Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23 2012

Nice day (as usually, we are doing well in downward market). Catch of the day: Double bottom formation used for entry on pullback. Nice and smooth 1:3 play. 

Adding another chart of the same play, in 5 min time frame where it's easier to see the pattern:

Session Time: Mon Jul 23 00:00:00 2012
[08:27] {nemo} nice stophunt there on spy
[08:41] {Threei}  stophunt?
[08:41] {Threei}  looks genuine selling to me
[08:41] {nemo} look at the time...hunting shorts' stops
[08:42] {Threei}  ah
[08:43] {nemo} spy bounces a buck for two seconds
[08:43] {nemo} alright...maybe 2 1/2
[08:43] {nemo} frickin' dagos instituted short selling ban
[08:44] {nemo} guess I shouldn't insult my heritage like that...
[08:47] {nemo} now spain did the same thing
[08:47] {nemo} so funny, now the banks can't hedge their own exposure to other banks
[08:47] {nemo} politicians
[08:47] {Threei}  when they don't know what to do, they do random things
[08:48] {nemo} political solutions are usually the worst operational solutions
[09:01] {dino} gm
[09:01] {Threei}  dino :)
[09:02] {dino} reality kicking in in europe today/
[09:02] {Threei}  hopefully
[09:03] {dino} mind the gaps down imo
[09:04] {jackharry} Good morning
[09:04] {Threei}  jack :)
[09:05] {scottie} gm
[09:05] {dolores} hello GM
[09:05] {Threei}  scottie :0
[09:05] {Threei}  dolores :)
[09:07] {dolores} what a plunge in europe
[09:07] {Threei}  people realize that gravity exists
03[09:13] * Retrieving #discussions modes...
[09:15] {Threei}  SPY on the verge of another breakdown, .40
[09:15] {RonS} gm and hello everyone...
[09:15] {Threei}  Ron!
[09:15] {Threei}  welcome back
[09:16] {RonS} thanks
[09:16] {nemo} He lied to us
[09:16] {nemo} He said he wasn't coming back until September
[09:17] {RonS} what? only a week...think said august
[09:17] {Threei}  you mean you have no time to prepare insults?
[09:17] {nemo} ruined my Summer
[09:17] {Threei}  I remember august too
[09:17] {nemo} Guess I was hoping
[09:17] {Threei}  see Ron... not much changes {G}
[09:17] {RonS} lol nemo
[09:18] {nemo} mmmhhhhhh...bunny has abandoned me for the open
[09:18] {Beau} good morning all
[09:18] {Threei}  beau :)
[09:19] {Threei}  hmmm... none of those I partied with on Sat is in the room...
[09:19] {nemo} so...if spain and italy banned bank shortselling, will probably see banks you can short shorted
[09:20] {Threei}  if dp, ese and will49 don't come in today, you know that last shot of vodka was too much
[09:21] {Threei}  SPE backed off of the brink
[09:21] {Threei}  Ron, look dcc pls
[09:21] {Threei}  SPE = SPY
[09:23] {Will49} GM
[09:23] {Threei}  will :)
[09:23] {nemo} so, anybody notice how GS stayed in the outhouse on Friday?
