Friday, October 19, 2007

October 19, 2007

Session Start: Fri Oct 19 00:00:00 2007

Session Time: Fri Oct 19 00:00:00 2007

[05:40] {bruce} gm all
[05:40] {Threei} morning guys
[05:42] {tomg} gm vad, all
[05:42] {Threei} tom :)
[05:45] {bruce} hi tom, vad
[05:45] {Threei} bruce :)
[05:46] {tomg} hi bruce
[05:51] {cosmo} SNDK beats est. ...then warns
[05:51] {cosmo} .... could be juicy
[05:54] {magoo} mornink comrades
[05:54] {Threei} cosmo, magoo :)
[05:55] {cosmo} :) .. we are patriots..
[05:55] {magoo} scalped goog last nite 4 for 4
[05:55] {cosmo} in a cents
[05:55] {magoo} i have a system
[05:56] {Threei} wtg
[05:56] {magoo} wait for it to calm down, get general feel for direction, only 100 shares to control risk, and ride it 7-10 pointds
[05:56] {magoo} got 7 points 4 times
[05:57] {magoo} i do not gamble guess ahead
[05:57] {Threei} keep the details, post the entries (in advance so we can follow). thank you
[05:57] {magoo} i waited till like 4:30
[05:57] {Threei} :)
[05:57] {magoo} and did it till 6pm
[05:57] {Threei} humor aside, this is uber cool
[05:58] {Threei} (especially considering the quality ofhumot)
[05:59] {esemde} Good morning everyone....
[05:59] {Threei} ese :)
[05:59] {Threei} look dcc please
[06:00] {markweb} gm all
[06:00] {bruce} hi ese, mark
[06:01] {markweb} :)
[06:02] {Threei} mark :)
[06:02] {Threei} keep an eye on ASTIZ
[06:04] {cosmo} GOOG target = 800 ...hehe
[06:04] {magoo} although, cramer said last nite they blew it with hiring or whatever and should be stuck 635
[06:05] {magoo} adds a lil risk of pullbaxcks
[06:05] {magoo} if he just said "buy it" it would be 700 this morn
[06:06] {dino} gm all
[06:06] {bruce} hi dino
[06:06] {markweb} ddino:)
[06:06] {markweb} dino
[06:06] {Threei} dino :)
[06:07] {dino} :)
[06:07] {magoo} magoo and dino hungover today
[06:07] {magoo} hunt club mtg last nite
[06:08] {bruce} what were you hunting?
[06:08] {magoo} trying to figure out how to shoot all our doves at club (and a few ravens lol)
[06:08] {magoo} its bow season now for whitetail deer
[06:09] {bruce} k- ots of skill to bowhunting
[06:10] {bruce} I got a whitetail once
[06:10] {dptl} good morning all
[06:10] {bruce} with my car
[06:10] {markweb} dp:)
[06:10] {bruce} hi dp
[06:10] {dino} lol
[06:11] {Threei} dp :)
[06:12] {magoo} i got a slammer with bow last year, posted pics in room
[06:12] {bruce} a few minutes after I hit the deer a druck trucker came roaring up behind me
[06:12] {ramvfin2003} gm
[06:12] {bruce} drunk
[06:13] {Threei} ram :)
[06:13] {markweb} ram:)
[06:13] {bruce} he slammed on brakes and truck skidded arund me - backwards
[06:13] {magoo} what state?
[06:14] {bruce} sask canada here
[06:14] {magoo} because dino is a part time long hauler
[06:14] {bruce} lol
[06:14] {bruce} lots of deer here
[06:14] {magoo} and a boozer
[06:14] {cosmo} oh dear...
[06:14] {esemde} bruce my from Sask.....
[06:14] {esemde} where?
[06:14] {magoo} WHAT????u are in saskachewan?
[06:14] {cosmo} oh deer, that is
[06:15] {dino} lol
[06:15] {bruce} that was the wierdest thing - watching a semi go past me backwards
[06:15] {bruce} yes -
[06:15] {magoo} i dream of hunting the big north sackaw someday
[06:15] {dino} you should see magoo run down the hall
[06:15] {bruce} vads thinking of moving here when he gets tired of the coast
[06:15] {esemde} where are you from bruce?
[06:16] {magoo} i go to quebec often
[06:16] {bruce} ontario originally - then here
[06:16] {bruce} quebec is nice
[06:16] {cosmo} do you guys ever see/smell bigfoot?
[06:16] {esemde} I was born and raised in Regina Sask...
