Monday, May 7, 2007

Realitytrader Trading Log, May 7, 2007

Session Time: Mon May 07 00:00:01 2007

[05:50] esemde Good morning..Good morning...back from Liverpool, how are things?
[05:52] DaveG gm
[06:00] Threei Good morning!
[06:01] Threei welcome back esemde :)
[06:01] Threei had a blast?
[06:01] esemde definately, great trip!
[06:02] cosmo that were they invented Rock?
[06:02] Threei I am envy :)
[06:02] Threei ekzaqtly, cosmo
[06:02] esemde cool to see Ringo's, Harrison, Lennon and Macartneys' haunts
[06:02] cosmo :)
[06:03] gabby morning RT's 3i
[06:03] Threei gabby :)
[06:03] esemde mignt as well have invented it there
[06:03] cosmo well... the modern version, anyway
[06:04] esemde looking at all these screens after a week off is weird...what does it all mean
[06:05] esemde help me mama help me!!!
[06:05] Threei who knows... I share the feeling
[06:05] Threei every Monday anyway
[06:05] cosmo its... technology
[06:05] cosmo i think
[06:06] Threei but I am so fascinated with pretty flashing colors of Level 2, I stop asking questions and just enjoy
[06:06] Threei my little personal home based Las vegas
[06:06] DaveG it dont take much eh
[06:06] Threei no, not really
[06:06] DaveG :)
[06:07] DaveG dndn active this am
[06:07] Threei this?
[06:07] Threei ity's been long since DNDN saw inactive morning :)
[06:07] Threei the closer to FDA...
[06:08] cosmo can't look at L2 too long here... makes me queezy
[06:08] Threei IDMI seems to be sympathy
[06:08] cosmo FDA got something for that?
[06:08] Threei matter of practice cosmo
[06:08] cosmo but that's the problem
[06:09] lklarson morn all
[06:09] cosmo i miss my amber monitor...sigh
[06:09] Threei lkl :)
[06:09] Threei amber?
[06:09] Threei next thing we know you miss your Commodore 64
[06:09] cosmo an improvement over green
[06:10] cosmo keep checking adds for those 64's
[06:10] cosmo hard to find
[06:10] Threei I bet
[06:11] Threei gotta look same place where you would look for Dodo
[06:12] DaveG who's dodo
[06:12] cosmo ah DODO ... they make vacumn tubes
[06:14] cosmo vacuum
[06:14] DaveG avii
[06:15] Threei nice gap
[06:15] cosmo AVII: Receives DoD Contracts for Bioterrorism Response Therapies
[06:15] cosmo Business Wire (Mon 9:00am)
[06:15] Threei lol... here comes dodo
[06:16] esemde is 120,000shs avii considered enough to propell it
[06:16] esemde or is it the gap that is significant
[06:17] Threei it's quyite significant pre-market volume for this stock, and gap is rather large for it
[06:17] Threei certainly a reason to watch it closelyt
[06:17] Threei while ignoring my horrible typing
[06:18] cosmo AVII daily looks like resistance at 4'ish
[06:18] Threei spot pre-market resistance and support, to start shaping up future setup
[06:18] DaveG 20.50 been a support premkt for dndn so far
[06:18] Threei 3.50 is fairly important one too, cosmo
[06:19] DaveG i'll head back to my corner
[06:19] cosmo ah
[06:19] Threei served as a support for a while at the end on 2006
[06:19] Threei Nov-Dec
[06:19] Threei so far 3.30 - 3.50 range
[06:20] Threei as if we don't know where to find you dave
[06:21] DaveG :)
[06:22] magoo morn RT
[06:22] Threei magoo :)
[06:22] DaveG morning mags
[06:23] esemde is 3/4 of a mil shs significant for dndn seeing as how it does 20mil or better these days
[06:23] Threei DNDN is tricky...
[06:24] esemde how so?
