Saturday, October 31, 2015

Barrons Saturday summary Barrons Saturday summary: Positive on cloud industry chip players, PFE, OAK, CAR, WY, SRCL, DSY.FR; Cautious on KMI 

Cover story: Positive on the cloud industry and its impact on the semiconductor industry. Cautious on INTC and QCOM as their chips represent a fading part of the demand. AMBA, BRCM, CY, MBLY, MU, NVDA and SNPS are the future of the demand. 

Trader: Opportunities will be abound in the near future with all but guaranteed confusing messaging from the Fed ahead of the December meeting. Markets appear to have recovered their losses but the gains are largely attributed to a few players such as AMZN, FB, GOOGL, and MSFT. Positive on SRCL given its valuation and history of performance. 

1) Emerging markets panel of William Blair Emerging Markets, Van Eck, Harding Loevner, and Acadian positive on WALMEXV.MX, HDB, 700.HK, 1685.HK, VLID3.BR, ADSEZ.IN, CIEL3.BR, 1299.HK, DABUR.IN, GAPB.MX, PKY1.DE, 034220.KR 
2) Cautious on KMI given its valuation in a tough marketplace for its business model 
3) Positive on PFE given the potential for its new medicines and its growth may exceed its competitors 
4) Positive on CAR as the best pure play in the rental space following consolidation in the industry. 
5) Positive on WY; seen as a great play for a continued housing recovery and its helped by recent strong management decisions

Profile: Putnam multi cap core fund holdings include AIG AAPL C CVS GILD GOOGL JPM MSFT PFE XOM and highlights the potential behind following insider buying disclosures and IPOs. 

Follow-Up: Positive on OAK despite its runup in a flat market. Company may have futher upside to the tune of 20%

Asian Trader: China Govt is still supporting the market and has lost an opportunity to bring in foreign funds by failing to admit it had a role in the Shanghai market turmoil

Emerging Markets: Sees KSU as a way to play emerging markets and the port expansion on the West Coast. 

European Trader: Positive on DSY.FR given its strong history of investment in light of volatility in Europe

Commodities: Conditions for the wheat and corn crop in the near future are likely to be negatively impacted by the sunspots that have been observed by NASA. Prices for the crops are likely to rise as a result. 

Streetwise: Positive on small cap stocks as they have underperformed in recent months and should therefore recover in the near term.