[06:16] {bruce} ah
[06:16] {bruce} stoonhere
[06:17] {bruce} seen lots of bears
[06:17] {bruce} but no bigfoot yet
[06:18] {cosmo} always bring your camers
[06:18] {esemde} nver liked Stoon...lost my first girlfriend to some guy from Stoon...lost a provincial chess semi final to some guy from Stoon ....and also lost a badminton semi final to some guy from Stoon.....
[06:18] {cosmo} camera
[06:18] {ramvfin2003} its gonna be a good day all...i feel it
[06:19] {bruce} lol - poor ese
[06:19] {dino} nyx
[06:19] {bruce} hstill haven
[06:19] {bruce} t forgiven me for the chess match?
[06:19] {Threei} hey, you are a chess player ese
[06:19] {esemde} used to be Vad
[06:19] {Threei} same
[06:19] {dino} ese, stay out of stoon
[06:20] {bruce} yah - and dodge too
[06:20] {cosmo} they play checkers in Dodge
[06:20] {esemde} I don't know my opening anymore....counter opening etc...would get wiped out by you i'm sure
[06:20] {Threei} {--- third prize in USSR junior competition in, jeez, 1979
[06:21] {bruce} congrats vad
[06:21] {esemde} i'll heed that advice dino...
[06:21] {Threei} ummm... a bit late congrats... but heck, I'll take it :)
[06:21] {esemde} and dodge as well
[06:21] {bruce} lol
[06:22] {bruce} you probably have goodpattern memory -
[06:22] {bruce} helps with chess - and trading too
[06:22] {ramvfin2003} PMCS up on good earnings?
[06:23] {Threei} 10/18/07 04:06pm [PMCS] Reports Q3 $0.09 v $0.06e, R$117.5M v $113.7Me
[06:24] {ramvfin2003} INSP upgraded from hold to buy
[06:25] {ramvfin2003} SHOO chatter on buyout
[06:28] {magoo} nice on chess vad, proud of our mentor
[06:28] {Threei} ty... looong ago though
[06:29] {magoo} ok, forget it then he he
[06:29] {cosmo} 'check'
[06:31] {Roman} JASO
[06:31] {Roman} short watch
[06:32] {dino} bottom thoughts on sndk?
[06:32] {markweb} 45
[06:33] {ramvfin2003} ASTI looks good....ASTIZ follows imo
[06:34] {Threei} ASTI, watching for a pullback and buying point
[06:34] {Threei} jumpy, control your risk
[06:34] {dino} anet
[06:34] {ramvfin2003} where r u looking to enter?
[06:35] {Threei} break of .40 it seems
[06:35] {Threei} and ASTIZ has nice juicy offer at .75 to help as indication
[06:35] {magoo} which leads/
[06:36] {esemde} what your bstop for ASTIZ vad
[06:36] {Threei} if 9.75 meltss
[06:36] {Threei} but you can't use market bstop on this one
[06:37] {Threei} and limit above it is not likely to work
[06:37] {Threei} it's for manual entry, to try and grab last shares at .75
[06:37] {cosmo} INFA
[06:38] {cosmo} 16.60 hod
[06:38] {magoo} markets tanking vad
[06:38] {magoo} isn't today the anniversary of black monday '87? indeed
[06:39] {bruce} jnpr tanked
[06:40] {Threei} ASTI is not really breakout play at this point
[06:40] {cosmo} INFA
[06:41] {Threei} INFA is .75 long cos
[06:41] {bruce} nktr short?
[06:42] {Threei} no read on NKTR
[06:42] {ramvfin2003} i got disconn, INFA l above .75?
[06:43] {Threei} yes ram
[06:43] {Threei} BRCM
[06:43] {Threei} short .99
[06:44] {Threei} stop 42.11
[06:45] {ramvfin2003} in BRCM 42.02
[06:45] {bruce} in brcm .02
[06:45] {markweb} sry dino i was wrong on SNDK .12:(
[06:46] {dino} hl l sndk .75, risky
[06:46] {bruce} stopped brcm
[06:47] {dino} np
[06:48] {dino} you were close
[06:48] {markweb} no$$$$$:(
[06:50] {bruce} infa close to trigger
[06:51] {bruce} stop to .45?
[06:51] {Threei} that's too wide for my taste
[06:51] {ramvfin2003} damn BRCM :(
[06:51] {bruce} yes - dont see other support tgough
[06:52] {Roman} long IVAN wing
[06:52] {Roman} swing
[06:52] {Threei} if it sets up from here, .64 is valid stop
[06:52] {ramvfin2003} NED chinese IPO
[06:53] {bruce} k
[06:53] {Roman} long BDCO
[06:54] {Roman} looks like small cap fuels maybe on radar again
[06:54] {magoo} been awhile
[06:55] {magoo} sh brcm loss 42
[06:56] {dino} 46 wall sndk
[06:56] {bruce} in infa .75
[06:58] {ramvfin2003} in .72
[06:58] {ramvfin2003} target vad?