[06:24] Threei as FDA date approaches, it becomes more and more a battlefield between two sides betting on the outcome
[06:24] Threei both sides are gambling
[06:24] esemde gotcha
[06:25] Threei even though the one that eventually will be right, assures itself it's a result of their great research
[06:25] esemde what is that FDA date
[06:25] magoo but, the for noew, UP is winning vad, at least this week
[06:25] Threei fact is, noone has slightest idea
[06:25] Threei so, my take is:
[06:26] Threei if you can handle the volatility and live for risk, play it as you can read it,
[06:26] Threei we got couple nice plays last week on it
[06:26] Threei when the setup presented itself
[06:26] Threei but to try and hold it into FDA is a coin toss
[06:27] dptl good morning everyone
[06:27] Threei and don't forget that it's likely going to be halted before the decision comes
[06:27] Threei dp :)
[06:27] Threei so no risk control will save you
[06:27] esemde not to mention suicide to your wallet
[06:27] Threei eiother you gamble and win big, or... not
[06:28] cosmo HANS
[06:28] cosmo 37 critical
[06:29] Threei guys, here is the deal for today
[06:29] Threei for a couple weeks already at least, Mondays don't work for me while the rest of the week is fine
[06:29] Threei so gotta roll with punches,
[06:29] magoo one more point vad, do not forget it was a $4 stock not to long ago
[06:30] Threei and in order to control damages, today every play is half lot for me
[06:30] Threei true magoo
[06:31] Threei and struggled badly on any attempt to move up
[06:31] Threei AVII retreats so far
[06:31] cosmo NOVL deal with MSFT fwiw
[06:34] magoo IMCL continues
[06:34] Roman XING Qiao Xing annnounces orders worth $70 mln of COSUN-branded mobile phone have been secured in the distributor fair held at the end of March this year (14.19 -0.13)
[06:34] Threei Long Setup: DRYS small shares 35.15
[06:35] Threei stop under 35
[06:36] magoo vad, which scanner picked up DRYS?
[06:37] Threei rta://NewAlertWindow/?O=5500040000000020000400100000005400000_1_0&Q
[06:38] magoo ty
[06:38] DaveG u in mags?
[06:38] magoo no
[06:38] DaveG k
[06:38] Threei I prefer this window a bit later in the day usually
[06:38] magoo i stalking DNDDN..not in
[06:39] Threei but DRYS is kind of stock that if moves, moves big
[06:39] Threei and it rarely allows for tight stop,
[06:39] Threei but at this point it is
[06:39] Threei so gotta take a shot
[06:40] Threei it is = it does... sigh
[06:40] DaveG dndn
[06:40] DaveG oops
[06:40] Threei esemde... see what I mean about DNDN's volatility?
[06:41] Threei this is "can't stand the heat, get out of the Universe" kind of stock
[06:42] esemde bizzare ratio pre market to trading day
[06:42] Threei my plan for DRYS is to hold full lot for bigger move without partialling (since it was small shares to beging with)
[06:42] cosmo 3i...don't get started about the 'universe'
[06:43] Threei hmmm... I just wanted to tell you all I think about the Big Bang... but now you won't hear about it... cosmo fault
[06:43] cosmo no such thing... sheesh.. i digress
[06:44] Threei DRYS stop to 35.15
[06:45] esemde avii interesting set up ..trying to get by shs at .20 and .23
[06:45] Threei argh... skipped VDSI .50 long trigger... idiot
[06:46] magoo what u call magoo??
[06:46] DaveG nice drys vad
[06:46] Threei this time that's me, magoo G
[06:46] Threei OK, DRYS:
[06:46] Threei feel free to take profit as you fit,
[06:47] DaveG see
[06:47] Threei I am still in but don't let it impact your decision
[06:47] Threei see, yes
[06:47] Threei thank you dave
[06:47] magoo capable of nearing 36 vad?
