Monday, January 27, 2014

Jan 27 2014

Sometimes even profitable days can be annoying, and this was just that. Server troubles made us move twice from main room to reserve and back, most trades turned out to be just scalps, and we missed a few larger moves. All in all, finishing positive but unsatisfied.

Session Time: Mon Jan 27 00:00:00 2014
[08:46] nemo> mmmhhh...can't short IWM again
[09:09] dino> gm
[09:09] nemo> optimist
01[09:09] @Threei>  dino :)
[09:11] nemo> so cat announced big buy back
01[09:11] @Threei>  decent gap
[09:25] RonS> gm
01[09:25] @Threei>  ron :)
01[09:28] @Threei>  C decided not to wait for us...
[09:30] thomcbell> what is qqq short 3x
[09:30] nemo> tqqq
[09:31] nemo> oh, sorry that's long
01[09:31] @Threei> Long Setup:  GLD  .50 break
01[09:31] @Threei>  If holds  .40
[09:32] thomcbell> sqqq
01[09:32] @Threei> Short Setup: C  .30 break
01[09:33] @Threei>  If holds  .35
01[09:33] @Threei>  Invalidated
[09:33] dino> lbtya smr l . gappy02
01[09:34] @Threei>  1:1  GLD
01[09:34] @Threei>  ugh... C got away
02[09:34] * Disconnected

Threei: people read their e-mails not
(Jan 27-09:44) dino has joined.
(Jan 27-09:45) dino: test
(Jan 27-09:45) Threei: passed
(Jan 27-09:45) dino: rode lbtya from 71.02 to 73.05, +1.03
(Jan 27-09:45) Threei: nice
(Jan 27-09:48) dino: pru sm l .60
(Jan 27-09:48) Bringer of Light has joined.
(Jan 27-09:48) thomcbell has joined.
(Jan 27-09:48) _joebi_wan has joined.
(Jan 27-09:49) thomcbell: hi
(Jan 27-09:50) Threei: tbell
(Jan 27-09:51) munky has joined.
(Jan 27-09:51) munky: .
(Jan 27-09:51) Threei: Short setup C .50 break
(Jan 27-09:52) Threei: If holds .60
(Jan 27-09:52) Threei: 1:1
(Jan 27-09:56) Threei: so far scalps only
(Jan 27-09:57) Threei: Long CAT .40 break hl
(Jan 27-09:57) Threei: lol
(Jan 27-09:57) Threei: 1:1 if you got it (which I doubt very much)
(Jan 27-09:58) dino: giddy-up
(Jan 27-09:58) Bringer of Light: this is vwap, if it can't get above look to short it
(Jan 27-09:59) Threei: Long Setup C .55 break
(Jan 27-10:00) Threei: If holds .50
(Jan 27-10:00) Threei: *(US) DEC NEW HOME SALES: 414K V 455KE
(Jan 27-10:00) Bringer of Light: shorted .40
(Jan 27-10:01) Threei: meh C
(Jan 27-10:02) Threei: jerky morning
(Jan 27-10:03) Threei: no direction yet
(Jan 27-10:04) thomcbell: wow cat
(Jan 27-10:05) Threei: SPY just can't make up its mind

03[10:07] * Rejoined channel #discussions
03[10:08] * Retrieving #discussions modes...
[10:11] thomcbell> rather be short fb
[10:11] thomcbell> looking for entry