[06:59] {Threei} it's in uncharted territory
[06:59] {Threei} impossible to tell, read it as it moves
[06:59] {Threei} partial olut on sharp spikes
[07:01] {Roman} JASO short
[07:01] {Threei} spike into .90 is for first partial
[07:01] {Roman} small 50.00
[07:01] {Threei} ok, I just must post it
[07:02] {esemde} LAVA moving slow but the setup looks good
[07:02] {magoo} markets jittery
[07:02] {magoo} brcm trigg
[07:02] {magoo} in
[07:02] {magoo} 42
[07:02] {magoo} short
[07:03] {magoo} shorter
[07:03] {magoo} shortest
[07:03] {esemde} LAVA not anymore
[07:04] {magoo} q losing ground here
[07:04] {magoo} the plane..the,um..the crash ..the crash {tatu}
[07:04] {Threei} beautiful short magoo
[07:05] {magoo} any thoughtyrts here?
[07:06] {Threei} half
[07:06] {magoo} qqqq getting wacked
[07:06] {markweb} cover thanks mag
[07:06] {Threei} bounces will occur to, 30 cents worth protecting
[07:06] {magoo} nice mark
[07:06] {Threei} I mean 40
[07:06] {Threei} lol
[07:07] {markweb} ty
[07:07] {ramvfin2003} still like this INFA vad?
[07:07] {magoo} out .63
[07:07] {magoo} + 37
[07:07] {Threei} why not
[07:07] {Threei} market tanks, INFA stays high
[07:08] {ramvfin2003} k
[07:08] {Roman} cover JASO +.60
[07:08] {magoo} dino rockin the office bad here
[07:09] {magoo} just got a complaint
[07:09] {bruce} great play roman
[07:09] {magoo} nice roman
[07:10] {dino} gj rfr
[07:10] {Roman} GIGA high
[07:10] {dino} magoo whining today
[07:10] {bruce} infa spike - should we be exiting?
[07:11] {Threei} [10:01] {Threei} spike into .90 is for first partial
[07:11] {Roman} GNBT high
[07:12] {dptl} trak?
[07:14] {Threei} other than short on .50 breakdown, don't see a play on it dp
[07:14] {ramvfin2003} INFA break of .90 should see 17 imo on momo
[07:15] {dptl} ty
[07:15] {Threei} keep it small, jumpy thing
[07:15] {cosmo} salmon have to jump the ladders
[07:18] {cosmo}
[07:19] {Threei} CHDX
[07:20] {Threei} scary one... has a feel of big mover to it
[07:21] {Threei} .30 small
[07:21] {cosmo} INFA should hold .75
[07:21] {cosmo} imo
[07:23] {trader88} brcm
[07:23] {Threei} anyone dares to look at GEOI?
[07:23] {Threei} told you under 8, it was explosive thing
[07:23] {magoo} chdx is avail short too vad, just in case
[07:23] {magoo} i don't want to look vad
[07:24] {bruce} chdx stop?
[07:25] {Threei} under 32
[07:25] {magoo} in god help me
[07:25] {bruce} in chdx.3
[07:25] {ramvfin2003} INFA held that .75 right on cosmo
[07:26] {cosmo} yeah... it was almost nap time, ram
[07:26] {ramvfin2003} 17 comin
[07:26] {magoo} u take chdx vad?
[07:26] {Threei} yes
[07:27] {magoo} {billy joel} and we'll all go down together.....
[07:27] {Threei} from this point on, no way to lose money on INFA
[07:27] {magoo} i could
[07:27] {Threei} thanks cosmo, great spot
[07:27] {magoo} go long here
[07:27] {magoo} LULU
[07:27] {magoo} activity
[07:28] {magoo} not in stalking
[07:28] {magoo} all the way to 33 vad
[07:29] {Threei} you telling or asking?
[07:29] {magoo} telling :)
[07:29] {Threei} cool, I hoped so
[07:29] {magoo} exit .98
[07:29] {Roman} u guys long or short CHDX?
[07:29] {Threei} if fail, responsibility is yours, if works credit is mine
[07:29] {Threei} long Roman
[07:30] {magoo} as always he he
[07:30] {magoo} thats my inet .98
[07:31] {magoo} actually, changed to .94
[07:31] {magoo} full disclosure
[07:31] {bruce} out chdx .72
[07:32] {esemde} long CORS 11.08 kinda thin stop .96 next resis .53 that my target
[07:32] {dino} stopped sndk
[07:32] {bruce} out 1/2 infa .95
[07:33] {bruce} stop to .8 on balance
[07:34] {ramvfin2003} would u still get in on CHDX?