[09:23] {Threei}  the strongest of 3... 2 others are still batting hangover I guess
[09:24] {Will49} :)
[09:24] {dptl} gm
[09:24] {Threei}  dp :)
[09:24] {Threei}  2 up, one to go
[09:25] {dptl} :)
[09:25] {Threei}  notice gold, triangle on daily
[09:25] {Threei}  strong break nears
[09:26] {Threei}  common sense says up, price action says down
[09:29] {Threei}  let's skip first minutes
[09:29] {ese} morning
[09:29] {Threei}  ese :)
[09:29] {ese} and there off
[09:32] {Threei} Long Setup:  FCX  .70 break hl
[09:32] {Threei}  If holds  .60
[09:32] {thomcbell} crazy opening minutes
[09:32] {thomcbell} huge gaps between bid and ask on normally thick stocks
[09:32] {Threei}  Invalidated
[09:33] {dolores} copper 6 5 DOWN
[09:33] {dolores} 6%
[09:34] {Threei} Long Setup:  SLW  .75 break
[09:34] {Threei}  If holds  .65
[09:35] {Threei} Long Setup:  FCX  .45 break
[09:35] {Threei}  If holds  .35
[09:36] {Threei}  target 1:2
[09:36] {Threei}  SLW valid
[09:37] {Threei}  not anymore
[09:38] {Threei} Long Setup:  FAZ  .30 break
[09:38] {Threei}  If holds  .20
[09:38] {Threei}  let's train FCX to .39
[09:38] {Threei}  trail
[09:39] {Threei}  takes too long
[09:39] {ese} my gap gap down reverse screen going nuts
[09:39] {ese} one gap
[09:39] {Threei}  change FAZ to .25 break
[09:39] {Threei}  stop .18
[09:40] {Threei}  half out .34
[09:40] {Threei}  stop .23
[09:40] {ese} missed ...good call vad faz
[09:40] {Threei}  offer second half .42
[09:45] {Threei}  change sale at .42 to 1/4
[09:45] {Threei}  has more potential now
[09:45] {nemo} spy broke 134 and no volume...hemrrhoid pillow time
[09:45] {Threei}  1/4 more out
[09:46] {Threei}  stop to .29
[09:46] {Threei}  .48 or so last part
[09:46] {Threei}  out
[09:47] {cipher} awesome call faz, thx
[09:47] {Threei}  yw
[09:47] {Will49} nice
[09:48] {dino} stmp sm l .32
[09:48] {ese} L swk .40
[09:48] {ese} sm
[09:48] {ese} oh great.......type the call it's dn .10
[09:48] {ese} daaaaaaaa
[09:49] {ese} ok thats more like it
[09:49] {Threei}  LVS...
[09:49] {dino} mlnx sm l .65
[09:49] {Threei}  bounce time is nigh
[09:49] {Threei} Long Setup:  LVS  .50 break hl
[09:50] {Threei}  If holds  .40
[09:50] {ese} hopefully
[09:50] {dino} out mlnx .05, +.40
[09:50] {Threei}  wtg
[09:50] {Threei}  Invalidated  LVS
[09:50] {dino} ty
[09:50] {Threei}  wow, we sold FAZ too soon
[09:50] {cipher} mlnx .74 to .35 thx dino
[09:51] {nemo} oil still dropping
[09:51] {Threei}  nailed entry as perfect as possible though, look at 1 min
[09:51] {nemo} fas WS2 in 80.25 area
[09:51] {nemo} spy 50 SMA 133.55ish
[09:51] {nemo} IWM holding 200 SMA
[09:52] {ese} nice mone dino
[09:52] {Threei} Long Setup:  MCD  .45 break hl
[09:52] {Threei}  If holds  .30
[09:52] {Threei}  get out if you got it
[09:53] {Threei}  too vertical on the break
[09:53] {ese} bout time
[09:53] {Threei}  impossible to control the risk
[09:53] {Threei}  anyone got lucky on this one?
[09:53] {dolores} Too fast for me
[09:53] {scottie} no
[09:53] {Will49} no
[09:53] {jackharry} no
[09:53] {Threei}  yeah, way too fast
[09:54] {Threei}  gdx
[09:55] {Threei}  want pullback under .60 for entry
[09:55] {Threei} Long Setup:  LVS  .20 break
[09:55] {Threei}  hl
[09:55] {Threei}  If holds  .10
[09:56] {Threei}  no chance, GDX
[09:56] {dino} pvh sm l .66
[09:56] {Threei}  OK LVS
[09:56] {Threei}  lwt's go
[09:56] {Threei}  .45 target
[09:56] {Threei}  half out
[09:56] {Threei}  stop to .18
[09:57] {scottie} lvs +.10 ty
[09:57] {Threei}  :)
[09:57] {Threei}  not fooling around, eh
[09:57] {nemo} mmhhh, iwm and spy not following each other
[09:58] {scottie} not at all
[09:58] {Threei}  scalpers win
[09:58] {Threei}  maybe a rinse but I am not taking chances today
[09:58] {Threei}  I'll feel more confident on a short side when bounce exhausts itself
[09:59] {Threei}  long on bounce is rather scalp, or iron discipline on a stop trail after partialing
[10:01] {ese} out swk .20
[10:01] {ese} -.20
[10:02] {Threei} Long Setup:  IWM  .35 break
[10:02] {Threei}  If holds  .25
[10:02] {nemo} gap and coma
[10:02] {ese} oh ya sure   .....hit my stop and take off.....
