Monday, December 22, 2014

Dec 22 2014

Calm  holiday trading, staying on a positive side without much fireworks

Session Time: Mon Dec 22 00:00:00 2014

[09:10] {RonS} gm
01[09:11] {@Threei}  ron :)
[09:12] {Jenh} gm
01[09:13] {@Threei}  jen :)
[09:14] {dptl} gm
01[09:14] {@Threei}  dp :)
01[09:18] {@Threei}  quiet premarket
01[09:27] {@Threei}  Upside:
01[09:27] {@Threei}  -CZR +20% (each outstanding share of Caesars Acquisition class A common stock will be exchanged for 0.664 share of Caesars Entertainment common stock)
01[09:27] {@Threei}  -ACHN +15% (Discloses positive interim results from two Phase II studies of ACH-3102 and ACH-3422 in treating hepatitis C)
01[09:27] {@Threei}  -BCRX +3.5% (Receives FDA approval for RAPIVAB(TM) (peramivir injection) for treatment of acute uncomplicated influenza)
01[09:27] {@Threei}  -ABBV +3.4% (Express Scripts to make AbbVie hepatitis C treatment an exclusive option)
01[09:27] {@Threei}  -CERS +3.4% (Reports US Phase 2 Clinical Trial of INTERCEPT Red Blood Cells Met Primary Endpoint)
01[09:28] {@Threei}  Downside:
01[09:28] {@Threei}  -GILD -11% (trading off on news of Express Scripts/AbbVie deal re: Express Scripts to make AbbVie hepatitis C treatment an exclusive option)
01[09:28] {@Threei}  -OCN -9.8% (NY DFS's Lawsky confirms $150M settlement; Chairman to step down)
01[09:28] {@Threei}  -TESO -7.3% (Cuts Q4 guidance to $0.10-0.15 v $0.33e due to falling energy prices)
01[09:28] {@Threei}  -RDUS -3.2% (Announces Phase 3 Top-Line Results for Its Investigational Drug Abaloparatide-SC in Postmenopausal Women With Severe Osteoporosis)
01[09:28] {@Threei}  -ASPS -2.2% (trading off on OCN news above)
01[09:32] {@Threei} Long Setup:  FB  .30 break
01[09:32] {@Threei}  If holds  .20
01[09:33] {@Threei}  1:1
01[09:34] {@Threei} Long Setup:  JPM  .10 break
01[09:34] {@Threei}  If holds  62
01[09:35] {@Threei}  1:2  FB
01[09:35] {@Threei}  1:3
01[09:35] {@Threei}  out
[09:36] {dptl} is logix quotes ok? with you guys?
[09:36] {dptl} mine is all mess up
[09:36] {JoebiWan} it was really messed up had to restart
01[09:36] {@Threei}  yes
01[09:37] {@Threei}  1:1  JPM
[09:37] {dptl} i just restatred but still the same
[09:37] {dptl} is your ok now Joebi?
[09:38] {JoebiWan} actually same here... level 2 looks backwards
[09:38] {dptl} yeah same
01[09:38] {@Threei}  chart is correct
[09:43] {dptl} stop streaming
01[09:43] {@Threei}  wow FB
01[09:45] {@Threei} Long Setup:  CAT  .40 break
01[09:45] {@Threei}  If holds  .30
01[09:46] {@Threei}  Invalidated
[09:46] {dptl} development team is looking into the issue....from nonko
01[09:48] {@Threei} Long Setup:  TWTR  .60 break
01[09:48] {@Threei}  change to .50 break
01[09:48] {@Threei}  If holds  .40
01[09:50] {@Threei}  1:1
[09:51] {JoebiWan} beam me up
01[09:51] {@Threei}  1:2
01[09:51] {@Threei}  1:3
[09:51] {JoebiWan} ty vad
01[09:51] {@Threei}  yw
[09:52] {dptl} is your working now Joebi?