[07:34] {magoo} noi
[07:35] {ramvfin2003} out INFA .93 ty vad
[07:35] {Threei} welcome
[07:35] {esemde} CYBS
[07:35] {magoo} stopped bastard
[07:35] {magoo} mean stox
[07:36] {magoo} too greedy
[07:36] {bruce} sheesh - lucky - caught exact top in chdx
[07:36] {magoo} scalpers mkt
[07:36] {magoo} i should know better
[07:37] {ramvfin2003} ASTI news?
[07:38] {Roman} JASO short watch
[07:39] {cosmo} INFA wall @ 17?
[07:40] {ramvfin2003} screwed that one up...sold way too soon...i need a cig
[07:40] {bruce} infa stop to .90
[07:41] {cosmo} i use a net
[07:42] {esemde} NAS persisting on going lower today...tsk tsk tsk....
[07:42] {magoo} answer your phone vad lol
[07:44] {Threei} nope
[07:45] {bruce} out balance infa .9
[07:45] {Threei} good job bruce
[07:46] {bruce} thanx vad
[07:46] {bruce} wondering if my trailing stop waws a bit to tight
[07:47] {Threei} nope
[07:47] {bruce} k
[07:47] {Threei} as stock moves vertical you tighten it
[07:47] {bruce} trying to protect profits
[07:47] {Threei} esoecially considering it was long position in falling market
[07:48] {bruce} nice plays - thanx - in black today thank goodness
[07:48] {bruce} breaking new highs though
[07:48] {bruce} so I think it can go higher
[07:48] {cosmo} my dogs often tell me when to tighten the stops
[07:48] {bruce} I was hping for .20 or amybe more
[07:48] {bruce} lol
[07:49] {bruce} so do mine cosmo
[07:49] {bruce} I lost one 2 weks back
[07:49] {bruce} cancer
[07:49] {Threei} I don't have dogs... and cat is lazy
[07:49] {bruce} lol
[07:49] {bruce} you can loan him to me
[07:49] {cosmo} i'm getting that 'look' now, too
[07:49] {bruce} I have a field mouse that got into house somehow
[07:50] {bruce} same here cos - dogs run my life - lol
[07:50] {cosmo} :)
[07:51] {dino} icfi drop
[07:51] {bruce} sndk continues down
[07:53] {esemde} still nursing CORS...Roman can i get your opinion you tend to play thins ones like this
[07:53] {bruce} used to have 4 cats vad
[07:53] {bruce} one was called rambo
[07:53] {dino} will try again later on it
[07:53] {bruce} he was a tough buger
[07:54] {dino} f'ing partials 100 filled icfi at .30, sheesh, c'mon chuck
[07:54] {Threei} NVDA
[07:55] {Threei} if market drops, .20 short with .35 stop
[07:55] {dino} tibx
[07:55] {cosmo} i could never have a cat again...not around here. ..too many coyotes
[07:56] {dino} nah
[07:56] {magoo} were going down 500 for anniversary..the boyz tell me
[07:56] {Threei} 1:1 NVDA
[07:57] {bruce} nice - i missed entry
[07:57] {markweb} same here
[07:57] {Threei} got .19 and .18
[07:57] {Threei} out in full here
[07:57] {magoo} i got it vad nvda
[07:57] {bruce} that was a nice quick drop
[07:58] {magoo} black friday
[07:58] {Threei} no single attempt at uptick
[07:58] {Threei} this is how I love'em
[07:58] {magoo} i was gonna take brcm w/your nvda but missed
[07:58] {bruce} nas drop was part of trigger?
[07:59] {Threei} it downticked right on cue
[07:59] {Threei} how do you route your orders guys?
[07:59] {Threei} it was easily available if you set limit 2 cents under the trigger
[07:59] {ramvfin2003} oil pipline in norther iraq set on fire
[08:00] {magoo} out nvda .74 TY vad
[08:00] {Threei} .20 disappeared too quick but .18 was easy, and some shares at .19 were available
[08:00] {Threei} welcome mags
[08:00] {magoo} i caught .17
[08:00] {magoo} it was fast
[08:00] {magoo} brcm went exactly with it biut i missed
[08:01] {ramvfin2003} TIBX vad?
[08:03] {Threei} news move...
[08:03] {dino} ostk l hl .00
[08:04] {dino} hl l rimm .51
[08:06] {magoo} risky
[08:07] {ramvfin2003} would u play TIBX?