[10:03] {dolores} IWM tirggered?
[10:03] {Threei}  yes
[10:04] {Threei}  *(EU) EURO ZONE JULY ADVANCED CONSUMER CONFIDENCE: -21.6 V -19.8E (lowest reading since Aug 2009)
[10:04] {Threei}  I wonder why....
[10:04] {Threei} Long Setup:  TNA  .20 break
[10:04] {Threei}  hl
[10:04] {Threei}  ugh... late alert
[10:05] {Threei}  don't chase
[10:05] {RonS} they are on vacation...
[10:05] {Threei}  lol
[10:06] {ese} L swk .12
[10:07] {Threei}  let's tighten IWM to .29
[10:07] {Threei}  out
[10:08] {dolores} OUT
[10:08] {ese} out swk .27 +.15
[10:09] {Threei}  hard to tell whether SPY double-bottoms or breaks down here
[10:10] {Threei}  if double bottom, GDX would be my #1 choice for long
[10:10] {Threei}  let's try it here with stop under .50
[10:11] {Threei}  cr*p... jumped as I typed
[10:11] {Threei}  wanted .61 - .62
[10:11] {RonS} took stmp .30 to .80 +.50  thanks dino
[10:11] {Threei}  wtg
[10:11] {Threei}  ok, in
[10:11] {Threei}  stop .49
[10:12] {Threei}  target 1:3
[10:12] {dino} out stmp .95, +.63
[10:13] {Threei}  killer trade guys
[10:13] {dino} gj ron
[10:13] {Threei}  what's with TOL
[10:13] {Threei}  hasn't it heard, it's a bear market
[10:14] {Threei}  Goldman Upgrades US Homebuilders to Attractive from Neutral
[10:15] {Threei}  move your lazy butt already, GDX
[10:17] {Threei}  1:1
[10:17] {scottie} +.10 ty Vad
[10:17] {Threei}  play by the book
[10:17] {Threei}  yw
[10:19] {Threei}  1:2
[10:20] {cipher} cat l .57
[10:22] {cipher} out 1/2 .69
[10:22] {Threei}  1:3 target hit, over and out
[10:23] {dolores} nice trade
[10:23] {dolores} sold before
[10:23] {dolores} but.. nice
[10:23] {Threei}  smooth, nice and easy
[10:23] {Threei}  just as we like them
[10:24] {dolores} market up and IWM lagging?
[10:25] {RonS} tmo sm l .60 s/l .49
[10:27] {jackharry} out gdx at .88, was away for first 10 mins so missed FAZ, but GDX very nice, thanks
[10:28] {Threei}  :)
[10:28] {Threei}  visual:
[10:29] {dino} vvus drop
[10:30] {cipher} out rest cat .78 +.21
[10:31] {ese} L bhi .70
[10:34] {dolores} IWM goes with SPY?
[10:34] {nemo} most of the time
[10:35] {dolores} only dow and nas bounced
[10:35] {ese} out bhi .97 +.27
[10:35] {Will49} wtg ese
[10:35] {RonS} gj ese
[10:35] {RonS} vvus waiting for 21 break flush and re-cross
[10:35] {ese} tks
[10:36] {dino} ufpi sm l .66 stop lod
[10:36] {dolores} is it financials ? lagging SPY?
[10:37] {Threei}  not sure what you are asking dolores
[10:38] {ese} L ctxs .43
[10:38] {dolores} got some IWM nice
[10:38] {dolores} what was holding IWM
[10:38] {dolores} when rest of the market was bouncing?