02[10:14] * Disconnected

(Jan 27-10:21) thomcbell: took my eye off it
(Jan 27-10:21) Threei: wtf
(Jan 27-10:21) thomcbell: beta is taking a serious breather
(Jan 27-10:22) Threei: sheesah FB
(Jan 27-10:23) munky: ur sunday links referrenced fb as a short
(Jan 27-10:23) Threei: yes
(Jan 27-10:23) munky: nflx twtr too
(Jan 27-10:24) Bringer of Light has joined.
(Jan 27-10:24) munky: sheesh look twtr
(Jan 27-10:24) munky: just got a lil brighter in here lol
(Jan 27-10:25) dino: mr. t market...."pain"
(Jan 27-10:29) Bringer of Light: cat going bye bye
(Jan 27-10:30) _joebi_wan has joined.
(Jan 27-10:30) Threei: Very encouraging words from tech support: "WTF???"
(Jan 27-10:30) Threei: lol
(Jan 27-10:34) dino: lbtya smr l .10
(Jan 27-10:35) Threei: Long Setup FCX .30 break
(Jan 27-10:35) Threei: If holds .20
(Jan 27-10:38) Threei: ok, FCX... trigger, work and don't be a scalp
(Jan 27-10:38) RonS has joined.
(Jan 27-10:39) munky: look C
(Jan 27-10:40) Threei: interestingly, this SPY drop doesn't helpo GLD much
(Jan 27-10:44) Threei: btw east coasters, heard from Will... you may be pleased to know that he too had whole 2 days of rain in Maui, and temperature dropped whole 2 degrees C
(Jan 27-10:47) dino: lol, we are going negative 8 f tonight, highs of 5 tomorrow
(Jan 27-10:48) Threei: in other weather-related news, yesterday in Winnipeg a thermometer knocked on the window and asked to be let inside
(Jan 27-10:49) munky: lol
(Jan 27-10:51) Threei: FCX 1:1
(Jan 27-10:51) munky: 12 green candles fb,
(Jan 27-10:52) Threei: out of 3-points instruction it fulfilled 2 so far... now proceed to 1:2 and we will endorse you for performer of the day
(Jan 27-10:53) Threei: a few folks lost in cyberspace... goinshort, robbers, fish, ese, cc7
(Jan 27-10:53) Threei: nemo
(Jan 27-10:58) dino: nemo=bringeroflight?
(Jan 27-10:58) Bringer of Light: ;-)
(Jan 27-10:58) Threei: I refuse to acknowledge this weird beast
(Jan 27-10:59) Bringer of Light: why would I want to be a member of a club that would want me?
(Jan 27-11:00) Threei: anyone who adds log editing work for me is, ummm
(Jan 27-11:00) Threei: how do I put it softly
(Jan 27-11:00) Bringer of Light: pizdah
(Jan 27-11:01) Threei: there: he doesn't make me weep with soul-reinvigorating elixir of immortality
(Jan 27-11:02) Bringer of Light: you wanna' live forever?
(Jan 27-11:03) Threei: FCX stop for the balance to .34
(Jan 27-11:03) Threei: Freddie answered that question for me...
(Jan 27-11:04) Threei:
(Jan 27-11:05) RonS: Ll hammered
(Jan 27-11:06) dino: li?
(Jan 27-11:18) RonS: test
(Jan 27-11:18) Threei: passed
(Jan 27-11:18) Threei: about FB, too long to post here:
(Jan 27-11:24) Threei: Long Setup FB .10 break
(Jan 27-11:24) Threei: If holds 53
(Jan 27-11:25) Threei: risky one, volatile more than udual today
(Jan 27-11:28) Threei: invalidated for now
(Jan 27-11:29) Threei: Manic Monday Trading as EM Volatility Roils Global Markets
(Jan 27-11:29) Threei: FB valid again
(Jan 27-11:31) RonS: cat pressure
(Jan 27-11:35) Threei: 1:1
(Jan 27-11:37) Threei: sheesh... another scalp
(Jan 27-11:37) Threei: this is annoying
(Jan 27-11:38) Threei: CAT: Miners are buying new equipment below acceptable replacement rates, boding well for future mining hardware sales Inventory declines are over
(Jan 27-11:42) Threei: ^%$#@*(&^
(Jan 27-11:50) dino: out lbtya .47, +.37
(Jan 27-11:51) Threei: crap... FB balance really got away
Jan 27-11:56) Threei: Long Setup C .80 break
(Jan 27-11:57) Threei: If holds .75
(Jan 27-11:57) Threei: word from tech support, looks like power supply unit is out
(Jan 27-11:57) Threei: they are looking for replacement
(Jan 27-11:58) Threei: C is valid
(Jan 27-11:59) Threei: not snymore
(Jan 27-12:03) Threei: Long Setup C .75 break
(Jan 27-12:03) Threei: if holds .65
(Jan 27-12:03) Threei: needs help by SPY of course but starts looking like legit bottom
(Jan 27-12:08) Threei: invalidated
(Jan 27-12:09) Threei:  is interesting for long on pullback
(Jan 27-12:09) Threei: around .70
(Jan 27-12:20) Threei: no chance
(Jan 27-12:25) dino: apam sm l .36 gappy/thin
(Jan 27-12:27) Threei: missing a lot of plays today
(Jan 27-12:42) dino: seems to be a bit of fear, sudden air pocket drops on many
(Jan 27-12:42) Threei: yes
(Jan 27-13:01) Threei: guys, main room is back up but without guarantee that they won't have to reboot the server once again, to restore all the services
(Jan 27-13:02) Threei: so we can remain here for an hour more, or move but be ready to switch again
(Jan 27-13:02) Threei: your choice
(Jan 27-13:03) Threei: Short setup GLD .90 break
(Jan 27-13:04) Threei: if holds 122
(Jan 27-13:08) Threei: 1:1
(Jan 27-13:08) Threei: if this one turns out merely a scalp, I'll...
(Jan 27-13:08) Threei: hmmm...
(Jan 27-13:08) Threei: ok, I'll allow nemo to change his nick to bringer of light in the main room
(Jan 27-13:15) Threei: 1:2
(Jan 27-13:15) Threei: finally something works
(Jan 27-13:15) Threei: for more than measly scalp
(Jan 27-13:15) Threei: sorry nemo, you are to remain a lost fish
(Jan 27-13:15) Threei: we need no stinin' light
(Jan 27-13:28) _joebi_wan has left.
(Jan 27-13:29) _joebi_wan has joined.
(Jan 27-13:30) _joebi_wan: Internet crapped out during Gld trade
(Jan 27-13:30) Threei: yikes
(Jan 27-13:30) Threei: are you still in?
(Jan 27-13:31) _joebi_wan: exited through the web trader on my phone
(Jan 27-13:31) Threei: what price did you get on exit?
(Jan 27-13:32) _joebi_wan: 121.74
(Jan 27-13:32) Threei: not too bad
(Jan 27-13:34) Threei: plenty of scalps today, this one was the only 1:2
(Jan 27-13:34) Threei: and a lot of larger moves just got away, couldn't read them
(Jan 27-13:34) Threei: Monday... and sever's troubles
(Jan 27-13:35) Threei: if Monday were a person:
(Jan 27-13:40) thomcbell: are we still on this one?
(Jan 27-13:40) Threei: depends on where you trailed... it tagged  over .80 on bounce
(Jan 27-13:40) Threei: I exited last 1/4 there
(Jan 27-13:41) Threei: if someone had more parience, 1:3 is almost here
(Jan 27-13:41) Threei: here without almost
(Jan 27-13:42) Threei: 1:4
(Jan 27-13:54) Threei: who would have thought GLD would turn a bigger mover... was quite tame lately
(Jan 27-13:58) _joebi_wan has left.
(Jan 27-13:58) _joebi_wan has joined.
(Jan 27-14:06) dino: chtr spike
(Jan 27-14:09) Threei: so far main room is stable
(Jan 27-14:09) Threei: let's move for the market close?