[09:52] {JoebiWan} not like it normally does
01[09:53] {@Threei}  1:4
[09:53] {dptl} mine is not streaming at all
[09:54] {dptl} what about yours Vad?
[09:54] {Jenh} ty 3i!
01[09:54] {@Threei}  chart is fine, T&S is a but jerky, L2 is broken
01[09:54] {@Threei}  yw jen
[09:54] {JoebiWan} i just closed market order at 37.90 and got filled at .58
01[09:54] {@Threei}  it dropped sharply
[09:55] {Jenh} ouch! sorry to hear that Joebiwan
01[09:57] {@Threei}  spoiled brats... they now express sympathy to each other on winning trades
01[09:58] {@Threei}  next thing we know, everyone consoles dino when he makes just $3 on a trade
[09:59] {JoebiWan} are your orders going through ok vad?
01[09:59] {@Threei}  so far yes but I used limits only
[09:59] {dino} asps sm l .00 wide
01[10:00] {@Threei}  *(EU) EURO ZONE DEC ADVANCE CONSUMER CONFIDENCE: -10.9 V -11.0E \
01[10:00] {@Threei}  *(US) NOV EXISTING HOME SALES: 4.93M V 5.20ME
[10:01] {dino} asps stop .50 -.50
01[10:05] {@Threei}  everything seems to catch up
01[10:05] {@Threei}  L2 looks right too now
[10:05] {JoebiWan} yup
01[10:05] {@Threei} Long Setup:  FB  .50 breask
01[10:06] {@Threei}  If holds  .40
[10:06] {dptl} ok..looks like quotes coming back here
01[10:07] {@Threei}  half out
01[10:08] {@Threei}  1:1
01[10:09] {@Threei}  1:2
[10:09] {dptl} ty
01[10:09] {@Threei}  yw
[10:10] {JoebiWan} gj vad
01[10:10] {@Threei}  1:3
01[10:10] {@Threei}  I know
01[10:10] {@Threei}  (is this dude-like enough?)
[10:10] {dptl} all out
01[10:11] {@Threei}  I mean, wasn't it what Luke said to Princess Leia, and was considered the coolest answer ever?
[10:11] {dptl} all working now logix
[10:11] {JoebiWan} lol
[10:11] {Jenh} ty 3i!
01[10:11] {@Threei}  :)
[10:21] {dptl} dal short.10 break?
01[10:24] {@Threei}  nah
[10:24] {dptl} ok
[10:25] {RonS} aapl shining
[10:26] {RonS} momo no mo
[10:27] {RonS} fate sealed
01[10:27] {@Threei}  lol
01[10:33] {@Threei} Short Setup: FB  .60 break
01[10:33] {@Threei}  If holds  .70
01[10:42] {@Threei}  no go
01[10:42] {@Threei}  first stop today
01[11:01] {@Threei} Long Setup:  VCC  .90 break
01[11:01] {@Threei}  VXX
01[11:01] {@Threei}  If holds  .80
01[11:02] {@Threei}  1:1
01[11:05] {@Threei}  FB rinsed
[11:14] {dino} asps sm l .61
01[11:27] {@Threei} Long Setup:  BCRX  .80 break
01[11:27] {@Threei}  If holds  .70
01[11:43] {@Threei} Long Setup:  GLD  .60 break
01[11:43] {@Threei}  If holds  .50
01[11:45] {@Threei}  Invalidated
[11:52] {dptl} out bcrx
[11:58] {dptl} brb
01[12:01] {@Threei} Long Setup:  SLW  .70 break
01[12:01] {@Threei}  If holds  .60
[12:02] {dino} brutal asps drop
01[12:05] {@Threei}  Zimbabwe minister visits Crimea
01[12:05] {@Threei}  delivers advice on economic improvement I guess
[12:05] {RonS} lol
[12:06] {Jenh} lol
01[12:06] {@Threei}  and monetary policy
01[12:09] {@Threei}  The second-to-last week of 2014 has begun with pretty slack trading and modest equity gains.