[10:38] {ese} right your alley dino
[10:38] {Threei}  small stocks were lagging
[10:38] {dolores} ok
[10:38] {Threei}  IWM is small caps
[10:39] {cipher} wow took tna .09 to .45
[10:39] {dolores} thxs
[10:39] {dino} i'll jion you ese
[10:41] {ese} join's a free country eh
[10:41] {RonS} futures net new trade now
[10:42] {Threei}  it's Satudrday's vodka still talking, ese
[10:42] {Will49} Russian courage
[10:42] {ese} out ctxs .89 +.46
[10:42] {Threei}  lol
[10:43] {Will49} ese you're on fire
[10:43] {ese} lol
[10:43] {dino} out pvh .12, +.47
[10:43] {ese} no.......first trade scrubbed on me
[10:43] {Threei}  killing it today guys
[10:44] {Threei}  especially pleasant on a day when everyone is crying over dropping market
[10:44] {dino} out ctxs, +.43. ty ese
[10:44] {RonS} coh spike
[10:44] {ese} dino....your still hangin in there with ctxs
[10:44] {dino} see above
[10:44] {Threei}  he can't dino... eyelids are too heavy
[10:44] {ese} opps ...missed that
[10:45] {nemo} wfm looking short
[10:45] {Threei}  can read from this line and below, not above
[10:45] {RonS} wfm reports wed ah
[10:45] {ese} am blind........was the vodka we were drinking out of a glass AK 47 on saturday
[10:46] {Will49} :)
[10:46] {Threei}  be thankful we haven't opened the grenade with chili pepper vodka
[10:46] {ese} I know......thats a clasic as well
[10:46] {RonS} hes spike
[10:47] {ese} what do think about a bounce here dino...ctxs
[10:48] {dino} watching it
[10:48] {dino} 76.30 area imo
[10:49] {dino} 76.07 vwap
[10:49] {ese} was thinking .50
[10:49] {dino} could be, 07 all green
[10:49] {Threei} Long Setup:  FAZ  .40 break
[10:50] {Threei}  If holds  .35
[10:51] {Threei}  still valid
[10:52] {Threei}  Der Spiegel sees Greek eurozone exit by September
[10:52] {ese} hmmmmmmm with a little more patience could a made a killing with bhi
[10:54] {ese} ya.....and they can take that retziki wine with them also..........that stuff is like paint thinner.......haven't had it years but will never have it again
[10:55] {Threei}  lol
[11:02] {dolores} europe bouncing the last half hour
[11:04] {Threei}  no go
[11:13] {nemo} l spxu small .61
[11:13] {nemo} stop under the low
[11:17] {Threei}  action became jellyfishy
[11:17] {RonS} took ufpi .60 to 32.10  +.50  thanks dino
[11:18] {nemo} 1/2 .71
[11:18] {nemo} well it says .71, but all I saw was .719 so I don't know
[11:19] {dino} gj ron
[11:19] {nemo} stop .64
[11:20] {dino} out ufpi .20, +.56
[11:21] {ese} well done dino
[11:21] {dino} thx
[11:21] {Threei}  wtg
[11:25] {dino} ctxs sm l .35
[11:26] {nemo} partialed at .81 stop under .70
[11:27] {Threei}  Both Greece and Spain are in play this time around. German officials are balking at ongoing requests by Athens for more time to meet austerity goals, which would require up to �50B in additional bailout funds. Press reports suggest the IMF is not interested in funding any further aid, and the German government is not likely to come through with more aid.
[11:27] {Threei}  Note that Greece faces an expensive bond redemption in late August. In Spain, the region of Murcia became the second Spanish province to say it would ask Madrid for financial aid, following Valencia on Friday. There was also rumbling about trouble in Sicily over the weekend, with speculation that the Italian region might need a bailout.
[11:28] {nemo} wow cat
[11:28] {ese} L ctxs .50
[11:28] {Threei}  amazing how trivial "bailouts" became... we even have a "permanent bailout fund" now. What usedf to be an extraordinary measure, becomes a daily occurence. Can you say moral hazard?
