Monday, October 31, 2011

Nemo's Findings Multi-time frame levels for week of 10/30

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I decided to wait a day to post the charts so I could get the new month data in.  Anyway, seeing as my prop firm shut down because they didn't want to deal with the new regulations, I had some time on my hands so I reformatted my charts.   Sooooooooooo....if you download the formats and not just the jpgs, you'll notice multiple tabs across the top of the freestockchart formats.  What I've done is broken down each time period and study.  So the leftmost tab will be the montage, palette, combo,, with all the data so that you can see all the levels together.  The second tab is the weekly only , third -monthly, etc...the last two are the fib retracements I'm currently using followed by the subjective price levels I put in.

This should elucidate completely one of two things, or both: 1) the logic of my methodology or 2) psychological deficiency of significant scale.  Hey!!!! but it's free....don't bother emailing me with complaints, I don't care...

So, here are the links:


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