01[12:09] {@Threei}  slack is right
01[12:10] {@Threei}  tepid I'd say
01[12:10] {@Threei}  Energy market volatility has hit natural gas hard this morning. The front-month Henry Hub contract is down about 9% on the session to $3.16, the biggest one-day loss in a year. There are no proximate causes for today's slide, however unseasonably warm weather in the US should continue through the end of the year and gas stockpiles are building as a result.
01[12:10] {@Threei}  Russia's situation continues to deteriorate. The Russian central bank has bailed out its first bank, and more bailouts are expected. The bank said it would inject 30 billion rubles ($530M) into Trust bank, the country's 28th-largest lender by assets, to prevent bankruptcy.
01[12:12] {@Threei}  Invalidated  SLW
[12:17] {dptl} twtr?
01[12:18] {@Threei}  no news that I see
[12:25] {dptl} hmm...something is up with it
[12:30] {dino} asps last try sm l .20
01[12:34] {@Threei}  TWTR Ticks to session highs after CNBC teases discussion later today that may focus on the speculation that CEO Costolo could be on his way out
01[12:34] {@Threei}  well respected man I guess
[12:35] {dptl} yeah...
[12:36] {dptl} Vad, do you like vlo short?.40
01[12:36] {@Threei}  late
[12:37] {dptl} on pull back?
01[12:37] {@Threei}  I doubt it
[12:37] {dptl} ok
[12:42] {dptl} how about dal short .50?
01[12:43] {@Threei}  long on recross rather
[12:44] {JoebiWan} long .50?
01[12:45] {@Threei}  yeah
01[12:45] {@Threei}  not a horribly compelling play
[12:48] {dptl} where would be stop?.44?
01[12:49] {@Threei}  yeah
[12:49] {dptl} ok i'll try
[12:49] {dptl} .05 c risk
01[12:53] {@Threei}  take half
[12:54] {dptl} did
[12:57] {dptl} took more here ty
[12:57] {dptl} will trail under .60
01[12:57] {@Threei}  :)
[12:59] {dptl} out
[13:03] {Jenh} twtr capitulation? .45?
01[13:03] {@Threei}  ?
01[13:03] {@Threei}  don't understand
[13:04] {Jenh} strong upward move could lead to quick downward?
[13:04] {Jenh} oh wait i was looking at 5 min not 1 min chart
[13:04] {Jenh} seemed like a quicker move up
01[13:04] {@Threei}  yes but reversal point is too far from here, late for shorting
[13:05] {Jenh} oh ok. where would the reversal have been?
01[13:05] {@Threei}  .70
[13:05] {Jenh} ah ic now. thanks
[13:15] {nemo} oh oh, looks like data feed fees are going up
[13:30] {nemo} IWM looks short here
[13:33] {nemo} gues two way
[13:35] {dptl} dal .70 long?
[13:35] {nemo} should test 48
01[13:36] {@Threei}  don't like these entries rigth now
01[13:36] {@Threei}  .60 would have been a good one
01[13:37] {@Threei}  .70 is 50/50
[13:37] {dptl} ok
[13:37] {nemo} IH&S
[13:37] {nemo} looks like IWM break .30 but such a quiet market
[13:57] {nemo} LYB
[14:00] {dptl} twtr .46 long?
01[14:01] {@Threei}  nah
[14:03] {dptl} ok
[14:06] {nemo} Joe Cocker took the big dirt nap
[14:07] {RonS} ya, but did he take his backup black chicks with him?
[14:07] {nemo} he always had great backup bands
[14:08] {nemo} First time I saw him was in Munich 1984
[14:08] {nemo} I was awed
[14:12] {nemo} hey dino, think jets should fire the GM and keep coach
[14:15] {dptl} Vad cop? .50 break short?