[11:28] {ese} nice entry ctxs dino
[11:29] {dino} thx
[11:29] {dino} getting a huge thunder storm here. am cutting ctxs soon, don't want internet issues
[11:29] {ese} I forgot to take my laptop in the can with me so I missed it
[11:29] {dino} out ctxs .71, +.36
[11:29] {RonS} lol ese
[11:30] {nemo} tmi
[11:30] {Will49} tmi?
[11:30] {dino} lol
[11:30] {nemo} Too Much Information
[11:30] {Will49} ah
[11:39] {RonS} ph all over the place today
[11:39] {Threei} Long Setup:  FAS  .15 break hl
[11:39] {Threei}  If holds  81
[11:42] {dolores} in FAS
[11:44] {Threei}  let's tighten to .05
[11:44] {Threei}  SPY looks noncommittal
[11:45] {Threei}  trade is still valid but risk should be decreased
[11:46] {Threei}  to .09 now
[11:46] {Threei}  bottomed at .10, so trailing under last low
[11:46] {Threei}  with half lot, risk is negligible now so feeling easier
[11:46] {nemo} spy looking long here
[11:47] {Threei}  especially if takes .50
[11:47] {nemo} bottom is vwap
06[11:47] * Threei kicks FAS in the rear
[11:47] {Threei}  ahha
[11:48] {Threei}  1:1
[11:48] {Threei}  violence works
[11:48] {scottie} +.10 ty
[11:48] {Threei}  (as always)
[11:48] {Threei}  yw
[11:48] {RonS} gnom L 2.8295
[11:48] {Threei}  {GNOM} stop with the name calling, I am a height-challenged
[11:50] {Threei}  1:2, out in full
[11:50] {nemo} reminds me of a Disney movie when I was growing up...The Gnomemobile
[11:51] {RonS} anagram of G nemo
[11:52] {nemo} see you're back in the swing
[11:52] {nemo} now we just need Les to make an appearance
[11:54] {nemo} oh shit, he just contacted me on skype
[11:54] {RonS} lol
[11:54] {Threei}  that'll teach you to mention his name
[11:54] {nemo} skeeves me
[11:54] {Threei}  awww, out FAS too soon
[11:55] {dino} goro sm l .05
[11:57] {nemo} cmi looks short, but stop not tight
[12:00] {RonS} mako squeeze setting up  63% float short
[12:00] {nemo} that's a license to print money
[12:04] {nemo} cmi dropped to quick
[12:20] {dino} s/p vwap near. may re-test lod
[12:23] {RonS} out gnom .95  +.13 mini-ese size
[12:24] {Threei}  hmmm... I am afraid to ask
[12:24] {RonS} too soon
[12:27] {ese} ctxs stop to .60
[12:29] {RonS} out tmo flat  woof...
[12:36] {dino} gj ctxs
[12:38] {ese} out CTXS .02 +.52 3/4 lot
[12:45] {nemo} looks like a run coming
[12:48] {ese} L bhi .09
[12:53] {nemo} spy likely to get back to s3 on daily at 135.30
[12:53] {ese} hmmmmmmmm knew i should gone bigger shs
[13:00] {scottie} tol H&S ?
[13:00] {Threei}  kind of, yes
[13:07] {RonS} bwld looking short w/ earn tues ah...
[13:10] {ese} L bhi avg .10
[13:11] {scottie} tol s .74
[13:17] {dino} took awhile but out goro .31, +.31
[13:17] {dino} opps +.26
[13:17] {RonS} goro = running w/ the bulls?
[13:18] {scottie} out -.07
[13:18] {nemo} forgot how much I didn't miss Ron
[13:18] {RonS} ichialc scottie?
[13:18] {scottie} ?
[13:19] {RonS} i can't hold it any longer captain...
[13:19] {scottie} right, lol
[13:19] {nemo} don't pay attention scottie, his alzheimer medicine has side effects
[13:19] {scottie} nemo, are you being nice to me?
[13:19] {RonS} lol
[13:20] {Threei}  uh oh... that's what I forgot to take this morning...