[14:10] thomcbell> yo
01[14:10] @Threei>  hey
[14:16] _Joebie_Wan> GLD smacked
01[14:16] @Threei>  no kidding
01[14:16] @Threei>  (US) White House: President Obama will not be providing any concessions to get a raise in the debt ceiling limit
01[14:20] @Threei> Long Setup:  GLD  .90 break
01[14:20] @Threei>  If holds  .80
01[14:20] @Threei>  looks double-bottomish
[14:24] nemo> figures, take my father to the dentist and miss the bottom
[14:25] nemo> IWM bottomed at the Monthly S! to the frickin' penny and SPY just about tested 177
01[14:31] @Threei>  no go
01[14:38] @Threei> Short Setup: SLW  .45 break
01[14:38] @Threei>  If holds  .55
01[14:38] @Threei>  aggressive for .40 break
[14:41] thomcbell> fb 54 short break
[14:41] thomcbell> 1:1
01[14:45] @Threei>  good one tbell
01[14:58] @Threei>  Les got completely lost today I guess
[15:23] dino> yrcw drop
[15:25] dino> smr l .85 wide
[15:30] dino> out yrcw .45, +.60
[15:34] dino> wtf, air pocket
01[15:36] @Threei>  no news
[15:37] RonS> ...this morning yrcw and Teamsters announced a deal...maybe details are negative...
01[15:45] @Threei> Short Setup: FB  .70 break
01[15:45] @Threei>  late aletr
01[15:45] @Threei>  sigh
01[15:45] @Threei>  OK
01[15:45] @Threei>  available for entry
01[15:45] @Threei>  usual stop, above .80
01[15:47] @Threei>  1:1
01[15:53] @Threei>  die FB
01[15:53] @Threei>  time's pressing
01[15:54] @Threei>  positive but annoying day
01[15:55] @Threei>  what with server troubles and whole lot of missed moves
[15:55] munky> yea
01[15:57] @Threei>  ok guys, closing last position
01[15:57] @Threei>  thank you all, hopefully we are back to nromal
01[15:58] @Threei>  have a good evening, see you tomorrow
[15:58] nemo> strange word to use here
01[15:58] @Threei>  strange is normal here
01[15:58] @Threei>  so back to normal means as strange as always
01[15:58] @Threei>  makes sense?
[15:58] munky> im confused
[15:58] nemo> do members of the ursine genus defecate in boreal areas?
[15:59] munky> monkeys do lol
01[15:59] @Threei>  that's also normal munky
[15:59] munky> look cat explode up
01[16:00] @Threei>  and FB and SLW dropping