[08:08] {Threei} if .85 scrolls... risky one
[08:08] {ramvfin2003} stop?
[08:08] {Threei} it doesn't have technical read to it ram
[08:08] {Threei} this is news play
[08:08] {ramvfin2003} k
[08:09] {bruce} way to go dino
[08:09] {bruce} did you get out w profit?
[08:10] {dino} scanner starting to show green
[08:10] {dino} not yet bruce want a buck
[08:11] {bruce} k
[08:11] {bruce} have noticed you go for big moves
[08:11] {dino} same w/ostk
[08:11] {bruce} that is double bottom reversal play?
[08:12] {dino} that is what dino refers to as "gut"
[08:12] {bruce} lol - k
[08:12] {dino} don't overthink it, its just a trade
[08:13] {bruce} hard to read - trend is down - but may bounce here - must have good skill at reading
[08:14] {dino} bruce, find your edge, manage the risk (size), keep your stop. keep it simple. anything can happen
[08:16] {bruce} my edge is really well hidden
[08:16] {bruce} do a good job on stops though
[08:17] {dino} stops are key
[08:17] {dino} rimm stop is .14 fwiw
[08:19] {bruce} stops help - you lose money slower that way
[08:19] {dino} rimm stopped -.36
[08:21] {dino} trade in the present bruce, not yesterday.
[08:22] {dino} reverse your thinking...expect to lose. embrace risk, it's your friend. just keep the stop. keep it simply. i am clueless everyday, no idea what i will play.
[08:22] {bruce} tryindino- thanx for advice
[08:23] {dino} whats w/anet?
[08:23] {magoo} at lows 216 down
[08:24] {Threei} don't see any news dino
[08:24] {Threei} black monday of 1987 had 508 points drop
[08:24] {Threei} and it was much more serious in % with those lwevels
[08:25] {Threei} this drop (for now at least) is trivial
[08:25] {markweb} news?
[08:25] {Threei} on what?
[08:25] {markweb} on drop
[08:25] {dino} anet hl s .20, risky
[08:26] {Threei} nope
[08:26] {magoo} we could be setting up for a black monday on ...u guessed it...monday
[08:26] {markweb} anet
[08:26] {markweb} sry
[08:26] {dino} anet stop is .33 tight
[08:27] {bruce} any read on wind vad?
[08:27] {magoo} i'm reading dino's wind right now
[08:27] {Threei} not really... too narrow
[08:28] {bruce} k 2$ down -
[08:28] {Threei} ?
[08:29] {Threei} WIND is down 13 cents
[08:29] {bruce} geesh
[08:29] {bruce} sorry
[08:29] {bruce} looking at vlo
[08:33] {dino} out iostk .30, +.30
[08:33] {dino} ostk that is
[08:35] {ramvfin2003} VRTX?
[08:36] {dino} ok hl l icfi .45 ave
[08:36] {Threei} small shares long
[08:36] {Threei} not very compelling play though
[08:36] {ramvfin2003} here on VRTX vad?
[08:36] {Threei} yeah
[08:36] {ramvfin2003} k passing
[08:37] {Threei} kind of, you know... 53% in favor :)
[08:38] {ramvfin2003} lol
[08:43] {bruce} cmed short?
[08:45] {dino} l hl sndk .50
[08:46] {Threei} no clue bruce, the way it trades is too sporadic
[08:46] {bruce} k - looks like nasty stop too
[08:47] {ramvfin2003} vad need a good call :)
[08:48] {dino} anet stopped -.13
[08:49] {bruce} l sndk .52
[08:50] {bruce} out .74
[08:53] {Threei} ram... you'll know if/when I see it :)
[08:58] {bruce} i had set .40 stop on sndk dino
[08:59] {bruce} your thoughts - was it too tight ?
[08:59] {dino} you get stopped ?
[09:00] {bruce} no
[09:00] {bruce} worked nice
[09:00] {bruce} in 52 out .74
[09:00] {dino} nice trade. i personall hate to use zeros and fives for stops, go a coulp below
[09:00] {bruce} just wndering if i played it too narrow
[09:01] {bruce} k -so .38 would have been better
[09:01] {dino} imo, everyone uses zeros and fives
[09:02] {dino} tight, your decision, go smaller size wider stops or bigger and tight for scalkps
[09:02] {dino} icfi stop to .79
[09:02] {bruce} k - and would tink you are probably going for over 45 on sndk?
[09:03] {dino} not anymore mkt falling
[09:03] {ramvfin2003} VRTX new HOD
[09:03] {bruce} k
[09:03] {dino} out ifci +.39
[09:04] {bruce} infa new highs
[09:05] {dino} sndk stop to .49
[09:05] {bruce} worth a try long again infa vad?