[13:20] {nemo} no...mean to Ron
[13:20] {scottie} ahhh
[13:20] {Threei}  he has to stay fair and balanced, scottie
[13:20] {nemo} I'm not into "fair"
[13:20] {nemo} you just lucked out in that you worked better as a foil
[13:21] {nemo} Nature is unkind, it treats the myriad things like strawdogs; The Sage is unkind, he treats the myriad things like strawdogs
[13:22] {nemo} reminds me....booknight tonight, likely hungover tomorrow
[13:22] {Threei}  Alzheimer is unkind, it makes you fprget to take anti-Alzheimer medicine
[13:22] {nemo} Reminds me of a joke...
[13:23] {Beau} have to go help my doc buy a new car
[13:23] {nemo} Guy walking through the park, comes upon this very senior citizen sitting on a park bench crying
[13:23] {nemo} Guy says, "What's the matter old man?"
[13:24] {nemo} Old man says (through the tears),  "I'm married to this beautiful young woman in her twenties.
[13:24] {nemo} Oh Oh...have to temper it because of Dolores
[13:25] {nemo} You'll have to read between the lines. Anyway...she takes care of me after she makes me breakfast,  she takes care of me after she makes me lunch, she takes care of me after dinner, and boy does she take care of me when we go to bed.
[13:26] {nemo} So the passerby says, why are you crying, that sounds like a great life?
[13:26] {nemo} Because I've got Alzheimer's and I can't remember her name or where I live!
[13:27] {scottie} lol
[13:27] {Beau} nemo please define "very" senior citizen.
[13:27] {nemo} about your age?
[13:28] {nemo} spy llooks weak, but thinking still goes up
[13:28] {Beau} thanks a lot.  think I'm 78 but can't remember
[13:28] {nemo} so, you're a little over 11 in dog years
[13:28] {Threei}  this is very senior? maybe where nemo lives...
[13:29] {Threei}  not here
[13:29] {nemo} aw cmon, he sticks his chin out like that, it's a mortal sin not to hit it
[13:30] {Beau} gotta go.  my walker can make to the car, if I remeber where it is.
[13:30] {Beau} gone
[13:30] {nemo} actually, one of my hunting buddies is 86....still climbs up trees
[13:30] {Beau} absolutely nemo.  and I don't want you to sin.
[13:31] {nemo} Well, I'm in Rasputin's camp on that actually
[13:31] {nemo} How can you truly repent if you haven't truly sinned
[13:31] {Threei}  wedding of 93 and 91 that made local headlines last year was actually yawn here
[13:35] {nemo} so, they'll test 135, probably hit the bids pretty good to try and knock it down, if they can't, we'll go to S3 on the daily at a minimum
[13:35] {Threei}  guys, look photos of fireworks I posted
[13:35] {Threei}
[13:35] {Threei}  ese... this is what you elected to skip :)
[13:36] {nemo} Hey vad, your daughter's cat ever come to visit anymore?
[13:36] {Threei}  son's
[13:36] {Threei}  no
[13:36] {nemo} oh...son's?
[13:36] {nemo} bummer...cute cat
[13:36] {RonS} beautiful 3i...actual colors?
[13:36] {Threei}  pretty much
[13:38] {nemo}
[13:39] {nemo} this area, no surprise, gonna' be a test, aslo, just above iwm high is a fib confluence area, so both iwm and spy at resistance
[13:43] {dolores} getting closer to shorts
[13:43] {nemo} I wonder if we'll stay under the SPY confluence area more than one day...we haven't yet
[13:49] {dolores} BAC green
[13:49] {dolores} will the rest follow?
[13:56] {ese} zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......ahhem....gasnort.......glip...&^%^.......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[13:56] {Threei}  wake up and look at fireworks you missed :)
[13:58] {ese} just you manage to film a firefight in Iraq.......with all you do?
[13:58] {Threei}  lol
[13:59] {ese} vad can you use that sharp stick or boot you have to get bhi moving for me......
