Threei>  now it's the edge of the land...
01[15:17] <&Threei>  no... now yet
01[15:18] <&Threei>  not yet
01[15:18] <&Threei>  any further and I am in Japan
[15:19] and then back to Russia
01[15:19] <&Threei>  yes... so I probably stop here :)
01[15:19] <&Threei>  gotta consider that galileo might' have been right
01[15:19] <&Threei>  and she IS round
[15:20] wanna check it?
01[15:20] <&Threei>  I am not entirely convinced about that round earth, but better safe than back in russia
[15:20] lol
01[15:21] <&Threei> Short Setup: GLD  .60 break
01[15:21] <&Threei>  If holds  .70
01[15:23] <&Threei>  1:1
01[15:23] <&Threei>  8 out of 9
[15:23] love yer timing sensei
01[15:23] <&Threei>  gimmie more of that IV thingy
01[15:24] <&Threei>  pleasantly dissy, pain drifts away and trading performance is through the roof
01[15:24] <&Threei>  dizzy
01[15:24] <&Threei>  typing suffers more than usual, but...
[15:27] cvlt rinsed
[15:28] bofi douched
[15:32] <+cc_9> look @ that vol on BAC 3:25PM
[15:32] <+cc_9> someone is collecting that ECN spread :)
01[15:33] <&Threei>  was thinking of FB .10 break
01[15:33] <&Threei>  shpould have thought less and acted more
[15:33] it will come back soon :)
[15:37] flakin out here. 15 hour day. a+
[15:37] need to up the vol. tomorrow vad. should be doing better
[15:38] but playin by the book now
01[15:42] <&Threei>  OK guys, thank you all
01[15:43] <&Threei>  gotta get back some of that sleep
01[15:43] <&Threei>  have a great evening, see you tomorrow
[15:43] more beer Vad it will help
01[15:43] <&Threei>  no doubt
01[15:43] <&Threei>  but you kno what they say about beer
[15:44] I'm serious had the same problem once
01[15:44] <&Threei>  beer with no vodka - money wasted
[15:44] In Russia old doctor told me to drink mo beer
[15:44] Thanks Vad!!!
01[15:44] <&Threei>  :)
[15:45] funny, people tell me to drink less
01[15:46] <&Threei>  they are stoopid
[15:48] I doubt that in America somebody tell you you should drink more:)