[09:05] {Threei} chart is totally out of whack
[09:06] {ramvfin2003} missed that VRTX :(
[09:07] {magoo} vad, any read aapl, bidu, goog ??he he
[09:07] {Threei} you listed 3 symbols, right?
[09:07] * Threei slaps magoo around a bit with a large trout
[09:07] * Threei slaps magoo around a bit with a large trout
[09:07] * Threei slaps magoo around a bit with a large trout
[09:08] {Threei} see INFA bruce?
[09:08] {magoo} roflol..and choking on pizza
[09:08] {Threei} this is untradable
[09:09] {bruce} yes - watching it - spike after 17 was warning it may just be a fakeout?
[09:09] {Threei} it's not even that
[09:10] {Threei} it's simply spikes up, retreats below all support levels, spikes again...
[09:10] {Threei} nothing to base read on
[09:10] {ramvfin2003} going for a cig, vad dont call anything till i get back please :)
[09:10] {Threei} lol
[09:10] {Threei} in the m orning, when cosmo first mentioned it, there was a structure to a play
[09:10] {markweb} BRCM Vad?
[09:10] {Threei} trigger, stop...
[09:11] {Threei} now it's just a painting by artist high on weed
[09:11] {markweb} triger on BRCM
[09:11] {Threei} BRCM looks like long .18
[09:11] {markweb} ty
[09:11] {ramvfin2003} should i wait for cig than vad
[09:12] {ramvfin2003} where would u stop BRCM?
[09:12] {Threei} I don't know how high in your scale of priorities it is :)
[09:12] {dino} sndk stopped -.02
[09:13] {Threei} 41.04 stop
[09:14] {dino} l hl nvda .25
[09:15] {dino} chtt
[09:16] {bruce} l brcm .19
[09:17] {ramvfin2003} l .18
[09:17] {ramvfin2003} brcm
[09:17] {ramvfin2003} u in vad?
[09:17] {Threei} NQ breaks 2180 again, BRCM should work nicely
[09:18] {magoo} and nvda imho
[09:18] {Threei} yeah, they are in the same cart
[09:18] {ramvfin2003} target on BRCM vad
[09:19] {Threei} will be totally NQ dependent
[09:19] {Threei} it will move as long as NQ will
[09:21] {dino} vclk
[09:21] {dino} ctct
[09:25] {ramvfin2003} come on brcm...daddys due
[09:25] {Threei} in today's terms, market would have to drop 1300 points to match 1987 crash
[09:25] {Threei} not going to happen, by any stretch of imagination
[09:25] {magoo} maybe on monday
[09:30] {esemde} have a great day everyone......
[09:31] {Threei} take care ese
[09:31] {esemde} and weekend....
[09:31] {ramvfin2003} come on brcm no stoppie
[09:32] {dino} risky hl l ttpy .15
[09:34] {bruce} bye ese
[09:40] {dino} tbsi hl l .67
[09:42] {ramvfin2003} brcm keeps trying
[09:42] {Threei} NQ is getting ready to upward move
[09:42] {Threei} and BRCM held well
[09:44] {ramvfin2003} no stoppie no
[09:45] {dino} zumz
[09:45] {Threei} 2180 is magic number
[09:48] {bruce} stopped brcm
[09:48] {Threei} sigh
[09:49] {bruce} maybe I'm jinxing your plays vad
[09:50] {ramvfin2003} i cant win
[09:51] {dptl} stoped ,stoped........having bad week, taking a break
[09:52] {ramvfin2003} should have went for my cig....going now
[09:52] {dino} lol
[09:54] {dino} ttpy stop to .39
[09:54] {dino} rock-n-roll tbsi
[09:57] {bruce} time for a dog walk
[09:57] {bruce} back in 20
[09:57] {bruce} hey vad - maybe you should start walking that lazy cat of yours
[10:00] {dino} maybe vad should just start walking, :)
[10:00] {markweb} pss
[10:03] {dino} tbsi stopped flat
[10:03] {markweb} out ttpy thanks Dino!
[10:03] {dino} gj
[10:04] {markweb} ty
[10:06] {dino} nvda stopped .99 -,26
[10:07] {tomg} still upward move on nq vad?