[06:47] Threei it certainly is,
[06:47] Threei but holding for that becomes kind of gabmle
[06:50] Threei my decision to hold has little to do with this trade itself
[06:50] Threei I just got lucky on Roman's news post on XING, got nice scalp
[06:50] Threei so I am willing to let this trade slip back to b/e
[06:50] magoo your confusing magoo lol (which isn't hard to do)
[06:50] Threei in order to try my chance for a nice run
[06:51] Threei trust me magoo, I get confused long before I manage to confuse someone else
[06:51] Threei so, in spirit on generous sharing, I do my best to confuse as many as I can
[06:51] Threei on = of
[06:53] dino lltc s .30, stop .52
[06:53] Threei SCHN small shares long around .30 if stays above 54
[06:53] Threei don't chase higher than .36
[06:54] Roman NXXI high
[06:57] dino rvbd earlier working
[06:58] dino out rvbd .10, +.67
[06:58] dino die lltc
[07:00] Threei ACTU?
[07:00] Roman UNTD high, slow
[07:01] Threei let's explode DRYS
[07:02] DaveG if we missed schn....?
[07:02] esemde tasr ?
[07:03] Threei SCHN stop is under .10 at this point
[07:03] Threei so if you are OK with this risk, can try it on pullback
[07:04] Threei OK DRYS, let's do it
[07:05] Threei am I getting too greedy?
[07:06] magoo u asking me? i still in
[07:06] Threei up 50 cents... maybe should just take my whatever it is and go back to my corner
[07:06] Threei OK, trailing stop top .35
[07:06] Threei and waiting for one more spike
[07:07] Threei but again... maybe take partial magoo
[07:07] magoo oh, dave, i took it on a pullback after u asked
[07:08] Threei TASR worth a try for bounce scalp
[07:08] Threei 10.01
[07:08] Threei stop 9.84
[07:09] magoo in tasr
[07:11] dino synl hl s .06
[07:11] dino stop .33
[07:14] DaveG ru still in schn mags?
[07:15] magoo never took that, in tasr and drys, waiting to exit drys @ .79
[07:15] DaveG k
[07:16] magoo my only 2 so far
[07:16] cosmo brlc
[07:16] dino synl stopped -,29, hl
[07:17] cosmo brlc 8.50 test soon
[07:17] DaveG long schn
[07:17] DaveG .20
[07:17] magoo vad, dndn bouncer somewhere?
[07:17] dino rcky
[07:18] Threei certainly magoo... it's locating that "somewhere" that I have troubles with :)
[07:18] esemde futures not favoring tasr imo
[07:18] Threei and don't bother calling me useless
[07:18] magoo u been reading it well,
[07:18] esemde seems to be following it to a tee
[07:21] dino hl l grow .41
[07:24] magoo push.79
[07:25] cosmo brlc
[07:25] esemde tasr looking better with futures
[07:25] cosmo 8.50 wall
[07:26] magoo chart looks terrible imho
[07:28] magoo OUT..boy LASER exercutes FASSSSSSSTTTTTTTT
[07:28] magoo THANX vad
[07:28] Threei welcome :)
[07:28] dino lltc bstop to b/e, not moving
[07:28] DaveG any target on schn?
[07:29] DaveG "higher dave"
[07:29] Threei if takes .50, next spike is for exit as soon as it slows down dave
[07:30] DaveG out schn .60
[07:31] DaveG TANKY YOU!!
[07:31] DaveG oops
[07:31] DaveG lol
[07:31] DaveG thank you
[07:31] DaveG :))
[07:31] lklarson out schn 1:1
[07:31] Threei hmmm... OK, I'll take it face value... welcome :)
[07:37] esemde have no general sense of market, generally up..dn..sideways..and i was only away a week
[07:37] Threei it's Monday, esemde... market feels a bit hangover
[07:38] Threei but let me tell you... you got lucky not being here on Friday
[07:38] Threei we had great trading day, however that was a very scary spot
[07:38] Threei believe it or not, I sang
[07:38] esemde what happened friday?
[07:38] Threei and you wouldn't want to be here for that
[07:38] dino ese, i've been that way for 3 days
[07:39] Threei [08:26] * Threei sings 'I am reviewing my situation"
[07:39] Threei [08:30] Threei hey... it's actually a very daytrading song
[07:39] Threei [08:31] Threei I'm reviewing the situation.