[14:15] {dptl} if holds .60
01[14:16] {@Threei}  worth a try
[14:20] {dptl} out some.41
[14:22] {dptl} 1:2 more
01[14:22] {@Threei}  :)
[14:25] {dptl} done
[14:26] {dptl} ty
01[14:29] {@Threei}  yw
[14:38] {dptl} twtr .40 short?
01[14:38] {@Threei}  yes
01[14:38] {@Threei}  SPY lost will to live
[14:38] {dptl} yeah same idea
01[14:38] {@Threei}  downdraft is very likely now
[14:39] {dptl} ok in .51 stop
[14:45] {nemo} you've heard of shark week...probably scalp week
01[14:46] {@Threei}  so far most trades worked nicely
01[14:47] {@Threei}  but our most pressing dilemma is about Friday...
[14:47] {dptl} lets not bother
[14:47] {nemo} I have no dilemma
01[14:48] {@Threei}  come out and play or stay in bed and enjoy the comfort of eggnog (replaced by cognac for more reasonable ones)
[14:48] {JoebiWan} drinking sounds like more fun
[14:48] {Jenh} i vote for eggnog
[14:48] {nemo} I vote for the posturepedic polka
01[14:48] {@Threei}  yeah, that's not likely to be a worthy trading day, lol
[14:49] {dptl} trail to .46 Vad?
01[14:49] {@Threei}  sure
01[14:51] {@Threei}  half out
01[14:51] {@Threei}  and trail to .41
01[14:51] {@Threei}  let's cement gains
[14:51] {dptl} yes
[14:55] {dptl} so? we'll take fri off?
01[14:55] {@Threei}  let's decide on Wed
[14:55] {nemo} we'll be here, just don't tell DP
01[14:55] {@Threei}  who knows, maybe me get worldwide meltdown
01[14:56] {@Threei}  and nemo will want to enjoy it
[14:56] {nemo} one could only hope
[14:56] {nemo} North Korea having major internet outages today
01[14:56] {@Threei}  and we want to watch nemo being happy
01[14:56] {@Threei}  this is once a century chance
[14:56] {nemo} NSA must have let out the junior varsity squad
01[14:56] {@Threei}  hehe
[14:56] {nemo} only if I'm killing something
01[14:57] {@Threei}  yeah, but if world falls apart, I am sure you'll be smiling even if passively observing
[14:57] {nemo} I'd be so happy, I could just shit
[14:57] {nemo} Friend of mine just got 90 days in jai
[14:57] {nemo} jail
01[14:57] {@Threei}  that's a bit more detail we needed
[14:57] {nemo} Minimum judge could give him
[14:58] {nemo} caught a guy beating up his golden retriever
[14:58] {nemo} that is my friend's
[14:58] {nemo} my buddy broke body parts...judge said she had to do something
[14:58] {Jenh} that's terrible. he shouldn't get any jail time imo
[14:59] {nemo} he did go a bit overboard
01[14:59] {@Threei}  no such thing for the animal-abuser
[14:59] {dptl} rinsed balace twtr
[14:59] {nemo} broke an arm a leg several ribs causing a puncture lung
[14:59] {nemo} I agree
[14:59] {nemo} I would have offed him and put a knife in his hand
[14:59] {Jenh} personally i don't think there's an overboard
01[14:59] {@Threei}  neither do I
[14:59] {Jenh} exactly 3i :)
01[15:00] {@Threei}  golden retriever, sheesh
01[15:00] {@Threei}  how do you bring yourself to beat that cutie?
[15:00] {nemo} Well, there's what's deserved and what the law sucks...but I've had to tiptoe that one on more than one occasion...
[15:00] {nemo} when the adrenalin is flowing hard to keep perspective
[15:01] {nemo} Threei.......
[15:01] {nemo} people are assholes
[15:01] {nemo} plain and simple
01[15:01] {@Threei}  believe me, I am familiar with that concept with not a hint of vagueness
01[15:02] {@Threei}  I am from the country of assholes
[15:02] {nemo} some people are alive simply because it's against the law to kill them....