[10:07] {tomg} or should i bail
[10:09] {markweb} SNDK i was wrong $1 Dino. LOL
[10:11] {dino} l hl tbsi .35
[10:13] {dino} lol
[10:13] {Threei} 2180 tom... until it's broken, no read
[10:13] {tomg} ty
[10:14] {dino} out ttpy +.25
[10:15] {markweb} gj
[10:15] {dino} ty
[10:15] {Threei} sorry for being a bit distracted guys, my son leaves for a few month trip to south-east asia today
[10:15] {dino} still down for day, 1st down since 10/01
[10:16] {ramvfin2003} wow, thats awesome dino....well not being down part
[10:16] {dino} just lucky
[10:16] {dino} and the days not over yet
[10:17] {ramvfin2003} one good trade from vad and ill be at break even
[10:17] {dino} gj, tough day
[10:17] {ramvfin2003} hint
[10:17] {Threei} don't forget to add "no pressure"
[10:19] {dino} brb
[10:23] {dino} tbsi stopped -.45
[10:26] {dino} rinsed
[10:30] {dino} tbsi l .00, risky
[10:31] {dino} wide
[10:34] {Threei} GEMB half lot short .86 if stays under 33
[10:34] {Threei} GYMB
[10:35] {ramvfin2003} where would u stop vad?
[10:36] {Threei} [13:35] {Threei} ... if stays under 33
[10:42] {bruce} back lads
[10:43] {ramvfin2003} in .84
[10:44] {dino} praa drop
[10:45] {magoo} goog long 100 sh 649.25
[10:45] {ramvfin2003} come on gymb
[10:45] {dino} big shot
[10:47] {magoo} stop uit flat now or let it run multi points
[10:47] {bruce} in gymb .94
[10:47] {dino} praa l trig .00
[10:47] {dino} ok in
[10:47] {magoo} offer 650.25
[10:48] {bruce} son on vacation vad?
[10:48] {Threei} backpacking trip
[10:49] {magoo} how old vad?
[10:49] {Threei} 19
[10:49] {magoo} going with peers?
[10:49] {bruce} k
[10:49] {Threei} girlfriend
[10:49] {bruce} my son did that in europe 2 years back
[10:49] {bruce} and going to se asia this summer
[10:49] {bruce} was reallly good for him
[10:50] {magoo} are u xcited for him or nervous?
[10:50] {Threei} both... but nervous prevails :)
[10:50] {magoo} i would be
[10:50] {bruce} stopped
[10:51] {bruce} they have no fear at 19
[10:51] {Threei} yeah... and south east asia is not europe
[10:51] {ramvfin2003} stopped gymb
[10:51] {bruce} my son did some dumb things
[10:51] {dptl} stoped gymb
[10:51] {dino} so have i
[10:52] {ramvfin2003} unreal today
[10:52] {Threei} shakeout central
[10:52] {bruce} you bet
[10:52] {magoo} problem with GYMB guys was the naz reversed hard
[10:52] {bruce} worth another try vqad?
[10:53] {magoo} i covered it .80 when saw that
[10:53] {magoo} only if naz falls
[10:53] {bruce} smart mags
[10:53] {magoo} {ding dong} lucky
[10:54] {magoo} ding dong= dino
[10:54] {magoo} out goog
[10:54] {dino} hmmmmmmmmmmm
[10:54] {bruce} 3 wins 3 losses - typical day for me
[10:54] {dino} gj magoo, nice scalping today'
[10:55] {magoo} i need a brew dino
[10:55] {ramvfin2003} 1 win 4 losses
[10:55] {dino} wins outweighing losses?
[10:55] {bruce} yes - bigger wins than losses today so still black
[10:55] {magoo} dino outweighing magoo he he
[10:55] {dino} 4/5 for me
[10:55] {bruce} thats a good sign
[10:56] {bruce} sory ram - tough day
[10:56] {bruce} that was my yesterday
[10:57] {dino} 2 hours left guys, some of the best
[10:57] {bruce} my son came back a new person vad
[10:58] {bruce} way more respect for mom and all the work done for him at home
[10:58] {bruce} even started helping out
[10:58] {Threei} hope for the same
[10:58] {bruce} was an amazing change
[10:59] {bruce} can feel for you
[10:59] {dino} i should send magoo away then, :)
[10:59] {bruce} I was reallyu nervous
[10:59] {bruce} he went on own
[10:59] {bruce} wanted him to take a tour but he was against that
[10:59] {Threei} rofl dino
[11:00] {bruce} whos going to clean up after you then dino?
[11:01] {ramvfin2003} just did p/l for day...-770 :(
[11:01] {bruce} and keep you awake by hurling insults?
[11:01] {bruce} sheesh - thats my trading account ram
[11:01] {Threei} whoa ram... there was no such wide stops
[11:02] {bruce} there goes gymb
[11:02] {bruce} @*%####@
[11:03] {bruce} hey mags -
[11:03] {bruce} wy not reciprocate -
[11:03] {magoo} but mkt tanked bruce
[11:03] {bruce} and get a backback for dino?
