Saturday, October 1, 2011

SPY/IWM Multi-time frame levels for 10/1

Sorry, still haven't got this blog software figured out, anyway....

Here are the weekly pivot point updates for the week of 10/1. I’ve also noted the daily pivot points for monday in there.

All new Quarterly, Monthly, and Weekly pivot points, so the levels have changed. I've also noted a significant "gap up" in the price action that goes back to the Summer '10 bottom. When and if price gets there, it should be interesting.

Oh...those numbers in the price action represent points where the price action interacted with mapped levels. Some have those have changed because of the change of Quarter, but many are still accurate. Mmmmhhhh... 18 points if interaction with these levels last week...think there might be some trades in there....mmmmmmmhhhhhh?????



  • Pivots in yellow.
  • Progressively darker red are progressively longer time frame supports.
  • Progressively darker blues are the same for resistance.
  • Green fib. retracement fromJuly 2007 high (spy only).
  • white fib. retracement from March 2009 low.
  • Turquoise fib. retracement from July 2010 low.
  • Red fib. retracement from most recent( swing low
  • My subjective price levels in green