[15:02] {nemo} and some of those are family
[15:04] {Jenh} looking forward to the holidays? :)
[15:04] {nemo} never
[15:04] {nemo} screws up my routine
[15:04] {nemo} my drum of sulphuric acid and ton of lime are gonna' be late
01[15:05] {@Threei}  need some cement?
[15:05] {nemo} shit know, preserves watch too much tv
01[15:06] {@Threei}  what evidence, fish takes care of that
[15:06] {nemo} mmmhhh, DT IWM and SPY?
01[15:06] {@Threei}  whatever... just trying to be helpful for once... sniff sniff
[15:07] {nemo} wanna' be helpful?
[15:07] {nemo} shoot ese
01[15:07] {@Threei}  no way
[15:07] {nemo} why?
01[15:07] {@Threei}  have you seen his band girls??
[15:07] {nemo} good point
[15:08] {nemo} o.k rig his bass drum with explosives so it only blows off his foot
01[15:08] {@Threei}  to refresh your memory and to sent dp on the floor once again: and
01[15:09] {@Threei}  and I get to do their photo promotion shots
[15:09] {nemo} I remember, but I'm 3+ thousand miles away
[15:09] {dptl} man...not
[15:09] {nemo} oh, he got a new one
[15:09] {dptl} damn it...i looked agai
[15:10] {dptl} again
01[15:10] {@Threei}  lol
[15:10] {nemo} finnies still moving up
[15:10] {nemo} likely no pullbacks
[15:11] {dptl} why i am not a musician
[15:11] {dptl} ?
[15:11] {nemo} I used to work in Rock&Roll
01[15:11] {@Threei} Short Setup: COP  .40 break
01[15:11] {@Threei}  If holds  .50
[15:12] {dptl} wasjust about to ask :)
01[15:13] {@Threei}  btw, add cats to golden retrievers... cat abuser, broken ribs are just not enough'
01[15:14] {@Threei}  broken neck is more like it
[15:14] {nemo} any brother threatened bunny once...I would have pleaded temporary insanity
[15:15] {nemo} tells you how nuts my family is...even though he knows my background, he threatened bunny...we're definitely a coupla' sandwiches short of a picnic
[15:16] {nemo} reminds me, yesterday was the solstice, gotta' change out my magazines
[15:16] {nemo} oh btw...joebi wan
[15:16] {JoebiWan} hm
[15:16] {nemo} you seen the new compact S&W 1911 Pro Series...sweet
[15:17] {JoebiWan} have not. will check it out
[15:17] {nemo} very nice...was at the range with the Smith Rep.  Handles real well...very smooth, not surprising for the caliber actually
[15:18] {nemo} I'm not a fan of their standard issues...but the Pro Shop issues tend to be very good performers
01[15:20] {@Threei}  no go
[15:20] {dptl} ah..stopped cop
01[15:25] {@Threei} Long Setup:  CUBA  13 break hl
01[15:25] {@Threei}  If holds  .85
[15:28] {dptl} twtr?
[15:28] {dptl} long?
01[15:28] {@Threei}  Invalidated
01[15:29] {@Threei}  can't tell TWTR
[15:29] {dptl} another shot at cop .50 short?
01[15:30] {@Threei}  relax
[15:30] {dptl} :) ok
01[15:30] {@Threei}  stop running around like a chicken with head off looking for 15 trades a minute
01[15:33] {@Threei} Long Setup:  JPM  .90 break
01[15:33] {@Threei}  If holds  .80
01[15:41] {@Threei}  stop to .84
01[15:46] {@Threei}  meh
[15:46] {dptl} out jp
01[15:46] {@Threei}  ok guys, thank you all
01[15:46] {@Threei}  have a good evening, see you tomorrow
[15:46] {Jenh} ty 3i! gn everyone
[15:47] {dptl} gn