[07:39] Threei [08:31] Threei If you want to eat -- you've got to earn a bob!
[07:39] Threei [08:31] Threei Is it such a humiliation
[07:39] Threei [08:31] Threei For a robber to perform an honest job?
[07:39] Threei [08:37] Threei well... I always knew my singing scares everyone out of the premises
[07:39] Threei [08:38] Threei works flawlessly, if I want privacy all I need to do is to start singing... garanteed to be alone in 5-10 seconds
[07:39] Threei [08:40] lklarson well, your singing career will not substitute your trading career, lol
[07:39] esemde george dub ya declare war somewhere?
[07:40] Threei [08:44] Threei actually lkl... think of it as a tool to empty public spaces for instance
[07:40] Threei [08:44] lklarson lol
[07:40] Threei [08:44] Threei disperse a protest rally
[07:40] Threei [08:44] DaveG lol
[07:40] Threei [08:45] DaveG clear a movie theater?
[07:40] Threei [08:45] Threei easy
[07:40] Threei [08:45] DaveG :)
[07:40] Threei [08:45] Threei maybe even military applications if I hone my skill a bit more
[07:40] Threei [08:45] Chaeron win a war?
[07:40] Threei [08:45] Threei there
[07:40] Threei [08:45] Chaeron :)
[07:40] Threei [08:45] Chaeron great minds
[07:40] Threei [08:46] Threei gimme a loudspeaker and armies will run struck by great fear
[07:40] Threei end of quote
[07:41] cosmo ah... that's from the "3i Vogon Ensemble"
[07:41] gabby WFMI?
[07:42] dino grow stopped
[07:42] Threei hard to tell gabbyu, chart looks good but it's narrow today
[07:42] gabby in from ................25
[07:42] Threei if breaks .35 and spikes, I'd be exiting
[07:43] gabby seems to have died in last 5 mins
[07:46] gabby there it goes
[07:46] esemde long avii 3.11 stp .00
[07:46] Threei good one gabby
[07:46] gabby tks
[07:49] dino ssys spike, thin
[07:50] Roman NYMX Nymox Pharma confirms new positive results from 3 1/2 year study of NX-1207 for benign prostatic hyperplasia (7.12 -0.17) -Update-
[07:50] Roman WAVX spike
[07:56] dino cenx s .79, stop .03
[07:57] Threei AAPL
[07:57] Threei small shares .85
[07:59] Threei stop under .50
[08:01] DaveG watching it
[08:02] Threei stop to under .60
[08:02] magoo waiting @ .24
[08:04] DaveG long aapl
[08:04] magoo kick it vad
[08:05] Threei yes sir
[08:07] DaveG kick harder
[08:07] Threei I did
[08:07] Threei wait
[08:07] Threei which side??
[08:07] magoo DNDN interesting here..not in
[08:08] DaveG whatever side makes it go up
[08:09] dptl lol
[08:12] dptl another sideways day
[08:16] Threei no worky AAPL
[08:16] magoo IPSU?
[08:17] Threei must be news
[08:17] magoo roman?
[08:18] Threei anyone still in SCHN?
[08:18] dino cenx stopped
[08:22] dino lltc bstop to .13\
[08:23] DaveG still in aapl
[08:24] magoo entry dave 102.98??lol
[08:24] dino cov lltc +.17
[08:24] magoo no slap? sigh
[08:25] DaveG bite me mags
[08:25] DaveG :)
[08:25] dino lol
[08:25] magoo :)
[08:26] dino s rcky .61, partoal
[08:29] magoo [11:24] magoo no slap? sigh
[08:30] Roman BIOS high
[08:30] Roman spiked to almost $5 on Friday
[08:39] Roman GNET spike
[08:43] Roman CIMT working it
[08:43] Roman possible spike over 4
[08:44] Roman MGAM Multimedia Games upgraded to Buy at Noble Financial (11.05 +0.21) -Update-
[08:49] Roman IDSY going
[08:49] Threei still in AAPL, dave, magoo?