[11:03] {magoo} thats the reenter trigger
[11:06] {dino} lol
[11:08] {Threei} frikkin GYMB
[11:08] {dptl} yep
[11:08] {bruce} yes - lovely fakeout play
[11:10] {dino} i must be getting tired, was watching wrong stock
[11:12] {dino} yhoo
[11:13] {bruce} what do you think of csco long dino?
[11:17] {dino} too thick for me
[11:22] {Threei} see if YHOO holding above .60
[11:22] {Threei} if so, long .72
[11:26] {Threei} .64 stop
[11:29] {ramvfin2003} in YHOO .69
[11:32] {bruce} stopped
[11:33] {magoo} ram, u are ther kiss of death today
[11:33] {dptl} stoped
[11:33] {bruce} sheesh
[11:33] {ramvfin2003} im sorry guys, ill be done for the day
[11:33] {bruce} didn't you have a great week last week ram?
[11:34] {bruce} seemed like everything was going right for you?
[11:35] {dino} easy on ram magoo, sheesh
[11:35] {ramvfin2003} :(
[11:36] {Threei} slap hgim with trout ram, you will feel better
[11:39] {bruce} I had a tough week
[11:39] {bruce} lost 3 out of 5 days with flat today
[11:39] {bruce} mags saved my ass wed
[11:39] {dino} look at it this way ram, we are down 5 days straight, if you are primarly a long trader, it will be tough to trade
[11:40] {bruce} next week will be better
[11:40] {dino} good attitude
[11:40] {bruce} I really want to thank you guys for sharing your ideas
[11:41] {bruce} this is a tough game to learn on own
[11:41] {dino} np
[11:42] {magoo} what u call me bruce?!? an ASS
[11:42] {dino} ifthe shoe fits
[11:42] {bruce} lol - no that was for me
[11:47] {bruce} I have a field mouse that got in house
[11:47] {bruce} set traps for it
[11:47] {bruce} hair trigger
[11:47] {bruce} look at them wrng and then go off
[11:48] {bruce} damn mouse ate the bait 4 times without setting off trap
[11:48] {bruce} thats one lucky (smart?) mouse
[11:49] {bruce} so now I have a happy well fed filed mouse in house
[11:51] {bruce} mer short?
[11:53] {Threei} I guess, but I will jinx it
[11:53] {bruce} no - thats my talent vad
[11:54] {Threei} oh, I seem to be learning from you then quitye well today :)
[11:54] {Threei} OK guys, time for me to drive my son to ferry... take care, have a good weekend, I'll see you on Monday
[11:55] {bruce} take care vad
[11:55] {magoo} bye vad
[11:55] {markweb} see you
[11:56] {dino} later vad
[12:00] {dino} back in 10
[12:31] {bruce} csco
[12:31] {bruce} anyone here good at reading reversals?
[12:32] {magoo} bruce, reversals the hard routew today
[12:32] {bruce} k
[12:32] {bruce} stay on short side
[12:33] {magoo} easiest direction down so far
[12:34] {bruce} any read on mer further south?
[12:35] {magoo} not i
[12:35] {bruce} k
[12:36] {bruce} just checcked those mouse traps by the WAY
[12:36] {bruce} bloody mouse got bait on both again
[12:37] {bruce} mashed my fingers resettng them
[12:37] {dino} nflx, kalu
[12:39] {dino} lol
[12:40] {bruce} I see the drops dino
[12:40] {bruce} just not sure how to play them
[12:40] {bruce} market looks overexteneded to me - but what do I know
[12:41] {bruce} short csco
[12:42] {dino} icfi l .49
[12:43] {bruce} out csco + 15
[12:43] {markweb} gj
[12:44] {dptl} have a good weekend all .....see ya all to relax ,had really bad week
[12:44] {bruce} even a stopped clock is right twice a day but thanx mark
[12:44] {bruce} me too dp
[12:44] {magoo} shake it off guys...this was a difficult week
[12:44] {markweb} lol
[12:44] {bruce} see you monday
[12:44] {bruce} I'm shakin mags
[12:45] {dino} later dp
[12:45] {dino} later bruce
[12:46] {bruce} bye dino
[12:47] {dino} l kalu .00
[12:51] {dino} stopped -.11
[12:56] {markweb} DRYS Dino
[12:59] {dino} ifci out .50
[12:59] {dino} flat
[12:59] {dino} ifci
[13:00] {markweb} cover drys flat
[13:00] {dino} down day, toughy.
[13:01] {markweb} bye dino