[14:00] {Will49} there it goes
[14:00] {nemo} we should pop soon
[14:01] {Threei}  not sure I like how BHI stalled
[14:02] {ese} am thinkin the same thing
[14:03] {ese} have got my finger on the sell not gonna loose one red cent on this
[14:12] {dolores} are they taking this thing up'
[14:12] {dolores} ?
[14:13] {ese} auch du miya!!!1......get on with it
[14:14] {Threei}  for now dolores... I seuspect we will see selling resumed closer to eod
[14:16] {RonS} banksters kind of
[14:20] {ese} out bhi  .14 +.04
[14:20] {Threei}  better than poke in the eye
[14:21] {Will49} was a long wait
[14:22] {ese} Ill take $40 bucks
[14:22] {nemo} o.k. can spy hold 135?
[14:22] {Will49} That'll buy a an AK47 worth of vodka
[14:23] {Threei}  lol
[14:32] {Threei} Short Setup: WFC  .30 break
[14:32] {nemo} fas looking long
[14:34] {dino} dead afternoon. thinking about calling it a day. 7 for 7
[14:34] {Threei}  beautiful perforemance
[14:35] {Will49} you da man dino
[14:37] {dino} just lucky
[14:38] {dolores} WFC stop?
[14:38] {Threei}  above .40
[14:38] {dolores} ok
[14:42] {dolores} this has -80 -90 face
[14:42] {dolores} and then kaboom !!
[14:48] {ese} same here dino
[14:49] {Will49} also da man
[14:50] {Threei}  time for SPY to reverse down and drop from here to eod
[14:50] {Threei}  nice little H&S
[14:50] {Will49} let's hope
[14:50] {ese} lol
[14:51] {Threei}  stay under 135 and lose 134.80, and we are golden
[14:51] {Threei}  easy way down to 134.50
[14:52] {ese} outta here......will49....really fun meeting you and your wife saturday.......dp was great to see you again.......see you tomorrow
[14:52] {Will49} Take care ese
[14:52] {ese} cya will
[14:52] {ese} vad
[14:52] {Threei}  take care ese
[14:53] {dino} gn all, thx for ideas
[14:53] {RonS} cya dino
[14:53] {Will49} be good dino
[14:55] {Threei}  take care dino
[14:55] {dino} :)
06[15:00] * Threei hits WFC over the head with 2x4
[15:01] {Will49} it worked
[15:01] {Threei}  violence... I am telling you, violence solves everything
[15:01] {Will49} :)
[15:01] {Threei}  SPY follows the recipe nicely, let's trail the stop to .36 now
[15:02] {Threei}  WFC remained under .35 on the bounce, it's reasonable trail now
[15:23] {Threei}  expected much more excitememnt for the end of session
[15:23] {Threei}  maybe last 30 min
[15:23] {dolores} GS at highs
[15:24] {scottie} have to go, see you all tomorrow
[15:26] {nemo} back to S3 on the daily iwm
[15:26] {nemo} clockwork
[15:26] {nemo} we probably close the gap tomorrow
[15:26] {Threei}  take care scottie
[15:27] {nemo} especially if we close above the spy pivot confluences
[15:28] {dolores} why did you choose WFC?
[15:28] {dolores} was weaker?
[15:29] {Threei}  yes
[15:29] {Threei}  look at GS and JPM making new highs
[15:29] {dolores} yes
[15:29] {Threei}  WFC unable to even reach it's old one aso far
[15:29] {dolores} any trade FAZ?
[15:30] {Threei}  watching
[15:40] {dptl} gn all see ya tomorrow
[15:40] {Will49} cya dp
[15:41] {Threei}  take care dp
[15:47] {Threei}  (IR) Iran press reports that people are protesting in the northeast city of Nishabur over a steep increase in the price of chicken (price has doubled in the last 2-months)
[15:47] {Threei}  some have their priorities in order, right?
[15:48] {Will49} :)
[15:49] {Will49} All in all, a good day Vad. Good tutoring
[15:49] {Threei}  :)
[15:52] {dolores} thank you VAD
[15:52] {dolores} see you tomorrow
[15:53] {Threei}  thank you all
[15:53] {Threei}  have a great evening