[08:50] dino y
[08:50] magoo y
[08:51] dino stop to b/e
[08:51] dino out
[08:51] magoo AAPL SUX
[08:52] magoo had an exit wait @ .32, hits .23.sigh
[09:01] magoo poor sue herrarra
[09:02] magoo was losing looks to be porkin out again
[09:15] esemde signing off...have a great day everyone!
[09:15] Threei take care esemde
[09:16] magoo bye es
[09:18] dino lol magoo, sue
[09:26] Threei GROW 24 break short if stays under .25
[09:27] Threei small shares, thin and jumpy
[09:27] Threei OK, I am finally out DRYS
[09:27] Threei +1.00
[09:28] Threei whew
[09:28] Chaeron wow
[09:28] magoo WOW
[09:32] lklarson TS would not allow me to short grow again
[09:36] Threei 1:1
[09:37] Threei covered
[09:37] lklarson rub it in:)
[09:37] Threei sorry :)
[09:37] Threei anyone played it?
[09:38] magoo i looked away and missed entry
[09:38] dieter not allowed with IB
[09:38] Threei :(
[09:38] Threei lkl, dieter... don't look at it now
[09:39] lklarson bye$$$
[09:40] Threei you miss too many plays, due to slower execution or short unavailability...
[09:41] lklarson so it seems
[09:45] magoo FLOW news?
[09:46] Roman FLOW Flow spikes to session highs, move attributed to takeover rumor (12.99 +0.99) -Update-
[09:47] dino flow s hl .00
[09:47] magoo ty
[09:56] Threei wow GROW
[09:59] Threei I'd say, with correction made today I broke Monday curse
[10:04] lklarson yes, gj vad
[10:04] Threei you see a rare phenomenon here... author who actually does what he writes about G
[10:05] lklarson :)
[10:06] dino flow bstop to .59
[10:06] dino stopped +.39
[10:07] Threei good one
[10:07] dino ty
[10:15] dino omri l .00, stop .69
[10:23] Roman SPWR failing
[10:23] Roman this time hopefully under $55
[10:26] Roman u guys still in AAPL?
[10:27] magoo i scalped out @ 103.05 awhile ago
[10:53] magoo .
[10:53] Threei very good point
[11:06] Threei DNDN, half lot .21 long, stop under .10
[11:08] Roman CPHD spike
[11:13] lklarson nice call on omri dino
[11:14] dino omri stop to .62
[11:14] dino ty lkl
[11:15] dino strange lately, i'm sucking in a.m., hitting p.m. used to be other way'
[11:15] dino out omri w/slippage ave .55, +.55
[11:18] lklarson i got out at .30 using my usual 1:1
[11:19] dino gj lkl
[11:19] lklarson thx
[11:19] dino rrst
[11:24] dino rrst s .23 partial
[11:33] DaveG aapl strong
[11:45] dino darn omri
[11:47] lklarson wow
[11:55] dptl ngen?
[11:56] Threei nah
[11:56] dino waiting on spikes here
[12:09] dino rrst stopped -.09
[12:09] dino spiked
[12:18] dino omri s .25
[12:18] dptl we've lost internet for a min here
[12:20] Threei no position?
[12:20] dptl
[12:21] dino you have to feed the gerbils
[12:22] magoo DNDN panic
[12:26] dino hans
[12:27] magoo HANS news roman?
[12:34] Threei CIMT, if .84 offer is taken, I'd grab a little overnight
[12:35] dino omri stooped -.27
[12:40] dino ppdi s .51
[12:43] magoo vad, any read GROW
[12:45] Threei not that close to eod
[12:47] dino sure it is, 15 minutes or so
[12:51] dptl ok....good night everyone......internet prob . to you guys tomorrow
[12:51] Threei take care dp
[12:52] magoo c u dp
[12:55] lklarson have a good night everyone
[12:55] Threei bye lkl
[12:58] magoo c u ikl
[12:58] Threei thank you all
[12:59] Threei quite satisfied with this Monday
[12:59] Threei have a good evening, see you tomorrow
Session Close: Tue May 08 00:00:00 2007